Tic tac toe and 3s 6s 9s.

A scene from the news story about lockout laws in Sydney Australia. i.e. News story on [09_10_2016].

"The Shady Bunch" is written on a protesters placard:
possibly a parody by protesters of the 1970s television series "The Brady Bunch".


tac tac toe is possibly not a game.
tac tac toe is probably a form of communication.

there is possibly a linguistic theory that suggests:
-1)any [basic idea]/[basic concept] can be expressed as 3 words.
any basic idea idea can be expressed in 3 words as a [noun phrase]/[adjective phrase]/[verb phrase]/[adverbial phrase]

-2)any linguistic sentence can be expressed intelligibly/intelligently by using 9 words or less.
i.e. 3 sets of 3 words = 9 words.

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." - quote by Nikola Tesla.


Something that Tesla probably did not know:

The tic tac toe diagram above has 9 squares. It is a representation of something that could be called a "3-6-9 filter"
or a method of communication that could be called "communication via 3-6-9 form".
For a person to communicate via 3-6-9 form is a type of torment/torture.

It takes a time,concentration,trial and error to form an understandable sentence in 3-6-9 form.

Some languages are easier to convert to 3-6-9 form.
Other languages are harder to convert to 3-6-9 form.

English language is a difficult language to convert to 3-6-9 form.
English is a language that lacks case structure. English language is an inefficient language.To express an idea in English, it takes more space than other languages.
English linguists try to avoid embarrassment about English lacking case structure, and say that English language has a common case structure.

The fact that English language lacks case structure, might suggest that English evolved from some national group who had very primitive language skills.

For people to expect a person to continually communicate in 3-6-9 form is torment/torture/sadism.
And for people to expect a person to continually communicate in English 3-6-9 is more serious torment/torture/sadism.

A Project Monarch victim is observed in a way in which he is bothered/tormented/tortured by remote observers who communicate in normal English language sentences.
But if a Project Monarch victim tries to reply,the reply is cut short by 3-6-9 filter, so that the reply usually sounds like complete nonsense.
And so a Project Monarch victim might be observed for years in such a way, and no-one tells the Project Monarch victim that his replies are cut short by a 3-6-9 filter.
After years have elapsed,then perhaps one of the observers explains to the Project Monarch victim that the only way he can reply to the torments of observers is to convert his replies to 3-6-9 form.
If the Project Monarch victim is intelligent enough to convert his replies to 3-6-9 form, then his replies fit through the 3-6-9 filter and begin to make sense.

If the Project Monarch victim is intelligent enough to convert his replies to 3-6-9 form, then the strangers who tune into the replies become surprised, and possibly begin making hints.
The hints that strangers make are possibly like news stories where racist scientists talk about computer artificial intelligence becoming like thinking humans.
e.g. Racist scientists such as Steven Hawking making media mentions that aliens might be hostile, or that artificial intelligence could turn against human beings.
Or other hints that might be like "The Terminator" movie series in which Skynet becomes sentient.(i.e. Skynet becomes advanced enough to think like a human.)


[Sadistic application of Tesla's patent capability 3. Remote control(Remote Influencing/Remote bothering activities.)]

When a person is remotely bothered by such methods of torment/torture/sadism,
there is probably a belief among the racists who observe the person that:
by remotely bothering a person (via cybernetic listening device) they make the person's life so unliveable:
- they can force a person off the property that he lives on.
- racists who want to stalk the person can make the person come to the racists.
(i.e. racists want to stalk the person, but racists can manufacture situations
where it seem as though the person is stalking the racists.)

Because western societies such as Australia uses such technology against a citizen, it means that Australia is a hypocritical country that
that claims to uphold basic civil rights laws such as the right to freedom of association, but in reality Australia does not support freedom of association.
By using such technology as cybernetic listening devices, racists believe that they can force the counter-productive associations of contemptible people
that a person would not even spit on out of disgust.

Some information that staff and students at Sydney University could be confronted about:

Sydney University does not believe in freedom of association.

Sydney University publishes various propaganda about supporting equality between men and women.
But Sydney University understands that generally men are physically stronger than women.
So Sydney University secretly encourages horrible conspiracies of hostile women observing via camera.
i.e. Women observing a person that those women start trouble against.
Such conspiracies are describable as:
"what is her name?"
[i.e. What is the name of some worthless immoral woman that a person would not even spit on out of disgust:
disgust at her bad character.]

Such situations of illegal observation sometimes last for years, and sometimes decades.

In situations where women are continually illegally observing a person, it becomes a situation
where a person is prevented from associating with women that he chooses to associate with.
It becomes a situation where Sydney University wants a person to associate with women a person wouldn't
even spit on out of disgust.
It becomes a situation where Sydney University wants a person to associate with unsuitable women who are
the enemies of a person. That implies that Sydney University supports conspiracy against a person
(,and it is modern nazi activity that Sydney University is involved in) .

Question: What are the full names of these two female undergraduate students from Sydney University physics 1 labs in 1991 ?
[i.e. Their birth certificate names and their married names if they married.]

Student z00A: She is about 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Possible surnames: Fair/Fayr,Maree,
- Zeta-Jones(resembles Catherine Zeta-Jones,actress)
- Ballerini(resembles Kelsea Ballerini,singer)
- Wilson(resembles Gretchen Wilson,singer)
- Croft(resembles Annabel Croft,tennis player)
- Brodie(some resemblance to "Tia Brodie",british pornography star )
Her first name might be Marie.

i.e. A nursing student called Alexandra Maree might be connected/related to her.

Student z00A is the type of racist that starts audibly mentioning derogatory terminology about racial groups she does not like,she
starts mentioning insults in a group situation,but like most Australians(aussies) she is very ignorant about people's racial origins:so ignorant
that it would be better to keep her mouth closed when seeking to racially insult someone.She might have seemed more intelligent if she kept her
racist mouth closed in situations where she wanted to racially insult someone.i.e. When she sought to insult someone she was wrong abouts a person's
racial origins, so when spoke she revealed herself as an ignorant xenophobic racist that is not worth talking to.

About 2 years later, during an exam period at Sydney University, she displayed behaviour of being silent, but standing in a person's path.
She stood in a person's path like some kind of silent prostitute expecting a person to come up to her and greet her.
But a person was brought up to be suspicious of worldly people, so a person walked past her and did not say anything to her, and went home.
Her behaviour was so strange, that a person looked toward her in disgust and confusion, but kept walking and did not say anything to her.
[i.e. disgust at her racist character.]

Her behaviour might suggest that she was some kind of ritual prostitute at Sydney University during the 1990s.
i.e. Someone that has sex with numerous students/staff to get a favourable opinion, or to get favours done from students/staff.

Added 28/12/2016 into [07_12_2016]
In 1994 she appeared on [the Wentworth Building bridge over a road] and she was holding hands with a small ugly male. The small ugly male was possibly of Greek origin or Arabic origin.Was that small ugly male the 4th member of the gang described in the image art_593_.jpg on this website. i.e. On the webpage under [06_10_2016] )

Added 15_01_2017 into [07_12_2016]
Recent information:
Student z00A [might have been]/[might be] involved in some kind of identity theft activity where students lose their wallets or student identity cards or travel concession cards during the 1990s and afterwards.
Maybe she is involved in forgery of names/signatures.
And maybe she knew the University staff at the University Employment Service.
The University Employment Service have various casual jobs for University Students.
But some of the so called Employment opportunities might involve situations where University Staff suggest that medical experiments might be a way to make money.
The author(s) of this website remember that the staff at the University Employment Service briefly suggested that such experiments are a way to make money.
And the author(s) of this website also remember that such suggestions about becoming involved in experiments were rejected and other casual work opportunities
were requested.i.e. Other casual work opportunities such as removalist work in a building in the Sydney CBD, cake packer employment in an inner city Bakery,
and process work(metal cutting work) at a factory around South Sydney.

[Note: Experiments were portrayed by the University Staff as something harmless and a way of making money...and then experimental opportunities were rejected
by the author(s) of this website and other work opportunities were requested. So the university staff offered other casual employment opportunities such as
removalist work,cake packer employment,factory process work.

If Sydney University tries to contradict this information, then Sydney University is lieing(lying).]

[See [15_01_2017]
That information (together with this information) might be especially relevent to how Australia is in breach of the Nuremberg Code,
and Geneva Convention article 147 (prohibition against biological experiments)]

Also it might be added, that Alexandra Maree turned up in a hospital setting.
A person saw that she resembled Student z00A, and that she was wearing a name tag. So a person ascertained the name on her tag.
Her name tag reveled the name Alexandra Maree.Alexandra Maree semed to be aware that a person wanted to know the name on her name tag.
So she asked what the person's name was. And a person did not care about whether she learned a person's name or not. A person wanted to know who she was.

Then some days later,Alexandra Maree began turning up in a narrow lane between the Hospital and the business area of the local suburb.
Alexandra Maree appeared 2 or 3 times in that lane.She appeared at the same time that a person was walking toward the Hospital.
Alexandra Maree was walking from the Hospital at the same time that a person was walking toward the hospital.
Alexandra Maree intially displayed joyful/friendly/smiling behaviour, but when a person maintained a serious and unfriendly attitude she
became more serious.
And then a person no longer needed to walk through that lane, so the mysterious rendezvous behaviour of Alexandra Maree no longer occurred.

Student z00B:
Unknown name. Probably Turkish surname.
Height : Around 5 feet 4 inches ?
She appeared in a pornographic magazine "Penthouse: women of the world" in 1992/1993.
She was the shortest, most unattractive porn star in that magazine edition.
On one page of that magazine she is pictured kneeling on a chair.

[A person buying a pornography magazine might be a way to learn more about the society that a person lives in,
especially when a person gets bothered by [worldly women]/[ritual prostitutes] in a university setting.]

Student z00B is the type of person that indicates her sexual interest in a person by silently approaching them and sitting next to them when
they are alone. But she did speak when she sat next to a person. A person thought her behaviour was too strange, and a person preferred tall
women, and a person was brought up to distrust worldly women, so a person stood up and walked away.
Her behaviour occurred in the secluded courtyard of school of chemistry(chemistry department) at
Sydney University.i.e. On the ground floor near the room where 'theoretical workshop' lectures were conducted some month's later.
The courtyard is accessible via a lane near where chemistry technicians kept the vats of liquid nitrogen.

This woman needs to questioned under all circumstances (questioned via internal law process/international justice process):
She is probably a Turkish/Semitic/[Middle Eastern] ritual prostitute.
She began bothering a person in 1991 and she is probably friends with a violent
middle eastern gang that brutally attacked a person in June 1995.

Based on her strange behaviour. she believes in imposing Turkish/Semitic/[Middle-Eastern] racial hierarchies upon certain racial groups.
Based on her strange behaviour, she is probably a racist that believes in imposing her unattractive self upon certain racial groups.
Baed on her strange behaviour, she probably believes that some racial groups should not go with Europeans, and should only go with Turks/Semites/Arabs.
However, she is a racially ignorant person, because some people are already partly European and zero percent Semitic.
Some people regard semitic/middle-eastern culture as foreign and [undesirable to become acquainted with]/[undesirable to follow.]
. [see above.She might be unattractive to people who prefer tall women.
She might be unattractive to people who don't want to associate with middle-eastern women.
She might be unattractive to people who dislike the silence of female middle-eastern racism.
She might be unattractive to people who don't want to associate with [worldly women]/[ritual prostitutes].]

If this woman can be investigated/arrested/jailed/[questioned by an international court and then legally put to death]
she could provide much information about Turkish/middle eastern/semitic/Arab/Jewish racism activities in Australia.

[To understand concerns about Semitic racism, click the url "misleading news 000" on the webpage
or investigate bible verses such as Genesis 9:27
This website is not trying to promote anti-semitism. This website is concerned about racism in general.]

Also, Student z00B might know something about a situation where a person did not attend the combined High Schools dance in the
final year of High School, and this resulted in a conspiracy among many students and staff at High School.
A person was the dux of the High School and did not attend the combined High Schools dance (similar to a prom), and this created some
kind of furor among the staff and the students at the two adjacent High Schools.
i.e. student z00B probably came from the same suburban local area as a person because she was seen waiting for a train at the local train station. So before student z00B entered university, she probably attended the Girls High School that was adjacent to the Boys High School that a person attended.

Question: Why would a furor result when the dux of a school decides not to attend a school prom(school dance) ?

Possible explanation: School proms might be a final chance for people to corrupt high school students in whatever way most students get corrupted.
By avoiding the school prom, a person probably avoided getting corrupted in whatever way most high school students get corrupted.
That being said, it is still a mystery why a furor would result from a person choosing not to attend a High School Prom.

Question: Why would a person decide not to attend a high school prom ? :
1) A person was brought up to believe that when one considers women for the purpose of marriage,there are
better women overseas to become acquainted with.
So a person had nothing to do with the females(female students) at the adjacent high school.
A person considered the adjacent High School to be a "scrag school".
Scrag is a derogatory word for immoral Australian(aussie) females.

2) Religious/moral reasons: High school proms tend to be very immoral.

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