Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and
those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.
But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the
time of end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.
- Daniel 12:3,4

[Please note that religious language used here is not meant to offend.
It might be an effective way to transmit information,and for people to remember information.
So this website will try the parable approach to communicating technological information.
If combining naturalistic explanations with religious language offends you,please stop reading here.
Otherwise keep reading.]

[The Gospel of the Magnifying Transmitter.]

*[The good news about GEOMAGNETIC STORMS].

In the beginning were the SUN and the planet EARTH.

And ENERGY radiated from the Sun toward the earth: LIGHT and a flow of particles called SOLAR WIND.

And nature said 'let the earth have a MAGNETOSPHERE and an ATMOSPHERE,to shield the surface from the solar wind'.

Then nature created a constant flow of ELECTRONS from the GROUND into the ATMOSPHERE.
So was formed a negatively charged IONOSPHERE above, and the positively charged GROUND below.
*[Later science called the space between Ionosphere and Ground the SCHUMANN CAVITY].

And the VOLTAGE between IONOSPHERE and GROUND became great: 300 kilovolts.

So when the electrons in the IONOSPHERE oscillated in wave motion, waves were MAGNETICALLY INDUCED in the GROUND.
Both ionosphere and ground were weakly coupled via magnetic induction.

And the ionosphere oscillated. The solar wind collisions drove the ionosphere to RESONATE.
So the ionosphere was ringing like a bell,electrically,at its own natural frequency.Possibly 8Hz.

*[Later science associated this phenomenon with SCHUMANN RESONANCE].

Later nature created MAN in the image of divine wisdom,and gave him the powers of:
reasoning, symbolic thought, collective learning, & tool making.

So man inhabited the surface of planet earth.At first his learning was slow.

Human generations laboured tens of thousands of years to make simple discoveries:
a bone needle to sew clothes together,farming,metallurgy,etc.

But through COLLECTIVE LEARNING,each discovery was built on top
of previous discoveries.Man created civilization. And discoveries began accumulating at an exponential rate.

[But sometimes knowledge was lost when civilizations were destroyed.]

So man began to investigate the atmosphere,and learned
about the awesome energies involved in planetary weather events,
electrical storms,auroral phenomena.

And man began to wonder "Can heaven be brought to earth?
Can the awesome power in the atmospheric phenomena be brought down to the earth?"

And nature said "There will be delay no longer! Let the power of the Solar Wind particles be greatly magnified to become a Solar Storm.
So the earth will cry out to man that there is an ENERGY SOURCE here waiting to be discovered."

The year was 1859 AD.The auroras glowed so that night became like day.History called this the "Carrington Event".

And the ground cried out to man.The ground was normally a
power sink. But the SOLAR STORM turned the GROUND into a POWER SOURCE!

When the Telegraph system was turned off, the GROUND CURRENTS continued to power the Telegraphs.

Later science gave these ground currents a name: GEOMAGNETICALLY INDUCED CURRENTS..
*[ Geomagnetically Induced Currents (G.I.C.), EARTH CURRENTS , GROUND CURRENTS , or TELLURIC CURRENTS .]

The Solar Storm subsided.And normal Solar Wind levels ensued.
But then man asked "Can this RADIANT ENERGY(Solar Wind Energy) be artifically brought down to the ground?

So man invented the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER.And this was
a way to artificially produce G.I.C. in the ground. And it used the normal solar wind levels.

So the rare Solar Storms were not needed as an energy source.
The constant Solar Wind could be used as the energy source. But Solar Storms acted as the inspiration.

But then humanity followed the way of corruption.Perhaps Banking and Finance companies
monopolised the energy companies.So the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER became a forgotten technology,
and coal and oil remained dominant energy sources.

Now in the 21st Century the media tells us that Solar Storms are all bad.
We must spend millions of dollars to protect our frail Coal Electricity Grids against Solar Storms.

So the question remains: Will humanity wake up & remember the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER?
The story continues in the present day ...



This website contains interesting information and possibly important information about
alternative sources of energy generation (power generation).However, the author cannot
take any responsibility for any consequences which might result from people trying to research
and implement alternative energy generation technologies.

Please be aware that we live in a world that is controlled by vested interests that want to monopolise
resources which could be of benefit to humanity. The internet is probably much observed by such vested
interests and the people that serve them.


The internet should be a way for humans to greatly increase the level of scientific
knowledge and to also greatly increase the rate of scientific progress.












Andrew Millett is an Epileptic. Andrew Millett wears a hearing aid (resembles external cochlear implant)/.
Andrew Millett ---- Alistair White,Elisha Forth,Jason Gabb,Jason Vella,Peter Payne,Toni Collette(actress).

Andrew Millett is an inbred perverse racist who has probably conspired murder/slavery through learning about the technology connected to his disabilities.
Andrew Millett and Angela Morris have similar initials(names/initials) = A.L.M. and A.R.M.

"Steam-punk" genre <----->Clockwork Humans<-----> Cybernetic Slavery.
Steam-punk genre (Movie:"Wild Wild West") <-----> Clockwork Humans (Animatronic Abraham Lincoln & Disney,Dr Phibes and his clockwork music band) <-----> Cybernetic Slavery.
A clockwork orange (movie) = sodomite warriors that use racial violence as a method to turn other racial groups into clockwork humans(cybernetic slaves).

Concord supersonic passenger planes flying in the Stratosphere and Cosmic Rays damaging the biology of pilots and passengers.Cosmic Rays are high energy radiation & particles mostly from outerspace.
Joe Resnick and his "Interoral Electro-larynx" invention: Damage from Cosmic Rays in deep space would result in humans having to replace body organs. Astronauts turned into cyborgs during space voyages.



Lies about ancient aliens having visited earth are a genre founded by Erich Von Daniken.
Von Daniken is a businessman with Hotels originally. Von Daniken is a Bilderberg servant.
Bilderberg Society members are known to rent out whole hotel blocks during Bilderberg Meetings.
Hotels are connected with prostitution behaviours(ritual prostitution customs).

Similar authors such as Robert Shoch is possibly a relative of Elizabeth Windsor or England whose family are probably members of the Bilderberg Society (H.A.O. Armanen Orden)

The ancient alien agenda is part of Nazism agenda in modern times.Ancient Alien theories seek to dehumanise those human races that were the first civilizations.

Television adverts such as "Trivago" averts and actor/musician, Gabrielle Miller are probably the "Mossad Pimps" of the Bilderberg Society advertising their ritual prostitution activity.
i.e. Mossad pimps similar to Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.


There is probably some connection between Majestic-12 research(MJ-12) and the Strategic Air Command(SAC).

MJ-12: Nuclear Starships to allow Anglo-germanic races to escape into outer space & depopulation/extermination(nuclear war) against other races(euphemistically referred to as anti-immigration).
<----- secret space program(Project Solar Warden), and coded language where some migrant races/some facial types are referred to as Outer Space Aliens.
<------>Aryan Baphomet Worship customs where ancient-civilization-facial types are surrounded by pretend friendly racists and then murdered or enslaved(racial-murders,eugenics,genocide,depopulation,anti-immigration)
Aryans(Inod-Europeans) stole civilization from races which were older and more technological advanced.

SAC: Nuclear Armed Planes flying 24 hours a day on a roster(rotated schedule).


SAC: Nuclear Armed Planes.
MJ-12: Nuclear Starships,Nuclear Powered Planes/Nuclear Armed Planes (Nuclear "Aerospace" Research)

Curtis LeMay(SAC:Strategic Air Command)
Curtis Le May similar face to actors James Stewart,Hal Holbrook,Lyndon B Johnson & Ladybird Johnson(Claudia Alta Taylor,Patillo,Patilloch)
Ladybird Johnson(Ladybird Patillo) <----> "Bird Dog" facial type (slang language,Roy Orbison[singer] facial type) probably Scottish-Hungarian-Finn-Portuguese Celts that consider themselves Hun descendants (Gemano-Celtics) inhabiting
Ireland/Scotland border lands(Dalriada) and maybe Blackburn Scotland <---- locations(passes,path bottlenecks?) probably part of illegal immigration routes.

The surname "Finn" occurs among Bird-Dog facial types.
[<-----> also Edward Teller(Hungarian? scientist in USA) among bird-dog facial types.surnames Boon,Edwards,Johnson similar facial types. <----> Operation Paperclip(Germany,Hungary)
1958 bird dog song:]

Curtis LeMay probably had connections to Turkish Armenian facial types like Jack Parsons,George Orwell.
George Orwell is a nom-de-plume, and his real surname was Blair.

Jack Parson was involved with "Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
"Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company is probably Nuclear Starship research(Project Orion,Project Daedalus,British-Rail-UFO, Project NERVA).

"Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company is probably Nuclear Starship research,Nuclear Powered Planes,Nuclear Armed Planes.


Armenian facial types,Armenian Native Faith(genocidal racism), Armenians: Armenia was a member state of the Soviet Union.

There is a probability that Curtis LeMay and Jack Parsons were part of the circle of people who sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 1950s.

There is a probability that Curtis LeMay and Jack Parson were connected to activity of atomic spies David Greenglass,Klaus Fuchs,Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Gary McKinnon(in recent years leaked information about "Project Solar Warden"(Secret Space program,MJ-12) <---?--> Edward Snowden,Bradley Manning, Julian Assange.
McKinnon mentioned the "USS LeMay" as a starship name connected to the Secret Space Program.

Gary McKinnon <---?--> Edward Snowden,Bradley Manning(has become Chelsea Manning), Julian Assange. <------ They leaked Hillary Clintons emails and John Podesta's emails .
[Is the name-change Chelsea a hint that Bradley Manning has a connection to Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea ?
Are Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton(William Blythe), Chelsea Clinton involved with MJ-12 research ?

Julian Assange <---?--->Andrew Peacock, Kevin Rudd (Australian politicians).
Is Julian Assange part of a circle of Australians,including Sydney University racists, who have sold atomic secrets to Iran and China ?

Is Bribie Island off the coast of QLD Australia a centre of MJ-12 activity ? <-----> magazine advertisement in year 1992 by Chaystens Besso.(Besso similar face to Curtis LeMay,James Stewart)
Bribie Island in Australia has possibly been brought out by wealthy foreigners and probably hosts "underground economy" activity (Project Hammer). <--- Like Thor's Hammer(Norse Religion/Paganism).
The animated film "Porco Rosso" has a plane with "H.A.O." on its wing (brief scene, difficult to detect) and Italian/mediterranean locations. <----> (HAO Armanen Orden, Celtic Cross Nazism )
Italy was an ally of Nazi Germany in World War 2.See information about Benito Mussolini.
The animated film "Porco Rosso" has faces similar to Jack Parson, Adolf Hitler. There is a character called Curtis with the face of Jack Parsons(Regehr, Torkich).
Does the film "Porco Rosso" have some connection MJ-12 genocidal racism ?




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Or use internet explorer.This website still seems to display properly in internet explorer.

If people are looking for the complementary(auxilliary) webspace titled "various people,groups,organisations",
that webspace was deleted without warning around 25/06/2019.

The information has been reposted at a new internet address(URL):


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the activity of DARPA in Australia is probably connected to "THE INTERNET" coming to Australia in 1994.
In 1994, the internet was called "THE INFORMATION SUPER-HIGHWAY" .
The movie Stargate(1994) has something to do with murder/slavery conspiracies by DARPA.
Stargate was possibly the first movie website to advertise on the internet



Omega Antenna research/[G.W.E.N Antenna research] (published research)

Authors: [Edgar, R S] & [SILBEY, J H] . <----- Silbey sometimes spelled Silby
Year Published: 1986

Index Terms: Australia; Electronic equipment; Electronic navigation; Motor vehicles; Navigation; Omega navigation system
Subject Areas: Vehicles and Equipment.

Is such research connected with turning a human body into a vehicle for a listening device?
See information below: definitions of about slave labour. i.e. See 'THE CONCEPT OF SLAVE LABOUR IS CONNECTED TO SLAVERY'.
'The party of Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln of the Republican Party before the Civil War' by PROFESSOR J.H. SILBY <--- Is the same J H Silby or another J H Silby?
Are the Silby family a group of people that study 19th Century slavery and also modern ways to enslave people by using Antennas?

See various authors: [A.M. Vandenberg] [E.A. Essex] [K.J.W. Lynn] [JH Silby]...

This kind of technology (or similar technology) might be sometimes known as "Acoustically Sensitive Radio-telemetry" or A.S.R.T.
It is used to observe living things that roam around.It is used to 1)"Track" 2)"Listen in to" living things that roam around.

It is used to observe animals in the wild. Maybe it is used upon human beings sometimes in racist communities.
[Maybe A.S.R.T. is being used to conduct illegal experiments upon human beings in Australia]

Journal Article: "The effects of tooth wear on the activity patterns of free-ranging koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus Goldfuss)"
Authors: M. Logan and G. D. Sanson
Scientific Journal: Australian Journal Of Zoology
Scientific Publisher : CSIRO Publishing

The free-ranging activity patterns of five adult males and one sub-adult male koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
with varying degrees of tooth wear were investigated using acoustically sensitive radio-telemetry...




Omega Antennas (VLF:very low frequency)<-------> waves penetrate 15 metres below sea.

communicates with submarines near sea surface. Project Sanguine Antennas(ELF: extremely low frequency)<------->waves penetrate hundreds of meters below sea
communicates with "deeply submerged submarines".
<--- i.e. A land based transceiver(antenna) station communicating with submarines deep below the sea.
Land based transceiver(antenna) stations in Wisconsin and Michigan USA communicating with submarines deep below the sea.
[Project Sanguine uses dipole antennas: poles/conductors spaced 23 kilometres apart <-------planetary engineering technology (Geo-engineering)] Project sanguine antennas use an AC current loop :
-the AC current flows through wires above the ground for 1/2 of the current path.
-the AC current flows through the ground for 1/2 the current path.
The varying current(accelerating electrons) creates a type of electromagnetic wave phenomena (ground-ionosphere waves) .

Important Note:
Omega waves(and Project Sanguine waves) are said to be "VERTICALLY POLARISED" <------> Such terminology is probably a euphemism/diversion that is actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).
[evidence supporting the existence of a "planetary electric field".]
[i.e.The electric field lines that exist between ionosphere and ground = "planetary electric field" .
There is potential difference of about 300 kilovolts(KV) between ionosphere and ground, so there exists a "planetary electric field" between the ionosphere and the ground.
The planetary electric field has similarities to the field lines in an "ionic capacitor" ,because of earth's atmospheric gases(molecules with temporary electric dipoles)
act in a similar way to the electrolyte(ions) in a ionic capacitor.
electric_field_calculations.txt [click]

References to "VERTICALLY POLARISED" waves (in the context of Omega & Sanguine Project antennas) are actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).

References to "VERTICALLY POLARISED" waves (in the context of Omega & Sanguine Project antennas) are actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).

Question: Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves when travelling through vacuum.
How do electromagnetic fields propagate through physical objects(physical media) > <-- ground,earth'surface
Do the electrical vibrations become compressional/longitudinal inside physical media ?
Would that explain the longitudinal/compressional qualities & directional qualities of Tesla's standing waves(omega waves,scalar waves) ?





may_2018.jpg(webspace): 06/05/2019(website)

may_2018.jpg(webspace): 06/05/2019(website)


Australian racism is describable as:
Australia wants to pretend you are mentally retarded because of race. (euphemistically referred to as anti-immigration activity)

If you are from certain racial groups, Australia wants to forcibly implant you with a slave labour device or murder you through racial violence.

Australia wants to pretend that anglo-germanic races are intelligent and other races are mentally retarded.

To do with such a racism agenda in Australia are news stories such as:
Mentally retarded man physically assaulted at a sports match.
[The anglo-celtic nation of Australia secretly follows the same/similar ideology that resulted in the German Nazi concentration camps.
Mentally retarded people, and certain racial groups were put into concentration camps and killed by gases such as Zyklon-B in gas chambers. ]





[26/01/2018] Based on the behaviour seen around [a] railway station, when students graduated from High School and began attending University,
students from Toni Collette's High School had nothing better to do that to follow University students to the train station,
then in later days/weeks/months appear 50km away At Redfern Station near Sydney University.
It was not explained why such behaviour occurred.They are probably racist females did not speak to certain people, and appeared nearby University Students without explanation.

After a time, their behaviour becomes less evident.Their following behaviour seemed to stop.

Zoran's girlfriend was possibly a woman who in earlier years attended Toni Collette's High School,
and she had an anglo-celtic boyfriend when she seen at the bus stop seats.
[Perhaps she was a resurgence of the following behaviour, that resulted in attempted murder in June 1995.]

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer).
There is a third side that the Australian racist groups don't want to get into court.

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer):
being portrayed as legal cases between racist groups who fight race wars against each other.
Racists seeking millions of dollars in compensation while a third side is kept out of court by inflicting slave labour experiments
(Australia is a society that inflicts slave labour experiments upon citizens to prevent them from having paid jobs,to prevent them
from opening a businesses, to prevent them from getting their legal cases to court).
The millions of dollars that Gordon Wood was seeking is really bounty hunting money for enslaving and murdering people because of race.

Elizabeth Fullerton(Judge shown in news) <---- resembles/related to(?)------> Louise Davis.
Robert Saunders <---- probable relative of -----> Louise Davis.
Louise Louis Davis is a friend of Toni Collette(actress)

30_11_2018.jpg <------ Posted 30/11/2018:
Rene Walter Rivkin .. born in Shanghai China,... to Russian-Jewish parents.

adam_burne_further_information_19_12_2016.jpg <---- Republished on internet 30/11/2018.Additional Question about Rivkin-Lambert added on 30/11/2018.

Is Barry Lambert a drug trafficker masquerading as a philanthropist that financially contributes to Cannabis research ?
Cannabis Indica is the illegal drug(illicit drug) Marijuana.

Note: cannabis(illicit drug) connection between Lambert and Sydney University(NSW Australia).

Jordan Virgona is said to be the son of Mark Virgona. Jordan Virgona resembles Carl Williams (deceased crime boss)

Rene Rivkin --?--> Peter Jackson(Film Maker) , Ric Richardson (Inventor?) .

{Begin Notes 03/12/2018 } Note2:
Cannabis/Marijuana is said to be a pathway to more potent(heavier) illicit drugs such as Heroin(Opium) and Cocaine.
So attempts to make Cannabis/Marijuana into something medically acceptable is possibly a conspiracy to more addict people to Heroin and Cocaine over time.
Drug Organisations(Drug Growers,Drug Barons) are probably trying to make more money for themselves through corruption in the Australian medical system
and corruption in the Education System (NSW Department of Education, Sydney University)

Note 3:
Robert Saunders has a resemblance to Gordon Wood.

Rodney Cross was a physics lecturer(teacher) at Sydney University. Cross gave lectures about electronic circuits .
Robert Saunders was a "electrical engineering" student at Sydney University.
Robert Saunders was learning about the electronic circuits at the same time that Rodney Cross worked at Sydney University as a lecturer(teacher).
Robert Saunders was sometimes attending lectures in the Physics building at Sydney University where Rodney Cross gave electronics lectures.
i.e. Electrical Engineering students are required to learn some "Newtonian physics" & "Solid State Physics" as part of their University course.
So Electrical Engineering students are sometimes attending lectures in the Physics Building.
So it is probable that Rodney Cross and Robert Saunders came into contact with each other at Sydney University.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Robert Saunders lived in the same neighbourhood as Toni Collette(actress).
Robert Saunders was friends with Peter Payne. Peter Payne lived across the road from Toni Collette(actress).

The appearance of Rodney Cross on television possibly has something to do with:
- 1) Sydney University being a racist University involved in race wars.
- 2)Sydney University being involved in illegal experiments against human beings (experiments to enslave human nervous systems) <--- Nazi doctor experiments as part of its race war activity.

The financiers and manufacturers of Slave Labour Device technology perhaps produced a situation where Rodney Cross appeared on television, but they did not want Rodney Cross to face justice.
The financiers and manufacturers of Slave Labour Device technology perhaps did not want Sydney University to face justice about its illegal experiments upon human beings. <--- Visual sadism via television news stories ?
There was no mention in the news story about Rodney Cross being involved in illegal experiments against human beings.
[Australians(aussies) such as Saunders, Cross and Wood probably would rather fight race wars against Ukrainians/Ukrainian-Jews such as Caroline Byrne rather than mention something about the use of racist technology.
i.e. The racist ideology that Nothing is achieved without conflict(race wars). To racists,race wars are a way for side1 and side2 of a triangle to meet each other, while making side3 disappear
through medical nazism, marginalisation,ostracism,racial violence, racial murders. And afterward, when side1 and side2 get together like Wood and Byrne got together, eventually side1 and side2 try to kill each other.]

i.e. See the diagram above about triangular racism(racism triangles.)
In a similar way, Neal Winter appeared on television, but there was no mention about Neal Winter being a perpetrator of race hate crimes/racial violence crimes/race hate conspiracies.
Neal Winter went to jail, but , Winter believes he can survive jail,get out of jail, and keep silent about his involvement in Safe Base racism & perversion,
and experiments to enslave the nervous systems of migrant racial groups.

So it can be concluded that Australia is a country/society too corrupt to handle court cases to do with Slave Labour Device technology.

The information on this website is for the purpose of beginning an international court case.


Andrew Millett is genetically an "Epileptic"
Andrew Millett is genetically partially deaf (uses a Hearing Aid).
Andrew Millett is inbred and suffers from genetic diseases.
Hearing Aids have similitaries to cochlear implants.
Cochlear implants have similarities to "Slave Labour Devices" that attach to the nerves.
Andrew Millett's relatives and his friend Peter Payne probably learned about slave labour
devices through Millett's use of a hearing aid, and Peter Payne being a fan of cyborg
policeman "Inspector Gadget". Voice actress Holly Berger from "Inspector Gadget" has connections to racist
cybernetic research (Theodore Berger)
[i.e. The same Andrew Millett that weas briefly shown on Channel 7 and Channel 10 as a helicopter pilot making a car traffic reports.
Andrew Millett has disappeared from television after people became aware that he is probably involved in drug trafficking, the same kinds of
sexual crimes and corruption as Neal Winter(convicted homosexual criminal, and race hate violence (conspiracies). ]

Barry Lambert(businessman) is probably a relative of Andrew Millett. Barry Lambert favours the use of illicit drug Cannabis Indica(Marijuana) against epilepsy. Is Barry Lambert a drug trafficker?
Barry Lambert has made large finiancial contribution(s) to Sydney Univerity which might be laundered money from drug trafficking and other crimes.
How closely connected is Lambert to aussie dutch-boer mafia figure Wayne Brodie(Brodie Lighting Company?)
Sydney University probably profits from drug trafficking(illicit drugs:Marijuana,Cocaine,Heroin) and is trying legalise marijuana through illegal medical research.




Lai Si Kuok ---- Sydney University (electrical engineering student in 1997-1999)<----?-----> Robert Saunders & Rodney Cross(physics lecturer,electronic circuits lecturer) .
Lai Si Kuok ---?--- Ivan Torkich
Lai Si Kuok ---?---- Robert Saunders & Rodney Cross
Sam Dastyari(australian-iranian politician,Australian Labour Party), Huang Xiangmo , Dr Chau Chak Wing

Probable drug trafficking connections (from 1990s)
ASIS (Australian Spy Organisation)------------CIA, Mossad.
{End Notes 03/12/2018 }

03_12_2018.jpg <---- Posted 03/12/2018 .

[update 28/01/2019]

Gabby Saffo <---resemblance to----> Mark Virgona, Adam Burne, Andrew Millett.
In 1998 , Andrew Millett was seen at Martin Place in the Sydney CBD(Central Business District).Martin Place is on the Bondi Junction railway line.
Perhaps Andrew Millet was working in Martin Place. It is possible that Andrew Millet has frequently travelled on the Bondi Railway Line ,despite coming from the western suburbs of Sydney.

Kings_Cross-Bondi Mafia <---> Biker gangs(Motorcyclist Gangs)
televison series connections: Home And Away (& Neighbours ? )


Helen Caldicott[medical doctor] <---?----> Expendable Humans Research(Humans doing work in environments hostile to life and dieing during or after the work is completed) , Telepresence Slavery .

In late 1984/early 1985 Rosemary Hunter moved to Woodford (Blue Mountains) region west of Sydney NSW Australia.
Around year 1992 the "Ted Noffs Foundation" wanted to build a Chapel or Drug Education Centre in or near Luchetti Avenue Hazelbrook NSW Australia.
Hazelbrook and Woodford are adjacent suburbs in the Blue Mountains region west of Sydney NSW Australia.

[In 1994 Rosemary Hunter and her husband Stewart visited the western Sydney neighbourhood where she was residing before 1984/85.
Toni Collette(actress) lived in that western sydney neighbourhood during 1970s and 1980s.Collette was a student of Barry Boon in year 1984.

Rosemary Hunter was romantically involved with Barry Boon before she married her husband Stewart.
Barry Boon is probably deceased, from natural causes. He drank coffee,smoked cigarettes,etc.]






The person they have made their baphomet (through racial violence and modern nazi doctor surgery) has been resisting Australian political racists over a period of years.
Hence the political instability in Australia. Australia is involved in medical nazism against certain racial groups (enslavement of the human nervous system experiments) .

Peter Haerstch, Marianne Vonau , Silfverskold.

It needs to be formally known that Australia is a nation that commits Nazi Doctor crimes against citizens, and then tries to pretend that everything is normal.

Such injustices get dragged on for years, and it is a way of exterminating certain racial groups.
[By perpetrating nazi doctor crimes and pretending that everything is normal, a series of unnecessary unjust situations occur with the intent that
certain racial groups get murdered, and the intent that racially tolerant people get murdered. i.e. A deliberate sadistic process of ostracization and marginalisation occurs
that is meant to result in the murders of nazi doctor crime victims.]

Australia is carrying on a similar plan of extermination as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party from World War 2, but behind the backs of people.

Victims of such nazi doctor crimes don't understand the silence about such nazi doctor crimes, and the silence keeps going on and on.
So there is a large probability that Australia is a racist nation with murderous intent toward to certain racial groups and murderous intent toward toward racially tolerant people.

This is very unjust because Australia inflicts unnecessary suffering on migrants who are lured to Australia with promises of a better life,
and it is very unjust because Australia inflicts unnecessary suffering upon citizens who are born in Australia and don't understand why such racism occurs. Australia inflicts such suffering simply because of race.

It needs to be formally known that Australia is a nation that commits racial hate violence crimes against citizens,and then tries to pretend that everything is normal.
The Police deliberately don't want to arrest race hate violence
perpetrators.Race hate violence is a way of getting people murdered because of race,
or into the influence of modern nazi doctors waiting to surgically ambush people in Australian Hospitals .
The Police in Australia deliberately don't want to give closure in situations of racial hate violence.

This information is expressed, because there has been a need for the Australia Government to be formally asked questions in an international court, since the year 1995(at least) , about the use of slave labour devices .
Such slave labour devices are nazi death camp technology, and are being implemented together with plans of depopulation against certain races, probably in conjunction with FEMA death camps, C.I.A. prisons similar to Guatanamo Bay,
offshore processing of illegal immigrants, anti-immigration activity in general.

THe racism and racist technology described above is possibly part of a 1950s USA plan of anti-immigration/ethnic cleansing/racial exterimination/genocide known as MJ-12 (Majestic-12),
and maybe is euphemistically referred to as "the secret space program"/"Project Solar Warden": a way for anglo-germanic racial groups to escape into space and exterminate those other racial groups who would be trapped on earth.
MJ-12/Project Solar Warden might be a sub-project of Project Monarch(Project Omega/Project Rainbow?) and the underground economy of anglo-celtic nations(Project Hammer).
Such genocidal research Project probably have multiple names, in a similar way to how the migration of German Nazi Scientists into the USA(Project Paperclip/Operation Paperclip) is also known as Operation Overcast.

As reference to Operation Paperclip and Nazi migrations into english-speaking countries,
see documetary: "True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi" - Werner Von Braun(German Nazi rocket scientist in the USA).
Von Braun was one of the rocket scientists whose research led to the Saturn V(5) rocket and anglo-germanic astronauts landing on the moon.

In recent years, there have been news stories about Climate Change which often might be euphemistic references to Project Overcast/Operation Paperclip ,
and maybe USA terrorist organisations such as "The Weather Underground" who have the symbol of the nazi sig-rune together with the rainbow.
and the Symbionese Liberation Army(S.L.A.).

Operation Paperclip racism probably came to Australia via the construction of so-called "safe bases" in Australia,
which could be more clearly described as "racial safety bases" , "racially safe bases", "bases for racist xenophobes" , etc , and which have similarities probably to Nazi bunkers from World War 2.

08_10_2018.jpg <----- Posted About: About Australian racist Margo Evans, her threats to get the San Francisco Cops against people, and her years long murder/slavery conspiracy.
David Evans the son of Margo Evans made a violent attack against a child several years younger than himself.
Racist Australian Margo Evans objected when there was an attempt to defend the child several younger than her son David Evans, Margo Evans then threatenned to get the San Franciso Police onto people.


16_10_2018.jpg <---- Posted 16/10/2018

QUESTION: Why the references to Arabs,Jews,Swedes,Scandinavians,Ukrainians ?
ANSWER: Some Australians(aussies) are accepted by Anglo-celtic culture, but they have connections to places like the middle-east which few people find out about.
Also, Anglo-Celtic Culture , German Culture, Scandinavian Culture are dishonest about their views of slavery.The slave trade been occuring for hundreds of years in
Anglo-Celtic and Germanic/Scandinavian nations.WEREGILD behaviours are very much alive in such societies.
[Ukrainians have been Scandinavian allies over the centuries, and were Nazi German allies/collaboratorsd during World War 2.]
Also, there are misleading/lieing theories being promoted by
racists about: it being impossible for Jews to be racists because Jews are no longer a race, as a result of the Jewish temple being destroyed and Jews sent into exile
by the Romans (Diaspora). The reality is that there are many Jewish racists.Jewish culture and Arab culture are accepting of slavery. Jewish Culture and Arab culture are
Semitic cultures. Semitic cultures are accepting of slavery, as summarised by Genesis 9:27
in the bible.[The fact that Jewish culture is accepting of slavery, implies that
there are many jewish racists... and there are many Arab racists. ]

see the documentary "The Making of Spain" with narrator Simon Sebag Montefiore, season 1, episode 1, for mention of the Viking- Ummayyad Arab slave trade over hundreds of years.

See also: Arabic writer describing Viking Burial.In the Levant(middle east),the Vikings were considered as merchant traders. A major part of their trading was slaves.


03_10_2018_002.jpg <----- Posted 03/10/2018


The 1999 news story maybe has to do with a hospital in Westmead suburb of Sydney NSW Australia, the Ponting Foundation(company or charity organisation),
and the Henderson family from the western suburbs of Sydney whose daughter had a hole the heart genetic condition.



See also 30_10_2018.jpg above (illegal immigration,ukrainian groups,actress and her friends involved in criminality,race wars,physics lecturer whose evidence was flawed ... ).


Music Video possibly relevent to investigating Money Laundering/Underground Economy(Project Hammer)/Pirate Harvesting Conspiracies by Australians
& illicit Drugs trafficking networks
& Illegal Immigration/Slavery Networks between Portland-to-Canada, Detroit/Chicago-to-Canada. probably involving Ukrainian enclaves in Canada and french Speaking regions of Canada.

There is a music video that sometimes shown on Foxtel Australia television channels.
It might be a version of "Higher by Sigma ft. Labrinth" or a similar music video featuring the word Montana or French Montana.
It has American Indians, snow, The word "Toronto" and "Heist" appearing in the music video. It has a heliocopter flying over the Skyscrapers of Toronto possibly dragging a flag with the word "Heist" or "The Heist".

Names of Australians probably relevent to the above information:
David Christian,Reza Ebrahim,Alistair White,Anthony Coroneous,Toni Collette(actress),Wayne Brodie, Lorinda Noble(singer),Linda Vella,
R. Lenton <---> Eric Bana(australian actor) from Channel 7 television Australia and the movie "Black Hawk Down" .

Christine Anu(singer),David Christian(Australian Australoid)<------>American Actors:Henry Fonda & Catherine Hepburn,Neneh Cherry(singer).
Christine Anu(Australoid singer) is an Australian body double of Neneh Cherry (American Singer). <---- Relatives of Henry Fonda ?
David Christian is probably a fan of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" cartoons and the "Rocky" Balboa boxing series of movies. Music videos by Rocky/A$ap are possibly relevent to mention also.

A Music Video "I Told Em" has a crashed plane. Illegal trade networks between USA and Canada possibly involve "suicide body guards" on aeroplanes that are trained to kill people with their hands.
i.e. Body guards that can kill passengers and pilots with their hands which results in crashed planes (maybe a way to cover up illegal trade journeys.)

Montana is a USA State on the Canadian border, adjacent to Washington State.
Portland(USA coastal city) <----> Washington State <-----> Montana(on Canadian Border).<

Stargate(1994) is distributed by "Studio Canal" , said to be a French company with headquarters in Britain <-----> French speaking areas of Canada that contain Ukrainian enclaves.enclaves in Canada.
Canada is a country that speaks French and English.
[Studio Canal is a subsidiary company of Vivendi company that was founded by Napoleon III emperor of France.]

Studio Canal has Arab investment (Maxime Saada=Chairman) <--?--> Mohammed Al Fayed,Jack Tramiel(Commodore 64 computers)<---> Lisa Najeeb Halay,Antoinette Avril Gardiner.

Maxime Saada (Chairman,Studio Canal)<--?--> Nabil Saada (a lebanese 1990s "Jehovah's Witness"/carpenter from Sydney Australia.)


Anti-immigration political agenda <----->Operation Paperclip,Majestic 12(MJ-12),Project Monarch (genocide,depopulation against migrant races,transformation of multiracial nations into monoracial nations.)<---->WW2 Nazi Final Solution/Death Camps
Research such as Operation Paperclip,MJ-12,Project Monarch is a continuation of the Nazi Plan of extermination from Wiorld War 2, as described by the publication "Conversations with Rauschning" .
Australia needs to formally say that it is perpetrating nazi doctor crimes to exterminate migrant racial groups.




Jesus Messages through the Ionosphere and Marian Apparitions.
Marian apparitians are possibly something sinister.
Marian Apparitians are connected to Wars.
Such Marian Apparitians are possibly military organisations misusing the Nikola Tesla's Antennas,
since their invention in year 1905.

Fatima(1917) - World War 1
Medjugorije(1981-) <---> Bosnian War (1992–1995),Ethnic Cleansing/Genocide in Bosnia.
Our Lady of Kibeho(1981-) <---> Rwanda Genocide(1994)

Also, "Project Bluebeam" is terminology possibly connected to such misuses of Antennas .
Project Bluebeam refers to cults of UFOs arriving from outspace and saving mankind:
similiarities to cults of pretend angels which say they believe in Jesus returning to earth to judge humanity.
Cult leaders often suggest that they are Jesus returned.

Prince of Persia cults are connected to "Parthian Quest(s)" . Quests that begin in a sandy setting such as desert or desert oasis,
a search for wealth and knowledge(secrets of life)
by migrating or invading other cultures. Sometimes the sandy setting could a beach on a shoreline.

Originally other cultures were more advanced than the Parthian Quest group.

i.e. Quests that being in the desert and finish in a fertile land setting(forests?) with much wealth.

Parthian Quests are represented in "text adventure" computer games that were once popular, such as "Twin Kingdom Valley".

[e.g. Indo-Europeans(Aryans) invaded the Sarasvati River. But the Sarasvati River dried up.
So they went into the Parthian desert regions to search for more fertile lands northward and made war with Scythians .
The Scythians were at first a more advance culture.

Some Indo-Europeans(Aryans) went east & south and invaded the Indus River Civilisation (Dravidians) in what is now Pakistan/India.

Modern Europeans are not indigenous to Europe. Modern Europeans originally came from Western Asia (Caucasus mountains/Parthia).
Persians(Iranians) are also a Parthian culture. ]


Daniel 10:13 <---> "Prince of Persia" making angelic war <-----> Mossad and Iranians promoting genocides/massacres based upon cults of pretend angels.


Koreshans:hollow earth society(Cyrus Teed)/Thule society/Agartha -------Ku Klux Klan & Racist Jews (Genesis 9:27) ------ David Koresh(David Cyrus,Branch Davidians--- Seventh Day Adventist Church (1844 false prophecy) ----- Mormons (Joseph Smith, 1840s false prophets)

Koreshans:hollow earth society(Cyrus Teed) -- David Koresh(David Cyrus,Branch Davidians --- Seventh Day Adventist Church .
Koreshans:hollow earth society(cyrus teed) -- Heaven's Gate(mass suicide in year 1997) .

Hollow earth theories(hyperborea) --- Thule Society(Nazism,Germanen Orden),Ahnenerbe(germanic ancestral heritage propaganda organisation),Vril society,authors Edward Bulwer-Lytton & H G Wells

For modern Hollow Earth theories, see books by racist authors such as:
"When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis" by Rand Flem-Ath and Rose Flem-Ath

other books: The White Lie by Walter Rea, Prophetess of Health by Ronald L Numbers.

About Genesis 9:27 , this verse is included in the bible like some kind of "Freudian Slip" about Semitic cultural racism (Semitic paganism).
There is reason to believe that Semitic paganism includes infernal(hell-ish) religious beliefs and activities resembling Molech Worship.(Judges 11:31)

So called Christian Denominations(Cults of Christendom) that seek to live selfish Old Testament lifestyles(Adventist Church=SDAs) are easily infiltrated by racist-Jews and pretend-angel-cults. (Revelation 3:9)
So called Christian Denominations(Cults of Christendom) founded by Freemasons (Mormons,Latter-Day-Saints) are easily infiltrated by racist-Jews and pretend-angel-cults. (Revelation 3:9)
Note also the frequent use of the name "Cyrus". Cyrus was a pagan Persian King that is considered a saviour of the Jews (Isaiah 45:1)



See the documentary "The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook" (Season1Episode4) for evidence of the British propagating pretend angel
cults in which anglo-celtics are promoting ideas that their monarchy should be considered as gods by the native people. There have been news stories
with such themes: e.g. Philip O'greece the husband of Elizabeth Windsor expects natives in Papua New Guinea to worship him as a god: such a news
story occurred a few years ago on ABC Australia. Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions,
and British religions that pretend to be Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Such pretend angel cults are the perverse religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions such as the
Church of Latter Day Saints(Mormons), Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses,Anglicans, The Salvation Army, etc .
Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions that pretend to be
Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Australia is a former british colony where anglo-celtics have become the racial majority. Australia intends to enforce, illiteracy, generational
slavery upon certain racial groups, via the use of slave labour devices. If you have been taught to reject worship of humans(reject idolatry), if you
have been taught how to read and write, if you have attended University , if you have brought up to reject racism, to believe that racism should be
opposed, Australia is a racist nation that beleives that it can enforce idolatry and ignorance upon you by attaching a slave labour device to your
nerves for no apparent reason other than race, and sadistically bothering your nervous system for years (medical nazism, medical terrorism) . Such
medical nazism is based upon the illegal inhuman research of British Doctor/medical researcher called Ewen Cameron.
Australian plans to forcibly reduce the circumstances of certain migrant groups back to the colonial situations of native people in 20th
Century Black and White films, silent films,tarzan films,Humphrey Bogart films, which Hollywood has hidden in archives and rarely shows on
television in the present time.

Pretend Angel cults are similar ideology to Nazi Superman race theories.

Nazism involve surprise attacks(lightning war), and making people believe in the superiority of the germanic race through military
victory, after miltary victory while the opposition figure what technology and what strategy to use defeat the germanic race.

The ideology of Germanic superiority becomes popular while the German Army keeps winning military victories, however once Germanic armies
start being defeated , and are seen to be defeated , the ideology loses popularity.

In an anglo-celtic country such as Australia,pretend angel cults about committing cowardly racial violence crimes without warning, and then a nazi eugenics process of social isolation,marginalisation,ostracism in which racists
do everything to make victims believe in the superiority of the race that committed the cowardly attack,
instead of helping victims get justice.

Pretend angel cults are something from before civilisation, something tribal,clain-like,racial :Anglo-celtics are descended from tribes such as Angles, Saxons and Jutes and Celtic/Gaulic clans.
Germanic people are descended from Teutonic tribes, Hun invaders, Mongol invaders , Scandinavian tribes who practiced Viking lifestyles , etc .

[Pretend Angel cults secretly follow an ideology that some races should have easy lives, while other races should have lives that are un-live-able/ Pretend angel cults are probably connected to ideology of viewing people as a source of gifts through ritual murdering such people if they are a different race.
I.e. Traditions of one brother murdering his other brother such as the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible [Genesis 4:1–16]. Also traditions of brothers enslaving a brother such as the Joseph[Genesis 37:18-36] .
Such traditions are probably based upon one race coming into contact with another race and pretending to be friends, but one race secretly enacting druidism against the other race.
Also, traditions such as Santa Claus are probably based upon traditions people from another race dieing , and the thing which they leave behind are considered as gifts .
The Santa Claus (tradition is probably closely connected to the gods of gifts, gods of vegetation such as Canaanite god Baal , and his Hittite counterpart Telepinu:
gods who are like green crops being cut down to provide food and resources. ]

The society that victims live in does not want victims to ever get justice, and the lives of victims. are not left in peace.

[So called christian denominations in Australia are involved in such racism,so the information described could be called "anti-christian"/"anti-christ"
activities within Christian denomination from Australia.

i.e. Anti-christ activity in the context of people acting as wolves in sheeps clothing. Evil behaviours that some people teach each other,
that some people intend to go from one generation to the next, in the context of such people pretending to have a religious belief.

Such pretend angel cults are probably connected with Indo-European(Aryan) cultural racism allied with Semitic racists as described in Genesis 9:27 ]
e.g. Indo-European cultures such as Persian, but also the Indo-European nations that migrated into Europe.
Isaiah 45:1,Daniel 10:13 .

Ancient Spy Warfare by humans (depicted by bible writers as something Angelic.)

Is this diagram relevent to finding information about inhumane experiments against humans ? So called expendable human experiments ?

See below information posted about Adamov/Coppack and Maria Sharapova and information stored in a Soviet Union Academies of Science, perhaps Stavropol Ukraine/Russia.



Be watching (the internet) for a new website.

Coming soon.

[Aryan/Indo-European people have been recently discovered by science to have 2% - 4% Neanderthal DNA.]

The author(s) of this website do not have much interest in researching the origins Aryan(Indo-European) national groups.
The author(s) of this website seriously consider that I/we have discovered the origins of Aryan peoples,
so the discoveries will be published on the website (coming soon)

[Question: What does the above information mean? ]

Several decades ago, European scientists were describing Neanderthals as moronic, brutish ape-men/cave-men.
Then, a few years ago, European scientists discovered that they themselves have neanderthal ancestors.

People who consider themselves Aryans (Indo-Europeans) are often striving for racial purity.
However, ARYANS ARE NOT RACIALLY PURE. People who consider themselves Aryans are intermixed with Neanderthal ape-men/cave-men.
Aryans have a genetic contribution of 2%-4% from Neanderthals which is the same as saying Aryans had a Neanderthal ape-man/cave-man ancestor 5 generations ago.
Aryans have a genetic contribution of 2%-4% from Neanderthals which is the same as saying Aryans had a great-great-great-grand-parent Neanderthal "racially pure ape-man/cave-man ancestor".



People from these families (Sharapova, Coppak[Adamov?]) have possibly been promoting Aryan Nazism over a period of years.

THe faces above relevent to Denisovans and interbreeding between ancestors of East Asians and Denisovans.
Note that people in countries/regions such as the Ukraine and Siberian Khanate have significant amounts of East Asian genetics via events such as the Mongol Invasion of Europe.

See also the "Enigma Man" documentary.
Enigma man was possibly the result of interbreeding between Denisovans and Australoids, as Australoids were migrating along the paleo-shores of the Indian Ocean during ice age times.
Enigma Man has cheeks similar to Zinjanthropus, and probably also Denisovans.


Anglo-Germanic woman Olga Romanoff claims to be a relative of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia whose family were massacred during World War 1/Russian Revolution.
Olga romanoff might be an imposter like Anna Anderson.

In profile, Anna Anderson resembles actress Julie Andrews.

Sally Ann Howes & Julie Andrews were Olga romanoff's doubles in films.

Clockwork puppett themes <----- possibly modern slavery/cybernetic slavery .
[see "Doll On A Music Box"/"Truly Scrumptious" Scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968]

also, catching humans and putting then in cages themes in Chitty chitty Bang Bang <---- Cage slavery themese .
See the character played by deceased aussie actor/[ballet dancer] Robert Helpmann.
Robert Helpmann might be a relative of Jimmy Saville from the U.K.
Also, Mary Donaldosm might be somehow connected or related to Robert Helpmann.
Donaldson's rise to fame in the modern era possibly has something to do with the 1960s film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

As for the Romanoff family, they betrayed Russia by selling Alaska to the Americans.
Alaska used to be a Russian asset, and then Nicholas II of Russia sold Alaska to the USA.




[18/09/2018:001 added into 10/09/2018.] See information about MJ-12 (Majestic 12) being an anti-immigration program, so illegal. so immoral,
that the USA Military-Industrial complex pretends it is about outer space Aliens.

The kind of racists involved with MJ-12 are possibly people who make comments about themselves
finding Jesus everyday inside the boot of car at the USA-Mexican border. i.e. There are many Mexicans named Jesus,and some of them try to illegally immigrate to the USA everyday. ]

Comments or imagery about outer space aliens(extra-terrestrials) which are hints about human illegal aliens(illegal immigrants)
maybe is a moethod of communicating in coded language among the racists(xenophobes) who are supporters of MJ-12 , similar to the comments about finding Jesus.

10/09/2018 <-- Image posted maria_sharapova__camilla_belle__roland_emmerich.jpg




[18/09/2018:002 added into 10/09/2018 ]
HIPPOCAMPAL NEURON PATTERNING. , as described by a USA Military News magazine in year 1995,
might have connections to research of Ukrainian scientists during the 1980s during the cold war era.
Further information about where evidence of illegal research might be found.
[Needs verification].

Ukrainian pretend to care about radiation problems from nuclear reactors, but really the Ukrainians were nazi collaborators during War 2.
The Ukraine is secretly allied with germanic nazism in the 1990s and the 21st Century. The Ukraine has been an ally of Germany and Scandinavia, over hundreds of years.
See terminology "germanised slavs".

Illegal research about how to turn humans into cybernetic slaves is possibly hidden in Ukrainian Journal articles about
methods that humans can use to transport hazardous substances such as nuclear waste,dangerous chemicals,etc .
Maybe articles about how the Chernobyl nuclear reactor could have been cleaned up.
The idea's behind such articles are possibly summarised by terminology "TELE-PRESENCE" , "TELE-PRESENCE SLAVES"/"TELE-PRESENCE CYBORGS" versus "TELE-PRESENCE ROBOTS" .

since Maria Sharopova's family was adversely affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accidentt, they possibly became involved in research to do with "expendable humans" .
In various countries, including the Ukraine, there is a hidden industry to do with expendable human ideology. The kind of families that are introduced to & accept expendable human ideology,
are possibly inbred families with genetic problems who doctors predict to die at a young age, families affected by nuclear accidents, racists (modern nazi subcultures,ultra-nationalists,ku klux klan) since they
are taught not to value the lives of people who are different race, etc.

It might also be mentioned that perverse cultures in modern times(countries with high suicide rates) automatically generate many citizens who consider themselves and others as expendable people,
since the shameful customs of modern perverse societies are something shameful and people in such perverse cultures know they are intrinsically worthless humans through becoming involved
in their perverse cultural customs. Isaiah 44:9 , Titus 1:16 , Leviticus 20:22

Modern methods of slavery, the technology of modern slavery,is probably closely connected to research about expendable humans.
Thus Hippocampal Neuron Patterning is a USA expendable human research program from 1995, and it is probably connected to earlier expendable human research program from the Ukraine.

The Sharapova family are connected to both the USA research and the Ukrainian research.
Maybe some research is done against humans, and some is done against simians and other animals(vivisection/ veterinary experimemts, hence the mention of anthropology of the ape-men ancestors of modern humans.
Perhaps hints about illegal research in anthropology journals about beings that were becoming human over millions of years is a method to describe illegal research done on humans and animals.

Maria Sharapova: female Eunuch




Nazi doctor crimes are a medical "act of war" against persons.
Slave labour devices are an "act of war" against a household.
Slave labour devices are a real estate crime.
Slave labour devices are an "act of war" against the right to own real estate
(civil rights/private property ownership).
Slave Labour devices are a Nazi "Lebensraum" crime.
(Ethnic Cleansing crime to "make way" for races who support nazism.)

Question:Is Holly Valance a slavic-greek Basque ?
See below for further information about Basques secretly classified as Ugrians, and Ugrian terrorism networks extending
from Europe into Asia.


[27/07/2018] - current information which might be of interest to people: information that people could research further.

Ugrians are ancient race that was interbreeding with neanderthals in the Europe(West) and Denisovans in Asia(East).
[Note that the Denisovan Genome has possibly been deliberately underestimated.]

Western scientists always try to hide the identity of the Ugrian race by combining them with Finns.
Hence the terminology "Finno-Ugrian" or "Finno-Ugric" appears in literature, rather than Ugrian/Ugric alone.

Ugrians are probably closely related to Mongols and Tibetans.

[ugrian people - people with a semi-neanderthal(west),semi-denosivan(east) appearance. This list is probably not exhaustive.]
khanty, mansi,
ancient carpathian tribes
wends(venedi,ancient venetians?),kashubians,sorbians
The many dialects of Basque language possibly have something to do with Basques remembering the language dialects of the neanderthals.

THe X Haplogroup is possibly resulted from Ugrics interbreeding with Neanderthals.

The mystery of how R1 haplogroup occurs in Western Europeans and American Indians(Amerindians) possibly has something to do with
Ugrians establishing homelands along the Danube(Europe) and in the Ural Mountains(Eurasia).
The modern humans that left Africa 70,000 years ago were dark-skinned, but had among themselves some "red haired"/"pale skinned"/"freckle face" genetics similar to modern "African Albinos".
Such genetics among modern humans had some similarity to Neanderthal Genetics.
i.e. Neanderthals(archaic humans,Europe) had most of the human red-haired genetics, and modern humans(Africa) had less red-haired genetics,
and they became isolated from each other 500,000 years ago or more. The red-haired/pale-skinned genetics helped the neanderthals survive in cold climates.
Such red-haired/pale-skinned genetics evolved further over hundreds of thousands of years among the Neanderthals after they became isolated in Europe and Western Asia(middle-east).

Later, when modern humans left Africa, and migrated into Europe & Western Asia, the minimal red-haired genetics of modern humans
played some part in the interbreeding of Neanderthals and modern humans. Cro Magnons and similar populations resulted from such interbreeding.

The modern humans in Europe initially were like dark-skinned Africans,
but over tens of thousands of years "artificially selected" their offspring/generations toward pale-skinned neanderthal traits.

By findng and interbreeding with Neanderthal genetics(through migrations north), modern humans in Europe were able to reproduce the "African albino" appearance generation after generation,
and by artificially selecting toward the neanderthal appearance, the dark-skinned African appearance disappeared after many generations.

Based upon the information above it can be summarised that:
-The "Albino" appearance occurs sometimes in Africa but it is "not stable" ,since African Albinos give birth to dark-skinned African offspring.

-The "Albino" appearance became "stable" in European populations by modern humans intermixing with Neanderthals and then artificially selecting toward the Neanderthal traits.
i.e. The Albino traits became "stable" in European populations, meaning that, Albino appearance occurred in offspring generation after generation.

Modern terorism networks are possibly based upon relict populations of Ugrians that survive in the modern World.
e.g. If people discover that ETA (Basque Terrorists) is "Ugrian" , and that they are racially and culturally connected to other small relict
populations across Europe and Asia, then terrorism networks might become more conspicuous to investigate.


Corollary 24/01/2019:
Ugrians and R1 genetics among Europeans and American Indians.

-1)Ugrians are probably closely related to Mongols and Tibetans.
-2)The mystery of how R1 haplogroup occurs in Western Europeans and American Indians(Amerindians) possibly has something to do with
Ugrians establishing homelands along the Danube(Europe) and in the Ural Mountains(Eurasia).

Americans Indians original homeland was Siberia (Yenisei River Culture in Siberia is most closely genetically related to American Indians.)

If the Ugrians originally migrated into central asia,Tibet, Mongolia, and then migrated west to Europe:
Mongolia is close to Siberia. Perhaps Ugrians or Proto-Ugrians intermixed with the ancestors of American Indians before they migrated to the Americas.

[This website is of the opinion that their is a Central Asian connection between the ancestors of Europeans and Native American Indians.
Modern Europeans are not indigenous to Europe. Modern Europeans originally came from Western Asia (Caucasus mountains/Parthia).
[Nations such as Hungarians have been Germanised, so in modern times are more like Germans than Finns or Ugrics.]
So in ancient times ancestors of modern Europeans sometimes had contact with nations in central Asia(Mongolia,Siberia).

Ugrics(Mongolic race/Eurasian race) possibly came from central Asia, and migrated west into Europe.
Ugrics(Mongolic race/Eurasian race) migrated into Europe thousands of years before modern Europeans migrated to Europe.]
i.e. Ancient Europe was inhsbited by Eurasian races such as Ugrics,Finns,Scythians, thousands of years before Indo-Europeans.




correction: Somehow Kurt Waldheim became UN secreatry General during the [1970s] .


Armenian Native Faith probably has beliefs similarIty to Dutch-Boer "Apartheid racism" from South Afruca during the 20th century.
Racists from the Armenian Native Faith don't want certain racial groups to sit down at bus stop seats on the public transport system.
Armenian Native Faith members are involved in "get off the footpath" racism and worse.
When they see "certain racial groups" sitting down instead of themselves, they bring Zhurkane/Zurkane martial artists to the bus stop seats,
to murder people of "certain racial groups" who sit down at bus stop seats. <--- Implies that Armenian Native Faith follows a "Caste System" similar to Aryan belief systems.
Zhurkane martial artists are the same/similar to middle-eastern assasins who are trained to kill people with their hands.

Armenian Native Faith has similarities to Zoroastrianism.

Armenia is a country in the Caucasus Mountains region.
The Caucasus Mountains are considered the original homeland of the Indo-European(Aryan) nations.

"Armenian Native Faith" might be connected to the concept of an "Armenian Orden", similar to "Germanen Orden" in Nazi Germany during World War 2 .
There is possibly similarities between the concept of an "Armenian Orden" and "Armanen Orden"

During World War 2, the "High Armanen Orden" (HAO) was organisation that would be seen marching around at Nazi gatherings.

The Armanen Orden was connected to Celto-Germanic pagan religion of genetic traits that could cross borders into Celtic national groups in the west,
and possibly Romanian/Baltic/Iranian/Armenian Nations in the east near the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea.
Romania was a lesser known ally of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany during World War 2.
[The HAO is possibly considered like the 2 wings of the Reichsadler/("Imperial Eagle"/heraldic eagle]
So there is reason to believe that Armenian Native Faith , and the High Armanen Orden are manifestations of the same pagan religion, like 2 sides of the same coin.
When practised in Armenia, it is known as Armenian Native Faith. When it has expanded into countries such as Holland, Germany, Italy it becomes known as the High Armanen Orden (HAO).

High Armanen Orden pagan religion has something to do with secret alliances between some European and Middle-Eastern Nations.
Iranians migrating to France, Turks migrating to Germany and forming communities, due to similarities in racial traits.
Similarly, there is probably migrations of Armenians into European nations such as Holland and Italy.

Ritual prostitution and a war in which the USA army was defeated.


The woman with the yellow Marge Simpson style wig (top right) resembles Olga Belova (Ukrainian news reader, Segodnya/Sevodnya/"Today" News from Ukraine)
And Hearst/Sony/Disney music videos.

[published 18/05/2019--->'grunge sign asmodeus Ashmedai' anarchy 'circle A' 'neural network nodes' 'Project Grudge followed by Project Sign (bluebook)' 'MJ-12' 'illegal immigration & anti-immigration' depopulation]
Aran Islands Ireland as compared to Iran(Persians) racial segregation conspiracies.
If persons are favoured by anglo-celtic caste system, racists send illegal immigrants from the Aran islands to talk to/befriend persons. If persons aren't favoured by anglo-celtic caste system,racists send Iranian assassins(Hashisheen) at persons.<--- Majestic-12 activity.
..and variations of such racism. Illegal immigrants from the Aran islands Ireland coming near people not favoured by anglo-celtic caste system, but they are not spoken with. They are passed by silently or provoked with words/behavior.



Traffic Cops and Human Trafficking(Illegal immigration, Slavery) and Scientologist "Traffic Reports". <--- Jack Parsons & his face doubles(body doubles) .

Murder/Slavery conspiracies where Modern Slave Traders walk past potential victims at Traffic Lights.(Wednesday 21st June 1995)

Vadyan Clique,Satanic Reds organisation, Weather Underground(Fascists/Nazis/"National Socialists" organisations pretending to be Communists/Socialists). Vadyan Clique/Satanic reds <----> Billy Corgan(Smashing Pumpkins music group).

[Anarchy Agenda/Asmodeus worship <-------> Italian Mafia, P2 Lodge Freemasonry Terrorism]
Jane Badler(actress) has a resemblance to Gia Orobello an old woman who died in year 2007.Gia Orobello was married to Dominic Orobello (nickname "Nikko" that sounded like "Mikko").
Gia Orobello had some facial resemblance to Linda Vella. Dominic Orobello had a facial resemblance to Glen Kennewell who lives/lived near Wayne Brodie.
They were probably both Sicilian Italians and Sicilian mafia, and maybe connected to P2 Lodge Freemasons. P2 Freemasons news stories suggest terrorist activities.
The Orobello family possibly associated with Gambino crime family, and Fidenza Glass Bricks company.
[Maybe there is some USA-New Zealand crime connection that the Orobello family are involved in.The Orobello family are possibly connected to violent Polynesians.
[Jane Badler(USA) <-----> Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess tv series filmed in New Zealand): maybe actresses are symbols of some kind of crime connection between Italian/Sicilian mafia in the USA, and New Zealand.)
Offspring of the Gia and Dominic Orobello are named: Aida, Mary, and a male possibly named Vince.
Aida Orobello worked as a hair dresser. Aida Orobello has some resemblance to the singers "Pink",Lily Allen. Aida Orobello but has brunette hair.
Vincent was a motorcycle enthusiast. <-----> Motorcycle gangs ?
Ralph Quitadamo(Motorcycle Enthusiast) <----> Vincent Orobello (Motorcycle Enthusiast.) : Quitadamo is a friend of David Christian(Australoid Boxer family)

There are strange programs where Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton is therorised to be an outer space alien.
Such programs have become popular in modern culture.For those who have discerning minds, sto view such programs , is way to discover how
- "Ancient Alien" theories and Reptilian cults are a way to dehumanise those races who were first civilizations.
- the connection of racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan to Reptilian Cults and Ancient Alien theories.
- THe connection of MJ-12(Majestic 12) UFO theories to anti-immigration agendas and genocidal racism.
[Unsealed Alien Files Akhenaten, Alien Ruler <---Strange theories with a racist , segregationist agenda .]


Spectre is an anagram of "Sceptre" a symbol of Kingship.

[Advanced cultures and the first civilisations produced the first kings.
i.e. Ethiopia, Sumer, Egypt produced the first true kings.]
Sicily - An island where there were Romans and Carthaginians(Canaanites) in ancient times.

Sicily was initially a Carthaginian(Canaanite/Phoenician) sea port, with a presence of the Bell Beaker culture(Scythians) in nearby islands such as Sardinia.
(Bell Beaker culture/scythians are connected to tales about grim reapers holding scythes(harvesting tools), Charon the ferryman(boat man).
The Bell Beaker culture was uncivilised, the Carthaginians were a civilisation from the fertile Crescent.

Presence of Persian religion in Sicily.<------> Cult of Mithras.
Persian religious concepts are Parthian.

[Etruscan religion was probably based upon Dravidian-Persian religious concepts.
Etruscan religion has Persian religious concepts.
In ancient times, the Etruscans possibly migrated into Europe from the Indus River civilization, through Persia,
were a national group(Tyrrhenians?) influence by Indus River civilisation culture and civilisation:

similarities in more recent times how Gypsies migrated from India into Europe.

The Romans defeated the Etruscans, and brought Etruscan religion with them to Sicily.]

[Mithras similarities to the Sumerian story of Gilgamesh Wrestling the Bull of Heaven.
However, Mithras kills the Bull. Mithraism is connected to Zoroastrianism where there is dualism of gods,
a god of good Ormazd(Ahura Mazda) contending with a god of evil Angra Manyu(Ahriman).
When such a religion is practised by people, it probably results in 1 person calling another person brother.
However when resources become scarce, then one brother kills the other brother (probably along the lines of racial differences.)
Persia(Iran) is an Indo-European(Aryan) culture, which is also a Parthian Culture.
Genesis 9:27 is the Semitic version of such a cultural-religious concept.

The biblical story of the goat of Azazel possibly has similarities to the cult of Mithras and Zoroastrian
religion. The so called "Scape" Goat is understood to be a "sceptre" goat: a goat representing an ancient
Kingdom(s) that were overcome. i.e. The story of Nimrod's Kingdom, and how Nimrod was defeated:
desertification in Arabia and the Fertile Cresent, rivers drying up (Revelation 16:12), the collapse of ancient Ethiopian Kingdoms through
desertification, and migration-invasions by nomadic people.(See for further information).

Mithraism is a religion that represents the end of the Age of [Aries]. Collapse of Sumerian civilization.
[A physical process of Astronomical "Precession". Each age or Epoch approximately 2000 years.
<------> groups of unjust people(degradation of religion,perverse cultural groups) guiding destinies of nations.
Unjust system of influencing people and nations that needs to come to end. A succession of cultural-religious systems that need to come to an end. Daniel 2:34-35 ,
Revelation 16:16 Meteorite-strike imagery, Armageddon-the mountain of Meggido, the rock cut out without human hands that becomes a mountain.]

The beginning of Age of the Taurus saw the Rise of the first civilisations Egypt,Sumer(invention of writing).
[Sumerian religious concepts were like brother wrestling brother (religion of Gemini).Persian religion is Parthian, where brother kills brother(religion of Aries) instead of wrestling .

MJ-12 (MAJESTIC-12) is a codename for a plan of anti-immigration and genocide by anglo-celtic(Indo-European/Aryan) nations against other races.

MJ-12 is based upon knowledge of a saviour figure surrounded by 12 constellations of the Zodiac,with similiarities to Jesus surrounded by his 12 apostles.(John 10:11 )
Or the much earlier saviour Nimrod the mighty Hunter surrounded by the animals that he hunts to sustain his life.
Over thousands of years, the religion of the mighty Hunter became the religion of the Good Shepherd surrounded by his domesticated herd animals.
Such a religion of the mighty Hunter in the sky(constellations) extends back into the stone age and has to do with the process of domesticating animals over thousands of years.
[See documentary "Cradle of the Gods", animals carved on "Gobeklii Tepe" stone temples by Natufian culture <----> probably to do with such a religion of the Mighty Hunter in the Sky(Orion).

Modern Nations such as the USA/Britain/Australian follow a "Baphomet Worship"/Molech worship religion which is a degraded version of the original religion of the constellations.

Baphomet Worship is not about sustaining the life of Nimrod the Mighty Hunter.
Baphomet Worship is about people surrounding Nimrod, enslaving Nimrod, murdering Nimrod.
Baphomet Worship is about murdering Nimrod(deified as Saturn god of ancient order,order from chaos,time) and replacing him with Jupiter.
i.e. Paganism,tribalism ,racist beleif system that if racists/nationalists enslave & murder 1 person from another race, racists/nationalists can potentially enslave & murder many people from another race.


Is Julian Cadman's mother asosciated with Linda Vella and/or her husand Joe Vella?
Linda and Joe Vella lived in the same neighbourhood as Toni Collette(actress) during the 1980s.
Is Linda Vella a relative of Kylie Minogue(actress,singer) ?
Did Kylie Minogue ritually murder Michael Hutchence(singer) ?
Were there hints about Hutchence's impending death in the music video Stand Inside Your Love by Smashing Pumpkins ?










Diffferential Omega antennas compared to Large Omega masts.
Are differential omega antennas a way for Omega antenna technology to infiltrate city areas (urban/suburban areas) ?



i.e. The rate of deaths of NSW Police officers is artificially low.

Corrupt perverse alliance between via NSW Police and crime families, via safe bases(sodomite bases)
is activity which creates injustice (Genesis 18:20)

Corrupt perverse alliance between via NSW Police and crime families, is probably a way to:
- murder migrant families (unjust,vicarious murders against migrant families.
- make money illegally (underground economy, Project Hammer ).

e.g. A person becomes Dux (academically first) at High School, and anglo-celtics see that the Dux is a different race to them.
So racist anglo-celtic families conspire murder against the school Dux.
Racist anglo-celtic students from the same school conspire murder by getting jobs in the NSW Police force.
Anglo-celtic racist actress Toni Collette has a friend Daniel Mamo. Daniel Mamo has a racist anglo-celtic friend called Peter Mort.
Peter Mort(racist) gets a job in the police at some time, and conspires murder against the Dux.
Peter Mort also helps racists than him get jobs in the NSW Police. One of the racists he helps might be named Brad Morgan.
Brad Morgan(racist) was a student at the same High School as Peter Mort(racist), and Peter Mort helps him o get a job in the NSW Police.
For racists such as Mort and Morgan to get jobs in the Police is away to conspire murder and murder people for their race.



The 1988 song "F*** the Police" is probably connected to sodomy behaviours between anglo-celtic/anglo-germanic police and crime gangs/prisoners/prisoner families
.***_tha_Police .
Replace the *** with a "uck" if you want to read the wikipedia information.
Note: about the name of the music group that wrote and performed the song, this website does not support the use of racist terminology.

... racist criminals think they escape justice by coming near victims,unjustly communicating at victims,
illogicaly criticising victims,

racists are sadisically smiling silently and a person doesn't know why, or racists make sounds at the victim and walk off,
or racists unjustly communicating at victims,illogicaly criticising victims before vicims have a chance to ask questions "who are you? What have you done ? "

[undue influence situations:]
Situations where people come near to a person who doesn't tolerate them, can be manufactured through racial violence (badly injuring a person),
but also through attaching a device to a person's nerves to disract a person's attention and then racists coming near unexpectedly,
doctors making medical lies: doctors convincing or forcing people into hospital: people being in the same hospital space as people they don't tolerate,
racists conspiring to prevent people from driving cars thus forcing people to use public transport where criminals have a chance to come near and to kill/injure a person,

[situations of "police refusing to give closure" about racial violence crimes , and undue influence:]
racists conspiring to prevent people from driving cars thus forcing people to use public transport where criminals have a chance to "finish off(murder)" people that already been injured by racially violent criminals etc .
By refusing to investigate crimes of racial violence, the NSW Police deliberately create situations where criminals have a chances to "finish off(murder)" victims of racial violence crimes.
<---- The NSW Police (as an organisation) should be charged with "conspiracy to murder" in situations where violent crimes are deliberately not investigated.

behaviour where racists are like flies coming near, trying to land on a person,
but racists think they are like angels with wings, or want people to believe they are like angels with wings.
But such racists are more like flies trying to land on people.












Elizabeth Windsor is a child murder, and her crimes are blamed on innocent people.

[Elizabeth windsor] & The Kamloops Kidnapping 1964
HAF - ... Elizabeth [Windsor] Found Guilty in Missing Children Case: Whistle Blowers Incarcerated.

The unjust behavior of Elizabeth Windsor is connected with innocent people becoming victims of
"no_due_process" behaviour by police and medical doctors .

This information possibly has to do with the corrupt racist behaviour of Adam Burne,Katrina Nichols
and their police friends (Peter Mort,Brad Morgan) in 1995 and afterward.



Don Lane (deceased 1970s American media personality in Australia (Channel 9 Australia television channel).
Don Lane <---- possibly related to -----> Prescott Bush.
Mick was face double (body double) of Don Lane.

Paula(daughter of Mick) was friends with Karen.
Karen(female) resembles photos of Joe Kennedy Junior(Joseph P. Kennedy), the brother of John F Kennedy.
John F Kennedy was USA Politician who was assassinated during the 1960s.

Joe Kennedy Junior died in a plane crash during the Wold War 2.
Joe Kennedy Junior died during experiments with radio controlled airplanes filled with Torpex explosives: airplanes that crashed into targets and exploded.
<---- 1940s "radio controlled drone" planes.
[See documentary "Dead Men's Secrets:The Mysterious Death of Joe Kennedy.(Season 1 Episode 11)"

[See also mention of Joanne from Big W(1994-95). Joanne is a body double of Karen.Joanne is like a younger twin of Karen.]

Question: Did 1940s experiments with radio controlled planes used as bombs during the 1940s eventually turn into 1990s experiments to create radio controlled expendable humans (Hippocampal Neuron Patterning)?
[i.e. Experiments to create radio controlled humans , which are part of the Nazi plan to enslave & exterminate certain races of humans.<--- The World War 2 German Nazi plan as expressed in publication "Conversations with Rauschning"?
i.e. Experiments to create radio controlled humans , which is also research to enslave human nervous systems based upon race ? <--- euphemistically referred to as "anti-immigration" activity.

Are modern racist medical researchers doing illegal genetic experiments with the genetics of modern humans? Is the research of Ivanovich Ivanovic being used to try to create expendable humans ?
Are news stories about 'suicide bombers' somehow connected to the 1940s drone plane bombs and modern Nazi research to create radio controlled humans ? <----- Israeli/Arab(Semitic) middle-eastern connection to Modern Nazi research programs?]



Note the word "Drone" has connotations of a 'bee hive'.The terminology drone is connected with slave labour and robots.


during the 1980s, Peter Dunn was part of the same Scout group as Joshua Cameron, Clive Bunker,Brett Beehag,[Wayne Brodie?]
That scouting group was across the road from the training ground of the Rugby League club that Jason Vella played for.
Jason Vella is the son of Joe Vella who was the coach of a rugby league club team.
Racist Anglicans<----> Peter Dunn's Scout Group.

Peter Dunn had a "name double" (namesake) who has been mentioned by the media, and has recently died. <---- evidence of race war activity between Peter Dunn and the "Mr Cruel" supporters.
Joshua Cameron is from a Vietnam Veteran family. <------ child murder activity by Vietnam War soldiers. (Human sacrifice,anti-immigration/depopulation racism against migrant groups).
[ <--- Possibly relevent to Project Montauk, Hippocampal Neuron Patterning.Vietnam War Veterans & Motorcycle gangs. Anglo-germanic supersoldier research. Celtic cross "nazi superman" research.]

Milperra Masscre(Motorcycle gangs) <---?----> Port Arthur Massacre

Wade Frankum(Strathfield Massacre,NSW Australia,3:30pm 1991)<---?-->Brenton Harrison Tarrant(Christchurch massacre,New Zealan,2019)
[Brenton <---> "Nathan Martin","Michael Kostic" and Kostic's mention of "Fozzy bear" during secondary school and probably over Omega antenna networks? Did Wade Frankum have a nickname like "Phantom"? Phonetic similarities to Eric Frantham?]

Kamloops Canada is probably on an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION [TRADE] ROUTE from the USA into CANADA

The "Mr Cruel" serial killings in Australia possibly have a connection to the "Zodiac Killer" serial killings overseas, and Ted Bundy serial killer.
MJ-12 racists (Majestic-12) maybe have something to do with the Zodiac Killer. MJ-12 has connotations of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.
Ted Bundy (serial killer) has a resemblance to George Bush[George Herbert Walker Bush].

31_05_2019_003__faces_around_19_02_2019.jpg<----- Posted 05/06/2019

faces of people around a shopping centre within walking distance of a Prison/Jail(Correctional Centre). Are they connected to Berwyn Rees (triple murderer) ? Are they connected to Joanne (Big W employee from years 1994-1995) ?



Elizabeth Windsor of England is the leader of the Church of England(Anglicans) and Elizabeth Windsor is a pagan witch(Coven of Hecate member).
The Church of England(Anglicans) are a hypocritical racist-nationalist so-called-christian denomination full of freemasons, homosexuals and probably various child murderers.

For further information about the MJ-12 genocidal racism(ephemistically described as anti-immgation), see the diagram above "16_05_2019_002.jpg" (Neural Interfaces,Robotic Planes, Robotic Space Shuttles,Slave Labour Devices).









<----------A man seen in a shop (in year 2009 and again in year 2019):

further information published about 26_03_2009__reposted__05_05_2019_002.jpg
A man seen in a shop (in year 2009 and again in year 2019): ]

A man seen in shop resembles a Jehovah's Witness man who owned a home with basement.
Maria Shellander(Jehovah's Witness) would attend his home once a week, as part of her religious meetings curriculum during year 1988.
Schellander would take along her bible studies(people who she was attempting to convert).
Schellander would take her people to his home.
Maria Schellander took Peter the Submariner to his home.
The home of the Jehovah's Witness man had a basement and was probably located somewhere in Seven Hills.

Such basements are possibly sometimes used for slavery, such as news stories about John Wayne Gacy.

Maria Schellander possibly had a habit of introducing young males to very bad people(very bad characters).
The man who owned the home with the basement displayed behaviour of coming close facially to the face(s) young male(s),
and speaking into the mouth of young male(s). The behaviour of the Jehovah's man who owned a home with a basement
would suggest that he was a homosexual within the Jehovah's Witness religious organisation.

The man seen in the shop:
-facially resembles the Jehovah's Witness man that owned home with a basement.
- has similar ears to the Chalker family(Trevor Chalker and his offspring Leigh Chalker,Jason Chalker,Christie Chalker)

The man seen in the shop was later seen at Bunnings Warehouse in Marsden Park (2019).
[He or someone very similar looking was later seen at Bunnings Warehouse in Marsden Park.
He walked near a person and said 'hi(hello)' . He probably got a job at Bunnings Warehouse Marsden Park.]

There is a possibility that the man seen in the shop is a terrorist from the Australia military, connected with a news story: [the yea 1985 bombing of a Jehovah's Witness Church Building(Kingdom Hall) at Casula].
[If he is not a Jehovah's Witness, he is probably related to a Jehovah's Witness.]
On 21 July 1985[6]Kingdom Hall(Jehovah's witness church building) was bombed
(at Casula suburb of Sydney NSW Australia): Graham Wykes(Jehovah's Witness minister) was killed.
[australian terrorist's name:John Warwick]

The man seen in the shop is probably involved with Ku-Klux-Klan-type conspiracies where racists don't leave people in peace when they are in public.

The man seen in the shop is probably involved with Ku-Klux-Klan-type conspiracies where racists don't leave people in peace when they are shopping (Shopping

centre racism): racism to prevent certain races of people from shopping at some shopping areas.
The man seen in the shop is probably is friends with Charlie Camilleri and his wife. Their daughter Maryann Camilleri and her husband Miguel Grifa are closely
associated with Neal Winter(homosexual criminal convicted in year 2005). The Camilleri family are friends of Toni Collette(actress) and Wayne Brodie.
Toni Collette is closely associated with Neal Winter via interschool musicals (dance formals?) and her friendship with Brodie Bass the homosexual boyfriend of
Thern Reynolds.
Toni Collette is a woman who had a habit of dating homosexual/bisexual racist men (homosexuals who seek access to females as a way to have families,
homsexual men who conspire to prevent heterosexuals from having access to the opposite sex <---------> probable murder/slavery conspiracies perpetrated by
homosexuals/bisexuals, see references to Nazi ideology(concentration camps) separation of males and females to prevent breeding of certain races: and that is where Nazi ideology overlaps with homosexual organisations such as N.A.M.B.L.A and the Butterfly Kisses Group).]


for further information
and read disclaimer beforehand.


[This magazine cover is posted here, because the information in this magazine maybe has
been misused to produce a situatiion of biological experiments in Sydney Australia.
Racists in the western media possibly hint about this magazine by using words such as "HIGH TECH" and "LOW TECH".

[Recent information 30/01/2018]
There could be racist technology research hidden under the category approximately describable as "Pilots who fly in the stratosphere: adverse effects on biology via ultra-violet light and cosmic rays" There is a similarity to such pilot research to so called "astronaut health reseach" in which astronauts travelling in deep space would result in health problems from cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles. Such particles would pass through the walls of the space ship in the absence of magnetic shielding. The bodily cells/organs of the astronauts would be horribly damaged from being bombarded by such cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles. Such cellular damage from cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles would result in the astronauts becoming cyborgs as a way to keep surviving during the space voyage. About the similar stratospheric pilot research: much of the racist research might be French,(and some British) <--- B.A.E. SYSTEMS? USA multi-national "The Rand Corporation" (French division of the Rand Corporation)? The Rockefeller family are of French/Dutch ethnicity in the USA. During the 1960s-1970 France specialised publicly in building aircraft such as civilian airliners that could travel through the stratosphere. Then at around the beginning of the 1980s,the use of such civilian airliners came to stop for no apparent reason. The health of pilots, air stewards and stewardesses possibly suffered as a result of their stratospheric voyages but western countries(France,Britain) did not want to formally state such information. Countries such as France and Britain were building civilian airlines, but probably also did research with stratospheric fighter planes.

Note that humans flying im the Stratosphere or deep space is a different physical situation to humans on the earth's surface surviving a solar storm , or utilising ionospheric energy.
Certain lieing racists have tried to suggest that collecting ionospheric energy on the earth's surface has similarities to being bombarded by subatomic particles.
This website is opposed to such lies by racists, and favours research to collect ionospheric energy on the earth's surface which is shielded from cosmic rays.





------------------------------------ 24/ Information relevent to the Viking-Ummayyad Slavery Network: Germans,Germanics,Scandinavians,Teutons have been been fighting the Romans and the Catholic Church over hundreds of years.
Germanic Teutons defeated the Romans in the Teutoberg Forest in 9 AD.
The first place the Vikings raided in Britain was the [Catholic] monastery at Lindisfarne in 793 AD.
The protestantism of the German man Martin Luther is based upon Germanic Nationalism, and the hatred of Germanic culture against the "ethnically universal" preaching of the Catholic Church.
Germans hated the Catholic church's attempt to convert Germany so much that Germans and Scandinavians secretly allied with the Muslims in North Africa and that resulted
in the Saracens and Moors invading Spain around the time of the Catholic Carolingian dynasty of Charlemagne deposed the Gnostic heretic Merovingian Dynasty in France.
Catholicism Christianity is upon to all nations and races, unlike protestant denominations which have a tendency toward each protestant denomination preaching to its own national group(racial group).
Germanic societies are supporters of racial segregation , racial apartheid .

The Gnostic heretic Merovingians were connected with stories about the Holy Grail being a code for the descendants of Jesus Christ.
[according to such gnostic heretic stories SAN GRAAL(holy cup)<--secretly corresponds to-> SANG RAAL(holy blood] in French language.
Are such stories a type of ignorance similar to the expression "If the King James Bible English language was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for modern Fundamentalist christians" ?
Note that the the English language did not exist when Jesus was alive on earth.


THE HOLY GRAIL BLOODLINE IS THE PEOPLE WHO MURDERED JESUS AND FOUND WAYS TO MIGRATE/INVADE EUROPE and propagating an anti-christian system(pretend christian system)
of gnosticism which is influenced by Greek paganism and probably the customs of Sodom and Gomorrah.
e.g. Gnostics secretly going into caves and one teaching others the so called "Mysteries of Mark" which probably results in people hearing voices in their head.
The gnostic "experiential knowledge of christ" is probably a euphemism for gnostics hearing voices in their head.
Also possibly connected to gnostic corruption is Templar Crusaders worshipping a Baphomet and kissing each other at the base of the spine.
(In Gnosticism, angels(archons)and their leader(demi-urge) are the creators of the World, instead of the God. <--- similarities to pagan Zoroastrian dualism.
AngraManyu(Ahriman)is considered the creator instead of Ormuzd(Ahura Mazda).















Teresa May in 2019 is UK Prime Minister. Teresa May was UK Home Secretary in year 2002 when Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA computers and leaked information about NASA's Secret Space program.







NSW Policemen Peter Mort,Brad Morgan, and Chrissy Leyshon should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA.They are probably involved with NAMBLA.
Mort, Morgan, Leyshon are friends of Wayne Brodie. Wayne Brodie is probably a NAMBLA member in Australia.Wayne Brodie is a Dutch Boer Caucasian racial apartheid type(phenotype) that speaks with an Australian accent. Australians such as Wayne Brodie have a habit of taking holidays overseas to do injustice and to form connections with unjust people and unjust organisations.

Year 1995 Police people Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA [and its sister organisation of lesbians(sodomites) "Butterfly Kisses Group"].
Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols were working at the same police station as Brad Morgan and Peter Mort.

Perverse racists Mort, Morgan, Leyshon, Wayne Brodie, Vanessa Speight are DELIBERATELY SENDING POLICE ARMED WITH GUNS to come near heterosexuals when heterosexuals appear to be moving out of/against social isolation , and socially moving out of/against of the web of sodomites positioned/planted by NAMBLA.

... NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires [acts] to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals...

i.e. See information below "Deductions about the NAMBLA organisation."







Vanessa Speight and her Seventh Day Adventist friends/rivals(Kelly Dansie double) should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA.They are probably involved with NAMBLA.
Vanessa Speight is a friend/neighbour of Wayne Brodie. Wayne Brodie is probably a NAMBLA member in Australia.Wayne Brodie is a Dutch Boer Caucasian racial apartheid type(phenotype) that speaks with an Australian accent. Australians such as Wayne Brodie have a habit of taking holidays overseas to do injustice and to form connections with unjust people and unjust organisations.

The Seventh Day Adventist church is an American religion, with similarities to Mormonism.

Perverse racist Vanessa Speight and her Seventh Day Adventist friends/rivals are DELIBERATELY SENDING POLICE ARMED WITH GUNS to come near heterosexuals when heterosexuals appear to be moving out of/against social isolation , and socially moving out of/against of the web of sodomites positioned/planted by NAMBLA.

... NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires [acts] to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals...

i.e. See information below "Deductions about the NAMBLA organisation."



[posted 12/08/2019]










These faces are criminals who are connected to Roger Rogerson's corruption and John Nikolic dug trafficking corruption.Rogerson has been jailed in recent years. John Nikolic was recently jailed for 18 years in Fiji.
These faces and alledged Police Woman Deborah Wallace(Operation Hammer/Project Hammer 1990s,Strike Force Raptor 2019) should be jailed for the same kind of corruptionand racism as Roger Rogerson and John Nikolic.
American-Turkish-NATO military corruption and racism in Australia? John Nikolic is a Serbian-Australian. Serbia was under the Turkish Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries.
They activity is similar to C.I.A. agents(spies) making money from drugs,prostitution, murders of migrants.






1) To do with Olga Romanoff being an impostor connected to Charles Windsor. Olga Romanoff <---> "The "Sound of Music"" movie/film and similar.
Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia Romanoff. Anna Anderson probably had an inbred genetic trait called "Habsburg Jaw".
Anna Anderson was probably related to the Habsburg family, not the Romanov family.
2)About the film "Alien(1979)".
Ridley Scott(film maker) stole his ideas from Barbarella*(film by Dino De Laurentiis).
Barbarella has a derelict space ship scene, and groups of people trapped bodily in rocks,
similar to how the alien cocoon's people into walls of space facilities.
The Alien is possibly like a racial vilification against human races with Dolicocephalic Skulls(the most ancient civilizations).
The Alien is possibly how racists consider to be the opposite of the Brachycephalic blonde caucasian male angel.

Kevin Spacey(actor,film maker,singer) and Ridley Scott(film maker) are associated through film.

Is Ridley Scott(American film maker) secretly a member of homosexual criminal organisation N.A.M.B.L.A. ?
Do most members of N.A.M.B.L.A. have a habit of silently looking on as 1 member of N.A.M.B.L.A. is persecuted by the media.
Do most members of N.A.M.B.L.A.(Ridley Scott and others?) have a habit of silently looking on as 1 member of N.A.M.B.L.A. (Kevin Spacey?) is persecuted by the media.

Toni Collette(Australian actress) is a friend of Ridley Scott.
Wayne Brodie is a friend of Toni Collette from the neighbourhood where Toni Collette grew up before she became an actress.
Toni Collette is closely connected with Neal Winter(australian secondary school music teacher 1980s,homosexual criminal jailed in year 2006)
Toni Collette(actress)---Brodie Bass & Thern Reynolds (Neal Winter's school music class 'teacher's pets') ----Neal Winter.
Toni Collette(actress,'fag hag' who only dated homosexual men)-- Maryann Camilleri(Maryann Grifa:Camilleri married bisexual Miguel Grifa)--- Inter-school music band(group)1988, Secondary School musicals such as "Pippin" in year 1985.


3)DEDUCTIONS about the N.A.M.B.L.A. organisation:

NAMBLA is an organisation of homosexuals/bisexuals/sodomites. NAMBLA is probably about enforcing SEPARATION OF MALES & FEMALES , and that is where NAMBLA overlaps with NAZI ACTIVITY:
e.g. The separation of males and females in Nazi concentration camps during world war 2. See also the WW2 publication "Conversations with Rauschning" which expresses the NAZI IDEOLOGY of
separating males and females of certain racial groups to prevent them from begetting families.

Through homosexual customs, NAMBLA produces mass murderers,serial killers and anglo-celtic child soldiers that bother,harm, and murder people. <---probable connections of NAMBLA to Project Montauk.
NAMBLA is an organisation that has the purpose of inflicting homosexual injustices against heterosexuals (Genesis 18:20) .
NAMBLA watches heterosexuals, produces social isolation against heterosexuals by conspiring behind their backs.

NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
NAMBLA sends perverse males and perverse females against heterosexuals,to NOT leave heterosexual in peace.
e.g. "Shut up slave" behaviour where perverse groups come near and throw hostile comments at socially isolated people.
NAMBLA sends perverse males and perverse females against heterosexuals, hoping that the heterosexuals will become friends with perverse people(sodomites).

NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals.

Where males are mixing with females, NAMBLA wants the males to be sodomised males.
If males are not sodomised, NAMBLA conspires social isolation against them.
So where females are mixing with sodomised males, the females are probably sodomised.







[About Bowman(astronaut) in the Novel & Film "2001: A space odyssey".
The monolith unexpectedly opened, and Bowman entered. His last words to
Mission Control were "My God, it's full of stars."]

Then Bowman ends up in large white room , were he is given meals, and grows old.
[Does] Bowman end up as a "kept person"/"kept man"(enslaved) in an underground room ?
Compare the film "Kept Woman(2015)".

Question: Was author Arthur C. Clarke a perverse person who enslaved people in Sri Lanka ?
Was Arthur C. Clarke giving hints in his novels that he was a slave trader ?

Majestic-12, Project Orion, Project Daedalus, British Rail UFO <------> enslavement and extermination of some racial groups & anglo-germanic race escaping into space.

David Bowie(singer,homosexual/bisexual/sodomite persona as "Ziggy Stardust" space-man. )
<----> David Bowie the sodomite,pretending to be an astronaut/alien/angel, invading countries in the developing world nations(or from the developing world),
befriending people,commiting injustices against people, and murdering people for their race.
At the beginning of the novel/film "2001: A space odyssey" , the monolith is portrayed as a 'tree of knowledge'
around which apes gather: the apes that will eventually become humans.

The film features classical music "Thus Spake Zarathustra(Zoroaster Persian Messiah,Zoroastrian religion)" <----- music probably connected with the Moon Landing in 1969, and modern atheist/pagan/satanist ideology.

A tree of knowledge is possibly like a talking pillar, or talking stone: a pillar/stone surrounded by a caduceus coil configuration of metal (similar to a snake winding around the pillar/stone)
[The bible portrays such talking stones/talking pillars as talking metallic snakes coiled around a tree (Genesis 3:1). The snake is a "shining one" : hebrew word "nachash" which is something that shines like metal.

[In the Assyrian language, the tree of life possibly corresponds to the term "Alamittu" which is a Archimedes Screw known about thousands of years before Archimedes.
[In the Assyrian language, the tree of life possibly corresponds to the term "Alamittu" which is a Archimedes Screw(water screw resembling a pruned palm tree and caduceus) known about centuries/millennia before Greek Archimedes.]
[1.Nineveh, Babylon and the Hanging Gardens: Cuneiform and Classical Sources Reconciled by Stephanie Dalley
2.The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon by Stephanie Dalley]

If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find ENSLAVED PEOPLE as the source of the communication? (1 Peter 3:19)
If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find an enslaved Bowman (kept person/kept man) as the source of communication?
If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find victim(s) of Baphomet Worship customs as the source of communication?

See also the film "Interstellar(2014)" which has astronauts, and an isolated man mysteriously communicating remotely through a bookshelf.

Are talking pillars/talking stones sometimes depicted as people bodily trapped inside stones, or coocooned by alien creatures such as in the films Barbarella(1968) , Alien(1979), Aliens(1986) ?  







the person who killed Curtis Cheng at parramatta police was trying to kill David Owens(homosexual criminal(star chamber cop/policeman),double of alan jones).
Homosexual criminals such as Alan Jones, and his body doubles need to have justice applied against them.
See the news story on 60 minutes form 1988 narrated by Jennifer Byrne.

Alan Jones ---- David Owens --- Shane Fitzsimmons ----Philip Coperberg ---- John Fahey(former NSW premier)
[Neal Winter probably has some association with these people.
Neal Winter convicted for homsexual crimes in year 2006].
Neal Winter --Thern Reynolds, Brodie Bass(Neal Winter's secondary school music class "pets")-- Toni Collette(actress),Ben Collette(homsexual brother of Toni),Stuart Gunther and his brother Robert---- Philip Coperberg,John Fahey.



Man Monis killed 2 Australians(aussies) in a Coffee Cafe (Lindt Cafe) in year 2014 (Sydney CBD , NSW Australia)
See information about confectionary companies such as Lindt and Nestle, and their connection to World War 2 nazism.
See information about Nestle(Nescafe) coffee adverts, and Adolf Hitler's relatives appearing in the advertisements of such companies and working as News Reporters.

See also news stories about racism in australian Coffee Houses (Coffee Cafes)
[This news story occurred in year 2014, in Darlinghurst a suburb near the Lindt Cafe (Martin Place,Sydney CBD), several months before the Lindt Cafe seige. ]
Darlinghurst is probably considered a homsexual district in Sydney, through which runs Oxford Street, a street connected with the Sydney homosexual mardi gras.
[This news story is evidence that homosexual lifestyles/sodomite lifestyles are really about intolerance,xenophobia,injustice,ritual murders/terrorism.



N.A.M.B.L.A. is an organisation of socially influentual homosexuals(sodomites) that probably has much influence in Australia. Australia is racially allied with the USA (anglo-celtics).
The social influence of NAMBLA probably extends into the film industry and music industry. e.g. The music video "Sugar" by Robin Schultz is probably a N.A.M.B.L.A. music video.
THe music video portrays a policeman wildly driving around a police car while a younger male sings the song.
A group of females briefly appear in the music video, however most of the music video is about the young male and the older male police officer.
So questions could be asked if the 2 males are calling each other "Sugar" ?

[The younger male in the rock video is an anglo-celtic with big fuzzy hair. The younger male in the music video looks similar to a 1990s physics student at Sydney University
<--- he was in the same physics classes as Bryan Gaensler and later seen working behind an interior glass window at Fisher Library in Physics University.
Is Bryan Gaensler involved with N.A.M.B.L.A. ?























Question: Is Brendan Bergman associated with or related to Sandahl Bergman from the movie 'Conan the Barbarian' ?
[A Dino De Laurentiis film.]

... or Ingrid Bergman(movie actress from a Humphrey Bogart films ?
Is Australian politician Paul Keating a relative of Humphrey Bogart ?

[Alison Rothwell is a relative of racist hypocrite Australian television solicitor Don Rothwell.
Don Rothwell claims to be an international law expert, but doesn't care about nazi doctor crimes.
Alison Rothwell was a Chemistry student and Soil Science student at Sydney University during the 1990s.

Alison Rothwell <--?--> Ivan Torkich


John Taggart should be Andrew Taggart(secondary school mathematics teacher).








Is Donald Trump related to Jan-Michael Vincent(deceased actor) & Steven Seagal--Benjamin Netanyahu ?
[Jan-Michael Vincent was associated with the 1980s helicopter television series Airwolf.

Is Donald Trump a friend of Rudy Giuliani(racist 1990s New York USA Mayor) ?






John Howard(Australian politician) was in the New York City USA(Manhattan Island) the day that the planes crashed into the New York skyscrapers in September 2001.
[Was John Howard stealing people's identities together with American politicians such as George W. Bush, and did that result
in the events of September 2001 in New York City ?]












If Gwen Terzic is related to Renee Danielle Berrier, it is an issue of the Seventh Day Adventist Church advertising to people, inviting people to their church, and conspiring murder.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church does NOT have the right to invite people to their church and then to conspire murder against people.

See also information above about the probable connection of the Seventh Day Church to the Kellogs company and American Nazi Eugenics organisations.

Milan Terzic, the husband of Gwen Terzic was associated with showing people David Down archaeology videos. When people completed a correspondence course in archaeology hosted by David Down,
the correspondece course would include suggestions about visiting adventist churches/becoming involved with adventist church activities. Milan Terzic was a member of a Adventist Church,
and if person(s) visited the Adventist Church and expressed an interest in archaeology, Milan Terzic would drive people to a Seventh Day Adventist retirement hall where archaeology videos would be shown .
One of the people who Milan Terzic drove to the Adventist Retirement Village to show archaeology videos was a teenage student attending secondary school some years ago .}







Eurovision 2014 <---> Sussana Guerra(portuguese singer,aka Suzy) & Emanuel Da Silva Monteiro (portuguese song writer)

Emanuel Da Silva Monteiro (portuguese song writer) <--resemblance -> movie actors:Gary Sinise,Steve Gianelli,David Keith, Kurt Russel

Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby league <---> Bondi Beach in eastern Sydney Australia (shore-line)

Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby league (John Tobin,convicted drug trafficker) <---> Kings Cross/Bondi Mafia

During the 1980s decade, the St George Dragons Junior Rugby League teams would sometimes play in Eastern Suburbs Roosters jumpers/guernseys/jerseys(torso clothing).






Recent information:
Ewan cameron's sadistic experiments are probably based upon the kind of racism where,
if racists/xenophobes see someone's face somewhere where racists dont want a person to be,
they commit violence against a person, enslave a person in a basement or dungeon,
and as revenge, they show pictures of their races faces while torturing a person.

[Slave labour Devices/Cybernetic listening devices are probably based upon Ewan Cameron's sadistic experiments.]
Adam Burne was a policeman in 1995 that, when racial violence occurred,
refused to do his job to arrest violence criminals,
while showing his face and appearing to speak politely.
It is a probability that Adam Burne While working as a policeman) knew about
the racism techniques described above.

associated with this kind of racism, is activity of racists deliberately coming near,
but not wanting to do anything to help a person's civil rights.

Probably, the intent of racists who behave in such ways is to brainwash people into
being subservient to some faces(corresponding to some races) , through torture

while racist come near show their faces.

The NSW Police need to formally officially be asked about their support of such sadistic racism and brainwashing techniques.
[i.e. An international court could formally question the NSW Police as an organisation, and also individual police officers
who pereptrate such racism.
An international court could also put such police officers to death according to article 147 of the Geneva Convention.





[22-10-2019 Recent Information]

Australia does not care about "freedom of association" (freedom of association is a basic civil right).
[Australia does not care about "freedom of association", does not care about 'anti-racial-discrimination laws', does not care about the Geneva Convention.
Australia is a society based upon pretend friendliness, pretend concern for law, and one racial group watching migrant racial groups and striking at the lives of migrant racial groups.
Australia wants migrant families to be always running back for help to assigned anglo-celtic bad associations]

Australia sends bad associations at migrant families (people that want to be around migrant families but not to do anything to help them.)
i.e. People that want to talk to you, but wont do anything to help you if something bad occurs.
If migrant families stop talking with such bad associations,
the bad associations start watching migrant families and striking against the lives of migrant families in ways where recovery isnt meant to occur,
in ways to prevent people from migrant families associating with the people they consider suitable or helpful.

Such racism is in the education system. If migrant families graduate from the education system and get jobs, Australia wants migrant families to be in the presence of bad associations.
If migrant family workers stop talking with bad associations, Australia wants migrant family employees to run back to their anglo-celtic teachers for help
(by watching migrant family employees and then striking at their lives.)

Police organisations in Australia pretend to care about law, but police organisations wont help migrant families whose lives are being watched and struck by the bad associations
that Australia sends at them.


Slavery and Sodomite Lifestyles.
Slavery , when it occurs in pacific island settings is associated with the terminology "Blackbirding".



Racist actress Angelina de Joile starred in the movie Beowulf (2007) and has worked as a United Nations Goodwiil Ambassador <--- racism within United Nations.
Angelina de Joile is the daughter of actor John Voight who has starred in boxing films such as: The Champ(1979),and films with ritual sex/perverse sex themes such as Deliverance
Since around the year 2000 the cult describable as "Zonbie Takeover UFO Cult" members has been very active in the media, making many films ,television series, and computer games about a Zombie Earth.
It is probably one of the major UFO cults associated with the terminology "Project Bluebeam" (Alien Takeover of Earth agenda: really man made UFOs <----> Nuclear Propelled Spacecraft:Project Orion,Daedalus,British Rail UFO,MJ-12) .
Charles Manson's ideology(Helter Skelter) <-----> Morlock underground race in the book "The Time Machine" by H.G.Wells year 1895 <----> Zombie Takeover UFO Cult (Zombies in UFOs, Zombies in Underground bases belief system?)
<----> "The Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Book published in year 1871)

Such a UFO cult is probably part of the 'Steam Punk' subculture genre that portrays medieval and pre-american-civil-war situations combined with very advanced steam machines technology(films like Wild Wild West, computer games like Warcraft).
'Clockwork human' slaves are part of the Steam Punk genre as portrayed in films series such as 'The Abominable Doctor Phibes' <--- a clockwork human musical group appears in one of the films.
See also information about Arthur C. Clarke(author) and Stanley Kubrik(film maker), films such as 'A clockwork orange' , 2001 A space Oddysey. Dino De Laurentiis(film maker) was a contemporary of Stanley Kubrik, and De Laurentiis's films probably provide a connection between Steam Punk racism, and the racism(racial stereotyping) of pretend angel cults.
(films: Barbarella, King Kong etc). Later racist film makers such as Ridley Scott stole ideas from earlier film makers such as Kubrik and De Laurentiis.
A modern rock group called "Steam Powered Giraffe" <---> Zombie Takeover UFO Cult and Steam Punk/Clockwork human slavery agenda <-----> Cybernetic Slavery Agenda.




Ewan Cameron's brainwashing experiments(sadistic brainwashing experiments with earpieces and helments)
and thre mindsets of groups of people who have been turned into sodomites.
Ewen Cameron was a doctor and a sodomite.
[Some nations are sodomite nations.Some medical systems are sodomite medical systems.]

A group of sodomites is a collection of people who thought think/thought they were strong in numbers,
but they weren't strong enough to prevent themselves being sodomised.
This information has something to do with sodomites wanting to continually, sadistically communicate
at people considered outside their group.

So Ewan Cameron devised a method of sadism for sodomites to continually,sadistically communicate at
medical experiment victims by using a earpiece with a gridiron helmet.

[Brainwashing experiments to communicate at the victims of medical experiments.
Sadistic communications continually occur over days,weeks, months.

Such experiments can be described as terrorising the human auditory system.

Ewan Cameron's experiments with earpieces and gridiron helmets eventually became slave labour devices attached to the nerves.
Slave labour device experimetns are experiments to terrorise the human nervous system.


...This information has something to do with sodomites wanting to continually, sadistically communicate
at people considered outside their group...

Sydney University is involved a form of ritual sadism where a groups of university sodomites walk past people
and they are making sounds or using words against individuals in a way where they don't want to leave in peace
the life of the individuals...

and ritual sadism where groups of sodomites walk past individuals and begin laughing in an derogatory way
in a way where they don't want to leave in peace the life of the individuals.

The behaviour of groups of sodomites at Sydney Univesity has something to do with homosexual organisations such as
NAMBLA (and the BILDERBERG SOCIETY?) being influentual at Sydney University.

Such behaviour by groups of University sodomites eventually leads to murder/'racial violence' conspiraces and
sadisitic experiments with slave labour devices.

The sadistic method of sadistic communication in Ewan Cameron's experiments is describable as sodomites communicating around
an injustice, but they dont want to mention the injustice, and they don't want to do anything to stop the injustice.

[The images on this website do not have any arcane meaning.
This website is created by a person who is not a member of any secret organisation.
When this website displays a symbol,this website might be trying to decipher the meaning
of such a symbol, or it is not trying to decipher anything at all.The image might have no
symbolic meaning at all.Perhaps an image just looks interesting like a rainbow that people
might chase, but never find. Perhaps where a rainbow is can be reached but a person will never
reach a rainbow if he remains on the surface of the earth. Maybe there is another way to reach
where the rainbow is. When this website discusses symbolism, the website is possibly trying
to decipher that symbolism for some beneficial purpose.]

(In the context of the ideas discussed by this website,) the rainbow has nothing to do with
modern questionable notions about sexuality. There is a more ancient meaning to the rainbow:
perhaps to do with rain when it is needed,plentiful crops,prosperity,prosperous societies,
survival through flood(s),survival of genetic diversity,different nations interacting with
each other in harmonious ways,warriors of righteousness in various colours of the spectrum,etc.
Sadly corrupt societies try to hijack the true meaning of the rainbow, and so corrupt societies
try to make the rainbow mean something else. Perhaps this website exists in the hope that that
some might remember the true meaning of the rainbow.


&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;bgsound src=&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;rolling_thunder_.mid&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; loop=&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;0&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; hidden=&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;true&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;