Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and
those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.
But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the
time of end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.
- Daniel 12:3,4

[Please note that religious language used here is not meant to offend.
It might be an effective way to transmit information,and for people to remember information.
So this website will try the parable approach to communicating technological information.
If combining naturalistic explanations with religious language offends you,please stop reading here.
Otherwise keep reading.]

[The Gospel of the Magnifying Transmitter.]

*[The good news about GEOMAGNETIC STORMS].

In the beginning were the SUN and the planet EARTH.

And ENERGY radiated from the Sun toward the earth: LIGHT and a flow of particles called SOLAR WIND.

And nature said 'let the earth have a MAGNETOSPHERE and an ATMOSPHERE,to shield the surface from the solar wind'.

Then nature created a constant flow of ELECTRONS from the GROUND into the ATMOSPHERE.
So was formed a negatively charged IONOSPHERE above, and the positively charged GROUND below.
*[Later science called the space between Ionosphere and Ground the SCHUMANN CAVITY].

And the VOLTAGE between IONOSPHERE and GROUND became great: 300 kilovolts.

So when the electrons in the IONOSPHERE oscillated in wave motion, waves were MAGNETICALLY INDUCED in the GROUND.
Both ionosphere and ground were weakly coupled via magnetic induction.

And the ionosphere oscillated. The solar wind collisions drove the ionosphere to RESONATE.
So the ionosphere was ringing like a bell,electrically,at its own natural frequency.Possibly 8Hz.

*[Later science associated this phenomenon with SCHUMANN RESONANCE].

Later nature created MAN in the image of divine wisdom,and gave him the powers of:
reasoning, symbolic thought, collective learning, & tool making.

So man inhabited the surface of planet earth.At first his learning was slow.

Human generations laboured tens of thousands of years to make simple discoveries:
a bone needle to sew clothes together,farming,metallurgy,etc.

But through COLLECTIVE LEARNING,each discovery was built on top
of previous discoveries.Man created civilization. And discoveries began accumulating at an exponential rate.

[But sometimes knowledge was lost when civilizations were destroyed.]

So man began to investigate the atmosphere,and learned
about the awesome energies involved in planetary weather events,
electrical storms,auroral phenomena.

And man began to wonder "Can heaven be brought to earth?
Can the awesome power in the atmospheric phenomena be brought down to the earth?"

And nature said "There will be delay no longer! Let the power of the Solar Wind particles be greatly magnified to become a Solar Storm.
So the earth will cry out to man that there is an ENERGY SOURCE here waiting to be discovered."

The year was 1859 AD.The auroras glowed so that night became like day.History called this the "Carrington Event".

And the ground cried out to man.The ground was normally a
power sink. But the SOLAR STORM turned the GROUND into a POWER SOURCE!

When the Telegraph system was turned off, the GROUND CURRENTS continued to power the Telegraphs.

Later science gave these ground currents a name: GEOMAGNETICALLY INDUCED CURRENTS..
*[ Geomagnetically Induced Currents (G.I.C.), EARTH CURRENTS , GROUND CURRENTS , or TELLURIC CURRENTS .]

The Solar Storm subsided.And normal Solar Wind levels ensued.
But then man asked "Can this RADIANT ENERGY(Solar Wind Energy) be artifically brought down to the ground?

So man invented the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER.And this was
a way to artificially produce G.I.C. in the ground. And it used the normal solar wind levels.

So the rare Solar Storms were not needed as an energy source.
The constant Solar Wind could be used as the energy source. But Solar Storms acted as the inspiration.

But then humanity followed the way of corruption.Perhaps Banking and Finance companies
monopolised the energy companies.So the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER became a forgotten technology,
and coal and oil remained dominant energy sources.

Now in the 21st Century the media tells us that Solar Storms are all bad.
We must spend millions of dollars to protect our frail Coal Electricity Grids against Solar Storms.

So the question remains: Will humanity wake up & remember the MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER?
The story continues in the present day ...



This website contains interesting information and possibly important information about
alternative sources of energy generation (power generation).However, the author cannot
take any responsibility for any consequences which might result from people trying to research
and implement alternative energy generation technologies.

Please be aware that we live in a world that is controlled by vested interests that want to monopolise
resources which could be of benefit to humanity. The internet is probably much observed by such vested
interests and the people that serve them.


The internet should be a way for humans to greatly increase the level of scientific
knowledge and to also greatly increase the rate of scientific progress.












Andrew Millett is an Epileptic. Andrew Millett wears a hearing aid (resembles external cochlear implant)/.
Andrew Millett ---- Alistair White,Elisha Forth,Jason Gabb,Jason Vella,Peter Payne,Toni Collette(actress).

Andrew Millett is an inbred perverse racist who has probably conspired murder/slavery through learning about the technology connected to his disabilities.
Andrew Millett and Angela Morris have similar initials(names/initials) = A.L.M. and A.R.M.

"Steam-punk" genre <----->Clockwork Humans<-----> Cybernetic Slavery.
Steam-punk genre (Movie:"Wild Wild West") <-----> Clockwork Humans (Animatronic Abraham Lincoln & Disney,Dr Phibes and his clockwork music band) <-----> Cybernetic Slavery.
A clockwork orange (movie) = sodomite warriors that use racial violence as a method to turn other racial groups into clockwork humans(cybernetic slaves).

Concord supersonic passenger planes flying in the Stratosphere and Cosmic Rays damaging the biology of pilots and passengers.Cosmic Rays are high energy radiation & particles mostly from outerspace.
Joe Resnick and his "Interoral Electro-larynx" invention: Damage from Cosmic Rays in deep space would result in humans having to replace body organs. Astronauts turned into cyborgs during space voyages.



Lies about ancient aliens having visited earth are a genre founded by Erich Von Daniken.
Von Daniken is a businessman with Hotels originally. Von Daniken is a Bilderberg servant.
Bilderberg Society members are known to rent out whole hotel blocks during Bilderberg Meetings.
Hotels are connected with prostitution behaviours(ritual prostitution customs).

Similar authors such as Robert Shoch is possibly a relative of Elizabeth Windsor or England whose family are probably members of the Bilderberg Society (H.A.O. Armanen Orden)

The ancient alien agenda is part of Nazism agenda in modern times.Ancient Alien theories seek to dehumanise those human races that were the first civilizations.

Television adverts such as "Trivago" averts and actor/musician, Gabrielle Miller are probably the "Mossad Pimps" of the Bilderberg Society advertising their ritual prostitution activity.
i.e. Mossad pimps similar to Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.


There is probably some connection between Majestic-12 research(MJ-12) and the Strategic Air Command(SAC).

MJ-12: Nuclear Starships to allow Anglo-germanic races to escape into outer space & depopulation/extermination(nuclear war) against other races(euphemistically referred to as anti-immigration).
<----- secret space program(Project Solar Warden), and coded language where some migrant races/some facial types are referred to as Outer Space Aliens.
<------>Aryan Baphomet Worship customs where ancient-civilization-facial types are surrounded by pretend friendly racists and then murdered or enslaved(racial-murders,eugenics,genocide,depopulation,anti-immigration)
Aryans(Inod-Europeans) stole civilization from races which were older and more technological advanced.

SAC: Nuclear Armed Planes flying 24 hours a day on a roster(rotated schedule).


SAC: Nuclear Armed Planes.
MJ-12: Nuclear Starships,Nuclear Powered Planes/Nuclear Armed Planes (Nuclear "Aerospace" Research)

Curtis LeMay(SAC:Strategic Air Command)
Curtis Le May similar face to actors James Stewart,Hal Holbrook,Lyndon B Johnson & Ladybird Johnson(Claudia Alta Taylor,Patillo,Patilloch)
Ladybird Johnson(Ladybird Patillo) <----> "Bird Dog" facial type (slang language,Roy Orbison[singer] facial type) probably Scottish-Hungarian-Finn-Portuguese Celts that consider themselves Hun descendants (Gemano-Celtics) inhabiting
Ireland/Scotland border lands(Dalriada) and maybe Blackburn Scotland <---- locations(passes,path bottlenecks?) probably part of illegal immigration routes.

The surname "Finn" occurs among Bird-Dog facial types.
[<-----> also Edward Teller(Hungarian? scientist in USA) among bird-dog facial types.surnames Boon,Edwards,Johnson similar facial types. <----> Operation Paperclip(Germany,Hungary)
1958 bird dog song:]

Curtis LeMay probably had connections to Turkish Armenian facial types like Jack Parsons,George Orwell.
George Orwell is a nom-de-plume, and his real surname was Blair.

Jack Parson was involved with "Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
"Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company is probably Nuclear Starship research(Project Orion,Project Daedalus,British-Rail-UFO, Project NERVA).

"Aerojet-General Nucleonics" company is probably Nuclear Starship research,Nuclear Powered Planes,Nuclear Armed Planes.


Armenian facial types,Armenian Native Faith(genocidal racism), Armenians: Armenia was a member state of the Soviet Union.

There is a probability that Curtis LeMay and Jack Parsons were part of the circle of people who sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 1950s.

There is a probability that Curtis LeMay and Jack Parson were connected to activity of atomic spies David Greenglass,Klaus Fuchs,Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Gary McKinnon(in recent years leaked information about "Project Solar Warden"(Secret Space program,MJ-12) <---?--> Edward Snowden,Bradley Manning, Julian Assange.
McKinnon mentioned the "USS LeMay" as a starship name connected to the Secret Space Program.

Gary McKinnon <---?--> Edward Snowden,Bradley Manning(has become Chelsea Manning), Julian Assange. <------ They leaked Hillary Clintons emails and John Podesta's emails .
[Is the name-change Chelsea a hint that Bradley Manning has a connection to Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea ?
Are Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton(William Blythe), Chelsea Clinton involved with MJ-12 research ?

Julian Assange <---?--->Andrew Peacock, Kevin Rudd (Australian politicians).
Is Julian Assange part of a circle of Australians,including Sydney University racists, who have sold atomic secrets to Iran and China ?

Is Bribie Island off the coast of QLD Australia a centre of MJ-12 activity ? <-----> magazine advertisement in year 1992 by Chaystens Besso.(Besso similar face to Curtis LeMay,James Stewart)
Bribie Island in Australia has possibly been brought out by wealthy foreigners and probably hosts "underground economy" activity (Project Hammer). <--- Like Thor's Hammer(Norse Religion/Paganism).
The animated film "Porco Rosso" has a plane with "H.A.O." on its wing (brief scene, difficult to detect) and Italian/mediterranean locations. <----> (HAO Armanen Orden, Celtic Cross Nazism )
Italy was an ally of Nazi Germany in World War 2.See information about Benito Mussolini.
The animated film "Porco Rosso" has faces similar to Jack Parson, Adolf Hitler. There is a character called Curtis with the face of Jack Parsons(Regehr, Torkich).
Does the film "Porco Rosso" have some connection MJ-12 genocidal racism ?




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Or use internet explorer.This website still seems to display properly in internet explorer.

If people are looking for the complementary(auxilliary) webspace titled "various people,groups,organisations",
that webspace was deleted without warning around 25/06/2019.

The information has been reposted at a new internet address(URL):


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the activity of DARPA in Australia is probably connected to "THE INTERNET" coming to Australia in 1994.
In 1994, the internet was called "THE INFORMATION SUPER-HIGHWAY" .
The movie Stargate(1994) has something to do with murder/slavery conspiracies by DARPA.
Stargate was possibly the first movie website to advertise on the internet



Omega Antenna research/[G.W.E.N Antenna research] (published research)

Authors: [Edgar, R S] & [SILBEY, J H] . <----- Silbey sometimes spelled Silby
Year Published: 1986

Index Terms: Australia; Electronic equipment; Electronic navigation; Motor vehicles; Navigation; Omega navigation system
Subject Areas: Vehicles and Equipment.

Is such research connected with turning a human body into a vehicle for a listening device?
See information below: definitions of about slave labour. i.e. See 'THE CONCEPT OF SLAVE LABOUR IS CONNECTED TO SLAVERY'.
'The party of Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln of the Republican Party before the Civil War' by PROFESSOR J.H. SILBY <--- Is the same J H Silby or another J H Silby?
Are the Silby family a group of people that study 19th Century slavery and also modern ways to enslave people by using Antennas?

See various authors: [A.M. Vandenberg] [E.A. Essex] [K.J.W. Lynn] [JH Silby]...

This kind of technology (or similar technology) might be sometimes known as "Acoustically Sensitive Radio-telemetry" or A.S.R.T.
It is used to observe living things that roam around.It is used to 1)"Track" 2)"Listen in to" living things that roam around.

It is used to observe animals in the wild. Maybe it is used upon human beings sometimes in racist communities.
[Maybe A.S.R.T. is being used to conduct illegal experiments upon human beings in Australia]

Journal Article: "The effects of tooth wear on the activity patterns of free-ranging koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus Goldfuss)"
Authors: M. Logan and G. D. Sanson
Scientific Journal: Australian Journal Of Zoology
Scientific Publisher : CSIRO Publishing

The free-ranging activity patterns of five adult males and one sub-adult male koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
with varying degrees of tooth wear were investigated using acoustically sensitive radio-telemetry...




Omega Antennas (VLF:very low frequency)<-------> waves penetrate 15 metres below sea.

communicates with submarines near sea surface. Project Sanguine Antennas(ELF: extremely low frequency)<------->waves penetrate hundreds of meters below sea
communicates with "deeply submerged submarines".
<--- i.e. A land based transceiver(antenna) station communicating with submarines deep below the sea.
Land based transceiver(antenna) stations in Wisconsin and Michigan USA communicating with submarines deep below the sea.
[Project Sanguine uses dipole antennas: poles/conductors spaced 23 kilometres apart <-------planetary engineering technology (Geo-engineering)] Project sanguine antennas use an AC current loop :
-the AC current flows through wires above the ground for 1/2 of the current path.
-the AC current flows through the ground for 1/2 the current path.
The varying current(accelerating electrons) creates a type of electromagnetic wave phenomena (ground-ionosphere waves) .

Important Note:
Omega waves(and Project Sanguine waves) are said to be "VERTICALLY POLARISED" <------> Such terminology is probably a euphemism/diversion that is actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).
[evidence supporting the existence of a "planetary electric field".]
[i.e.The electric field lines that exist between ionosphere and ground = "planetary electric field" .
There is potential difference of about 300 kilovolts(KV) between ionosphere and ground, so there exists a "planetary electric field" between the ionosphere and the ground.
The planetary electric field has similarities to the field lines in an "ionic capacitor" ,because of earth's atmospheric gases(molecules with temporary electric dipoles)
act in a similar way to the electrolyte(ions) in a ionic capacitor.
electric_field_calculations.txt [click]

References to "VERTICALLY POLARISED" waves (in the context of Omega & Sanguine Project antennas) are actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).

References to "VERTICALLY POLARISED" waves (in the context of Omega & Sanguine Project antennas) are actually describing a "PLANETARY ELECTRIC FIELD" being oscillated(vibrated).

Question: Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves when travelling through vacuum.
How do electromagnetic fields propagate through physical objects(physical media) > <-- ground,earth'surface
Do the electrical vibrations become compressional/longitudinal inside physical media ?
Would that explain the longitudinal/compressional qualities & directional qualities of Tesla's standing waves(omega waves,scalar waves) ?





may_2018.jpg(webspace): 06/05/2019(website)

may_2018.jpg(webspace): 06/05/2019(website)


Australian racism is describable as:
Australia wants to pretend you are mentally retarded because of race. (euphemistically referred to as anti-immigration activity)

If you are from certain racial groups, Australia wants to forcibly implant you with a slave labour device or murder you through racial violence.

Australia wants to pretend that anglo-germanic races are intelligent and other races are mentally retarded.

To do with such a racism agenda in Australia are news stories such as:
Mentally retarded man physically assaulted at a sports match.
[The anglo-celtic nation of Australia secretly follows the same/similar ideology that resulted in the German Nazi concentration camps.
Mentally retarded people, and certain racial groups were put into concentration camps and killed by gases such as Zyklon-B in gas chambers. ]





[26/01/2018] Based on the behaviour seen around [a] railway station, when students graduated from High School and began attending University,
students from Toni Collette's High School had nothing better to do that to follow University students to the train station,
then in later days/weeks/months appear 50km away At Redfern Station near Sydney University.
It was not explained why such behaviour occurred.They are probably racist females did not speak to certain people, and appeared nearby University Students without explanation.

After a time, their behaviour becomes less evident.Their following behaviour seemed to stop.

Zoran's girlfriend was possibly a woman who in earlier years attended Toni Collette's High School,
and she had an anglo-celtic boyfriend when she seen at the bus stop seats.
[Perhaps she was a resurgence of the following behaviour, that resulted in attempted murder in June 1995.]

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer).
There is a third side that the Australian racist groups don't want to get into court.

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer):
being portrayed as legal cases between racist groups who fight race wars against each other.
Racists seeking millions of dollars in compensation while a third side is kept out of court by inflicting slave labour experiments
(Australia is a society that inflicts slave labour experiments upon citizens to prevent them from having paid jobs,to prevent them
from opening a businesses, to prevent them from getting their legal cases to court).
The millions of dollars that Gordon Wood was seeking is really bounty hunting money for enslaving and murdering people because of race.

Elizabeth Fullerton(Judge shown in news) <---- resembles/related to(?)------> Louise Davis.
Robert Saunders <---- probable relative of -----> Louise Davis.
Louise Louis Davis is a friend of Toni Collette(actress)

30_11_2018.jpg <------ Posted 30/11/2018:
Rene Walter Rivkin .. born in Shanghai China,... to Russian-Jewish parents.

adam_burne_further_information_19_12_2016.jpg <---- Republished on internet 30/11/2018.Additional Question about Rivkin-Lambert added on 30/11/2018.

Is Barry Lambert a drug trafficker masquerading as a philanthropist that financially contributes to Cannabis research ?
Cannabis Indica is the illegal drug(illicit drug) Marijuana.

Note: cannabis(illicit drug) connection between Lambert and Sydney University(NSW Australia).

Jordan Virgona is said to be the son of Mark Virgona. Jordan Virgona resembles Carl Williams (deceased crime boss)

Rene Rivkin --?--> Peter Jackson(Film Maker) , Ric Richardson (Inventor?) .

{Begin Notes 03/12/2018 } Note2:
Cannabis/Marijuana is said to be a pathway to more potent(heavier) illicit drugs such as Heroin(Opium) and Cocaine.
So attempts to make Cannabis/Marijuana into something medically acceptable is possibly a conspiracy to more addict people to Heroin and Cocaine over time.
Drug Organisations(Drug Growers,Drug Barons) are probably trying to make more money for themselves through corruption in the Australian medical system
and corruption in the Education System (NSW Department of Education, Sydney University)

Note 3:
Robert Saunders has a resemblance to Gordon Wood.

Rodney Cross was a physics lecturer(teacher) at Sydney University. Cross gave lectures about electronic circuits .
Robert Saunders was a "electrical engineering" student at Sydney University.
Robert Saunders was learning about the electronic circuits at the same time that Rodney Cross worked at Sydney University as a lecturer(teacher).
Robert Saunders was sometimes attending lectures in the Physics building at Sydney University where Rodney Cross gave electronics lectures.
i.e. Electrical Engineering students are required to learn some "Newtonian physics" & "Solid State Physics" as part of their University course.
So Electrical Engineering students are sometimes attending lectures in the Physics Building.
So it is probable that Rodney Cross and Robert Saunders came into contact with each other at Sydney University.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Robert Saunders lived in the same neighbourhood as Toni Collette(actress).
Robert Saunders was friends with Peter Payne. Peter Payne lived across the road from Toni Collette(actress).

The appearance of Rodney Cross on television possibly has something to do with:
- 1) Sydney University being a racist University involved in race wars.
- 2)Sydney University being involved in illegal experiments against human beings (experiments to enslave human nervous systems) <--- Nazi doctor experiments as part of its race war activity.

The financiers and manufacturers of Slave Labour Device technology perhaps produced a situation where Rodney Cross appeared on television, but they did not want Rodney Cross to face justice.
The financiers and manufacturers of Slave Labour Device technology perhaps did not want Sydney University to face justice about its illegal experiments upon human beings. <--- Visual sadism via television news stories ?
There was no mention in the news story about Rodney Cross being involved in illegal experiments against human beings.
[Australians(aussies) such as Saunders, Cross and Wood probably would rather fight race wars against Ukrainians/Ukrainian-Jews such as Caroline Byrne rather than mention something about the use of racist technology.
i.e. The racist ideology that Nothing is achieved without conflict(race wars). To racists,race wars are a way for side1 and side2 of a triangle to meet each other, while making side3 disappear
through medical nazism, marginalisation,ostracism,racial violence, racial murders. And afterward, when side1 and side2 get together like Wood and Byrne got together, eventually side1 and side2 try to kill each other.]

i.e. See the diagram above about triangular racism(racism triangles.)
In a similar way, Neal Winter appeared on television, but there was no mention about Neal Winter being a perpetrator of race hate crimes/racial violence crimes/race hate conspiracies.
Neal Winter went to jail, but , Winter believes he can survive jail,get out of jail, and keep silent about his involvement in Safe Base racism & perversion,
and experiments to enslave the nervous systems of migrant racial groups.

So it can be concluded that Australia is a country/society too corrupt to handle court cases to do with Slave Labour Device technology.

The information on this website is for the purpose of beginning an international court case.


Andrew Millett is genetically an "Epileptic"
Andrew Millett is genetically partially deaf (uses a Hearing Aid).
Andrew Millett is inbred and suffers from genetic diseases.
Hearing Aids have similitaries to cochlear implants.
Cochlear implants have similarities to "Slave Labour Devices" that attach to the nerves.
Andrew Millett's relatives and his friend Peter Payne probably learned about slave labour
devices through Millett's use of a hearing aid, and Peter Payne being a fan of cyborg
policeman "Inspector Gadget". Voice actress Holly Berger from "Inspector Gadget" has connections to racist
cybernetic research (Theodore Berger)
[i.e. The same Andrew Millett that weas briefly shown on Channel 7 and Channel 10 as a helicopter pilot making a car traffic reports.
Andrew Millett has disappeared from television after people became aware that he is probably involved in drug trafficking, the same kinds of
sexual crimes and corruption as Neal Winter(convicted homosexual criminal, and race hate violence (conspiracies). ]

Barry Lambert(businessman) is probably a relative of Andrew Millett. Barry Lambert favours the use of illicit drug Cannabis Indica(Marijuana) against epilepsy. Is Barry Lambert a drug trafficker?
Barry Lambert has made large finiancial contribution(s) to Sydney Univerity which might be laundered money from drug trafficking and other crimes.
How closely connected is Lambert to aussie dutch-boer mafia figure Wayne Brodie(Brodie Lighting Company?)
Sydney University probably profits from drug trafficking(illicit drugs:Marijuana,Cocaine,Heroin) and is trying legalise marijuana through illegal medical research.




Lai Si Kuok ---- Sydney University (electrical engineering student in 1997-1999)<----?-----> Robert Saunders & Rodney Cross(physics lecturer,electronic circuits lecturer) .
Lai Si Kuok ---?--- Ivan Torkich
Lai Si Kuok ---?---- Robert Saunders & Rodney Cross
Sam Dastyari(australian-iranian politician,Australian Labour Party), Huang Xiangmo , Dr Chau Chak Wing

Probable drug trafficking connections (from 1990s)
ASIS (Australian Spy Organisation)------------CIA, Mossad.
{End Notes 03/12/2018 }

03_12_2018.jpg <---- Posted 03/12/2018 .

[update 28/01/2019]

Gabby Saffo <---resemblance to----> Mark Virgona, Adam Burne, Andrew Millett.
In 1998 , Andrew Millett was seen at Martin Place in the Sydney CBD(Central Business District).Martin Place is on the Bondi Junction railway line.
Perhaps Andrew Millet was working in Martin Place. It is possible that Andrew Millet has frequently travelled on the Bondi Railway Line ,despite coming from the western suburbs of Sydney.

Kings_Cross-Bondi Mafia <---> Biker gangs(Motorcyclist Gangs)
televison series connections: Home And Away (& Neighbours ? )


Helen Caldicott[medical doctor] <---?----> Expendable Humans Research(Humans doing work in environments hostile to life and dieing during or after the work is completed) , Telepresence Slavery .

In late 1984/early 1985 Rosemary Hunter moved to Woodford (Blue Mountains) region west of Sydney NSW Australia.
Around year 1992 the "Ted Noffs Foundation" wanted to build a Chapel or Drug Education Centre in or near Luchetti Avenue Hazelbrook NSW Australia.
Hazelbrook and Woodford are adjacent suburbs in the Blue Mountains region west of Sydney NSW Australia.

[In 1994 Rosemary Hunter and her husband Stewart visited the western Sydney neighbourhood where she was residing before 1984/85.
Toni Collette(actress) lived in that western sydney neighbourhood during 1970s and 1980s.Collette was a student of Barry Boon in year 1984.

Rosemary Hunter was romantically involved with Barry Boon before she married her husband Stewart.
Barry Boon is probably deceased, from natural causes. He drank coffee,smoked cigarettes,etc.]






The person they have made their baphomet (through racial violence and modern nazi doctor surgery) has been resisting Australian political racists over a period of years.
Hence the political instability in Australia. Australia is involved in medical nazism against certain racial groups (enslavement of the human nervous system experiments) .

Peter Haerstch, Marianne Vonau , Silfverskold.

It needs to be formally known that Australia is a nation that commits Nazi Doctor crimes against citizens, and then tries to pretend that everything is normal.

Such injustices get dragged on for years, and it is a way of exterminating certain racial groups.
[By perpetrating nazi doctor crimes and pretending that everything is normal, a series of unnecessary unjust situations occur with the intent that
certain racial groups get murdered, and the intent that racially tolerant people get murdered. i.e. A deliberate sadistic process of ostracization and marginalisation occurs
that is meant to result in the murders of nazi doctor crime victims.]

Australia is carrying on a similar plan of extermination as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party from World War 2, but behind the backs of people.

Victims of such nazi doctor crimes don't understand the silence about such nazi doctor crimes, and the silence keeps going on and on.
So there is a large probability that Australia is a racist nation with murderous intent toward to certain racial groups and murderous intent toward toward racially tolerant people.

This is very unjust because Australia inflicts unnecessary suffering on migrants who are lured to Australia with promises of a better life,
and it is very unjust because Australia inflicts unnecessary suffering upon citizens who are born in Australia and don't understand why such racism occurs. Australia inflicts such suffering simply because of race.

It needs to be formally known that Australia is a nation that commits racial hate violence crimes against citizens,and then tries to pretend that everything is normal.
The Police deliberately don't want to arrest race hate violence
perpetrators.Race hate violence is a way of getting people murdered because of race,
or into the influence of modern nazi doctors waiting to surgically ambush people in Australian Hospitals .
The Police in Australia deliberately don't want to give closure in situations of racial hate violence.

This information is expressed, because there has been a need for the Australia Government to be formally asked questions in an international court, since the year 1995(at least) , about the use of slave labour devices .
Such slave labour devices are nazi death camp technology, and are being implemented together with plans of depopulation against certain races, probably in conjunction with FEMA death camps, C.I.A. prisons similar to Guatanamo Bay,
offshore processing of illegal immigrants, anti-immigration activity in general.

THe racism and racist technology described above is possibly part of a 1950s USA plan of anti-immigration/ethnic cleansing/racial exterimination/genocide known as MJ-12 (Majestic-12),
and maybe is euphemistically referred to as "the secret space program"/"Project Solar Warden": a way for anglo-germanic racial groups to escape into space and exterminate those other racial groups who would be trapped on earth.
MJ-12/Project Solar Warden might be a sub-project of Project Monarch(Project Omega/Project Rainbow?) and the underground economy of anglo-celtic nations(Project Hammer).
Such genocidal research Project probably have multiple names, in a similar way to how the migration of German Nazi Scientists into the USA(Project Paperclip/Operation Paperclip) is also known as Operation Overcast.

As reference to Operation Paperclip and Nazi migrations into english-speaking countries,
see documetary: "True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi" - Werner Von Braun(German Nazi rocket scientist in the USA).
Von Braun was one of the rocket scientists whose research led to the Saturn V(5) rocket and anglo-germanic astronauts landing on the moon.

In recent years, there have been news stories about Climate Change which often might be euphemistic references to Project Overcast/Operation Paperclip ,
and maybe USA terrorist organisations such as "The Weather Underground" who have the symbol of the nazi sig-rune together with the rainbow.
and the Symbionese Liberation Army(S.L.A.).

Operation Paperclip racism probably came to Australia via the construction of so-called "safe bases" in Australia,
which could be more clearly described as "racial safety bases" , "racially safe bases", "bases for racist xenophobes" , etc , and which have similarities probably to Nazi bunkers from World War 2.

08_10_2018.jpg <----- Posted About: About Australian racist Margo Evans, her threats to get the San Francisco Cops against people, and her years long murder/slavery conspiracy.
David Evans the son of Margo Evans made a violent attack against a child several years younger than himself.
Racist Australian Margo Evans objected when there was an attempt to defend the child several younger than her son David Evans, Margo Evans then threatenned to get the San Franciso Police onto people.


16_10_2018.jpg <---- Posted 16/10/2018

QUESTION: Why the references to Arabs,Jews,Swedes,Scandinavians,Ukrainians ?
ANSWER: Some Australians(aussies) are accepted by Anglo-celtic culture, but they have connections to places like the middle-east which few people find out about.
Also, Anglo-Celtic Culture , German Culture, Scandinavian Culture are dishonest about their views of slavery.The slave trade been occuring for hundreds of years in
Anglo-Celtic and Germanic/Scandinavian nations.WEREGILD behaviours are very much alive in such societies.
[Ukrainians have been Scandinavian allies over the centuries, and were Nazi German allies/collaboratorsd during World War 2.]
Also, there are misleading/lieing theories being promoted by
racists about: it being impossible for Jews to be racists because Jews are no longer a race, as a result of the Jewish temple being destroyed and Jews sent into exile
by the Romans (Diaspora). The reality is that there are many Jewish racists.Jewish culture and Arab culture are accepting of slavery. Jewish Culture and Arab culture are
Semitic cultures. Semitic cultures are accepting of slavery, as summarised by Genesis 9:27
in the bible.[The fact that Jewish culture is accepting of slavery, implies that
there are many jewish racists... and there are many Arab racists. ]

see the documentary "The Making of Spain" with narrator Simon Sebag Montefiore, season 1, episode 1, for mention of the Viking- Ummayyad Arab slave trade over hundreds of years.

See also: Arabic writer describing Viking Burial.In the Levant(middle east),the Vikings were considered as merchant traders. A major part of their trading was slaves.


03_10_2018_002.jpg <----- Posted 03/10/2018


The 1999 news story maybe has to do with a hospital in Westmead suburb of Sydney NSW Australia, the Ponting Foundation(company or charity organisation),
and the Henderson family from the western suburbs of Sydney whose daughter had a hole the heart genetic condition.



See also 30_10_2018.jpg above (illegal immigration,ukrainian groups,actress and her friends involved in criminality,race wars,physics lecturer whose evidence was flawed ... ).


Music Video possibly relevent to investigating Money Laundering/Underground Economy(Project Hammer)/Pirate Harvesting Conspiracies by Australians
& illicit Drugs trafficking networks
& Illegal Immigration/Slavery Networks between Portland-to-Canada, Detroit/Chicago-to-Canada. probably involving Ukrainian enclaves in Canada and french Speaking regions of Canada.

There is a music video that sometimes shown on Foxtel Australia television channels.
It might be a version of "Higher by Sigma ft. Labrinth" or a similar music video featuring the word Montana or French Montana.
It has American Indians, snow, The word "Toronto" and "Heist" appearing in the music video. It has a heliocopter flying over the Skyscrapers of Toronto possibly dragging a flag with the word "Heist" or "The Heist".

Names of Australians probably relevent to the above information:
David Christian,Reza Ebrahim,Alistair White,Anthony Coroneous,Toni Collette(actress),Wayne Brodie, Lorinda Noble(singer),Linda Vella,
R. Lenton <---> Eric Bana(australian actor) from Channel 7 television Australia and the movie "Black Hawk Down" .

Christine Anu(singer),David Christian(Australian Australoid)<------>American Actors:Henry Fonda & Catherine Hepburn,Neneh Cherry(singer).
Christine Anu(Australoid singer) is an Australian body double of Neneh Cherry (American Singer). <---- Relatives of Henry Fonda ?
David Christian is probably a fan of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" cartoons and the "Rocky" Balboa boxing series of movies. Music videos by Rocky/A$ap are possibly relevent to mention also.

A Music Video "I Told Em" has a crashed plane. Illegal trade networks between USA and Canada possibly involve "suicide body guards" on aeroplanes that are trained to kill people with their hands.
i.e. Body guards that can kill passengers and pilots with their hands which results in crashed planes (maybe a way to cover up illegal trade journeys.)

Montana is a USA State on the Canadian border, adjacent to Washington State.
Portland(USA coastal city) <----> Washington State <-----> Montana(on Canadian Border).<

Stargate(1994) is distributed by "Studio Canal" , said to be a French company with headquarters in Britain <-----> French speaking areas of Canada that contain Ukrainian enclaves.enclaves in Canada.
Canada is a country that speaks French and English.
[Studio Canal is a subsidiary company of Vivendi company that was founded by Napoleon III emperor of France.]

Studio Canal has Arab investment (Maxime Saada=Chairman) <--?--> Mohammed Al Fayed,Jack Tramiel(Commodore 64 computers)<---> Lisa Najeeb Halay,Antoinette Avril Gardiner.

Maxime Saada (Chairman,Studio Canal)<--?--> Nabil Saada (a lebanese 1990s "Jehovah's Witness"/carpenter from Sydney Australia.)


Anti-immigration political agenda <----->Operation Paperclip,Majestic 12(MJ-12),Project Monarch (genocide,depopulation against migrant races,transformation of multiracial nations into monoracial nations.)<---->WW2 Nazi Final Solution/Death Camps
Research such as Operation Paperclip,MJ-12,Project Monarch is a continuation of the Nazi Plan of extermination from Wiorld War 2, as described by the publication "Conversations with Rauschning" .
Australia needs to formally say that it is perpetrating nazi doctor crimes to exterminate migrant racial groups.




Jesus Messages through the Ionosphere and Marian Apparitions.
Marian apparitians are possibly something sinister.
Marian Apparitians are connected to Wars.
Such Marian Apparitians are possibly military organisations misusing the Nikola Tesla's Antennas,
since their invention in year 1905.

Fatima(1917) - World War 1
Medjugorije(1981-) <---> Bosnian War (1992–1995),Ethnic Cleansing/Genocide in Bosnia.
Our Lady of Kibeho(1981-) <---> Rwanda Genocide(1994)

Also, "Project Bluebeam" is terminology possibly connected to such misuses of Antennas .
Project Bluebeam refers to cults of UFOs arriving from outspace and saving mankind:
similiarities to cults of pretend angels which say they believe in Jesus returning to earth to judge humanity.
Cult leaders often suggest that they are Jesus returned.

Prince of Persia cults are connected to "Parthian Quest(s)" . Quests that begin in a sandy setting such as desert or desert oasis,
a search for wealth and knowledge(secrets of life)
by migrating or invading other cultures. Sometimes the sandy setting could a beach on a shoreline.

Originally other cultures were more advanced than the Parthian Quest group.

i.e. Quests that being in the desert and finish in a fertile land setting(forests?) with much wealth.

Parthian Quests are represented in "text adventure" computer games that were once popular, such as "Twin Kingdom Valley".

[e.g. Indo-Europeans(Aryans) invaded the Sarasvati River. But the Sarasvati River dried up.
So they went into the Parthian desert regions to search for more fertile lands northward and made war with Scythians .
The Scythians were at first a more advance culture.

Some Indo-Europeans(Aryans) went east & south and invaded the Indus River Civilisation (Dravidians) in what is now Pakistan/India.

Modern Europeans are not indigenous to Europe. Modern Europeans originally came from Western Asia (Caucasus mountains/Parthia).
Persians(Iranians) are also a Parthian culture. ]


Daniel 10:13 <---> "Prince of Persia" making angelic war <-----> Mossad and Iranians promoting genocides/massacres based upon cults of pretend angels.


Koreshans:hollow earth society(Cyrus Teed)/Thule society/Agartha -------Ku Klux Klan & Racist Jews (Genesis 9:27) ------ David Koresh(David Cyrus,Branch Davidians--- Seventh Day Adventist Church (1844 false prophecy) ----- Mormons (Joseph Smith, 1840s false prophets)

Koreshans:hollow earth society(Cyrus Teed) -- David Koresh(David Cyrus,Branch Davidians --- Seventh Day Adventist Church .
Koreshans:hollow earth society(cyrus teed) -- Heaven's Gate(mass suicide in year 1997) .

Hollow earth theories(hyperborea) --- Thule Society(Nazism,Germanen Orden),Ahnenerbe(germanic ancestral heritage propaganda organisation),Vril society,authors Edward Bulwer-Lytton & H G Wells

For modern Hollow Earth theories, see books by racist authors such as:
"When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis" by Rand Flem-Ath and Rose Flem-Ath

other books: The White Lie by Walter Rea, Prophetess of Health by Ronald L Numbers.

About Genesis 9:27 , this verse is included in the bible like some kind of "Freudian Slip" about Semitic cultural racism (Semitic paganism).
There is reason to believe that Semitic paganism includes infernal(hell-ish) religious beliefs and activities resembling Molech Worship.(Judges 11:31)

So called Christian Denominations(Cults of Christendom) that seek to live selfish Old Testament lifestyles(Adventist Church=SDAs) are easily infiltrated by racist-Jews and pretend-angel-cults. (Revelation 3:9)
So called Christian Denominations(Cults of Christendom) founded by Freemasons (Mormons,Latter-Day-Saints) are easily infiltrated by racist-Jews and pretend-angel-cults. (Revelation 3:9)
Note also the frequent use of the name "Cyrus". Cyrus was a pagan Persian King that is considered a saviour of the Jews (Isaiah 45:1)



See the documentary "The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook" (Season1Episode4) for evidence of the British propagating pretend angel
cults in which anglo-celtics are promoting ideas that their monarchy should be considered as gods by the native people. There have been news stories
with such themes: e.g. Philip O'greece the husband of Elizabeth Windsor expects natives in Papua New Guinea to worship him as a god: such a news
story occurred a few years ago on ABC Australia. Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions,
and British religions that pretend to be Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Such pretend angel cults are the perverse religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions such as the
Church of Latter Day Saints(Mormons), Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses,Anglicans, The Salvation Army, etc .
Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions that pretend to be
Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Australia is a former british colony where anglo-celtics have become the racial majority. Australia intends to enforce, illiteracy, generational
slavery upon certain racial groups, via the use of slave labour devices. If you have been taught to reject worship of humans(reject idolatry), if you
have been taught how to read and write, if you have attended University , if you have brought up to reject racism, to believe that racism should be
opposed, Australia is a racist nation that beleives that it can enforce idolatry and ignorance upon you by attaching a slave labour device to your
nerves for no apparent reason other than race, and sadistically bothering your nervous system for years (medical nazism, medical terrorism) . Such
medical nazism is based upon the illegal inhuman research of British Doctor/medical researcher called Ewen Cameron.
Australian plans to forcibly reduce the circumstances of certain migrant groups back to the colonial situations of native people in 20th
Century Black and White films, silent films,tarzan films,Humphrey Bogart films, which Hollywood has hidden in archives and rarely shows on
television in the present time.


See the documentary "The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook" (Season1Episode4) for evidence of the British propagating pretend angel
cults in which anglo-celtics are promoting ideas that their monarchy should be considered as gods by the native people. There have been news stories
with such themes: e.g. Philip O'greece the husband of Elizabeth Windsor expects natives in Papua New Guinea to worship him as a god: such a news
story occurred a few years ago on ABC Australia. Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions,
and British religions that pretend to be Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Such pretend angel cults are the perverse religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions such as the
Church of Latter Day Saints(Mormons), Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses,Anglicans, The Salvation Army, etc .
Such pretend angel cults are the religion that is secretly forcibly taught to people by American religions, and British religions that pretend to be
Christian religions that send their members overseas as Christian missionaries.
Australia is a former british colony where anglo-celtics have become the racial majority. Australia intends to enforce, illiteracy, generational
slavery upon certain racial groups, via the use of slave labour devices. If you have been taught to reject worship of humans(reject idolatry), if you
have been taught how to read and write, if you have attended University , if you have brought up to reject racism, to believe that racism should be
opposed, Australia is a racist nation that beleives that it can enforce idolatry and ignorance upon you by attaching a slave labour device to your
nerves for no apparent reason other than race, and sadistically bothering your nervous system for years (medical nazism, medical terrorism) . Such
medical nazism is based upon the illegal inhuman research of British Doctor/medical researcher called Ewen Cameron.
Australian plans to forcibly reduce the circumstances of certain migrant groups back to the colonial situations of native people in 20th
Century Black and White films, silent films,tarzan films,Humphrey Bogart films, which Hollywood has hidden in archives and rarely shows on
television in the present time.

Pretend Angel cults are similar ideology to Nazi Superman race theories.

Nazism involve surprise attacks(lightning war), and making people believe in the superiority of the germanic race through military
victory, after miltary victory while the opposition figure what technology and what strategy to use defeat the germanic race.

The ideology of Germanic superiority becomes popular while the German Army keeps winning military victories, however once Germanic armies
start being defeated , and are seen to be defeated , the ideology loses popularity.

In an anglo-celtic country such as Australia,pretend angel cults about committing cowardly racial violence crimes without warning, and then a nazi eugenics process of social isolation,marginalisation,ostracism in which racists
do everything to make victims believe in the superiority of the race that committed the cowardly attack,
instead of helping victims get justice.

Pretend angel cults are something from before civilisation, something tribal,clain-like,racial :Anglo-celtics are descended from tribes such as Angles, Saxons and Jutes and Celtic/Gaulic clans.
Germanic people are descended from Teutonic tribes, Hun invaders, Mongol invaders , Scandinavian tribes who practiced Viking lifestyles , etc .

[Pretend Angel cults secretly follow an ideology that some races should have easy lives, while other races should have lives that are un-live-able/ Pretend angel cults are probably connected to ideology of viewing people as a source of gifts through ritual murdering such people if they are a different race.
I.e. Traditions of one brother murdering his other brother such as the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible [Genesis 4:1–16]. Also traditions of brothers enslaving a brother such as the Joseph[Genesis 37:18-36] .
Such traditions are probably based upon one race coming into contact with another race and pretending to be friends, but one race secretly enacting druidism against the other race.
Also, traditions such as Santa Claus are probably based upon traditions people from another race dieing , and the thing which they leave behind are considered as gifts .
The Santa Claus (tradition is probably closely connected to the gods of gifts, gods of vegetation such as Canaanite god Baal , and his Hittite counterpart Telepinu:
gods who are like green crops being cut down to provide food and resources. ]

The society that victims live in does not want victims to ever get justice, and the lives of victims. are not left in peace.

[So called christian denominations in Australia are involved in such racism,so the information described could be called "anti-christian"/"anti-christ"
activities within Christian denomination from Australia.

i.e. Anti-christ activity in the context of people acting as wolves in sheeps clothing. Evil behaviours that some people teach each other,
that some people intend to go from one generation to the next, in the context of such people pretending to have a religious belief.

Such pretend angel cults are probably connected with Indo-European(Aryan) cultural racism allied with Semitic racists as described in Genesis 9:27 ]
e.g. Indo-European cultures such as Persian, but also the Indo-European nations that migrated into Europe.
Isaiah 45:1,Daniel 10:13 .

Ancient Spy Warfare by humans (depicted by bible writers as something Angelic.)

Is this diagram relevent to finding information about inhumane experiments against humans ? So called expendable human experiments ?

See below information posted about Adamov/Coppack and Maria Sharapova and information stored in a Soviet Union Academies of Science, perhaps Stavropol Ukraine/Russia.



Be watching (the internet) for a new website.

Coming soon.

[Aryan/Indo-European people have been recently discovered by science to have 2% - 4% Neanderthal DNA.]

The author(s) of this website do not have much interest in researching the origins Aryan(Indo-European) national groups.
The author(s) of this website seriously consider that I/we have discovered the origins of Aryan peoples,
so the discoveries will be published on the website (coming soon)

[Question: What does the above information mean? ]

Several decades ago, European scientists were describing Neanderthals as moronic, brutish ape-men/cave-men.
Then, a few years ago, European scientists discovered that they themselves have neanderthal ancestors.

People who consider themselves Aryans (Indo-Europeans) are often striving for racial purity.
However, ARYANS ARE NOT RACIALLY PURE. People who consider themselves Aryans are intermixed with Neanderthal ape-men/cave-men.
Aryans have a genetic contribution of 2%-4% from Neanderthals which is the same as saying Aryans had a Neanderthal ape-man/cave-man ancestor 5 generations ago.
Aryans have a genetic contribution of 2%-4% from Neanderthals which is the same as saying Aryans had a great-great-great-grand-parent Neanderthal "racially pure ape-man/cave-man ancestor".



People from these families (Sharapova, Coppak[Adamov?]) have possibly been promoting Aryan Nazism over a period of years.

THe faces above relevent to Denisovans and interbreeding between ancestors of East Asians and Denisovans.
Note that people in countries/regions such as the Ukraine and Siberian Khanate have significant amounts of East Asian genetics via events such as the Mongol Invasion of Europe.

See also the "Enigma Man" documentary.
Enigma man was possibly the result of interbreeding between Denisovans and Australoids, as Australoids were migrating along the paleo-shores of the Indian Ocean during ice age times.
Enigma Man has cheeks similar to Zinjanthropus, and probably also Denisovans.


Anglo-Germanic woman Olga Romanoff claims to be a relative of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia whose family were massacred during World War 1/Russian Revolution.
Olga romanoff might be an imposter like Anna Anderson.

In profile, Anna Anderson resembles actress Julie Andrews.

Sally Ann Howes & Julie Andrews were Olga romanoff's doubles in films.

Clockwork puppett themes <----- possibly modern slavery/cybernetic slavery .
[see "Doll On A Music Box"/"Truly Scrumptious" Scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968]

also, catching humans and putting then in cages themes in Chitty chitty Bang Bang <---- Cage slavery themese .
See the character played by deceased aussie actor/[ballet dancer] Robert Helpmann.
Robert Helpmann might be a relative of Jimmy Saville from the U.K.
Also, Mary Donaldosm might be somehow connected or related to Robert Helpmann.
Donaldson's rise to fame in the modern era possibly has something to do with the 1960s film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

As for the Romanoff family, they betrayed Russia by selling Alaska to the Americans.
Alaska used to be a Russian asset, and then Nicholas II of Russia sold Alaska to the USA.




[18/09/2018:001 added into 10/09/2018.] See information about MJ-12 (Majestic 12) being an anti-immigration program, so illegal. so immoral,
that the USA Military-Industrial complex pretends it is about outer space Aliens.

The kind of racists involved with MJ-12 are possibly people who make comments about themselves
finding Jesus everyday inside the boot of car at the USA-Mexican border. i.e. There are many Mexicans named Jesus,and some of them try to illegally immigrate to the USA everyday. ]

Comments or imagery about outer space aliens(extra-terrestrials) which are hints about human illegal aliens(illegal immigrants)
maybe is a moethod of communicating in coded language among the racists(xenophobes) who are supporters of MJ-12 , similar to the comments about finding Jesus.

10/09/2018 <-- Image posted maria_sharapova__camilla_belle__roland_emmerich.jpg




[18/09/2018:002 added into 10/09/2018 ]
HIPPOCAMPAL NEURON PATTERNING. , as described by a USA Military News magazine in year 1995,
might have connections to research of Ukrainian scientists during the 1980s during the cold war era.
Further information about where evidence of illegal research might be found.
[Needs verification].

Ukrainian pretend to care about radiation problems from nuclear reactors, but really the Ukrainians were nazi collaborators during War 2.
The Ukraine is secretly allied with germanic nazism in the 1990s and the 21st Century. The Ukraine has been an ally of Germany and Scandinavia, over hundreds of years.
See terminology "germanised slavs".

Illegal research about how to turn humans into cybernetic slaves is possibly hidden in Ukrainian Journal articles about
methods that humans can use to transport hazardous substances such as nuclear waste,dangerous chemicals,etc .
Maybe articles about how the Chernobyl nuclear reactor could have been cleaned up.
The idea's behind such articles are possibly summarised by terminology "TELE-PRESENCE" , "TELE-PRESENCE SLAVES"/"TELE-PRESENCE CYBORGS" versus "TELE-PRESENCE ROBOTS" .

since Maria Sharopova's family was adversely affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accidentt, they possibly became involved in research to do with "expendable humans" .
In various countries, including the Ukraine, there is a hidden industry to do with expendable human ideology. The kind of families that are introduced to & accept expendable human ideology,
are possibly inbred families with genetic problems who doctors predict to die at a young age, families affected by nuclear accidents, racists (modern nazi subcultures,ultra-nationalists,ku klux klan) since they
are taught not to value the lives of people who are different race, etc.

It might also be mentioned that perverse cultures in modern times(countries with high suicide rates) automatically generate many citizens who consider themselves and others as expendable people,
since the shameful customs of modern perverse societies are something shameful and people in such perverse cultures know they are intrinsically worthless humans through becoming involved
in their perverse cultural customs. Isaiah 44:9 , Titus 1:16 , Leviticus 20:22

Modern methods of slavery, the technology of modern slavery,is probably closely connected to research about expendable humans.
Thus Hippocampal Neuron Patterning is a USA expendable human research program from 1995, and it is probably connected to earlier expendable human research program from the Ukraine.

The Sharapova family are connected to both the USA research and the Ukrainian research.
Maybe some research is done against humans, and some is done against simians and other animals(vivisection/ veterinary experimemts, hence the mention of anthropology of the ape-men ancestors of modern humans.
Perhaps hints about illegal research in anthropology journals about beings that were becoming human over millions of years is a method to describe illegal research done on humans and animals.

Maria Sharapova: female Eunuch




Nazi doctor crimes are a medical "act of war" against persons.
Slave labour devices are an "act of war" against a household.
Slave labour devices are a real estate crime.
Slave labour devices are an "act of war" against the right to own real estate
(civil rights/private property ownership).
Slave Labour devices are a Nazi "Lebensraum" crime.
(Ethnic Cleansing crime to "make way" for races who support nazism.)

Question:Is Holly Valance a slavic-greek Basque ?
See below for further information about Basques secretly classified as Ugrians, and Ugrian terrorism networks extending
from Europe into Asia.


[27/07/2018] - current information which might be of interest to people: information that people could research further.

Ugrians are ancient race that was interbreeding with neanderthals in the Europe(West) and Denisovans in Asia(East).
[Note that the Denisovan Genome has possibly been deliberately underestimated.]

Western scientists always try to hide the identity of the Ugrian race by combining them with Finns.
Hence the terminology "Finno-Ugrian" or "Finno-Ugric" appears in literature, rather than Ugrian/Ugric alone.

Ugrians are probably closely related to Mongols and Tibetans.

[ugrian people - people with a semi-neanderthal(west),semi-denosivan(east) appearance. This list is probably not exhaustive.]
khanty, mansi,
ancient carpathian tribes
wends(venedi,ancient venetians?),kashubians,sorbians
The many dialects of Basque language possibly have something to do with Basques remembering the language dialects of the neanderthals.

THe X Haplogroup is possibly resulted from Ugrics interbreeding with Neanderthals.

The mystery of how R1 haplogroup occurs in Western Europeans and American Indians(Amerindians) possibly has something to do with
Ugrians establishing homelands along the Danube(Europe) and in the Ural Mountains(Eurasia).
The modern humans that left Africa 70,000 years ago were dark-skinned, but had among themselves some "red haired"/"pale skinned"/"freckle face" genetics similar to modern "African Albinos".
Such genetics among modern humans had some similarity to Neanderthal Genetics.
i.e. Neanderthals(archaic humans,Europe) had most of the human red-haired genetics, and modern humans(Africa) had less red-haired genetics,
and they became isolated from each other 500,000 years ago or more. The red-haired/pale-skinned genetics helped the neanderthals survive in cold climates.
Such red-haired/pale-skinned genetics evolved further over hundreds of thousands of years among the Neanderthals after they became isolated in Europe and Western Asia(middle-east).

Later, when modern humans left Africa, and migrated into Europe & Western Asia, the minimal red-haired genetics of modern humans
played some part in the interbreeding of Neanderthals and modern humans. Cro Magnons and similar populations resulted from such interbreeding.

The modern humans in Europe initially were like dark-skinned Africans,
but over tens of thousands of years "artificially selected" their offspring/generations toward pale-skinned neanderthal traits.

By findng and interbreeding with Neanderthal genetics(through migrations north), modern humans in Europe were able to reproduce the "African albino" appearance generation after generation,
and by artificially selecting toward the neanderthal appearance, the dark-skinned African appearance disappeared after many generations.

Based upon the information above it can be summarised that:
-The "Albino" appearance occurs sometimes in Africa but it is "not stable" ,since African Albinos give birth to dark-skinned African offspring.

-The "Albino" appearance became "stable" in European populations by modern humans intermixing with Neanderthals and then artificially selecting toward the Neanderthal traits.
i.e. The Albino traits became "stable" in European populations, meaning that, Albino appearance occurred in offspring generation after generation.

Modern terorism networks are possibly based upon relict populations of Ugrians that survive in the modern World.
e.g. If people discover that ETA (Basque Terrorists) is "Ugrian" , and that they are racially and culturally connected to other small relict
populations across Europe and Asia, then terrorism networks might become more conspicuous to investigate.


Corollary 24/01/2019:
Ugrians and R1 genetics among Europeans and American Indians.

-1)Ugrians are probably closely related to Mongols and Tibetans.
-2)The mystery of how R1 haplogroup occurs in Western Europeans and American Indians(Amerindians) possibly has something to do with
Ugrians establishing homelands along the Danube(Europe) and in the Ural Mountains(Eurasia).

Americans Indians original homeland was Siberia (Yenisei River Culture in Siberia is most closely genetically related to American Indians.)

If the Ugrians originally migrated into central asia,Tibet, Mongolia, and then migrated west to Europe:
Mongolia is close to Siberia. Perhaps Ugrians or Proto-Ugrians intermixed with the ancestors of American Indians before they migrated to the Americas.

[This website is of the opinion that their is a Central Asian connection between the ancestors of Europeans and Native American Indians.
Modern Europeans are not indigenous to Europe. Modern Europeans originally came from Western Asia (Caucasus mountains/Parthia).
[Nations such as Hungarians have been Germanised, so in modern times are more like Germans than Finns or Ugrics.]
So in ancient times ancestors of modern Europeans sometimes had contact with nations in central Asia(Mongolia,Siberia).

Ugrics(Mongolic race/Eurasian race) possibly came from central Asia, and migrated west into Europe.
Ugrics(Mongolic race/Eurasian race) migrated into Europe thousands of years before modern Europeans migrated to Europe.]
i.e. Ancient Europe was inhsbited by Eurasian races such as Ugrics,Finns,Scythians, thousands of years before Indo-Europeans.




correction: Somehow Kurt Waldheim became UN secreatry General during the [1970s] .


Armenian Native Faith probably has beliefs similarIty to Dutch-Boer "Apartheid racism" from South Afruca during the 20th century.
Racists from the Armenian Native Faith don't want certain racial groups to sit down at bus stop seats on the public transport system.
Armenian Native Faith members are involved in "get off the footpath" racism and worse.
When they see "certain racial groups" sitting down instead of themselves, they bring Zhurkane/Zurkane martial artists to the bus stop seats,
to murder people of "certain racial groups" who sit down at bus stop seats. <--- Implies that Armenian Native Faith follows a "Caste System" similar to Aryan belief systems.
Zhurkane martial artists are the same/similar to middle-eastern assasins who are trained to kill people with their hands.

Armenian Native Faith has similarities to Zoroastrianism.

Armenia is a country in the Caucasus Mountains region.
The Caucasus Mountains are considered the original homeland of the Indo-European(Aryan) nations.

"Armenian Native Faith" might be connected to the concept of an "Armenian Orden", similar to "Germanen Orden" in Nazi Germany during World War 2 .
There is possibly similarities between the concept of an "Armenian Orden" and "Armanen Orden"

During World War 2, the "High Armanen Orden" (HAO) was organisation that would be seen marching around at Nazi gatherings.

The Armanen Orden was connected to Celto-Germanic pagan religion of genetic traits that could cross borders into Celtic national groups in the west,
and possibly Romanian/Baltic/Iranian/Armenian Nations in the east near the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea.
Romania was a lesser known ally of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany during World War 2.
[The HAO is possibly considered like the 2 wings of the Reichsadler/("Imperial Eagle"/heraldic eagle]
So there is reason to believe that Armenian Native Faith , and the High Armanen Orden are manifestations of the same pagan religion, like 2 sides of the same coin.
When practised in Armenia, it is known as Armenian Native Faith. When it has expanded into countries such as Holland, Germany, Italy it becomes known as the High Armanen Orden (HAO).

High Armanen Orden pagan religion has something to do with secret alliances between some European and Middle-Eastern Nations.
Iranians migrating to France, Turks migrating to Germany and forming communities, due to similarities in racial traits.
Similarly, there is probably migrations of Armenians into European nations such as Holland and Italy.

Ritual prostitution and a war in which the USA army was defeated.


The woman with the yellow Marge Simpson style wig (top right) resembles Olga Belova (Ukrainian news reader, Segodnya/Sevodnya/"Today" News from Ukraine)
And Hearst/Sony/Disney music videos.

[published 18/05/2019--->'grunge sign asmodeus Ashmedai' anarchy 'circle A' 'neural network nodes' 'Project Grudge followed by Project Sign (bluebook)' 'MJ-12' 'illegal immigration & anti-immigration' depopulation]
Aran Islands Ireland as compared to Iran(Persians) racial segregation conspiracies.
If persons are favoured by anglo-celtic caste system, racists send illegal immigrants from the Aran islands to talk to/befriend persons. If persons aren't favoured by anglo-celtic caste system,racists send Iranian assassins(Hashisheen) at persons.<--- Majestic-12 activity.
..and variations of such racism. Illegal immigrants from the Aran islands Ireland coming near people not favoured by anglo-celtic caste system, but they are not spoken with. They are passed by silently or provoked with words/behavior.



Traffic Cops and Human Trafficking(Illegal immigration, Slavery) and Scientologist "Traffic Reports". <--- Jack Parsons & his face doubles(body doubles) .

Murder/Slavery conspiracies where Modern Slave Traders walk past potential victims at Traffic Lights.(Wednesday 21st June 1995)

Vadyan Clique,Satanic Reds organisation, Weather Underground(Fascists/Nazis/"National Socialists" organisations pretending to be Communists/Socialists). Vadyan Clique/Satanic reds <----> Billy Corgan(Smashing Pumpkins music group).

[Anarchy Agenda/Asmodeus worship <-------> Italian Mafia, P2 Lodge Freemasonry Terrorism]
Jane Badler(actress) has a resemblance to Gia Orobello an old woman who died in year 2007.Gia Orobello was married to Dominic Orobello (nickname "Nikko" that sounded like "Mikko").
Gia Orobello had some facial resemblance to Linda Vella. Dominic Orobello had a facial resemblance to Glen Kennewell who lives/lived near Wayne Brodie.
They were probably both Sicilian Italians and Sicilian mafia, and maybe connected to P2 Lodge Freemasons. P2 Freemasons news stories suggest terrorist activities.
The Orobello family possibly associated with Gambino crime family, and Fidenza Glass Bricks company.
[Maybe there is some USA-New Zealand crime connection that the Orobello family are involved in.The Orobello family are possibly connected to violent Polynesians.
[Jane Badler(USA) <-----> Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess tv series filmed in New Zealand): maybe actresses are symbols of some kind of crime connection between Italian/Sicilian mafia in the USA, and New Zealand.)
Offspring of the Gia and Dominic Orobello are named: Aida, Mary, and a male possibly named Vince.
Aida Orobello worked as a hair dresser. Aida Orobello has some resemblance to the singers "Pink",Lily Allen. Aida Orobello but has brunette hair.
Vincent was a motorcycle enthusiast. <-----> Motorcycle gangs ?
Ralph Quitadamo(Motorcycle Enthusiast) <----> Vincent Orobello (Motorcycle Enthusiast.) : Quitadamo is a friend of David Christian(Australoid Boxer family)

There are strange programs where Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton is therorised to be an outer space alien.
Such programs have become popular in modern culture.For those who have discerning minds, sto view such programs , is way to discover how
- "Ancient Alien" theories and Reptilian cults are a way to dehumanise those races who were first civilizations.
- the connection of racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan to Reptilian Cults and Ancient Alien theories.
- THe connection of MJ-12(Majestic 12) UFO theories to anti-immigration agendas and genocidal racism.
[Unsealed Alien Files Akhenaten, Alien Ruler <---Strange theories with a racist , segregationist agenda .]


Spectre is an anagram of "Sceptre" a symbol of Kingship.

[Advanced cultures and the first civilisations produced the first kings.
i.e. Ethiopia, Sumer, Egypt produced the first true kings.]
Sicily - An island where there were Romans and Carthaginians(Canaanites) in ancient times.

Sicily was initially a Carthaginian(Canaanite/Phoenician) sea port, with a presence of the Bell Beaker culture(Scythians) in nearby islands such as Sardinia.
(Bell Beaker culture/scythians are connected to tales about grim reapers holding scythes(harvesting tools), Charon the ferryman(boat man).
The Bell Beaker culture was uncivilised, the Carthaginians were a civilisation from the fertile Crescent.

Presence of Persian religion in Sicily.<------> Cult of Mithras.
Persian religious concepts are Parthian.

[Etruscan religion was probably based upon Dravidian-Persian religious concepts.
Etruscan religion has Persian religious concepts.
In ancient times, the Etruscans possibly migrated into Europe from the Indus River civilization, through Persia,
were a national group(Tyrrhenians?) influence by Indus River civilisation culture and civilisation:

similarities in more recent times how Gypsies migrated from India into Europe.

The Romans defeated the Etruscans, and brought Etruscan religion with them to Sicily.]

[Mithras similarities to the Sumerian story of Gilgamesh Wrestling the Bull of Heaven.
However, Mithras kills the Bull. Mithraism is connected to Zoroastrianism where there is dualism of gods,
a god of good Ormazd(Ahura Mazda) contending with a god of evil Angra Manyu(Ahriman).
When such a religion is practised by people, it probably results in 1 person calling another person brother.
However when resources become scarce, then one brother kills the other brother (probably along the lines of racial differences.)
Persia(Iran) is an Indo-European(Aryan) culture, which is also a Parthian Culture.
Genesis 9:27 is the Semitic version of such a cultural-religious concept.

The biblical story of the goat of Azazel possibly has similarities to the cult of Mithras and Zoroastrian
religion. The so called "Scape" Goat is understood to be a "sceptre" goat: a goat representing an ancient
Kingdom(s) that were overcome. i.e. The story of Nimrod's Kingdom, and how Nimrod was defeated:
desertification in Arabia and the Fertile Cresent, rivers drying up (Revelation 16:12), the collapse of ancient Ethiopian Kingdoms through
desertification, and migration-invasions by nomadic people.(See for further information).

Mithraism is a religion that represents the end of the Age of [Aries]. Collapse of Sumerian civilization.
[A physical process of Astronomical "Precession". Each age or Epoch approximately 2000 years.
<------> groups of unjust people(degradation of religion,perverse cultural groups) guiding destinies of nations.
Unjust system of influencing people and nations that needs to come to end. A succession of cultural-religious systems that need to come to an end. Daniel 2:34-35 ,
Revelation 16:16 Meteorite-strike imagery, Armageddon-the mountain of Meggido, the rock cut out without human hands that becomes a mountain.]

The beginning of Age of the Taurus saw the Rise of the first civilisations Egypt,Sumer(invention of writing).
[Sumerian religious concepts were like brother wrestling brother (religion of Gemini).Persian religion is Parthian, where brother kills brother(religion of Aries) instead of wrestling .

MJ-12 (MAJESTIC-12) is a codename for a plan of anti-immigration and genocide by anglo-celtic(Indo-European/Aryan) nations against other races.

MJ-12 is based upon knowledge of a saviour figure surrounded by 12 constellations of the Zodiac,with similiarities to Jesus surrounded by his 12 apostles.(John 10:11 )
Or the much earlier saviour Nimrod the mighty Hunter surrounded by the animals that he hunts to sustain his life.
Over thousands of years, the religion of the mighty Hunter became the religion of the Good Shepherd surrounded by his domesticated herd animals.
Such a religion of the mighty Hunter in the sky(constellations) extends back into the stone age and has to do with the process of domesticating animals over thousands of years.
[See documentary "Cradle of the Gods", animals carved on "Gobeklii Tepe" stone temples by Natufian culture <----> probably to do with such a religion of the Mighty Hunter in the Sky(Orion).

Modern Nations such as the USA/Britain/Australian follow a "Baphomet Worship"/Molech worship religion which is a degraded version of the original religion of the constellations.

Baphomet Worship is not about sustaining the life of Nimrod the Mighty Hunter.
Baphomet Worship is about people surrounding Nimrod, enslaving Nimrod, murdering Nimrod.
Baphomet Worship is about murdering Nimrod(deified as Saturn god of ancient order,order from chaos,time) and replacing him with Jupiter.
i.e. Paganism,tribalism ,racist beleif system that if racists/nationalists enslave & murder 1 person from another race, racists/nationalists can potentially enslave & murder many people from another race.


Is Julian Cadman's mother asosciated with Linda Vella and/or her husand Joe Vella?
Linda and Joe Vella lived in the same neighbourhood as Toni Collette(actress) during the 1980s.
Is Linda Vella a relative of Kylie Minogue(actress,singer) ?
Did Kylie Minogue ritually murder Michael Hutchence(singer) ?
Were there hints about Hutchence's impending death in the music video Stand Inside Your Love by Smashing Pumpkins ?










Diffferential Omega antennas compared to Large Omega masts.
Are differential omega antennas a way for Omega antenna technology to infiltrate city areas (urban/suburban areas) ?



i.e. The rate of deaths of NSW Police officers is artificially low.

Corrupt perverse alliance between via NSW Police and crime families, via safe bases(sodomite bases)
is activity which creates injustice (Genesis 18:20)

Corrupt perverse alliance between via NSW Police and crime families, is probably a way to:
- murder migrant families (unjust,vicarious murders against migrant families.
- make money illegally (underground economy, Project Hammer ).

e.g. A person becomes Dux (academically first) at High School, and anglo-celtics see that the Dux is a different race to them.
So racist anglo-celtic families conspire murder against the school Dux.
Racist anglo-celtic students from the same school conspire murder by getting jobs in the NSW Police force.
Anglo-celtic racist actress Toni Collette has a friend Daniel Mamo. Daniel Mamo has a racist anglo-celtic friend called Peter Mort.
Peter Mort(racist) gets a job in the police at some time, and conspires murder against the Dux.
Peter Mort also helps racists than him get jobs in the NSW Police. One of the racists he helps might be named Brad Morgan.
Brad Morgan(racist) was a student at the same High School as Peter Mort(racist), and Peter Mort helps him o get a job in the NSW Police.
For racists such as Mort and Morgan to get jobs in the Police is away to conspire murder and murder people for their race.



The 1988 song "F*** the Police" is probably connected to sodomy behaviours between anglo-celtic/anglo-germanic police and crime gangs/prisoners/prisoner families
.***_tha_Police .
Replace the *** with a "uck" if you want to read the wikipedia information.
Note: about the name of the music group that wrote and performed the song, this website does not support the use of racist terminology.

... racist criminals think they escape justice by coming near victims,unjustly communicating at victims,
illogicaly criticising victims,

racists are sadisically smiling silently and a person doesn't know why, or racists make sounds at the victim and walk off,
or racists unjustly communicating at victims,illogicaly criticising victims before vicims have a chance to ask questions "who are you? What have you done ? "

[undue influence situations:]
Situations where people come near to a person who doesn't tolerate them, can be manufactured through racial violence (badly injuring a person),
but also through attaching a device to a person's nerves to disract a person's attention and then racists coming near unexpectedly,
doctors making medical lies: doctors convincing or forcing people into hospital: people being in the same hospital space as people they don't tolerate,
racists conspiring to prevent people from driving cars thus forcing people to use public transport where criminals have a chance to come near and to kill/injure a person,

[situations of "police refusing to give closure" about racial violence crimes , and undue influence:]
racists conspiring to prevent people from driving cars thus forcing people to use public transport where criminals have a chance to "finish off(murder)" people that already been injured by racially violent criminals etc .
By refusing to investigate crimes of racial violence, the NSW Police deliberately create situations where criminals have a chances to "finish off(murder)" victims of racial violence crimes.
<---- The NSW Police (as an organisation) should be charged with "conspiracy to murder" in situations where violent crimes are deliberately not investigated.

behaviour where racists are like flies coming near, trying to land on a person,
but racists think they are like angels with wings, or want people to believe they are like angels with wings.
But such racists are more like flies trying to land on people.












Elizabeth Windsor is a child murder, and her crimes are blamed on innocent people.

[Elizabeth windsor] & The Kamloops Kidnapping 1964
HAF - ... Elizabeth [Windsor] Found Guilty in Missing Children Case: Whistle Blowers Incarcerated.

The unjust behavior of Elizabeth Windsor is connected with innocent people becoming victims of
"no_due_process" behaviour by police and medical doctors .

This information possibly has to do with the corrupt racist behaviour of Adam Burne,Katrina Nichols
and their police friends (Peter Mort,Brad Morgan) in 1995 and afterward.



Don Lane (deceased 1970s American media personality in Australia (Channel 9 Australia television channel).
Don Lane <---- possibly related to -----> Prescott Bush.
Mick was face double (body double) of Don Lane.

Paula(daughter of Mick) was friends with Karen.
Karen(female) resembles photos of Joe Kennedy Junior(Joseph P. Kennedy), the brother of John F Kennedy.
John F Kennedy was USA Politician who was assassinated during the 1960s.

Joe Kennedy Junior died in a plane crash during the Wold War 2.
Joe Kennedy Junior died during experiments with radio controlled airplanes filled with Torpex explosives: airplanes that crashed into targets and exploded.
<---- 1940s "radio controlled drone" planes.
[See documentary "Dead Men's Secrets:The Mysterious Death of Joe Kennedy.(Season 1 Episode 11)"

[See also mention of Joanne from Big W(1994-95). Joanne is a body double of Karen.Joanne is like a younger twin of Karen.]

Question: Did 1940s experiments with radio controlled planes used as bombs during the 1940s eventually turn into 1990s experiments to create radio controlled expendable humans (Hippocampal Neuron Patterning)?
[i.e. Experiments to create radio controlled humans , which are part of the Nazi plan to enslave & exterminate certain races of humans.<--- The World War 2 German Nazi plan as expressed in publication "Conversations with Rauschning"?
i.e. Experiments to create radio controlled humans , which is also research to enslave human nervous systems based upon race ? <--- euphemistically referred to as "anti-immigration" activity.

Are modern racist medical researchers doing illegal genetic experiments with the genetics of modern humans? Is the research of Ivanovich Ivanovic being used to try to create expendable humans ?
Are news stories about 'suicide bombers' somehow connected to the 1940s drone plane bombs and modern Nazi research to create radio controlled humans ? <----- Israeli/Arab(Semitic) middle-eastern connection to Modern Nazi research programs?]



Note the word "Drone" has connotations of a 'bee hive'.The terminology drone is connected with slave labour and robots.


during the 1980s, Peter Dunn was part of the same Scout group as Joshua Cameron, Clive Bunker,Brett Beehag,[Wayne Brodie?]
That scouting group was across the road from the training ground of the Rugby League club that Jason Vella played for.
Jason Vella is the son of Joe Vella who was the coach of a rugby league club team.
Racist Anglicans<----> Peter Dunn's Scout Group.

Peter Dunn had a "name double" (namesake) who has been mentioned by the media, and has recently died. <---- evidence of race war activity between Peter Dunn and the "Mr Cruel" supporters.
Joshua Cameron is from a Vietnam Veteran family. <------ child murder activity by Vietnam War soldiers. (Human sacrifice,anti-immigration/depopulation racism against migrant groups).
[ <--- Possibly relevent to Project Montauk, Hippocampal Neuron Patterning.Vietnam War Veterans & Motorcycle gangs. Anglo-germanic supersoldier research. Celtic cross "nazi superman" research.]

Milperra Masscre(Motorcycle gangs) <---?----> Port Arthur Massacre

Wade Frankum(Strathfield Massacre,NSW Australia,3:30pm 1991)<---?-->Brenton Harrison Tarrant(Christchurch massacre,New Zealan,2019)
[Brenton <---> "Nathan Martin","Michael Kostic" and Kostic's mention of "Fozzy bear" during secondary school and probably over Omega antenna networks? Did Wade Frankum have a nickname like "Phantom"? Phonetic similarities to Eric Frantham?]

Kamloops Canada is probably on an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION [TRADE] ROUTE from the USA into CANADA

The "Mr Cruel" serial killings in Australia possibly have a connection to the "Zodiac Killer" serial killings overseas, and Ted Bundy serial killer.
MJ-12 racists (Majestic-12) maybe have something to do with the Zodiac Killer. MJ-12 has connotations of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.
Ted Bundy (serial killer) has a resemblance to George Bush[George Herbert Walker Bush].

31_05_2019_003__faces_around_19_02_2019.jpg<----- Posted 05/06/2019

faces of people around a shopping centre within walking distance of a Prison/Jail(Correctional Centre). Are they connected to Berwyn Rees (triple murderer) ? Are they connected to Joanne (Big W employee from years 1994-1995) ?



Elizabeth Windsor of England is the leader of the Church of England(Anglicans) and Elizabeth Windsor is a pagan witch(Coven of Hecate member).
The Church of England(Anglicans) are a hypocritical racist-nationalist so-called-christian denomination full of freemasons, homosexuals and probably various child murderers.

For further information about the MJ-12 genocidal racism(ephemistically described as anti-immgation), see the diagram above "16_05_2019_002.jpg" (Neural Interfaces,Robotic Planes, Robotic Space Shuttles,Slave Labour Devices).









<----------A man seen in a shop (in year 2009 and again in year 2019):

further information published about 26_03_2009__reposted__05_05_2019_002.jpg
A man seen in a shop (in year 2009 and again in year 2019): ]

A man seen in shop resembles a Jehovah's Witness man who owned a home with basement.
Maria Shellander(Jehovah's Witness) would attend his home once a week, as part of her religious meetings curriculum during year 1988.
Schellander would take along her bible studies(people who she was attempting to convert).
Schellander would take her people to his home.
Maria Schellander took Peter the Submariner to his home.
The home of the Jehovah's Witness man had a basement and was probably located somewhere in Seven Hills.

Such basements are possibly sometimes used for slavery, such as news stories about John Wayne Gacy.

Maria Schellander possibly had a habit of introducing young males to very bad people(very bad characters).
The man who owned the home with the basement displayed behaviour of coming close facially to the face(s) young male(s),
and speaking into the mouth of young male(s). The behaviour of the Jehovah's man who owned a home with a basement
would suggest that he was a homosexual within the Jehovah's Witness religious organisation.

The man seen in the shop:
-facially resembles the Jehovah's Witness man that owned home with a basement.
- has similar ears to the Chalker family(Trevor Chalker and his offspring Leigh Chalker,Jason Chalker,Christie Chalker)

The man seen in the shop was later seen at Bunnings Warehouse in Marsden Park (2019).
[He or someone very similar looking was later seen at Bunnings Warehouse in Marsden Park.
He walked near a person and said 'hi(hello)' . He probably got a job at Bunnings Warehouse Marsden Park.]

There is a possibility that the man seen in the shop is a terrorist from the Australia military, connected with a news story: [the yea 1985 bombing of a Jehovah's Witness Church Building(Kingdom Hall) at Casula].
[If he is not a Jehovah's Witness, he is probably related to a Jehovah's Witness.]
On 21 July 1985[6]Kingdom Hall(Jehovah's witness church building) was bombed
(at Casula suburb of Sydney NSW Australia): Graham Wykes(Jehovah's Witness minister) was killed.
[australian terrorist's name:John Warwick]

The man seen in the shop is probably involved with Ku-Klux-Klan-type conspiracies where racists don't leave people in peace when they are in public.

The man seen in the shop is probably involved with Ku-Klux-Klan-type conspiracies where racists don't leave people in peace when they are shopping (Shopping

centre racism): racism to prevent certain races of people from shopping at some shopping areas.
The man seen in the shop is probably is friends with Charlie Camilleri and his wife. Their daughter Maryann Camilleri and her husband Miguel Grifa are closely
associated with Neal Winter(homosexual criminal convicted in year 2005). The Camilleri family are friends of Toni Collette(actress) and Wayne Brodie.
Toni Collette is closely associated with Neal Winter via interschool musicals (dance formals?) and her friendship with Brodie Bass the homosexual boyfriend of
Thern Reynolds.
Toni Collette is a woman who had a habit of dating homosexual/bisexual racist men (homosexuals who seek access to females as a way to have families,
homsexual men who conspire to prevent heterosexuals from having access to the opposite sex <---------> probable murder/slavery conspiracies perpetrated by
homosexuals/bisexuals, see references to Nazi ideology(concentration camps) separation of males and females to prevent breeding of certain races: and that is where Nazi ideology overlaps with homosexual organisations such as N.A.M.B.L.A and the Butterfly Kisses Group).]


for further information
and read disclaimer beforehand.


[This magazine cover is posted here, because the information in this magazine maybe has
been misused to produce a situatiion of biological experiments in Sydney Australia.
Racists in the western media possibly hint about this magazine by using words such as "HIGH TECH" and "LOW TECH".

[Recent information 30/01/2018]
There could be racist technology research hidden under the category approximately describable as "Pilots who fly in the stratosphere: adverse effects on biology via ultra-violet light and cosmic rays" There is a similarity to such pilot research to so called "astronaut health reseach" in which astronauts travelling in deep space would result in health problems from cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles. Such particles would pass through the walls of the space ship in the absence of magnetic shielding. The bodily cells/organs of the astronauts would be horribly damaged from being bombarded by such cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles. Such cellular damage from cosmic rays,atomic,subatomic particles would result in the astronauts becoming cyborgs as a way to keep surviving during the space voyage. About the similar stratospheric pilot research: much of the racist research might be French,(and some British) <--- B.A.E. SYSTEMS? USA multi-national "The Rand Corporation" (French division of the Rand Corporation)? The Rockefeller family are of French/Dutch ethnicity in the USA. During the 1960s-1970 France specialised publicly in building aircraft such as civilian airliners that could travel through the stratosphere. Then at around the beginning of the 1980s,the use of such civilian airliners came to stop for no apparent reason. The health of pilots, air stewards and stewardesses possibly suffered as a result of their stratospheric voyages but western countries(France,Britain) did not want to formally state such information. Countries such as France and Britain were building civilian airlines, but probably also did research with stratospheric fighter planes.

Note that humans flying im the Stratosphere or deep space is a different physical situation to humans on the earth's surface surviving a solar storm , or utilising ionospheric energy.
Certain lieing racists have tried to suggest that collecting ionospheric energy on the earth's surface has similarities to being bombarded by subatomic particles.
This website is opposed to such lies by racists, and favours research to collect ionospheric energy on the earth's surface which is shielded from cosmic rays.





------------------------------------ 24/ Information relevent to the Viking-Ummayyad Slavery Network: Germans,Germanics,Scandinavians,Teutons have been been fighting the Romans and the Catholic Church over hundreds of years.
Germanic Teutons defeated the Romans in the Teutoberg Forest in 9 AD.
The first place the Vikings raided in Britain was the [Catholic] monastery at Lindisfarne in 793 AD.
The protestantism of the German man Martin Luther is based upon Germanic Nationalism, and the hatred of Germanic culture against the "ethnically universal" preaching of the Catholic Church.
Germans hated the Catholic church's attempt to convert Germany so much that Germans and Scandinavians secretly allied with the Muslims in North Africa and that resulted
in the Saracens and Moors invading Spain around the time of the Catholic Carolingian dynasty of Charlemagne deposed the Gnostic heretic Merovingian Dynasty in France.
Catholicism Christianity is upon to all nations and races, unlike protestant denominations which have a tendency toward each protestant denomination preaching to its own national group(racial group).
Germanic societies are supporters of racial segregation , racial apartheid .

The Gnostic heretic Merovingians were connected with stories about the Holy Grail being a code for the descendants of Jesus Christ.
[according to such gnostic heretic stories SAN GRAAL(holy cup)<--secretly corresponds to-> SANG RAAL(holy blood] in French language.
Are such stories a type of ignorance similar to the expression "If the King James Bible English language was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for modern Fundamentalist christians" ?
Note that the the English language did not exist when Jesus was alive on earth.


THE HOLY GRAIL BLOODLINE IS THE PEOPLE WHO MURDERED JESUS AND FOUND WAYS TO MIGRATE/INVADE EUROPE and propagating an anti-christian system(pretend christian system)
of gnosticism which is influenced by Greek paganism and probably the customs of Sodom and Gomorrah.
e.g. Gnostics secretly going into caves and one teaching others the so called "Mysteries of Mark" which probably results in people hearing voices in their head.
The gnostic "experiential knowledge of christ" is probably a euphemism for gnostics hearing voices in their head.
Also possibly connected to gnostic corruption is Templar Crusaders worshipping a Baphomet and kissing each other at the base of the spine.
(In Gnosticism, angels(archons)and their leader(demi-urge) are the creators of the World, instead of the God. <--- similarities to pagan Zoroastrian dualism.
AngraManyu(Ahriman)is considered the creator instead of Ormuzd(Ahura Mazda).















Teresa May in 2019 is UK Prime Minister. Teresa May was UK Home Secretary in year 2002 when Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA computers and leaked information about NASA's Secret Space program.







NSW Policemen Peter Mort,Brad Morgan, and Chrissy Leyshon should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA.They are probably involved with NAMBLA.
Mort, Morgan, Leyshon are friends of Wayne Brodie. Wayne Brodie is probably a NAMBLA member in Australia.Wayne Brodie is a Dutch Boer Caucasian racial apartheid type(phenotype) that speaks with an Australian accent. Australians such as Wayne Brodie have a habit of taking holidays overseas to do injustice and to form connections with unjust people and unjust organisations.

Year 1995 Police people Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA [and its sister organisation of lesbians(sodomites) "Butterfly Kisses Group"].
Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols were working at the same police station as Brad Morgan and Peter Mort.

Perverse racists Mort, Morgan, Leyshon, Wayne Brodie, Vanessa Speight are DELIBERATELY SENDING POLICE ARMED WITH GUNS to come near heterosexuals when heterosexuals appear to be moving out of/against social isolation , and socially moving out of/against of the web of sodomites positioned/planted by NAMBLA.

... NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires [acts] to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals...

i.e. See information below "Deductions about the NAMBLA organisation."







Vanessa Speight and her Seventh Day Adventist friends/rivals(Kelly Dansie double) should be officially investigated,officially questioned about their involvement with NAMBLA.They are probably involved with NAMBLA.
Vanessa Speight is a friend/neighbour of Wayne Brodie. Wayne Brodie is probably a NAMBLA member in Australia.Wayne Brodie is a Dutch Boer Caucasian racial apartheid type(phenotype) that speaks with an Australian accent. Australians such as Wayne Brodie have a habit of taking holidays overseas to do injustice and to form connections with unjust people and unjust organisations.

The Seventh Day Adventist church is an American religion, with similarities to Mormonism.

Perverse racist Vanessa Speight and her Seventh Day Adventist friends/rivals are DELIBERATELY SENDING POLICE ARMED WITH GUNS to come near heterosexuals when heterosexuals appear to be moving out of/against social isolation , and socially moving out of/against of the web of sodomites positioned/planted by NAMBLA.

... NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires [acts] to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals...

i.e. See information below "Deductions about the NAMBLA organisation."



[posted 12/08/2019]










These faces are criminals who are connected to Roger Rogerson's corruption and John Nikolic dug trafficking corruption.Rogerson has been jailed in recent years. John Nikolic was recently jailed for 18 years in Fiji.
These faces and alledged Police Woman Deborah Wallace(Operation Hammer/Project Hammer 1990s,Strike Force Raptor 2019) should be jailed for the same kind of corruptionand racism as Roger Rogerson and John Nikolic.
American-Turkish-NATO military corruption and racism in Australia? John Nikolic is a Serbian-Australian. Serbia was under the Turkish Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries.
They activity is similar to C.I.A. agents(spies) making money from drugs,prostitution, murders of migrants.






1) To do with Olga Romanoff being an impostor connected to Charles Windsor. Olga Romanoff <---> "The "Sound of Music"" movie/film and similar.
Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia Romanoff. Anna Anderson probably had an inbred genetic trait called "Habsburg Jaw".
Anna Anderson was probably related to the Habsburg family, not the Romanov family.
2)About the film "Alien(1979)".
Ridley Scott(film maker) stole his ideas from Barbarella*(film by Dino De Laurentiis).
Barbarella has a derelict space ship scene, and groups of people trapped bodily in rocks,
similar to how the alien cocoon's people into walls of space facilities.
The Alien is possibly like a racial vilification against human races with Dolicocephalic Skulls(the most ancient civilizations).
The Alien is possibly how racists consider to be the opposite of the Brachycephalic blonde caucasian male angel.

Kevin Spacey(actor,film maker,singer) and Ridley Scott(film maker) are associated through film.

Is Ridley Scott(American film maker) secretly a member of homosexual criminal organisation N.A.M.B.L.A. ?
Do most members of N.A.M.B.L.A. have a habit of silently looking on as 1 member of N.A.M.B.L.A. is persecuted by the media.
Do most members of N.A.M.B.L.A.(Ridley Scott and others?) have a habit of silently looking on as 1 member of N.A.M.B.L.A. (Kevin Spacey?) is persecuted by the media.

Toni Collette(Australian actress) is a friend of Ridley Scott.
Wayne Brodie is a friend of Toni Collette from the neighbourhood where Toni Collette grew up before she became an actress.
Toni Collette is closely connected with Neal Winter(australian secondary school music teacher 1980s,homosexual criminal jailed in year 2006)
Toni Collette(actress)---Brodie Bass & Thern Reynolds (Neal Winter's school music class 'teacher's pets') ----Neal Winter.
Toni Collette(actress,'fag hag' who only dated homosexual men)-- Maryann Camilleri(Maryann Grifa:Camilleri married bisexual Miguel Grifa)--- Inter-school music band(group)1988, Secondary School musicals such as "Pippin" in year 1985.


3)DEDUCTIONS about the N.A.M.B.L.A. organisation:

NAMBLA is an organisation of homosexuals/bisexuals/sodomites. NAMBLA is probably about enforcing SEPARATION OF MALES & FEMALES , and that is where NAMBLA overlaps with NAZI ACTIVITY:
e.g. The separation of males and females in Nazi concentration camps during world war 2. See also the WW2 publication "Conversations with Rauschning" which expresses the NAZI IDEOLOGY of
separating males and females of certain racial groups to prevent them from begetting families.

Through homosexual customs, NAMBLA produces mass murderers,serial killers and anglo-celtic child soldiers that bother,harm, and murder people. <---probable connections of NAMBLA to Project Montauk.
NAMBLA is an organisation that has the purpose of inflicting homosexual injustices against heterosexuals (Genesis 18:20) .
NAMBLA watches heterosexuals, produces social isolation against heterosexuals by conspiring behind their backs.

NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
NAMBLA sends perverse males and perverse females against heterosexuals,to NOT leave heterosexual in peace.
e.g. "Shut up slave" behaviour where perverse groups come near and throw hostile comments at socially isolated people.
NAMBLA sends perverse males and perverse females against heterosexuals, hoping that the heterosexuals will become friends with perverse people(sodomites).

NAMBLA deliberately inflicts injustice of social isolation and slavery (Genesis 18:20) .
BY watching people and producing social isolation against heterosexuals, members of NAMBLA believe that they own heterosexuals.
If NAMBLA members think that a heterosexuals might meet someone interesting, is counteracting the social isolation, is moving out of the web of perverse people
that NAMBLA sends against heterosexuals, that is when NAMBLA conspires to physically harm,enslave,murder heterosexuals.

Where males are mixing with females, NAMBLA wants the males to be sodomised males.
If males are not sodomised, NAMBLA conspires social isolation against them.
So where females are mixing with sodomised males, the females are probably sodomised.







[About Bowman(astronaut) in the Novel & Film "2001: A space odyssey".
The monolith unexpectedly opened, and Bowman entered. His last words to
Mission Control were "My God, it's full of stars."]

Then Bowman ends up in large white room , were he is given meals, and grows old.
[Does] Bowman end up as a "kept person"/"kept man"(enslaved) in an underground room ?
Compare the film "Kept Woman(2015)".

Question: Was author Arthur C. Clarke a perverse person who enslaved people in Sri Lanka ?
Was Arthur C. Clarke giving hints in his novels that he was a slave trader ?

Majestic-12, Project Orion, Project Daedalus, British Rail UFO <------> enslavement and extermination of some racial groups & anglo-germanic race escaping into space.

David Bowie(singer,homosexual/bisexual/sodomite persona as "Ziggy Stardust" space-man. )
<----> David Bowie the sodomite,pretending to be an astronaut/alien/angel, invading countries in the developing world nations(or from the developing world),
befriending people,commiting injustices against people, and murdering people for their race.
At the beginning of the novel/film "2001: A space odyssey" , the monolith is portrayed as a 'tree of knowledge'
around which apes gather: the apes that will eventually become humans.

The film features classical music "Thus Spake Zarathustra(Zoroaster Persian Messiah,Zoroastrian religion)" <----- music probably connected with the Moon Landing in 1969, and modern atheist/pagan/satanist ideology.

A tree of knowledge is possibly like a talking pillar, or talking stone: a pillar/stone surrounded by a caduceus coil configuration of metal (similar to a snake winding around the pillar/stone)
[The bible portrays such talking stones/talking pillars as talking metallic snakes coiled around a tree (Genesis 3:1). The snake is a "shining one" : hebrew word "nachash" which is something that shines like metal.

[In the Assyrian language, the tree of life possibly corresponds to the term "Alamittu" which is a Archimedes Screw known about thousands of years before Archimedes.
[In the Assyrian language, the tree of life possibly corresponds to the term "Alamittu" which is a Archimedes Screw(water screw resembling a pruned palm tree and caduceus) known about centuries/millennia before Greek Archimedes.]
[1.Nineveh, Babylon and the Hanging Gardens: Cuneiform and Classical Sources Reconciled by Stephanie Dalley
2.The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon by Stephanie Dalley]

If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find ENSLAVED PEOPLE as the source of the communication? (1 Peter 3:19)
If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find an enslaved Bowman (kept person/kept man) as the source of communication?
If people could go through the Monolith , like sci-fi movies portray going through a wormhole, like sci-fi movies portray going through a stargate, would people find victim(s) of Baphomet Worship customs as the source of communication?

See also the film "Interstellar(2014)" which has astronauts, and an isolated man mysteriously communicating remotely through a bookshelf.

Are talking pillars/talking stones sometimes depicted as people bodily trapped inside stones, or coocooned by alien creatures such as in the films Barbarella(1968) , Alien(1979), Aliens(1986) ?  







the person who killed Curtis Cheng at parramatta police was trying to kill David Owens(homosexual criminal(star chamber cop/policeman),double of alan jones).
Homosexual criminals such as Alan Jones, and his body doubles need to have justice applied against them.
See the news story on 60 minutes form 1988 narrated by Jennifer Byrne.

Alan Jones ---- David Owens --- Shane Fitzsimmons ----Philip Coperberg ---- John Fahey(former NSW premier)
[Neal Winter probably has some association with these people.
Neal Winter convicted for homsexual crimes in year 2006].
Neal Winter --Thern Reynolds, Brodie Bass(Neal Winter's secondary school music class "pets")-- Toni Collette(actress),Ben Collette(homsexual brother of Toni),Stuart Gunther and his brother Robert---- Philip Coperberg,John Fahey.



Man Monis killed 2 Australians(aussies) in a Coffee Cafe (Lindt Cafe) in year 2014 (Sydney CBD , NSW Australia)
See information about confectionary companies such as Lindt and Nestle, and their connection to World War 2 nazism.
See information about Nestle(Nescafe) coffee adverts, and Adolf Hitler's relatives appearing in the advertisements of such companies and working as News Reporters.

See also news stories about racism in australian Coffee Houses (Coffee Cafes)
[This news story occurred in year 2014, in Darlinghurst a suburb near the Lindt Cafe (Martin Place,Sydney CBD), several months before the Lindt Cafe seige. ]
Darlinghurst is probably considered a homsexual district in Sydney, through which runs Oxford Street, a street connected with the Sydney homosexual mardi gras.
[This news story is evidence that homosexual lifestyles/sodomite lifestyles are really about intolerance,xenophobia,injustice,ritual murders/terrorism.



N.A.M.B.L.A. is an organisation of socially influentual homosexuals(sodomites) that probably has much influence in Australia. Australia is racially allied with the USA (anglo-celtics).
The social influence of NAMBLA probably extends into the film industry and music industry. e.g. The music video "Sugar" by Robin Schultz is probably a N.A.M.B.L.A. music video.
THe music video portrays a policeman wildly driving around a police car while a younger male sings the song.
A group of females briefly appear in the music video, however most of the music video is about the young male and the older male police officer.
So questions could be asked if the 2 males are calling each other "Sugar" ?

[The younger male in the rock video is an anglo-celtic with big fuzzy hair. The younger male in the music video looks similar to a 1990s physics student at Sydney University
<--- he was in the same physics classes as Bryan Gaensler and later seen working behind an interior glass window at Fisher Library in Physics University.
Is Bryan Gaensler involved with N.A.M.B.L.A. ?























Question: Is Brendan Bergman associated with or related to Sandahl Bergman from the movie 'Conan the Barbarian' ?
[A Dino De Laurentiis film.]

... or Ingrid Bergman(movie actress from a Humphrey Bogart films ?
Is Australian politician Paul Keating a relative of Humphrey Bogart ?

[Alison Rothwell is a relative of racist hypocrite Australian television solicitor Don Rothwell.
Don Rothwell claims to be an international law expert, but doesn't care about nazi doctor crimes.
Alison Rothwell was a Chemistry student and Soil Science student at Sydney University during the 1990s.

Alison Rothwell <--?--> Ivan Torkich


John Taggart should be Andrew Taggart(secondary school mathematics teacher).








Is Donald Trump related to Jan-Michael Vincent(deceased actor) & Steven Seagal--Benjamin Netanyahu ?
[Jan-Michael Vincent was associated with the 1980s helicopter television series Airwolf.

Is Donald Trump a friend of Rudy Giuliani(racist 1990s New York USA Mayor) ?






John Howard(Australian politician) was in the New York City USA(Manhattan Island) the day that the planes crashed into the New York skyscrapers in September 2001.
[Was John Howard stealing people's identities together with American politicians such as George W. Bush, and did that result
in the events of September 2001 in New York City ?]












If Gwen Terzic is related to Renee Danielle Berrier, it is an issue of the Seventh Day Adventist Church advertising to people, inviting people to their church, and conspiring murder.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church does NOT have the right to invite people to their church and then to conspire murder against people.

See also information above about the probable connection of the Seventh Day Church to the Kellogs company and American Nazi Eugenics organisations.

Milan Terzic, the husband of Gwen Terzic was associated with showing people David Down archaeology videos. When people completed a correspondence course in archaeology hosted by David Down,
the correspondece course would include suggestions about visiting adventist churches/becoming involved with adventist church activities. Milan Terzic was a member of a Adventist Church,
and if person(s) visited the Adventist Church and expressed an interest in archaeology, Milan Terzic would drive people to a Seventh Day Adventist retirement hall where archaeology videos would be shown .
One of the people who Milan Terzic drove to the Adventist Retirement Village to show archaeology videos was a teenage student attending secondary school some years ago .}







Eurovision 2014 <---> Sussana Guerra(portuguese singer,aka Suzy) & Emanuel Da Silva Monteiro (portuguese song writer)

Emanuel Da Silva Monteiro (portuguese song writer) <--resemblance -> movie actors:Gary Sinise,Steve Gianelli,David Keith, Kurt Russel

Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby league <---> Bondi Beach in eastern Sydney Australia (shore-line)

Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby league (John Tobin,convicted drug trafficker) <---> Kings Cross/Bondi Mafia

During the 1980s decade, the St George Dragons Junior Rugby League teams would sometimes play in Eastern Suburbs Roosters jumpers/guernseys/jerseys(torso clothing).






Recent information:
Ewan cameron's sadistic experiments are probably based upon the kind of racism where,
if racists/xenophobes see someone's face somewhere where racists dont want a person to be,
they commit violence against a person, enslave a person in a basement or dungeon,
and as revenge, they show pictures of their races faces while torturing a person.

[Slave labour Devices/Cybernetic listening devices are probably based upon Ewan Cameron's sadistic experiments.]
Adam Burne was a policeman in 1995 that, when racial violence occurred,
refused to do his job to arrest violence criminals,
while showing his face and appearing to speak politely.
It is a probability that Adam Burne While working as a policeman) knew about
the racism techniques described above.

associated with this kind of racism, is activity of racists deliberately coming near,
but not wanting to do anything to help a person's civil rights.

Probably, the intent of racists who behave in such ways is to brainwash people into
being subservient to some faces(corresponding to some races) , through torture

while racist come near show their faces.

The NSW Police need to formally officially be asked about their support of such sadistic racism and brainwashing techniques.
[i.e. An international court could formally question the NSW Police as an organisation, and also individual police officers
who pereptrate such racism.
An international court could also put such police officers to death according to article 147 of the Geneva Convention.





[22-10-2019 Recent Information]

Australia does not care about "freedom of association" (freedom of association is a basic civil right).
[Australia does not care about "freedom of association", does not care about 'anti-racial-discrimination laws', does not care about the Geneva Convention.
Australia is a society based upon pretend friendliness, pretend concern for law, and one racial group watching migrant racial groups and striking at the lives of migrant racial groups.
Australia wants migrant families to be always running back for help to assigned anglo-celtic bad associations]

Australia sends bad associations at migrant families (people that want to be around migrant families but not to do anything to help them.)
i.e. People that want to talk to you, but wont do anything to help you if something bad occurs.
If migrant families stop talking with such bad associations,
the bad associations start watching migrant families and striking against the lives of migrant families in ways where recovery isnt meant to occur,
in ways to prevent people from migrant families associating with the people they consider suitable or helpful.

Such racism is in the education system. If migrant families graduate from the education system and get jobs, Australia wants migrant families to be in the presence of bad associations.
If migrant family workers stop talking with bad associations, Australia wants migrant family employees to run back to their anglo-celtic teachers for help
(by watching migrant family employees and then striking at their lives.)

Police organisations in Australia pretend to care about law, but police organisations wont help migrant families whose lives are being watched and struck by the bad associations
that Australia sends at them.


Slavery and Sodomite Lifestyles.
Slavery , when it occurs in pacific island settings is associated with the terminology "Blackbirding".



Racist actress Angelina de Joile starred in the movie Beowulf (2007) and has worked as a United Nations Goodwiil Ambassador <--- racism within United Nations.
Angelina de Joile is the daughter of actor John Voight who has starred in boxing films such as: The Champ(1979),and films with ritual sex/perverse sex themes such as Deliverance
Since around the year 2000 the cult describable as "Zonbie Takeover UFO Cult" members has been very active in the media, making many films ,television series, and computer games about a Zombie Earth.
It is probably one of the major UFO cults associated with the terminology "Project Bluebeam" (Alien Takeover of Earth agenda: really man made UFOs <----> Nuclear Propelled Spacecraft:Project Orion,Daedalus,British Rail UFO,MJ-12) .
Charles Manson's ideology(Helter Skelter) <-----> Morlock underground race in the book "The Time Machine" by H.G.Wells year 1895 <----> Zombie Takeover UFO Cult (Zombies in UFOs, Zombies in Underground bases belief system?)
<----> "The Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Book published in year 1871)

Such a UFO cult is probably part of the 'Steam Punk' subculture genre that portrays medieval and pre-american-civil-war situations combined with very advanced steam machines technology(films like Wild Wild West, computer games like Warcraft).
'Clockwork human' slaves are part of the Steam Punk genre as portrayed in films series such as 'The Abominable Doctor Phibes' <--- a clockwork human musical group appears in one of the films.
See also information about Arthur C. Clarke(author) and Stanley Kubrik(film maker), films such as 'A clockwork orange' , 2001 A space Oddysey. Dino De Laurentiis(film maker) was a contemporary of Stanley Kubrik, and De Laurentiis's films probably provide a connection between Steam Punk racism, and the racism(racial stereotyping) of pretend angel cults.
(films: Barbarella, King Kong etc). Later racist film makers such as Ridley Scott stole ideas from earlier film makers such as Kubrik and De Laurentiis.
A modern rock group called "Steam Powered Giraffe" <---> Zombie Takeover UFO Cult and Steam Punk/Clockwork human slavery agenda <-----> Cybernetic Slavery Agenda.




Ewan Cameron's brainwashing experiments(sadistic brainwashing experiments with earpieces and helments)
and thre mindsets of groups of people who have been turned into sodomites.
Ewen Cameron was a doctor and a sodomite.
[Some nations are sodomite nations.Some medical systems are sodomite medical systems.]

A group of sodomites is a collection of people who thought think/thought they were strong in numbers,
but they weren't strong enough to prevent themselves being sodomised.
This information has something to do with sodomites wanting to continually, sadistically communicate
at people considered outside their group.

So Ewan Cameron devised a method of sadism for sodomites to continually,sadistically communicate at
medical experiment victims by using a earpiece with a gridiron helmet.

[Brainwashing experiments to communicate at the victims of medical experiments.
Sadistic communications continually occur over days,weeks, months.

Such experiments can be described as terrorising the human auditory system.

Ewan Cameron's experiments with earpieces and gridiron helmets eventually became slave labour devices attached to the nerves.
Slave labour device experimetns are experiments to terrorise the human nervous system.


...This information has something to do with sodomites wanting to continually, sadistically communicate
at people considered outside their group...

Sydney University is involved a form of ritual sadism where a groups of university sodomites walk past people
and they are making sounds or using words against individuals in a way where they don't want to leave in peace
the life of the individuals...

and ritual sadism where groups of sodomites walk past individuals and begin laughing in an derogatory way
in a way where they don't want to leave in peace the life of the individuals.

The behaviour of groups of sodomites at Sydney Univesity has something to do with homosexual organisations such as
NAMBLA (and the BILDERBERG SOCIETY?) being influentual at Sydney University.

Such behaviour by groups of University sodomites eventually leads to murder/'racial violence' conspiraces and
sadisitic experiments with slave labour devices.

The sadistic method of sadistic communication in Ewan Cameron's experiments is describable as sodomites communicating around
an injustice, but they dont want to mention the injustice, and they don't want to do anything to stop the injustice.





There is a connection between the Jura River(Lithuania/Kaliningrad Region Russia) and the Jura Mountains(Switzerland/France).

Thousands of years ago Scythians or their ancestors were boating the coastlines of the North Sea, boating across the English Channel to Britain,
and navigating the Rhine River.

Scythians or their ancestors were navigating by boats up the Rhine River, reached Jura mountains, and the Rhone River, then the Moselle River
which flows through Lorraine Province.(The region around the Moselle River was later invaded by Germanics/scandinavians and
renamed Lotharingia.)
[It is relevent to mention the Ardenne Forest in connection with France and the province/duchy of Lorraine.
The Ardenne extends from France to Holland.]

The Scythians trade routes became the germanic Hanseatic League trade route.
[THe Hanseatic League is an Illuminati organisation that conspires to germanise slavic people and nations.
There are various other Illuminati organisations in other regions of the world.]

Kaliningrad(a disputed region currently owned by Russia) was probably part of the Cossack marches , as mentioned in the song "Polyushko Polye".
Cossacks are probably descendants of Scythians.
[Kaliningrad used to known as Konigsberg, but was inhabited by Cossacks thousands of years before Germans and Russians.]


The discovery of Radium is connected to Scythian Trade Routes later taken over by the Germanic Hanseatic League.

[There is some connection of the Lusatian Mountains(Ore Mountain range) on the Czecho-Slovakian border to the Jura Mountains.
Czecho-Slovakia<--?-->Vistula river system <---> Vistula Lagoon,Kaliningrad region Russia]

Pitchblende is a tar(hydrocarbon,heavy oil) that was mined in the Lusatian mountains over several centuries.
Pitchblende probably had strange abilities like making things glow in the dark, or affecting celluloid.
Pitchblende contained radioactive elements such as Radium and Polonium.

Pitchblende was discovered to contain an unknown energy source which would be later known as atomic/nuclear energy.


Marie Curie(Marie Skłodowska) was a Polish woman associated with research into then unknown energy source in Pitchblende.

Marie Curie travelled between between France and Poland, so there is a possibility knew something about ancient Scythian trade routes between Russia,Poland and France.

Married Curie married the French man Pierre Curie , and together they worked to discover the element Radium.
World War I was started by Germany and the Hanseatic League.
A Serbian man from the Hanseatic League assassinanted the German Franz Ferdinand.

Some years later,some influentual germanic/scandinavian families conspired to technologically arm Germany.
Germany invaded Poland and France <--- The beginning of World War 2.
[World War 2 had something to do with the discovery of Radium by Marie Curie,

Ever since the discovery of Radium in the year 1898, Germany was expecting the creation of a new type of Bomb.
German Otto Hahn split the Uranium atom in 1936.
So 1930s Germany was expecting that a new energy source of nuclear power to be used in bomb, and so began World War 2 in 1939.

[Note that British authors such H. G. Wells were writing about such new bombs, they knew beforehand that such bombs had enough
energy to destroy cities, but they were not sure whether the energy release would be a slow burning like the Great Fire of London(year 1666),
or whether energy release would be more rapid.]

Some of the most secret tests of Germany Nazi Germany were the Nazi Bell(Die Glocke) experiments carried out around the
Wenceslas Mine(Lusation Mountains/Ore Mountain range) where Pitchblende was first discovered.

The Nazi Bell experiments were probably to do with propulsion by discrete explosions(chemical bombs).
i.e. Experiments to propel an object through a series of chemical bomb explosions, one after the other,
and Germany was expecting the creation of a nuclear bomb to propel objects with much force than chemical bombs.

Germany was defeated in World War 2, the Nazi Bell research stolen by the Americans.
The Nazi Bell research later became Project Orion(propulsion by nuclear explosions), after the Americans found a way to create an Atomic Bomb.
[Did Americans use German knowledge , together with their own research to create the first atomic bomb?
Germany was defeated in early 1945. Was German nuclear physics research stolen and combined with American research to create the first atomic bomb in Project Manhattan?]

Ever since the Battle of the Bulge(Battle of the Ardenne) toward the end of World War 2, Americans(anglo-celtic nation) have been making a "pretend angelic" war against
Lorraine. American homosexuals(American sodomites) have been giving hints in the media that they are trying to take over Lorraine.
Media hints(expressions) such as "Men don't each quiche", and "He's a Nancy boy" .

[This information is probably relevent to racism by Swiss Confectionary companies(Nestle and Lindt) and racist families appearing in Coffee advertisements. Jura Mountains on the French/Swiss border and ancient Scythian trade routes.Cossacks are Scythian descendants.]


melania trump is a perpetrator of biological warfare attacks.




Note: The film "last knights" is a film about a group of Knights ruled over by the Middle-Eastern, Turkish Ottoman Empire.
i.e. Christian Knights ruled over by Muslim Ottoman Turks.(A group of Christian Knights surviving in a region taken over by Islamic Ottoman Turks.)
European countries such as Romania,Serbia,and Greece were under the rulership of Islamic Ottoman Turks for several centuries.
Romanians (near Black Sea) are a Sarmatian nation in Eastern Europe allied with Italy.
Romanians are descended from Dacians(Sarmatians) and Ancient Romans ,and Romanias were later defeated by the Turkish Ottomans(Ossomans/Osmans)
[Films such as 'Dracula Untold' have a similar geographic/historical setting to the 'Last Knights' film.]




George Bush mass murder <---- mass murder charges could be formally pressed against George Bush, in the context of international court/international law/civil law .
[George Bush <----> Carlyle Group(company,2001) <-----> Bin Laden ]
Mass murder activity is probably similar to Serial Killer activity.
1970s serial killer Ted Bundy has a facial similarity to members of the Bush family. Was Bundy related to George Bush ?


Miss J. Black(Toni Collette's school teacher in year 1983, Sydney Australia) ------> Mac/Mack family in the USA <----> Smallville(superman),CATS musical,Tales of the Gold Monkey television series with Steven Collins & Magnum P. I television series.
[Jane? Black, Jenny? Black]
Is Miss J. Black a relative of Paul Stanley from Glam Rock/Glam Metal music group K.I.S.S. (probable acronym for Knights in Satan's Service) ?
[Is KISS a MJ-12 musical group involved in brainwashing-into-nazism experiments via music,perverse sex(sodomy),illicit drugs,safe bases(sodomite bases),UFO cults/Pretend Angel Cults , along with other glam rock music groups such as:
Smokie(1964), E.L.O.(Electric Light Orchestra),The Sweet(1968),David Bowie, Cliff Richard together with his television series friend Kenny Everett who died of A.I.D.S., Gary Glitter ]
MJ-12 <---> Nancy Reagan,USA.
Is the lead singer of E.L.O. Jeff Lynne a british member of N.A.M.B.L.A. ? See information above about the music video Sugar by Robin Schultz.]

Some member of music Band 'Smokie' (Chris Norman?,Ron Kelly?) <--resemblance to--> Vanessa Speight's family members.Speight was a neighbour of Wayne Brode and 'Jim' Cameron. Speight is a friend of Toni Collette(actress).
Pete Spencer (from Smokie) <--resemblance to--> Alan Sparkl

[Robert 'Jim' Cameron was a fan of "The Seekers"(Australian music group) and probably also "The Searchers"(American music group) who sang similar songs to Smokie music group.]

Book: "Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-first Century" by Simon Reynolds

Also, there was a 1983 Waltons company advertisement with a face similar to Miss J. Black.




11/01/2020: Daniel Mamo, NSW Rugby League and some racist connection to illegal immigration from the Ukraine, Armenia ,Turkey,Putin's fascist Regime in Russia,and some racist Cossack families that allied with German Nazis during World War 2.

Some possibly consider the NSW Rugby League a racist entity, because it does not have African players, or very few African players.
It has anglo-celtics,polynesians, and some players from the South Pacific who sometimes resemble Africans but are not African.
Where African players appear in NSW Rugby League they are probably not expected to remain the NSW Rugby League,
one commentators have been heard mentioning with glee an injury to an player that might prevent him from having family. i.e. a player probably considered African but that comes from England.

Daniel Mamo and his racist connections have possibly been a significant influence in such racism.During the 1980s and 1990s, Daniel Mamo became friends with racist Ukrainian females such as Michelle Coppack and Susan Walker.
Susan Walker has an English name but she looks ethnically Ukrainian. Many were expecting Daniel Mamo to become a star player in the Sydney Rugby league competition, but his involvement with Ukrainian prostitutes somehow resulted
in his being moving to Western Australia(State-province) where he played Rugby League for an obscure club called Western Reds. So his name did not become known in the Sydney Rugby league competition.
During his final years of secondary school, Mamo was considered a competitor against players such as Brad Fitler. Brad Fitler became known in the NSW comppetition, while Mamo remained unknown.
The influence that Ukrainian prostitutes had in moving Daniel Mamo to Western Australia, possibly has a connection to Ukrainian prostitutes keeping Africans nearly/entirely out of the NSW Rugby League professional competition.
... and there s some kind of reasoning to do with , if Ukrainian prostitution can do such racism against Africans in Australian sports, then the Ukrainian prostitution can do racism against Africans in other ways.
The Ukraine was an ally/collaborating-nation of Nazi Germany during World War 2.
The way that Ukrainian prostitution/illegal immigration and the NSW Rugb League is able to find players who might resemble Africans but are not African, maybe is connected to plans of nazism to destroy populations of Africans,
and replace them with populations that look African but are not African,probably as a precursor to exterminating African nations and populating Africa with Europeans.

Rugby League is a game where people sometimes become very badly injured if they don't have their racial group friends around them supporting them to prevent injury.e.g. Injuries from from Spear Tackles.
It is probable that NSW Rugby League has a policy of isolating racial groups such as Africans if they become involved with Rugby League, and that NSW Rugby League is secretly involved in organising race hate activity against Africans.
i.e. The NSW Rugby League regards Africans with suspicion, and wants Africans to be considered with suspicion.

The NSW Rugby League probably promote the idea of players resembling members of the Beef-Eater organisation, as the physical type that is suitable to play Rugby League.

The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

[Connected information: Wilbow and Vella went to the same school as Daniel Mamo and Toni Collette. David Wilbow was a friend of Jason Vella. Jason Vella was the son of a junior Rugby League Coach Joe Vella. David Wilbow played in the same Junior Rugby league team as Jason Vella.
Joe Vella would invite groups of people to his home.Afterward, sometimes people would be invited to David Wilbow's home. David Wilbow had an electronic american football game(Grid-iron) game in his home, and it was a simple looking game of an electronic dot/dashes trying get past each the opposing electronic dot/dash].
Some person(s) was invited to the homes and Vella and Wilbow (probably predatory families), and escaped harm by stopping association with Junior Rugby League, stopped association with Vella and Wilbow.
So the Vella and Wilbow probably made a years long conspiracy, along with Mamo's family to murder/enslave person(s) who stopped associating.

The electronic american football(grid-iron) game that David Wilbow had in his home, possibly led to a conspiracy to use sports-science research (and the similar battle-field-science research) as a method
to murder/enslave people that kept to themselves.
Bitcoins currency possibly has a connection to a cybernetic slavery agenda .

bitcoins are based upon computer processing:
when strangers use your computer processing power, they pay you some bitcoins. <--- bitcoin mining has similarities to trojan horse malware programs.

-alphaworld,then 2nd life chat programs set in a 3D(3-Dimensional) Virtual Reality setting with 3d 'avatars' . Alphaworld was discontinud and replaced with 2nd Life chat program.)
- "clusters" on Redhat linux = distributed computing.Then free versions of Redhat Linux operating system were deliberately discontinued and replaced by Fedora.

- based upon use of mobile phones : smart phone mobile phone chips , are probsbly same/similar to chips developed decade(s) earlier in slave labour devices.
[Cybernetic Slavery experiments: racists finding ways to use human bodies remotely (misuse of Tesla's antenna patent 787412 of year 1905) <---> similarities to strangers using your computer in ways resembling trojan horse programs. ]
<--- cybernetic slavery agenda (Tesla's antennas are used to communicate with and track deeply submerged submarines, and are being misused to do slavery experiments:experiments to enslave human nervous systems based upon race.)

- identity theft racism & underground economy: racists discriminating against people , creating a currency which they dont want vicitms of racism to be able to access:
[groups of racists who tell each other information discriminating against people who racists dont want to tell anything to: racists have made a currency out of such discrimination,
New Wireless Technology to Enable Better Smaller Medical Implants
Wireless Brain Implants Developed by Scientist





[Information about English Nazism] Philiiip O'Greece is from Glucksberg family - Phillip O'Greeces sisters did not attend his wedding to Elizabeth Windsor in England because his sisters had married into germanic families that supported nazism during World War 2.

Britain's round tower is said to hold the secrets of british nazism.

Britain's "Round Tower" possibly has similarities to Area-51 in the USA, and the Germanic/Hungarian/Italian Nazism of Kelly Johnson (airplane designer) and the Patillo famly.
The Patillo family have established a presence in the British(Scottish)-Irish region of Dalradia. Dalradia is seldom mentioned in English speaking media.
Star Chambers were abolished in the year 1641.In English speaking countries Star Chambers are still being built in the form of Safe Bases in the 20th and 21st Century.
Star Chambers/Safe bases are probably associated with an unjust system of British Grand Admirals who practise their imperialistic/racist 'Maritime Admiralty' priorities and who care nothing about Civilian Law.
[Safe Bases(star chambers) are built in civilian areas and the people who use them care nothing about civilian law.]

The media in English speaking has giving hints about a system of Grand Admirals, but the media does not give a name to the imagery.
The Beatles "Sargeant Pepper" music album shows the 4 members of the Beatles dressed in British Grand Admiral's uniform.
The Beatles song "Yellow Submarine" might refer to a safe base and the connection of Safe Bases to imperialistic/racist 'maritime admiralty' system of administration by land and sea.
The Beatles came from Liverpool in England Britain, and Liverpool has a history of slavery. The imperialistic/racist system of British Grand Admirals is probably connected to slavery activity in English Speaking countries such as Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

[Songs like "Penny Lane" are a celebration of the slave trade in the streets of Liverpool, and possibly new methods of slavery to do with Slavery being in people's "ears and eyes" .
<---- Cochlear Implants(modern medical research) & Slave Labour Devices , Borg Implants?(as portrayed in films) and Slave Labour Devices.
[Slave Labour Devices(similarity to Cochlear Implants) attached to human nervous system(s) in connection with the surgical attachment of Zygomatic Plate(s) under the facial bones, when facial bones are broken in incidents of racial violence.

In movies such as Star Wars, there are characters such as Grand Moff Tarkin which give hints about the British Grand Admiral System of racism/imperialism/injustice.

Movies and television series that portray the British Grand Admiral system (but they don't give a name to it) are films which tend to include themes of how the world would be like if the German Nazis had won world war 2,
and Britain allying with Nazi Germany as Adolf Hitler intended.Some sources of information suggest that Adolf Hitler and and his German Nazi army could have annihilated the British Army at Dunkirk and invaded England
during the early part of World War 2, but he let the British escape because he considered British closely related to Germans. So Hitler intend to ally with Britain: other German Nazis such as Rudolf Hess had similar
ideology to Adolf Hitler.Some years after Dunkirk, Rudolf Hess(German Nazi official) flew a plane from Nazi Germany to Britain to formally make make an alliance with Nazi Germany and Britain, however Nazi Germany was in the verge of utterly losing World War 2,so no formal alliance was made under such circumstances, and Rudolf Hess was taken prisoner.
Car number plate CK-71-VT, car probably brown colour,around 1:30pm 19/12/2019.
4 or 5 police officers drove through a large bus stop area, observing people waiting for T-way buses.
[In the same suburb that Daniel Mamo and his cousins the Leyshon brothers played for a 'Workers Club' Rugby league team.
His friends Simon Rowe, Paul Goldsmith , Greg Meller played for an R.S.L. team. That R.S.L. club is near the Workers Club, within a few minutes walk.

It was strange that the police officers were in an ordinary car instead of a police car.
There is a possibility that some kind of tourism is occurring by racist police officers driving around in ordinary cars, instead of police cars.
[If they weren't police, but dressed n police uniforms, such circumstances are probably still relevant to mention, in the context of conspiracies by racists. They looked like some kind of opposite of plain-clothes-police. Instead of plain clothes, they were in police uniform in a plain-car.]


Elizabeth Windsor out in public displaying what her inbred anglo-celtic-germanic hunchback genetic traits are like.

Rouse Hill, a suburb in Sydney's North west, is possibly a hangout for(place frequented by) "The Family"(Sodomite criminals,Rose Hamilton-Byrne's organisation,Ku Klux Klan misinterpretations of the bible).
It's shopping area is based around an Anglican Church. At first there was built a small shopping area adjacent to the Anglican Church, and later around the year 2008 a large shopping area eastward.
The people around the shopping area very silent, as though their senses and vigour have been dulled by illicit drug use,and/or maybe it some kind of calmness that results from perverse Australian customs.
However, if you visit the post office a few times, and try to buy items there, you find that the post office sells items which customers have vandalised. So the it is logical to assume that while the
anglo-celtic around Rouse Hill seem placid, behind people's back the anglo-celtic locals are vandals and thieves.

Recently there has been a railway line built through Rouse Hill, and that has brought the sadistic homosexual/bisexual anglo-celtic bodgie gangs to Rouse Hill to make trouble for people who catch the buses.
Homosexuality/bisexuality is part of anglo-celtic gang behaviour since gang lifestyles involve people committing crimes , going in and out of jail. So anglo-celtic gang members teach each other homosexuality to prepare
the gang members for lifestyles involving survival in jail. However, there it should be also mentioned that Australia is probably a sodomite culture, so gang lifestyles are probably a hint of perverse nature of Australian culture,
on a larger scale than gang lifestyles.



The H.A.O.(armanen orden) are possibly the same organisation as the "Brown Shirts" that were rivals of the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany,
for a period of time before their organisation superseded by Hitler's Nazi Party. 1933-1945.
The leader of the Brown Shirts was a violent homosexual named Ernst Roehm.
Ernst Roehm was a racist,a homosexual, and a brawler(street fighter)

Nazi Brown Shirts <-----> H.A.O Armanen Orden( Bilderberg Society , N.A.M.B.L.A. , The sodomite crime organisation called The Family.)
The HAO: orden beloved by the Nazi German Orden. Beloved because they are organisation ritual prostitutes(homosexuals,sodomites) that cross national borders and corrupt people in countries outside Germany.
The HAO had something to do with corrupting Americans and facilitating the transportation of German Nazi scientists into the USA (Operation Paperclip aka Project Overcast)
<--->news programs possibly hint through euphemisms about weather, meteorology,climate change.
The HAO: an organisation involved in Nazi Harvest festivals(teutonic paganism).

Operation Paperclip is probably evidence of the influence of the H.A.O. upon American Society(an anglo-celtic society).

The H.A.O. has influence in Australia (Australia is an anglo-celtic society).

late December 2019:001

late December 2019:002
Question: Were the Saunders family residing near Edinburgh Airforce Base in South Australia? Is that where Saunders family committed homosexual crimes, and then escaped to Queensland (Amberley Air Force base)?
Robert Saunders on several occasions mentioned Amberley Air Base in Queensland, but he was silent about where his family were residing in South Australia. Robert Saunders said he came from South Australia, and then
was mentioning Amberley, as though Amberley was in South Australia. But Amberley is in the state/province of Queensland in Australia ...
and Robert Saunders was silent about the Air Force in the state/province of South Australia, whose name has been discovered to be Edinburgh Air Force base.

Probable path of homosexual crimes & murder/slavery crimes of the Saunders family: Edinburgh Air Base(South Australia)---->Amberley Air Base(Queensland)----->Richmond Air Base & Richmond Road (Western Sydney, Sydney NSW). Australia.

[Also to mention that Rouse Hill on Old Windsor Road,Old Windsor Road runs parallel to Richmond Road, Old Windsor Road runs toward Richmond Air Base and the Bells of Line of Road that goes through the Blue
Mountains(Great Dividing Range).So when the sodomite crime organisation called The Family visit Richmond Road, maybe sometimes they take a circular path of roads, to reach their hideout in Rouse Hill.]

[See information above about the documentary "City of Evil" about Adelaide,South Australia , an organisation of sodomite criminals(homosexual crimes) referred to as The Family and who at times probably engage in sex tourism
to venues such as Sydney NSW, Richmond Road, Robin Hood Hotel ,etc.]

Saunders became friends with Peter Payne who lived across the road from Toni Collette(actress).
Saunders on several occasions mentioned an interstate friend of his called 'Matthew Tilley' , but he did not describe whether Matthew Tilley was in Queensland or South Australia.
Saunderds mentioned that his family South-Africans(probably South African Boers). South African Boers are probably often associated with apartheid political racism ideology, but he did not describe what their ideology was,
and during the era described,there was a labour government that promoted ideas of racial tolerance,there was the understanding that Australia was supposed to have anti-discrimination laws to protect the civil rights of citizens.


Recent discovery(27/12/2019): Australia has a system of importing jewish/arabic/middle-eastern homosexuals over sea lanes , as advisors for how to murder migrant families.
Australia is nation founded by Britain.

The region in South-western Britain is called Cornwall, and it is an areas with Tin metal mines.The tin mines of Cornwall were being visited and mined over
thousands of years by Phoenicians from the middle-east.

The native people of Cornwall were not civilised,however the visits by phoenician traders to Cornwall resulted it being an area of Phoenician religion/knowledge in North-western Europe.

The legend of the Fisher King is Phoenician religion in Cornwall Britain. The Fisher King corresponds to the Phoenician fish god Dagon.
Dagon has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish.
[Legends about the Holy Grail in Britain are probably a later form of the Fisher King tradition, possibly attempts to christianise the Fisher King tradition.
However the Fisher King tradition is something pagan, something involving human sacrifice, so legends about the Holy Grail in Britain tend to be promoted by followers of witchcraft, pagan lifestyles,perverse lifestyle agendas such as freemasons, modern templar organisations and witchcraft religion supporters.

Originally, the Canaanite Phoenicians were visiting Cornwall via the sea lanes.
Over thousands of years Phoenicians became extinct, and were replaced by populations of Jews and Arabs in the middle-east.
Visits from the middle-east continued to Cornwall Britain in the form of Jewish and Arab sea traders over the sea lanes that were previously used by Phoenicians.
Migration of middle-eastern homosexuals to Cornwall Britain probably has something to do with stories about Welsh people with dark skin, terminology such as Black Welsh.
Wales is north of Cornwall, close to Cornwall. Arabs/Semites/Middle-eastern people tend to have darker skin than British people. Jews consider themselves Semitic/middle-eastern.
[Middle homosexual families that migrate to Britain, often interbreed with the British families, so their skin colour tends to become lighter after a few generations.

When the Romans invaded Britain, mysteriously , Cornwall was an area that was resisting the Roman occupation in some way so that Roman roads extended into Cornwall, but few or no significant Roman structures were built in Cornwall.
...During the time of Roman dominance in Britain, Cornwall was rather remote from the main centres of Romanisation. The Roman road system extended into Cornwall, but the only known significant Roman sites are three forts:- Tregear
near Nanstallon was discovered in early 1970s, the other two found more recently at Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel (discovered 2007) and a fort near to St Andrew's Church in Calstock (discovered early in 2007).[13] A Roman style villa
was found at Magor Farm near Camborne...

So when the Romans invaded England, it is possible that Cornwall was secretly importing Hamitic Phoenician/Canaanite/Carthaginian advisors to keep Roman influences at Bay, to resist the Roman invasion.
The Romans were invading England as early as 100 B.C. - 50 B.C , including the invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar.
Cornwall was possibly like a secret ally of surviving Carthaginians/Phoenicians/Canaanites after the defeat and destruction of Carthage, and the destruction of Phoenician cities in the middle east such as Tyre and Sidon.
Eventually the surviving Carthaginians/Phoenicians/Canaanites became extinct, and later the Semitic races such as Arabs and Jews were being imported as advisors to Cornwall

Also, traditions about Briton Kings resisting or repelling the Saxon invasions, are connected to Cornwall and adjacent areas to Cornwall such as Dorset.
Such traditions might suggest that Briton Kings drew upon the middle eastern knowledge in Cornwall to resist the invading Anglo-Saxons.

Legends about a once and future king of the Britons, waiting for his people to arrive and retake England, are probably based upon the Phoenician Fisher King Religion of Dagon,
and possibly historical alliances and georgraphical meetings between Hamitic Phoenicians from the Fertile Crescent and Beaker people(Scythians) from Eurasia and Eastern Europe.
[The civilised Hamitic Phoenicians and their seagoing Hamitic ancestors(advanced cultures) have become extinct.
i.e. The 'farmers from the middle-east' culture (neolithic farmers) that built Megaliths(Passage Tombs) in places such as New Grange in Ireland and the beginnings of Stone Henge in Britain has become extinct.
The Beaker people(Scythians) expanded or upgraded Stone Henge.
Scythian races are still existing in Eurasia and Eastern Europe.]

Cornwall Britain <----> 'The Beefeater Organisation' <-----> Corned Beef (Cornish Beef)
[The Beefeater organisation in Britain has black and red coloured uniforms, the same colour as the German Nazi Swaticka flag.
Beefeaters organisation is probably connected to Cornwall, and the migration of middle-eastern homosexuals into Britain , the eating of beef to make people big and strong.

In Australia, the Mamo and Leyshon families probably are Beefeater families. Leyshon are cousins of Mamo.
The surname Leyshon is of Jewish origin.



Countries like Holland and Germany have something similar to the Fisher King tradition. Germanic countries have a Parsifal tradition(Knight Perceival)
probably connected legends about Valkyries.
The Parsifal tradition might have something to do with a centuries long slave trading routes between Scandinavia and the middle east.i.e.Scandinavian Vikings and the Arabic Ummayyad family in Syria.
[Holland and Germany are close to Lorraine(Lotharingia) where there was probably a presence of Scythians in ancient times.]

...In the earliest story about him(Parsifal/Percival), he is connected to the Grail. In Chrétien's Perceval, he meets the crippled Fisher King and sees a grail, not yet identified as "holy", but he fails to ask a question that would have
healed the injured [Fisher] king. Upon learning of his mistake he vows to find the Grail castle again and fulfill his quest but Chretien's story breaks off soon after, to be continued in a number of different ways by various authors,
such as in Perlesvaus and Sir Perceval of Galles. In later accounts, the true Grail hero is Galahad, the son of Lancelot...

[Traditions about the Fisher King not being able to walk correspond with Phoenician god Dagon who has the lower body of a fish, and can probably swim better than he can move on land.The Fisher King is like a Fish King inhabiting
watery places like sea coastlines and lakes.

Dagon is probably a Drudic Phoenician form of the Sumerian God Enki. The Sumerian God Enki has a name that is a mystery. His name means "Lord Earth" En - Ki), but he is connected with watery places. ]
The mystery becomes resolved when it is discovered that Enki is associated with ancient traditions of a great flood engulfing the earth. Enki is "Lord of the [flooded] earth" ,or "The Earth that used to be dry and was flooded" .
Enki is a god of technology, a god of ancient technology centres (probably including megalith building) .

Enki is the Lord of the ancient trade centre/ancient technology centre that was destroyed by flood.
Such trade centres probably had megalith building knowledge, before they were flooded by rising sea water levels after the end of the ice age.

The religion of Dagon is pagan. Pagan cultures from the fertile crescent(middle-east) and around the fertile crescent have their own pagan traditions of a great flood.
The most advanced of such ancient trade centres was probably in the Persian Gulf (Basin) , before the flooding by rising sea levels.
A less advanced ancient trade centre centre probably existed in the Black Sea(Basin), before flooding by rising sea levels.
Around the Black Sea trade centre was Urartu(corresponding to Bianilli Federation of nations).The modern countries of Armenia and Turkey are where Urartu used to be,
and such paganism is probably part of the modern rock music industry, music such as heavy metal,glam metal,glam rock and its androgynous,perverse,satanic imagery.
<--- anti-christ system: Armenian Native Faith probably closely associated with Zoroastrian satanism(AngraManya/Ahriman),
atheistic racism(thus spake Zarathustra humanism/atheism/nihilism in Germanic countries, god is dead ideology(Gott ist tot(German language) ,God is dood(dude? Dutch language)
'dude' segregationist talk among hippies subculture members (camptown races song racism: dooda-day expressions and zoroastrian satanism:zarathustra=zoroaster)
and Aryan Racial Religionism(pretend Buddhism?),Freemasonry, Witchcraft paganism.

Perverse nations such as Australia are making 'false peace' situations which eventually leads to war and destruction.
e.g. Pretend friendliness and nazism behind people's backs.
[1Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying, "Peace and security," destruction will come on them suddenly...]

Freemasons calling a person brother,Freemasons committing crimes behind people's back, and then saying "The other guy did it,the stranger from another race" and then pointing a finger against a person the Freemasons call brother.(Vicarious blame conspiracies<---> Human Sacrifice conpsiracies).
Hippie subculture is probably involved in similar injustice to Freemasons. Charles Manson(mass murderer) was part of the hippy subculture.
[Australia is a pretend friendly culture where anglo-celtics want to have potential victims around, anglo-celtics want to be mixing with potential victims from other races,to commit cowardly cowardly crimes against,
and to put false blame upon other races when cowardly crimes occur behind people's backs.

The Fisher King tradition is probably connected to Baphomet Worship : maybe a king surrounded by enemies , repelling his enemies as possible , awaiting the return of his people (the once and future king concept)
and probably associated with poems such as 'John Barley-Corn'. John Barley Corn is celebrated because he gave people Barley and Corn, but John is no longer present among the people.
John Barley Corn is like ancient trader King, trading Barley Corn to people , and then John Barley Corn becomes extinct. However, if John Barley-Corn's people continue to exist somewhere, they remember where
John was trading Barley and Corn, and sometimes they return.
If John Barley-Corn was trading Corn and Barley somewhere , and some 'later ethic group' migrated to there later on, then John Barley-Corn's people were there before the 'later ethnic group'.
So John Barley Corn's people might have a greater claim, a more ancient claim upon regions/nations than modern ethnic groups.

Some groups in Turkey and Armenia have their own pagan versions of a Great Flood. e.g. 'Armenian Native Faith' (a belief system connected with genocide and probably allied with western nazism) probably
has its own pagan version of the Great Flood.

Uruartu is where a mountain has been named mount Ararat, however it is more correct to speak about "The MOUNTAINS(plural) of the Ararat(Urartu), where Ararat(Urartu) is a region.

In Holland is a large Jewish Community, and has been a base for a prominent Jewish Banking family called 'The Rothschilds' over a period of centuries.
Germany used to have a large Jewish Community before World War 2. After World War 2, many Turkish(and Armenian?) people have migrated to Germany.
[Previously has been posted a diagram of some kind of trade triangle/religion triangle between Armenia&Turkey, Sicily, Holland, probably to do with Armenian Native Faith and Aryan Religion, and Semitic advisors(arabs,jews) being imported along the ancient Phoenician(Hamitic) trade routes. (See also the hint of slave-trading-alliances between Aryan(Jupiter/Japheth) Cultures and Semitic cultures against other nations in Genesis 9:27) . Israel/Judah/Jews were allied with Persia(an Aryan culture in the middle-east ,Isaiah 45:1) . Armenia & Turkey are adjacent to Persia(Iran) .

The information above suggests that jews &arabs are allied with Germanics(Aryans) in slave trading activity over the centuries. Jews and Germans ally with each other to enslave other racial groups .
So racism triangles form, where 2 sides of the triangle (Germans & Jews) are fighting race wars against each other, and enslaving/murdering a third ethnic group.
In Germanic countries(Holland, Germany ... ) such race wars have something to do with traditions about Parsifal(Persival Knight and the Fisher King).
Also, in Germanic countries(Holland, Germany ... ) slavery activity probably has to do with the centuries old Viking-Arab slave trading [land] route between Scandinavia,Holland,Germany(Europe) and Ummayyad Syria(middle east),
and that is another Aryan(Jupiter/Zeus/Japheth) culture and Semitic culture slave-trading-alliance that has formed over land some time after the Phoenician sea trade routes.

During the Nazi Era in Germany, the Nazi Party tried to follow traditions of Parsifal and Teutonic Knights, but maybe they did not understand that such traditions involved racist alliances
between Germans and Jews against a third ethnic group.
The Parsifal tradition over the centuries involves germans and jews fighting race wars against each other(behinds people's backs), but in the 20th Century the German side became much stronger in its ability to commit racial killings,
so Jewish groups in Germany were trying to commit as many racial killings as possible(behind people's backs),but Jews became nearly extinct in Germany via the rise of the Nazi party,advancement of German military technology, and the holocaust.
[i.e. In the 20th Century, the Japhetic/Jupiterian knight Parsifal(Perceival) become much stronger than the Fisher King from the middle-east concept, Parsifal forgot that he was supposed to heal the Fisher King,
and Parsifal tried to exterminate the Semitic advisors from the middle east(whom many Germans probably considered to represent the Fisher King concept) , and Germans tried to exterminate the 3rd ethnic group via invasion of eastern nations
i.e. The Germanic invasion of Slavic nations , who are allied to descendants of altaic Scythians).

See above information about Beaker people(probably Altaic Scythian race) having a presence in the Ukraine(a modern slavic nation),then travelling through Europe,through Germany,to reach Britain.
It might be also mentioned that Beaker Culture had boating technology, that they were probably travelling along coastlines northern European,and in river systems, and are probably connected with 'Grim Reaper with a Scythe' imagery,
and connected with the Skeletal Scythic Ferryman Charon (the Sicilian/Sardinian/Greco-Roman Charon:the Etruscan Charun whom the Romans adopted) in the Southern European Mediterranean.

Also Sicily was an island where there were Phoenician(Hamitic) ports/colonies.

After World War 2,the Jewish people who survived were given a region to region in Palestine(Levant, Middle East) to form modern-Israel: given to them by the United Nations.
The 'United Nations' organisation formed after their predecessor organisation the 'League of Nations' failed to prevent World War 2, failed to prevent the Holocaust.

Some decades after World War, racism in modern Israel has become so bad that Israel has been publicly described as a "racist entity" and "terrorist racist entity" by organisations such as the P.L.O.(Palestinian Liberation Organisation)
and its successor organisation Fatah.

So in modern times, some decades after World War 2 is occuring a phenomenon of Nazism by Jews:
Jewish Nazis like Roland Emmerich(film maker) whose jewish family survived World War 2, found families of German Nazis or imported them into the USA via Operation Paperclip ,decided to interbreed with German Nazi families instead of executing hem.
Emmerich(together with his friend Mario Kassar) is associated with making of films such as Stargate(1994) where Americans emerge from holes in the Space-time continuum like Ku Klux Klan cowboys and use relatively primitive firearms ,
not much different from cowboy movies , to overcome human-looking-aliens(anthropomorphic aliens) who are supposed to be more advanced than humans, aliens that have electromagnetic weapons.
Emmerich and Kassar possibly are connected with violent racial attacks against people, and the use of slave labour devices(cybernetic listening devices) against people who survive such attacks.
i.e. The kind of racial violence attacks where attackers should be charged with attempted murder: in later years the Australian media has been describing such racial violence attacks as 'Coward Punches',
and the media has reported that people have died from coward punches.
..and the use of Cybernetic Listening Device is a Nazi-doctor-crime (it is modern day nazi technology designed for the purpose of enslaving,exterminating certain racial groups:
a way for groups racists to make race war against civilian migrant homes.]

Racists such as Benjamin Netanyahu (whom many would consider a Jewish-Nazi): Netanyahu(Lithuanian-Jew) probably considers himself a Jewish-Arab-Scandinavian descendant of the Syrian Ummayyad Arabs who were trading slaves with Scandinavian Vikings,and a relative of the slave-trading family of Benjumea in the Pyrenees Mountain region in Spain,France and Portugal is geographically near the Pyrenees.Benjamin Netanyahu considers himself to carrying on the slave-trading traditions of his Benjumea/Ummayyad & Scandiniavian Viking ancestors, by having something to do with the development and use of Slave Labour Devices(Cybernetic Listening Devices) in countries such as Australia,USA,Britain.


This information needs to be stated,because most people who become victims of experiments,probably would not know the intent of racists who do such experiments.It is information discovered over periods of time.
Communication needs to be down in writing , as much as possible, in such situations.
(To note, because Australians probably teach each other habits of not wanting to put things down in writing, not wanting to answer letters or emails in situation where slavery might be occuring.)
i.e. Weregild/Ericfine value systems among Australians, they possibly teach other at meetings to do with pets and lost dog posters (monoracial settings).

Holly Valance(Australian actress) has face doubles appearing in European music videos: videos about truck networks.
However,perhaps Holly Valance is more involved with illegal immigration over the "Orient Express" railway train.
The orient express is probably a pathway for middle-eastern terrorists from countries such as Turkey,Iran,Syria into Europeans countries like Germany and France.
During the year 1980, there was advertised films such as a cartoon-like version of Lord of the Rings, and also "The Lady Vanishes" starring Cybill Shepherd about a murder on a train something like the Orient Express .
who co-starred with Bruce Willis in the television series Moonlighting. Bruce Willis later starred in the "Die Hard" series of movies.
[The Lord of the Rings cartoon-like movie had faces similar to Antoinette Gardiner as the hobbits.]

Bill Shorten(Australian politician) <--has a resemblance to---> Klaus Kinski (German-Polish actor)? <-----> Roman Polanski , Sharon Tate <-----> Charles Manson killings
The daughter of Klaus Kinski was herself a film star Nastassja Kinski

[There is a worker in a Coles Supermarket called "Paul" in western Sydney. Paul has some resemblance to Bill Shorten. Paul is possibly an observer/informer in area close to where there is Omega antenna infrastructure.

The information might suggest that Paul and/or his lookalike Bill Shorten might be friends with the Pritchard family who were fans of the Charles Manson television movie/series Helter Skelter.
e.g. A Bank worker called Christine, and others such as Gary that worked in a Sharp Electronics factory in 1996.
Gary displayed strange behaviour of looking friendly but when a person asked him if he could act as witness to sign his initials in a work book, he refused in an unfriendly manner.
A Seventh-day-adventist called Fred worked in the same Sharp Electronics factory.Fred worked in the 'picking in packing section' together with 2 polynesian women. Fred was friend of Seventh Day Adventist pastor Lewis G Parker.]
Paul(worker in Coles Supermarket)<-?--> Steven Essam<---> Ralph Quitadamo.


Playa subculture/Player? Subculture(safe bases, Ace of Bass music genre),Playa = beach(spanish language) and also extinct lakes <--?--> ein dara ufo cult
Black Cube organistion (Western Freemasons & middle eastern occultists? False Islam organisation & False Judaism organisation?Synagogue of Satan?Revelation 2:9)
Black Cube organistion <--> 'Time Cube' Einstein UFO Cult(pretend angel cult)<---->Stones in the Ein Dara temple?In Germanic languages (Einstein = first stone, Fierstein=4th stone, Weinstein=Wine stone) ? <---> Antoinette Gardiner and Lisa Najeeb Halaby


Dark Fence(Space Fence) research program to track earth orbital space debris,Black Knight satellite system plan, Majestic-12 American plan of genocide,
& News stories about 'Space Junk' around Mars. [Are news stories about tracking orbital debris euphemism/decoys for a plan to enslave & exterminate
certain races of humans while Anglo-Germans would escape into outer-space/Mars? Is the Dark Fence and Black Knight pole-to-pole satellite system part of
the Majestic-12 plan American plan of genocide ? ]

stories on the internet about Mars Slave Colonies <-----> Scientology 'Sea Org' Ships and Scientology 'Traffic Reports' ?
[Scientology<---> H.A.O. Armanen Orden.]
Does Mars has much orbital debris(due its proximity to the Asteroid Belt). Mars 2 moons Deimos and Phobos are gravitationally captured asteroids.
Over the years there have been news stories about martian-space-probes that go missing (possibly destroyed by debris orbiting around Mars.

Are these news stories hints about Mars orbital debris that destroys some Mars-Space-Probes?
Lockheed Martin prepares to turn on U.S. Air Force Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll

Dark Fence(Space Fence) research program
Mashall islands(Pacific Ocean island) to Colorado Springs USA<---> Cheyenne Mountain(Tesla technology, fortifieid against Electro-magnetic Pulse EMP).

Also ,is Denver Airport(Colorado) another Cheyenne Mountain underground complex ? Denver Airport is 1 hour drive away from Colorado Springs & Cheyenne Mountain. Are Denver and Colorado Springs(Cheyenne Mountain) connected underground in some way? Natural underground cave systems or underground tunnels?
A natural formation called 'The Grand Canyon' runs through Colorado.

...Denver International Airport was constructed at a cost of $4.8 billion. It opened on February 28, 1995, 16 months behind schedule...
There is a masonic monument in the airport dated from 1994.

Denver Airport has apocalyptic artwork on walls. <---> Similarities to the 'Shanara Chronicles' television series & Sword of Shanara series of books by Terry Brooks ?


Donald Trump's comments about building a wall(anti-immigration)<--->Wall Street,New York City(slave markets)<--->space fence/dark fence/ black knight satellite system.
[black knight <---> Baphomet Slavery <---> MJ-12.
Certain races are probably not accepted to be knights by Freemasons or Western Knightly organisation and are murdered or enslaved.]

[auxilliary note: Underground Mountain base in the television series Stargate SG-1 <--resembles--> Cheyenne Mountain Base Colorada USA.]

Probably THE BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE IS AN ASTEROID CAPTURED BY EARTH'S GRAVITY that has possibly been orbiting the earth for thousands of years.
[There is a possibility that scientists have calculated that its orbit has reached a stable orbital configuration over thousands of years.]

[or the Black Knight asteroid is the debris from earths surface when an asteroid struck the earths surface: some debris had enough kinetic energy
to travel from earth's surface into space and into orbit.
Have artificial structures like spy cameras or antennas been artificially been built upon the asteroid, or there plans to land upon the asteroid to build

artificial structures ?[
Rosetta was launched on 2 March 2004 from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana on an Ariane 5 rocket and reached Comet Churyumov–Gerasimenko
on 7 May 2014. It performed a series of maneuvers to enter orbit between then and 6 August 2014, when it became the first spacecraft to orbit a comet]

Is the asteroid in polar orbit or have there been experiments or plans to divert the asteroid into polar orbit ?

Satellites in polar orbits can see every part of the earth over a period time: satellites rotating in a longitudal manner,
and all parts of the earth's surface rotate into in a lattitude manner.
So called Black Knight satellite research(captured asteroid)/Dark Fence/Space Fence is probably closely connected to the american Corona Spy satellite
program from 1959.
[...and the Black Knight asteroid is possibly connected to stories about a TR-3B platform which is said to float/orbit in the sky.
UFO cultists possibly refer to the TR-3B as some kind of mothership. ]

Tara Wells <--- is probably related to---->Neal Winter
[Tara Wells is a long time friend of Toni Collette(Australian actress)]

[Are Winter , Wells involved in Ronald McDonald conspiracies?
Winter's family posswibly have a resemblance to the clown in Australian Ronald McDonald adverts from the 1980s.}
See the Steven King movie "It(1990)" - television movie.
and also John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who worked as a clown.]

McDonalds fast food company (beef burger products <-----> Beefeater organisation.]

Also, Willard Scott was the weatherman(meteorologist) on 1980s 'Today Show: with Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauli'
Willard Scott worked as a McDonalds clown on television in the USA.
Meterologists=weather men) <--?-->Weather Underground(American terrorist organisation similar to SLA), Project Overcast(Operation Paperclip, German Nazi migrations to USA.)
Leo Speck <----- resembles/is possbly related to ------>Alan Miller (1980s-1990s computer games programmers,Accolade company)

Accolade company made the company game 'Universal Soldier'.
Accolade company made the computer game Hardball(a commodore 64 baseball games with many American names.)

Brodie Bass and Thern Reynolds<--is friends with-->Leo Speck <--is friends with--> Boris Dovecer
Leo Speck is/was involved with Battletech. Battletech is like Dungeons and Dragons gaming with robots.
Robots similar to the transformer cartoons and movies.
[Thern Reynolds is mentioned in connection with news stories about Neal Winter.]
Thern Reynolds and Brodie Bass are effemnate homosexuals and are long time friends of Toni Collette,
and her brother Ben Collette. Ben Collette is the homosexual/bisexual brother of Toni Collette.

Nada Stefanovic and Les Sanday have possibly become related to each other over decades.
There was a tall blonde female living a street corner next to Rosemary Finn and near Maryann Camilleri,
and she is probably related to both Nada Stefanovic and Les Sanday.
[Nada Stefanovic is the mother of David Stefanovic. Nada Stefanovic is the wife of Blagoje 'Bill' Stefanovic.]
The tall blonde female that lived a street corner was friends with Richard Bazlidenski(Bazledenski?) and his sister.
Les Sanday(anglo-celtic Australian) and his relatives probably took sex trips(sex holidays) to Eastern Europe and found relatives of Nada Stefanovic.

[Les = Leslie. Les Sanday's son says his son worked for the United Nations, however his son is suspected of being a Nazi doctor from Australia,
and he possibly has training from the British military.Les Sanday's son is probably a friend of Alistair White and his sister Monique and Genevieve.
Monique White married a doctor possibly connected to Les Sanday's son.

The tall blonde that lived a street corner probably attended Peter Roger's dance school. Peter Rogers was probably a relative of Andrew Millett.
The tall blonde that lived a street corner was probably a student of Barry Boon(a deceased primary school teacher).

The tall blonde female moved away from the street corner.

There is some connection of Les Sanday to the Seventh Day Adventist church on Hammers Road Old Toongabbie(north of Parramatta suburb).
At that church was a anglo-celtic man who was friends with Blagoje 'Bill' Stefanovic. That anglo-celtic man had bucked teeth, he looked similar
to Les Sanday, and he had a Dalmatian dog called Sasha which he gave the dog Sasha away to a family living next to where Les Sanday was living.
Les Sanday had bucked teeth.

Blagoje 'Bill' Stefanovic is a Seventh Day Adventist who is a member of the Adventist Church on Blaxcell Street Granville.
Nada Stefanovic the wife(estranged wife?) of Blagoje Stefanovic attends a church in Toongabbie/Wentworthville which is a breakaway-denomination-sect
of the Seventh Day Adventist movement. i.e. It is called something like Seventh Day Reformed Church or SDA Reformed Movement.

Across the road from Maryann Camilleri lived Rachel Griffiths. Toni Collette has formed some kind of conspiracy around Rachel Griffiths.
Toni Collette became an actress, and in the film "Muriel's Wedding" she found another person called Rachel Griffiths.
So there is a Rachel Griffiths(1) and Rachel Griffiths(2). Rachel Griffiths(1) is unknown to the media and lived across the road from Maryann Camilleri. Since at least the year 2004, the mother of Rachel Griffiths(1) has driven a car with number plate TWG-00D which looks like the word "two good/too good".

Rachel Griffiths(2) is a film actress that starred in the movie Muriel's wedding.

Rachel Griffiths(1) became a girlfriend of Shane Pisani. Shane Pisani is a very ugly looking italian with a big nose that looks like it is taking
over his face. Robert Saunders saw Shane Pisani and then commented about how ugly he looked.Shane Pisani did not complete secondary school, and
he became employed as a mechanic or trainee mechanic at a car garage along a busy road.
[Because Shane Pisani is so ugly looking, there are questions about he became the boyfriend of Rachel Griffiths(1). It is probable that Shane Pisani
became a male a prostitute to parents of certain people, as a way of becoming friends with their daughters, and that is possibly some secret custom
among italians such as Shane Pisani, Ralph Quitadamo, and his brother Donny Quitadamo.
Ralph Quitadamo became a boyfriend of Louise Davis, probably in similar way to how Shane Pisani became the boyfriend of Rachel Griifths(1)
Trevor Chalker is friends with the Davis family.Leigh Chalker and Jason Chalker are the sons of Trevor Chalker.Leigh is pronounced 'Lee'.]

[Later a rugby league player appeared on television called Craig Salvatori. Craig Salvatore is like a taller body double of Shane Pisani.
and then in the year 2002 occurred the Bali Bombing in which Cathy Salvatori was killed. Cathy Salvatori was the wife of Craig Salvatori.
88 Australians died in the Bali Bombing.202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 23 British, and people of more than 20 other nationalities).
A further 209 people were injured. ]

Shane Pisani lived very close to the training ground where Joe Vella was a rugby league coach.Shane Pisani would walk from that rugby league training ground
a distance to meet his friend Stephen Collins.Stephen Collins lived on the street corner across the road from the tall blonde female.
So Stephen Collins was living a few houses away from Maryann Camilleri, Rosemary Finn, and Rachel Griffiths(1).
Stephen Collins was a friend of Ralph Quitadamo.

[The Rugby League training ground where Joe Vella was coach has a crude brick club house visible from the road where cars and buses travel along.
On the club house are displayed the slogan "The White House - our house " which might suggest some connection between Australia and the USA.
[See information above about Nancy Reagan possibly have relatives in Australia, and her connection to American MJ-12 genocidal plan of the extermination.
i.e. Majestic-12

Maryann Camilleri is closely connected with Neal Winter who was convicted for homosexual crimes in year 2005.

The way that Rachel Griffiths(2) is displayed in the media as an actress probably suggests that Toni Collette uses
her to obscure the existence of Rachel Griffiths(1). Toni Collette uses Rachel Griffiths(2) the film actress as a decoy
for the activities of Rachel Griffiths(1).




The origin of Caucasian physical traits. [A solution to R1 genetics appearing in both Caucasians and American Indians.]









identity theft syndicates<->pathology companies in Sydney NSW Australia(blood tests) <-> Australian medical nazism(totalitarianism) situations

Australian medical nazism(totalitarianism) situations(forced blood tests,doctors deliberately misdiagnosing citizens to steal their identities,to prevent freedom of movement)<---> similarities to Alexander Solzhenitsyn situations(totalitarian regime medical crimes)

Australian medical nazism<---->racial violence(attempted murder) then forced hospitalisation,surgical attachment of slave labour devices(torment/torture/terrorising the human nervous system) to prevent freedom of movement, racists tracking a person around,etc.
[identity theft crimes tend to involve groups of criminals(racists) committing slavery ,missing persons,murder crimes]

Is Maria Sharapova a member of the "Purple Dawn" UFO death cult

Purple Dawn UFO death cult <----> H G Wells novels(Time Machine, War of the Worlds)?

Zombie(undead) takeover UFO Cults?
imagery from H. G Well novel and film: gigantic lobsters/crabs/crustaceans by a sea shore under a red giant sun <---?--> rock lobster music video by B-52s

Michelle Coppak & Toni Collette(actress)<---->Tara Wells<---> Purple Dawn Cult<--- H. G. Wells Novels ?
[Coppak=Ukrainian in Sydney Australia,probably Ukrainian Mongol]

H. G .Well was a contemporary of George Orwell(Blair) <-----> Jack Parsons(Satanist,NASA employee,Scientology?, Golden Dawn satanic cult?)
[Purple Dawn <--?--> Zodiac Killers<---> (MJ-12 depopulation research)]

Is there some connection of the Purple Dawn cult to the Vladimir Putin's gang "The Brotherhood" (Solntsevskaya Bratva Banda) ?
[Vladimir Putin is a fascist, who had an admiration of George H. W. Bush, while being critical of his son George W. Bush.]

Did singers Michael Jackson and TAFKAP(the artist formerly known as prince) have some association with Purple Dawn ?
Did their associaiton with purple dawn result in both their deaths (Michael Jackson and TAFKAP) ?
TAFKAP had an obsession with colour purple: purple appeared in his stage costumes, and in his songs. e.g. "Purple Rain" song
During the 1980s, TAFCAP was a group of Spanish/South American singers called Apollonia 6(sometimes called Appollonia 5?) <--?-->German Nazi bases in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay (Note vampire/undead stage costumes)

Is the "Dusk Till Dawn(1996)" movie connected to the Purple Dawn UFO cult
The movie starred George Clooney, Vincent Tarantino, Salma Hyek.
[Has Maria Sharapova sometimes been a face-double or body-double for Salma Hyek?]

Purple Dawn & Golden Dawn (western nations) <--?--> Yellow and Red Society(in Asia) / Golden dragon Society ? <----- British Opium Wars in China(1870s), Opium traffickers.
[Maria Sharpaova has a connection to: Chernobyl Ukraine <---> Omsk Siberia Russia(Ob River System, radiactive lakes) <-----> Xinjiang Province China(Across the Border from Omsk Siberia Russia).
[There are pprobably western/european/anglo-celtic businesses there and slave labour factories, slave labour prisons.] Countries such as Australia,Britain,USA are probably developing slave labour device technology there through their financial investment in Xinjiang China.

e.g COSTCO company, with its factory in Marsden Park suburb of Sydney NSW Australia,sells items manufactured by slave labour in China.

[Is COSTCO the Australian version of American TESCO?]

[News stories about TESCO company and Slave Labour manufactured items <----->Costco , Lindt company vs Nestle(Swiss racist confectionary/chocolate companies):Nestle collaborated with the German Nazis during WW2. George Clooney Nescafe Adverts.
In December 2014m there occurred Lindt Cafe terrorist incident in Sydney CBD <----probable connection---> Lindt Factory in Marsden Park Sydney near a large Mosque.
There is a COSTCO company warehouse nearby the Lindt Factory.<----->COSTCO,TESCO,WALMART(Slave labour products]

News stories about Lindt vs Nestle(racist swiss chocolate companies), Lindt cafe terrorism incident(20140, COSTCO,TESCO,WALMART(slave labour product companies) <----are hints about---> slave labour device experiments in Australia.
[Slave labour device experiments: Experiments to enslave human nervous systems. Such experiments are occuring in Australia.]

Is this the kind of information that Maria Sharapova's family have conspired to cover up , through identity theft, terrorism, murders of innocent people?




When A Fire Starts To Burn By disclosure music band
<----- This music video may have something to do with Richard Collins(1990s Sydney University Physics lecturer), misuse of Nikola Tesla's ground-ionosphere antennas
pentecostal denominations and Dutch pretend angel cult/UFO cults
The preacher could be like a person from Rwanda or Burundi, where western pretend angel cults/UFO cults/Marian Apparitian cults caused many deaths during the 1990s.

[08/03/2020 recently discovered information.]

Australia is a society where perverse males are watching other males who take an interest in females.
When perverse males see that some 'other male' takes an interest in some female, the perverse males conspire/attack in some way against the 'other male'.
The perverse males conspire/attack in the manner of disrupting or 'breaking up' the development of friendship between the female and the 'other male',
and the perverse males act in a way with the intent of converting the 'other male' into a perverse male(homosexual/sodomite).

e.g. The High School that Neal Winter worked at as a music teacher was an all-male secondary school, and it was next-to(adjacent to) an all-female school.
Actress Toni Collette was a student at the all-female secondary school (before she became an actress).
Neal Winter's music classroom was located in the all-male secondary school, and in the school room where Winter taught music,
were windows on the west side that looked out upon the all-female school where Toni Collette was a student.
The east windows looked out upon on the main quadrangle of the all-male school.

Neal Winter's music room was on the upper storey(level) of a 2-storey school building.

So Neal Winter would observe which students wanted to be closest to the west windows, which students wanted to look out at the all-female school.
The students that wanted to be near the west windows,the students that were looking out the most upon the all-female school,
are probably the students that Neal Winter first conspired to convert into sodomites/homosexuals/perverse males.

There was a student in Neal Winter's music room called Brodie Bass. He made a strange comment that " If you're not gay, you are not gay yet " but he did not explain wht he meant.
Brodie Bass was usually sitting next to his friend Thern Reynolds. Both Brodie Bass and Thern Reynolds were effeminate male secondary students, and could be described in Australian(aussie)
colloquial terminology as Neal Winter's "pet students" . i.e. Neal Winter seemed to favour them over the other students in his music lessons.
Brodie Bass and Thern Reynolds would provoke other students in the class (provovation with words). On one ocassion, Brodie Bass provoked a student, the student replied and made an insult against Brodie Bass.
The teacher Neal Winter strongly objected, and suggested that student should stop studying the secondary school music course. The student did not like Brodie Bass and Thern Reynolds, and did not like Neal Winter,
did not like being amongst homosexuals/effeminate males, so the student left the music room and never returned.
[Neal Winter's behaviour of criticising students that Brodie Bass provoked, and the way that winter did not care about Brodie Bass's provocation ,suggests that he favoured Brodie Bass against other students.
i.e. That Neal winter was corrupt person, and unjustly biased toward some students(Brodie Bass & Thern Reynolds), and unjustly biased against other students.]

Similar information could be probably expressed about Andrew Taggart(mathematics teacher).Taggart seemed more masculine that Neal Winter, however he seemed to have an inhuman attitude toward some students.
Taggart cliamed to be a christian, but sometimes he made 'uncalled-for remarks/unjust criticisms/intolerant behaviour' against students, as though he could not help himself from making an unnecessary insults.
Taggart worked as a secondary school mathematics teacher in the same building where Neal Winter worked.
Andrew Taggart taught mathematics classes on the ground floor of that school building(lower storey).During lunch time, Andrew Taggart would hold I.S.C.F. meetings in a room on the upper storey.
The room on the upper storey had windows on the west side which looked out toward the all-female secondary school.
I.S.C.F. is an acronym for Inter-School-Christian-Fellowship.
[10/03/2020: recent information]

When the Nazi German Army was seeking to capture the oil wells at Baku in Azerbaijan(Soviet Union) during World War 2 ,Friedrich Von Paulos
was commander of the German 6th Army, associated with Army Group South. Von Paulos and his nazi colleagues eventually attacked Stalingrad in 1942.

Von Paulos has the face of an Armenian Native Faith priest.

So it is deduced that the H.A.O.(Armanen Orden,Brown Shirts), despite their apparent decline in Nazi Germany, were still influential enough
to place Friendrich Von Paulos in a position of leadership in the German Nazi Army.

So Von Paulos' march from Germany to the Soviet Union could be considered as the voyage of an Armenian Native Faith priest
from the "Aryan Native Faith" country of Germany,
to the "Armenian Native Faith" region around the Caucasus mountains.

Perhaps Von Paulos was sent to try to make allies of several small ethnic minorities around the Caucasus Mountains region, near Armenia.
i.e. The ethnic minorities such as the Sarmatian Cherkess/Cherkezians/Circassians , Ossetians, Dagestanis , Armenians(Togarmah),Turks, Persians.

Decades later , during the 1990s, there was a Seventh Day Pastor called Zoran Gajic preaching in a Serbian Adventist Church
at Blaxcell Street Granville suburb of Sydney NSW Australia. One of members of that church was a double of Friedrich Von Paulos.
[Gajic is pronounced guy-ich ,like the word guy that rhymes with words sigh,buy,sly.]

Blagoje 'Bill' Stefanovic and his son David Stefanovic were members of that Adventist church during the 1990s.

So there is probability that the Adventist Church in Granville is some kind of HAO Nazi and/or genocidal Armenian Native Faith centre in the suburbs of Sydney.
The church members there probably have some involvement in planning/conspiring illegal experiments against human beings.

..and that Adventist church has some kind C.I.A./Disney connection . A member of the Church called Peter Kelu is a double of the Jonas Brothers.
i.e. The American C.I.A. and their P.N.A.C. imperialism probably have something to do with recent modern day wars in Caucasian republiccs like Dagestan,
and Ossetia.
[Kelu is possibly a Romanian surname, so there is some kind of Serbian-Romanian presence there at the Adventist Church, maybe to do with illegal immigration
to Serbia and Romania. Also to mention, that Romania was an ally of Nazi Germany and Benito Mussolini's Italian fascism during World War 2.

A double of Joanna Jovanovic(Jovanovich) appeared years later in a music video called "Be Mine" by Offenbach music group. That music video has themes abduction/slavery.
Joanna Jovanovic was a member of the Serbian Church in Granville: she was a friend of David Stefanovic and Peter Kelu.
Joanna Jovanovic was the daughter of man that resembled Ivan Lendl(cold war era Czecho-slovakian Tennis Player): Joanna Jovanovic's father was probably
a friend of the Friedrich Von Paulos double.

So a nazi organisation called the H.A.O. has survived World War 2, and over decades become influential in countries like Australia, USA, Britain.
The HAO is probably connected with organisations like the Bilderberg Society in Europe, N.A.M.B.L.A. in the USA, and the homosexual crime organisation called
"The Family" in Australia as described by 1980s Sixty Minute News story and the book "City of Evil"by Sean Fewster.

[This website suggests it is accurate to label the Bilderberg Society as a homosexual crime organisation.
The Bilderberg euphemistically refer to their sodomite crime activities as making family alliances as a way to avoid wars.
However, this website would suggest the apparent peace that the Bilderberg Society says it represents is a false peace(based upon perversion and injustice)
that eventually leads to wars and destruction. Jeremiah 6:14 , 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ]

The Bilderberg Society(H.A.O.) possibly had something to do with Kurt Waldheim(German Nazi Commander) becoming United Nations secretary General during the 1970s.



Kristina Nikolic was a 1990s member of that Serbian Adventist Church. Years later, news stories have appeared about Nikolic being a crime family.
John Nikolic has been recently jailed for 18 years in Fiji to do with drug trafficking crime .
Articles on the internet try to portray the Sarmatian Cherkezians(Cherkess,Circassians) as fighting alongside the Free French in middle east. Such articles are probably misleading.
The Cherkezians appeared in Croatia(Balkans) when the German Nazi Army occupied Croatia. So the CHERKEZIANS WERE ALLIED WITH HITLER AND THE NAZI ARMY,
similar to how the Romanians allied with fascist Italy and Hitler.Romanians are descendants of the Sarmatian Dacians and ancient Romans who defeated the Dacians.

[The Cherkezians were probably marching around Croatia, during the occupation by the German Nazi Army: marching around Croatia in a similar way to the H.A.O. pagan harvest festivals in Nazi Germany.]







Toni Collette possibly uses Tequila(mexican alcohol drink) as away to smuggle illegal items.
[This a recent 'lead' that could be further investigated.
Tequila is made from the Agave plant that grows in the American deserts.

When Toni Collette was attending elementary school(primary school) there was a car park across the
road from her school.In the car park grew large Agave plants.Her friend Simon Davis lived nearby the carpark,
and Joe Vella lived westward down the street from Simon Davis.
Those Agave plants could have been a hint about the anglo-celtics in Toni Collette's neighbourhood having a connection to American racists(Ku Klux Klan),
and illegal trade from America, something similar to Moonshine.

Tequila trade and smuggling might have overlapping themes with
Purple Dawn cult films like Dusk Till Dawn(1996) with its saloon full of mexican vampire women and alcoholic drinks like Tequila (and illegal immigration over the USA-Mexican border).
[See also information about the Purple Dawn cult being fans of H.G. Well novels(War of the Worlds,The Time Machine), and Tara Wells being a friend of Toni Collette since their school days.]

Note that Hollywood actor Orson Welles(pronounced Wells) was involved with some Illuminati psy-op(Psychological Operation) in which a radio program was used as a way to scare the American public
into believing that the earth was being invaded by aliens. <---> Purple dawn and other UFO Cults, psy-ops., mind control , brainwashing experiments.




Peter Danzie and his wife resemble people that attended the so called Parramatta-Adventist-Church on Hammers Road Old Toongabbie suburb of Sydney NSW Australia during the 1990s.
Peter Dansie is a relative of the Kelly Dansie's family who attended the Hammer's road church.There is a similarity in the eyes to Kelly Dansie and her male parent.
Helen Dansie(female) has a facial resemblance to a tall thin anglo-celtic male that attended the Adventist Church on Hammers road during the 1990s.

About Nancy Reagan(her birth name was Nancy Davis), the wife of USA President Ronald Reagan:
Nancy Reagan was probably from a family involved with Majestic 12 (MJ-12) American plan of genoicide against other races.

People who possibly/probably are relatives of Nancy Reagan in Australia:
Margo Evans the mother of David Evans and Elisabeth Evans.
[Margo Evans' neighbourhood in inner west suburb of Sydney NSW Australia 1970s-1980s:
Margo Evans --- Michelle Gibson --- Vicki Taber.]
Margo Evans and Vicki Taber were living in that neighbourhood during the 1970s.
Michelle Gibson(student),Joel Gardiner(student),Deborah McLachlan(teacher) arrived there around 1981.
Louise Davis and Simon Davis that lived in the same neighbourhood where Toni Collette was raised.
[Toni Collette's neighbourhood in the outer western suburb of Sydney 1980s.] Louise Davis and Simon Davis were different households living in the same neighbourhood, both families had surname Davis. They lived about 10 minutes walk away from each other.
Louise Davis had a resemblance to Michelle Gibson, especially during year 4 of elementary school.

Helen Clarke (New Zealand Prime Minister) has a resemblance to the family of Louise Davis.
Louise Davis is the daughter of a man (Mr Davis). Mr Davis could be described as using his car to
cruise around bus stops looking for young males. i.e. Mr Davis is probably a user of male prostitutes.
Trevor Chalker, and Charlie Camilleri could be described as behaving in a similar way to Mr Davis.
Leigh Chalker,Jason Chalker,Christie Chalker are the offspring of Trevor Chalker.
Maryann Camilleri is the offspring of Charlie Camlleri . Camilleri has a resemblance to New York Mafia member John Gotti.
Maryann Camilleri married Miguel Grifa. Miguel Grifa was a student of Neal Winter.Miguel Grifa was friends with Brodie Bass and Thern Reynolds who were effeminate males(openly homosexual high school students during the 1980s.)
Wayne Brodie could be described as using motor vehicle as some kind of pimp for his older male friends Davis,Chalker, Camilleri.
[The names mentioned are closely connected to the news story about Neal Winter being convicted for homosexual crimes in year 2005].

[Possibly connection between 2 neighbourhoods(connection between 2 different suburban area)
Louise Davis <-----> [Margo Evans --- Michelle Gibson --- Vicki Taber.]

At some time during her acting career, Toni Collette became friends with Ridley Scott(American film maker).
Collette's friendship with Ridley Scott is probably as a result of Australians Margo Evans,Michelle Gibson,Vicki Taber having some connection to American Ridley Scott.
.. and Evans,Gibson, Taber possibly formed some connection to a ear-nose-throat specialist doctor called Henley Harrison.
In the late 1970s-early 1980s Henley Harrison was working in Parramatta suburb of Sydney NSW Australia. Some years afterward, he is probably working in Sydney CBD.
Henly Harrison might be an American doctor in Australia, or some connection to the USA. Maybe he has an American accent.

Ridley Scott --- [Margo Evans --- Michelle Gibson --- Vicki Taber.]
Ridley Scott --- Toni Collette.

Ridley Scott(American film maker) --- James Cameron (American film maker) e.g. They both are connected to the "Alien" series of films

Teresa Emilogu(Romanian in Australia) & Samy Graziano were from the same neighbourhood as Evans,Gibson,Taber. Emilogu and Graziano attended the same elementary schoo as Evans,Gibson,Taber.
Teresa Emilogu & Samy Graziano possibly formed some kind of Romanian/Italian racism connection to film maker James Cameron, over time.
James Cameron without his beard has a parrot-like face, similar to Larry Bird basketball player for the Boston Celtics in the USA.

.. the 2 red headed twin women that lived next to Rachel Griffiths have similar parrot-like faces similar to James Cameron. Those 2 red headed twins are probably relatives of Vanessa Speight.
Vanessa Speight lived across the road from another James Cameron (cricket coach "Jim Cameron" = Robert James Cameron). Jim Cameron looked very similar to Alan Bond (1980s British millionaire in Australia,)


Maria Sharapova is probably invested in rubber (India Rubber plantations). Such investments probably have to do with news stories about Maria Sharapova being involved in Real Estate fraud racism in India, and her tennis matches in China.
India and China are geographically close to each other, and close to Himalaya Mountain range, and the close to the Khyber pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Sharapova is an illegitimate Rockefeller who family were conceived in safe bases(sodomite bases) in Russia established by and visited over the decades by influentual American families.
Sharapova is a Rockefeller bastard from Ukraine and Russia Mongolian Khanate/Siberian Khanate region .
Sharapova is a "Rockefeller Skank "(Rockefeller bastard), as mentioned by a music video by Fat-Boy-Slim music group.

Maria Sharapova is connected to an early 20th century business triangle between Rockefeller,Ford),Firestone.
Rockefeller(oil,hydrocarbons),Ford(car production lines),Firestone(rubber tyres).
Harvey Firestone is probably associated with Thomas Edison's "General Electric" company . <-------------Recent years music video about Firestone lighting up the world.







Around the year 2004, some information was being communicated over a world wide antenna network called the "Omega Network".
The Omega Network uses antennas based upon Nikola Tesla's patent 787412 of year 1905.
Later it has been referred to be other names such as G.W.E.N. (Ground Wave Emergency Network.)
The information communicated was about British researchers doing experiments to direct lightning bolts from clouds to specific points on the earths surface.
The British researchers thought they could artificially induce electromagnetic phoenomena called "Leaders" and "Streamers" as a way of directing the
lightning bolts from the clouds during an electrical storm of clouds.

i.e. British researchers thought they could wage a 'lightning war(blitzkrieg)' literally by artifically inducing streamers from the ground.

Before a lightning bolt strikes the earth's surface, there occurs something like various ionic paths. Ionic paths are regions of ionised air that form something like paths of randomly connected lines , joined end to end , winding their way toward somewhere else.
Leaders could be described as an ionic paths that start at the clouds and try to find their way to the ground.
Streamers could be described as an ionic paths that start at the ground and try to find their way to the clouds.

When a Leader and a Streamer find each other, then is formed an ionic pathway between ground and clouds.

' However, the experiments of the British researchers to direct lightning bolts were not successful.
Probably the energies required are too great for current technologies to artificially induce such streamers.

The people involved in such experiments were said to include a model calling herself Natacha Senechal.

Natacha Senechal appeared mysteriously on 2 or 3 occasions at the so called Parramatta Adventist Church on Hammers Road , Old Toongabbie suburb of Sydney NSW Australia,
during mid 1996, during the Richard Baron seminars. Richard Baron was an Afro-american pastor/public speaker that looked tall enough to be a professional basketball player, and he was visiting Sydney Australia in 1996.
Peter McDonald and his wife were members at that Adventist Church and they were giving Natacha Senechal a car lift to their church.
Peter Mcdonald mentioned that she was calling herself by the name 'Suzanne'.
Later, around 1999 , Peter McDonald and his wife moved from Sydney to somewhere north like Coffs Harbour.

It is not known if Natacha Senechal(aka Suzanne) was working as a model in mid 1996. She appeared on the front of a magazine cover some months later.
It is possible that she was somehow promoted to work as a model some months after the Richard Baron seminar by racists in the Seventh Day adventist church,
or racists who observe via infrastructure camera systems in the Seventh Day Adventist Churches.

It is probable that Natacha Senechal is a relative of one of the church members Bindi Odea.Odea is an irish name that is pronounced "oh-day".
Bindi Odea is said to have a sister called Tiffany Odea, but they look dissimilar to each other.
Tiffany Odea married Serbian Adventist David Stefanovic in around the year 1996.

Bindi Odea (brunette hair) has some resemblance to GF4 music group member Michelle Heidenreich.

So it is possible that Natacha Senechal and Michelle Heidenreich are related to each other.

The surname Heidenreich is connected to an German Nazi SS breeding program called "Lebensborn".
The existence of Safe Bases(sodomite bases) in suburban areas of Sydney is possibly connected to nazi breeding programs such as Lebensborn, via the existence of the H.A.O. Armanen Orden nazi organisation in Australia.

So Natacha Senechal and Michelle Heidenreich are probably connected to Safe Base activity(sodomite bases,ritual prostitution).

There is a concern that the information communicated over the Omega Antenna network had a dual meaning.
Safe Bases(sodomite bases) are a way to cause diseases , via perverse sexual activity (sodomy).
So Safe Bases are probably associated with biological warfare research programs, in addition to nazi breeding programs.

The dual meaning of the communications from 2004 over international antenna networks, possibly refers to how groups of sodomites around the world, can form networks,
that are like a chain of people associated with each other by perverse sex(sodomy). They can form a chain of people that stretches from one location on earth to another location on earth.
Such groups of sodomites are a chain of people connected to each other by their recent sexual activity(perverse sexual activity,sodomy).
i.e. Sodomites carrying the bodily fluids of other sodomites within their bodies. Sodomites carrying such bodily fluids from one location on earth to another location on earth,within hours.

Such a chain of Safe Base sodomites acts like a pathway for diseases such as Corona Virus(COVID19).
So diseases which seem to be contained in 1 location, can strike like lightning, another location on earth, within a few hours.

[Via the safe base system,a disease like COVID19 that seemed to be contained in NW China(xinjiang Province) has been communicated to other locations on earth.And it has become a world-wide epidemic.

Natacha Senechal(aka Suzanne) might be an MI6 agent in Australia, or she might be associated with MI6 agents. MI6 is a british spy organisation.
Natacha Senechal and her Seventh Day Adventist friends, and her relatives might be involved in subversive activities in Australia.

(see images of a safe base(sodomite base) in the suburbs of western sydney on the detection.htm webpage of this website). It is located on a road leading to a public hospital.
On road maps/street directories, the safe base is marked as a 'Military Depot' in the suburbs of Sydney Australia.
Is the public hospital near the Safe Base involved in illegal experiments on human beings?]



The Lightning Protection Industry has a similar imagery to Nikola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter Experiments.
[and Tesla's Ground Ionosphere Antenna Patent 787412 of 1905 is being misused: experiments to enslave human nervous systems using slave labour devices that include Tesla's receiving circuits.

The antennas probably find the receiving circuits according to physical principles similar to coronal discharges.
The antennas probably begin to see the receiving circuits because they have similar small-scale-geometry/electrical properties to larger scale systems/situations/regions where coronal discharges occur.
similar to how Pine Gap antennas observe the area around themselves. The Radome Antennas at Pine Gap (in Central Australia)possibly find objects around by tuning into something like lower voltage coronal discharge phenomena
of objects around them. ]
Corona Discharge: The Corona Effect

Corona Discharge (also known as the Corona Effect) is an electrical discharge caused by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged.
The corona effect will occur in high voltage systems unless sufficient care is taken to limit the strength of the surrounding electric field.

Corona discharge can cause an audible hissing or cracking noise as it ionizes the air around the conductors.
This is common in high voltage electric power transmission lines. The corona effect can also produce a violet glow, production of ozone gas around the conductor, radio interference, and electrical power loss.
See also 15_07_2019_003.jpg <-------------------- modern day slave traders are attracted to work in professions such as Insurance Companies:
Insurance companies put monetary value on people(Insurance Payouts).

[19/04/2020 recent discovery]

This recent discovery is something that sodomites know about themselves, and they never want to tell heterosexuals,
to the extent that sodomite nations such as Australia are deliberately creating some kind of counterfeit against heterosexuals,
sodomite nations such as Australia are surgically attaching slave labour devices to the nerves of heterosexuals,
devices to enslave the nervous systems of people from heterosexual cultures,devices to enslave the nervous systems of people based upon race,
devices which electronically induce strange sounds in the stomach/digestive system of heterosexuals,
devices which electronically induce strange sounds in the stomach/digestive which sound as though heterosexuals are passing wind.

This recent discovery is something that sodomites know about themselves, and they never want to tell heterosexuals,
to the extent that sodomite nations such as Australia are deliberately creating some kind of counterfeit against heterosexuals,
to the extent that sodomite nations such as Australia surgically attach such devices to the nervous system of heterosexuals and
then make heterosexuals unnecesarily suffer for years and years from strange sounds in their digestive systems,
and sodomites play sadistic games of coming near heterosexuals who have been adversely affected by such slavery devices,
and the sodomites instead of revealing what know about themselves, the sodomites watch the heterosexuals suffer for years and years.
and the sodomites instead of revealing what know about themselves, the sodomites watch a process of social isolation, marginalisation, ostracism occur over years,
and the sodomites remain silent.


This information has something to do with a serbian man called Milos Vujanic and Lois(his New Zealand anglo-celtic wife) pretending to be christians in a pentecostal church calling itself "Christian City Church".
Lois was a member of the Salvation Army so-called-christian organisation organisation, which is similar to the Anglican Church.
Milos Vujanic's church advertised to people by putting leaflets in the letter boxes of people, then people would visit their church in Seven Hills West (Seven Hill is a suburb of Sydney NSW Australia).
So people would visit Milos Vujanic's church and then Milos Vujanic visited people's homes.
Milos Vujanoc worked as a fence maker(handymsker).
On one occasion he visited an investment property in Hazelbrook (Blue Mountain, west of Sydney) to put up a fence around the investment property.
While Milos Vujanic was working, he was audibly passed wind, and he probably made a murder/slavery against the person/people who heard Milos Vujanic pass wind.
Milos Vujanic did not want people to find out that he and his wife are sodomites, and not christians.
[One of Milos Vujanio's homosexual sex partners probably stuck his sex organ up Milos Vujanic's behind some hours before he went to work that day,and that resulted in Milos Vujanic passing wind as he worked.]

Sodomites nations such as Australia are developing some kind of Hitlerist/World War 2 German Nazi agenda about such information, so it needs to be known.
It is information that sodomite nations such as Australia know about themselves, and Australians never want to tell other people.
Australians never want to tell such information to migrants they lure into Australia with false promises of a better life made by Australians,
Australians never want to tell such information to migrant families in Australia.

Cant Hold Us by Macklemore,Lewis,Dalton music video (year 2011) is some kind of harvesting(pirate harvest)/underground economy video.
It is a video displaying the word "Heist" , on an American flag in the Canadian city of Toronto.
[People that aren't considered American Indian, singing and dancing like American Indians.

The music from the music video was played frequently on Channel 10 Australia television around the year 2011.
Some years later Channel 10 Australia has been taken over by an American company group,and many Australian employees lost their jobs

Macklemore resemblance to Andrew Millett. Mark Virgona, Adam Burne, Peter Rogers.
The music video possibly connected to illegal immigration across the USA/Canadian border. See information above.
The music video possibly connected to news stories about Alex Hepburn playing country cricket, and then being jailed.

See mention of David Christian above. David Christian is from an Australoid Boxing/Fighting family.He is the son of Trevor Christian(Australoid professional boxer).
David Christian is a friend of Andrew Millett,Daniel Mamo, Toni Collette(actress).

Deborah McLachlan(1981 elementary school teacher in Sydney Australia)--------- Fleur Cates(Netanyahu's 1970s wife)------ Benjamin Netanyahu

Charlie Ayoub ------Paul Habib Nemer (an arab connected to the Australian homosexual crime organisation called "The Family"). One Nemer owns a laundry cleaning company: they probably clean suits, and another Nemer is mentioned as a convicted gunman. <---> Nabil Saada a 1990s Jehovah's Witness who would send his bible students to a gloomy,drab clothing shop in Cabramatta to buy a suit for church
(Jehovah's Witnesses call their Church 'Kingdom Halls').

Nemer is mentioned in the book "City of Evil" by Shaun Fewster.

[Probably similarity to the "Charles Manson Family" (American mass murderers, killers from the hippy subculture. Thus spake Zarathustra(Zoroaster), God is dead, burn down the churches <--- atheistic satanic religious ideology, aryan religionists within the Hippy movement, Beatles fans.}

Charlie Ayoub was friends with Emad Jaber,Andrew Jubian, and crime families from Seven Hills West area.
Emad Jaber was friends with Neil who lived near Terry Feeny, Jamie Hatson, and various racists that joined Jason Vella's Lalor Park Rugby League team.
See also the Arabic man (blue shirt)in an AAMI insurance company advertisement.
The arab in the advertisement probably has some connection to Charlie Ayoub and Paul Habib Nemer.
Modern slave traders like to work in Job such as Insurance where monetary values are put upon people.
AAMI 2015 Ad

Otto Warmbier(American the died after being being jailed in North Korea and the released) was possibly part of a pretend angel cult associated with the film "No retreat, no surrender".

No retreat, no surrender was a martial arts film, where an american martial arts student was taught how to fight by the spirit(ghost) of a famous deceased martial artist.
There might be some association,relation, or correspondence between Otto Warmbier, and the lead actor of the film, Kurt McKinney.
Jean Claude Van Damme plays the villain in the movie.
There is also another actor in the movie: Timothy D Baker, who has been interviewed as making criticism of Jean Claude Van Damme's martial arts ability. Baker mentioned in an interview
that Jean Claude Damme should not be considered a martial arts master, because he cannot control his punches and kicks, to prevent injury. Jean Claude Damme was criticised for unnecessarily
injuring people during the making of his films. On an Australian news program probably called Terry Willesee Tonight (TWT) ,
it was mentioned that there occurred a death during some Van Damme film with a helicopter scene, a scene in which it was raining,with a man looking at the helicopter above,
maybe the man was standing in a shallow river(stream).

Van Damme also starred in movies such as Universal Soldier(1992), and Streetfighter(1994). Kylie Minogue was Van Damme's co-star in the Streetfighter movie.

In movies such as Streetfighter(1994) occurred Jack Parson's doubles such as Raul Julia who played the character General Bison.

Such Jack Parson's doubles in films probably has something to do with an austrian born nazi called Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny and group of paratroopers rescued italian fascist political leader Benito Mussolini from captivity.
Benito Mussolini was an ally of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.
Skorzeny was Austrian born, but maybe he was ethnically italian,spanish,arab,or Armenian, or maybe some combination of such ethnicities.
The cartoon drama "Porco Rosso" is probably a film based upon the activities of Otto Skorzeny and his paratroopers. There are Adolf Hitler faces in Porco Rosso, as though Skorzeny and his colleague were among Hitler clones,
or as if Skorzeny was trying to clone Adolf Hitler. During a brief scene in Porco Rosso, there is a plane with it's wing marked H.A.O. The H.A.O.(Armanen Orden) are an organisation connected with pagan harvest festival in Nazi Germany.

Documentaries about Otto Skorzeny mentioned that he was part of the Nazi Waffen S.S. (Schutz staffel=protection squad) , however he might have been associated with the H.A.O.
The Brown Shirts of Ernst Roehm(homosexual nazi brawler) were probably a chapter of the H.A.O. in Nazi Germany.

Is the some connection between Otto Warmbier doubles and Otto Skorzeny doubles?
Did Otto Skorzeny/Jack Parson doubles and their Persian Zurkane/Beef Eater/Molech worshipper martial arts system have something to do with the making of the movie "No retreat no surrender?",
Is that why they appear in later martial arts films like Streetfighter(1994)?

This information possibly has relevence to the questions & information above, asking who was Daniel Mamo's homosexual mentor during his years playing Rugby League?
Daniel Mamo played rugby league for a "Workers Club", while his friend Simon Rowe played rugby league for an R.S.L. club (War Veterans,Returned Serviceman's League.
Greg Meller was another friend of Daniel Mamo. Greg Meller played rugby league for the same R.S.L. club as Simon Rowe, but due to Greg Meller's being a few months younger than Simon Rowe,
Greg Meller played in a team that was considered 1 year younger than Simon Rowe's team.

Greg Meller invited people to play for his R.S.L. Meller grew up in a single parent home after his father died in a bogun(ocker) fishing/boating accident [possibly] from a spear-gun injury,
and Greg Meller's mother owned a car.
[Meller did not want to say how his household became a single parent household. Information was discovered later.
The Meller household seemed to have more money than other aussie households, including 1980s video games, and that was probably from an Insurance/Compensation payout due to a member of their household dieing.]

Meller's mother would give car lifts to people to transport them to rugby league training and weekend rugby league matches.
However, Meller's mother would sometimes disappear before the end of a Rugby League training day,or disappear before the end of a Rugby League match.
So there were situation where Greg Meller's mother would transport person(s) to the sports grounds, but she would suggest to others(strangers) to transport person(s) back to their homes.
So person(s) would finish playing a rugby league match, expecting to be transported home by Greg Meller's mother, but then person(s) would discover that Meller's mother had left early, and then
some complete stranger would appear and say that he would give person(s) a car lift home.

On one such occasion when Greg Meller's mother left early, a stranger appeared and said that he would give a person a car lift home.The stranger resembled the lead actor in the film "No retreat, no surrender."
The stranger had an Australian accent.
However a person had organised some minutes before to be transported home by the manager of the Rugby league team.
The name of the coach of the team was Barry Panowich/Panovich( probably a Serbian-Polish surname). The name of his manager is less memorable. The manager was anglo-celtic.
Simon Rowe(anglo-celtic male) was a member of that Rugby League,as was a small australoid male called Chris Perry, but they are not the person that Greg Meller's mother was giving a car lift to.
Some months later,during a regional competition, Chris Perry was taken off the rugby league field due to an injury. It was said that Chris Perry had a head clash with another player,
but the other player might have considered the circumstances a clash of Chris Perry's head into his leg.
[Therefore, there is a a possibility that some kind of pretend angle cult activity was occuring in the R.S.L. club in Sydney Australia,during the 1980s decade.
i.e. Some kind of pretend angel belief system with doubles from the movie 'No retreat no surrender' , or that makes movie doubles out of strangers offering car lift to people...
and the American Otto Warmbier might have been a 21st Century double from that movie ,but he was touring North Korea not Australia.
i.e. In some circumstances,networks of spies are possibly able to get similar faces into the media, after observing someone. There might be other methods , other groups of people that can get similar faces into media.]

So, on the ocassion that Greg Meller's mother left early, and the Manager transported a person home ... the behaviour of the Manager was strange. Instead of driving a person home directly,
the manager drove to some location like a club house, or a small grfup of shops with a newsagent to fill out a weekly lotto/lottery entry form(card).
The manager was away for 20-30 minutes, while a person was in the car , waiting to be driven home.
The behaviour of the manager was as though he wanted to the person to become bored in the car, then then to open the car door and to go outside to search for the manager.
But a person decided to stay in the car, and eventually, after 20-30 minutes, the manager came back to the car, and a person was driven home.

A few weeks after, a person decided to stop playing rugby league for that R.S.L, Club, probably because the team was very unfriendly toward the person.
Then Greg Meller afterward, and he said that a person should have kept playing rugby league for the R.S.L. club.
But it could be asked, why would a person want to be among people that were so unfriendly ? and Greg Meller became unfriendly. Why would a person want to associate with Greg Meller when he became so unfriendly?
Greg Meller was never a friend of a person, he never was anything more than an acquaintance to the person.

...and for some unknown reason, Greg Meller and his friends made a years long conspiracy out of a person joining an R.S.L. Rugby League team and the deciding to stop playing because the team members were very unfriendly.
Would the information suggest that some kind of shameful immoral activity was occurring in connection with R.S.L. clubs and their Rugby League teams and also rugby league player Daniel Mamo and his Workers Club ?



Nikola Tesla probably constructed his ground ionosphere antennas from existing telegraph line technology.




Forrestal is a surname connected with Majestic 12(MJ12) . Majestic 12 began in 1947 and James Forrestal died in 1949
(Forestal was possibly murdered(1949) in a similar manner to scientist Frank olsen in 1953).

.Forrestal was secretary of the Navy.
Majestic 12 is said to be a committee of 12 people, however the terminology certainly has further meanings to do with the 12 constellations of the Zodiac,
and the way that a group of pagans observe a baphomet at the centre of their circle.
[MJ-12 aren't Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. MJ-12 is something pagan, involving human sacrifice(ritual murders),serial killings(zodiac killers), mass murders
and plans of genocide against racial groups that are not anglo-germanic, that are not aryan(not indo-european).

Forrestal was also the name given to a 1950s type of Aircraft Carrier that were nuclear armed(armed with nuclear weapons). It could carry nuclear armed planes.
[The Forrestal type of aircraft carriers were followed by the USS Enterprise nuclear powered(nuclear propelled) type of Aircraft Carriers.
Maybe the Forrestal aircraft carrier was a prototype for the later nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

[Note that the name 'Enterprise' is connected with The Rand Corporation (USA multinational research and development company). In the 1950s television series 'Star Trek'
the Spaceship is called The Enterprise. Also the 1970s prototype of Space Shuttles was called the Enterprise by NASA(USA national aerospace organisation)]

The Forrestal was possibly a way for the planes of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) to be carried over the sea, to wage genocidal war against nations that opposed the USA.
It seems likely that,the airplanes of the Strategic Air Command had more purposes than simply defending the continent of North America.

Vannevar Bush(MJ12 committe member)<<<<<<<<<<< resemblance to Lewis Carrol the author of Alice in Wonderland.(Expression: How deep does the rabbit hole go?
Alice in Dreamland ?)
[...President Harry Truman instructed Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to set up Operation Majestic Twelve, a blue-ribbon, top-secret panel headed by Vannever Bush, a leading Manhattan Project figure...

[The following individuals were described in the Majestic 12 documents as "designated members" of Majestic 12:Lloyd Berkner,Detlev Bronk,Vannevar Bush,James Forrestal,Gordon Gray,
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter,Jerome Clarke Hunsaker,Donald H. Menzel,Robert M. Montague,Sidney Souers,Nathan F. Twining,Hoyt Vandenberg.
e.g. The Bush family are servants of the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller family are possibly considered as 1 of the 13 illuminati bloodlines.
So Vannevar Bush might be a representative of the Rockefellers in the MJ-12 committee.

<<<<< Majestic12 possibly has connections to writings about 13 illuminati bloodlines. The illuminati is a vague term to describe groups of occultists(satanists) and their associated sodomite religion.
Sodomite religious organisations are freemasons, templar-type knightly orders, sisterhoods that follow witchcraft belief systems,... and families which are prominent in sodomite religion have many servants.
Safe bases & underground bases(sodomite pits?) are places for modern sodomites to meet and to practise their sodomite customs and sodomite religion.
[Also, 1990s ecumenism (ecumenical movement) seem to be part of the plans for a world sodomite religion. Ecumenism is a banner for freemasons and homosexuals who are anglicans, and similar denominations, to rally behind.
The ecumenical movement is accepting of witchcraft religious belief systems.

Deduction: Majestic 12 genocidal warfare can be done with:
1) planes and aircraft carriers(S.A.C. airplanes and Forrestal Aircraft carrier)
and it can be done with
2) nuclear propelled space craft (Project Orion,Project Daedalus, British Rail UFO ...)
[space station? & nuclear propelled space craft :(ISS international space station and Projects Orion/Daedalus...
the ISS international space station is probably a way to construct nuclear powered space craft in orbit.)


This information is probably relevent in connection with names mentioned on this website: Lisa Najeeb Halaby , Jack Parsons , Otto Skorzeny ,etc .

There is possibly some connection with Bashar Al Assad(Syrian politician) and Pablo Escobar(Colombian Drug Baron ,deceased)
Both have Romanian.looking.faces.
Bashar Al Assad speaks as though he is vampire Count Dracula.Novel(s) & films about Dracula was based upon 15th century Romanian ruler called Vlad the Impaler(aka Vlad Dracul,Dracul=son of the devil).

The wife of Bashar Al Assad resembles 1980s Australian model Elle McPherson. She looks jewish. Is Elle McPherson a jewish Australian?
Over several decades, there seems to have been a habit of Arabic political leaders marrying jewish,looking.women,
so it could be asked are such arabic political leaders traitors to their arabic people?
Have several arabic political leaders been doing the bidding of Israel over several decades?

There is some connection with Bashar Assad(Syrian politician) and Pablo Escobar(Colombian Drug Baron ,deceased)
Both have Romanian faces.

Also to mention Philippe of Spain(supposedly son of Juan Carlos) has some resemblance to Bashar Al Assad.

The corresponding underground economy trade routes might go something like: Colombia(South America)<>Puerto Rico(Virgin Islands?)<>atlantic ocean<>mediterranean sea<>Syria.
Columbia(South America)<>Spain<>Italy<>Romania(country on the Black Sea)<> Turkey<> Syria.

Note also that Mohammed Morsi(Muslim Brotherhood political leader in Egypt, deceased) had a resemblance to Ron Pearlman(Italian American actor).
[The resemblance of arabic political leaders to Italians and Romanians probably has to do with Italy having colonies in North Africa before World War 2.]

Also news stories about former model Kate Fisher converting to Judaism and calling herself Tziporah Malkah, could be hints about Elle McPherson being an Australian jew,
and that she resembles(is related to?) the wife of Bashar Al Assad, and maybe connected to some kind of illegal immigration involving a jewish wives scheme.
Elle McPherson,Kate Fisher,and Portia De Rossi were actresses in the mermaid movie Sirens(1993)

Kate Fisher was a former girlfriend of James Packer, the son of deceased Australian billionaire Kerry Packer.
Would this information suggest that the Packer family were profitting from illegal immigration and drug trafficking from Columbian Drug Baron Pablo Escobar?
[Note that Packer's wife Roz looks Dutch(& Basque?). So there is possibly a connection to Holland. Holland is country that has had a large Jewish population over centuries.]

Pablo Escobar <.......> Acsinte family from Romania?

[The Assad family are political rivals of the Hariri family in Lebanon(Hariri <....> Habib ?).
[lebanon is adjacent nation to modern day Israel.]
Bashar Al Assad probably ordered/financed the assassination of Rafic Hariri in year 2005.The United Nations said it would investigate,
but the United Nations has not been able to investigate the assassination of Hariri.

A connection of Marsden Park (suburb of Sydney NSW AU) has been found to Nikola Tesla.
It has been observed that a "Crookes company" is present in Marsden Park as a company that builds the

industrial/factory/warehouse buildings around the area where there is a large sign listing the companies.

The Lindt Chocolate factory(confectionaries) is close to such buildings, some minutes walk distant.
[Crookes is associated with gas dicharge tubes that eventually led to the development of the Cathode Ray tube as used
in old style television sets( gas discharge tubes/electrical discharge tubes/vacuum discharge tubes. = glowing gas
when an electrical current is passed through)]

The documentary "Tesla Master of Lightning" mentioned that William Crookes was considered a friend of Nikola Tesla.
Crookes believed that people could communicate telepathically if their bodies became tuned to the same frequency as
each other. Tesla was sceptical.

Some moments later, the documentary mentions that Tesla developed metallic coils whose frequencies were tuned to
each other: coils that could send messages to each other in the form of radio communications.

[This website is of the opinion that William Crookes' statements suggest he was an anglo-celtic sodomite(sodomites
become experts at communication without speaking), and that Crookes possibly organised the murder of the mother of Nikola
Tesla, and then by some perverse method,maybe the use of illicit drugs, William Crookes caused Nikola Tesla to have a
vision of his deceased mother, probably in a dream-like state under the influence of drugs and suggestion. e.g. Illicit drugs put into the drinking water, or tea.]

Crookes company <---> Cadbury(confectionaries) similarities to Lindt ?



7 Jason Harris hasa resemblance to Barbaro crime family members mentioned in recent news stories.
[Harris was adopted by a man resembling the lead singer of Hoodoo Gurus music group.He looked irish or portuguese.
Jason Harris looks Italian(Ligurian?).
During the 1980s jason harris lived on a busy road north of where Joshua Cameron,Brett Beehag,Clive bunker,Selina Bonello lived.a park was between harris and Cameron et al
Evette Nelson probably lived somewhere near Jason Harris.]

Jason Harris<-----?---->Barbaro Crime family in Australia<...............>Calabrian Mafia Italy
Ralph Quitadamo in Australia<--------Quitadamo(Genoese Crime Family In Genoa & Foggia Italy<--------->Genovese Crime family USA?
{Ralph Quitadamo has brothers:Donny,and,Robert.
Ralph Quitadamo's father resembled italian pornographic film actor Marcello Mastroianni}
Quitadamo and Harris were friends with Rosemary Finn.Finn was in the same school class as Quitadamo and Harris.
Rosemary Finn lived between the Camilleri home and a the home of a tall blonde that lived on a street corner.
Across the road from Rosemary Finn's home lived Stephen Collins and Rachel Griffiths.
[Rosemary Finn's mother looked very similar to a woman living in the same street called Rosemary Hunter, however Rosemary Finn's mother avoided speaking to the people whom Rosemary Hunter lived near to.]
Rosemary Finn and her mother moved out of neighbourhood a year or two before Hunter moved out.
Rosemary Finn would knock on the doors of people who lived in the neighbourhood:Rosemary Finn would try to sell flowers to people on whose doors she knocked.In hindsight Rosemary Finn acted like some Hippy(Mansonite?) "Flower Girl".
In hindsight,there is reason to think that the Finn family were hippies with ideology same or similar to Charles Manson,and so there activity is probably connected to the
Australian homosexual crime organisation known as The Family(see the September 1988 News Story by Jennifer Byrne (australian 60 minutes) and the book City of Evil by Sean Fewster.)


Concord Repatriation Hospital in Sydney could be described as a R.S.L. hospital (R.S.L.=Returned Service Men's League=War Veterans=club buildings/meeting places for military people.)
So Concord Hospital is something like a military hospital in a civilian region of Sydney. It is near the Parramatta River .
[The information about Concord Hospital that has recently appeared on the internet would suggest so.]

Questions should be asked in a legal context(court,international law) about the meaning of repatriation.
Information about Concord Hospital on the internet suggests that repatriation refers to Australian soldiers being overseas and then repatriated back to Australia.
However, this website is of the opinion that Repatriation has a more sinister meaning in connection with Concord Hospital. Repatriation is probably connected with anti-immigration against migrant families . "
The kind of anglo-celtic Australian racial selfishness where " If you dont like Ku Klux Klan racism occuring in Australia, go back to where you came from . "
The kind of anglo-celtic Australian racial selfishness where " If you dont like HAO Armanen Orden Nazism occuring in Australia, go back to where you came from . "
The racist military doctors and medical staff at Concord Hospital are possibly there to try to send people back to where they came from , by force, through racial violence, through medical crimes, through medical nazism.
See the information above about medical doctors Peter Haertsch,Marianne Vonau,neurosurgeon Silfverskold,...













Urumqi is the capital city of Sinking(Xinjiang) Province China.
Wuhan is far eastward of Urumqi.
However, both Urumqi and Wuhan are located on a land trade route called "New Silk Road" .
so Cargo travels quickly between Urumqi and Wuhan.
So if the Corona Virus(COVID-19) originated somewhere in the Tarim Basin(in which Urumqi is located), it could have travelled
quickly to Wuhan, via the New Silk Road.
[A striking overlap exists between the path of today's viral spread and the path of the Black Death in the 1300s.]

Also,people from Eastern European countries know a tradition about the Bubonic Plague that killed many Europeans some centuries ago.
The tradition suggests that rats came from Asia, and had very nice furry coats when they were in Asia.
However, when rats were brought to Europe from Asia, they lost their nice furry coats, and became a pest:
rats became a plague animal in Europe with ordinary looking coats... and that is how the Bubonic Plague reached Europe.

There was a news story from year 2019 about Marmots and Central Asia: the fur trade (rodent furs similar to Mink to make fur coats worn by humans=fashion industry ),and the bubonic plague .
Marmots possibly correspond to the rodents with nice furry coats as described in Eastern European traditions about the Bubonic Plague in Europe.
[Plague deaths: Quarantine lifted after couple die of bubonic plague]

Question:Is it possible that the Corona Virus(Covid-19) is the revenge of the Mongols against Western Europe ?
[Is Covid-19 a plague produced by Western European industrialists in Xinjiang province making ritual prostitution(perversion) against some central asian people ?]

The Mongols probably reached Hungary and Germany, and then turned back and went home eastward.
Eastern European countries and Germany have been less affected by the Corona Virus ,maybe because those countries have significant Mongol Genetics within their populations, so maybe that provides some resistance against COVID-19?
Western European countries such as Britain,France,Spain have been badly affected by Corona Virus. maybe because western European countries lack Mongol Genetics.
Is Covid-19 a biological warfare agent, deliberately released by Western European Industrialists in Xinjiang some years after large numbers of migrants reached Europe.
Is Covid-19 a way of murdering many of the migrants, after they were allows to go in through European borders.
Did the Western European industrialists not realise that many Europeans would be killed by such a biological warfare organism as COVID-19 ?

Were there hints about such biological warfare research by western nations some decades ago ?

-The Rand Corporations(Research and Development Corporation: makers of the 1960s space series Star Trek.

-The 1980s Computer 3D Space Game "Elite":
[Trumbels are a later copy of the Tribbles Star Trek furry creatures.
THe computer game Elite might be a computer hint about research called Project Daedalus.
Project Dadalus is connected with the anglo-celtic Majestic-12(MJ-12) plan of extermination against some racial groups.
Project Daedalus probably includes biological warfare research.

-Steven Spielberg's Gremlins(1984) movie: Fictitious furry creatures called Mogwai turning into monsters if you feed them incorrectly.




[A] woman with a face similar to Catherine Zeta Jones. [Appeared on the same day as Saher Yousef in year 2009]
i.e. The woman in the white coat.
She was not the same woman that was a Sydney University student in Ian Sefton's physics 1 lab class.
The woman in the white coat was younger than Ian Sefton's student.

[Ian Sefton's student from physics 1 might be connected to names such as Marie,Maree,Johns: Marie Johns ?]
She appeared at Sydney University (Physics 1 labs,Science Faculty) with a male who resembles the surname Rathmell , and given names such as Lester(Liecester?)].
Some time after Ian Sefton's student appeared in physics 1 lab classes, it was discovered that there was a lecturer in the Engineering Faculty whose name was Jim Rathmell.
Jim Rathmell resembled the boyfriend of Ian Sefton's student.

Ian Sefton was a member of the school of Physics at Sydney University.Ian Sefton had his own office room in the physics building.
[Ian Sefton resembled photos of musician Jeff St John , when Jeff St john became older. Was Jeff St John an Anglican Church musician ?]



Faces from year 2009 and a Letterbox advert from around year 2007.
[A woman with some resemblance to Tracey Austin (professional tennis player) ?]





[Why the US Navy once wanted to turn Wisconsin into the world's largest antenna]
Project ELF — was eventually built in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and operated between 1989 and 2004.

Bill Clinton ,Hillary Clinton,James B. & Susan McDougal : Whitewater(housing development corporation) - real estate scandal <---> Whitewater Wisconsin USA
Whitewater Wisconsin USA <----> Hippocampal Neuron Patterning & Project Sanguine Antennas in Wisconsin USA.

Hippocampal neuron pattering USA (USA DARPA research) <-----> Bio-robots(cyborgs) Ukraine chernobyl (German & Soviet Cyborg experiments)
[Something like a Soviet version of Operation Paperclip , Nazi doctors in the Ukraine?]

Bio Robots | 5 Secret German/Soviet Projects <--- Bio-robots(cyborg experiments) World War 2 era

Chernobyl disaster <---------------------------- Bio-robots 1980s era
(expendable humans experiments,humans that soon die from nuclear radiation,probably includes cyborg experiments,
tele-presence by turning humans into cyborgs to do jobs in conditions that kill human life.) 1980s era.
...Consequently, the most highly radioactive materials were shoveled by Chernobyl liquidators from the military wearing heavy protective gear (dubbed "bio-robots" by the military);
these soldiers could only spend a maximum of 40–90 seconds working on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings because of the extremely high doses of radiation given off by the blocks of graphite
and other debris. Though the soldiers were only supposed to perform the role of the "bio-robot" a maximum of once, some soldiers reported having done this task five or six times...

31_05_2020 added into 25_05_2020.jpg:begin]
***********Bio-robots(cyborg experiments) aka TITANS: Titan robots/Titan biorobots=Titan Cyborgs. The word robots means workers in the context of menial jobs & slave labour.*************

[It might be mentioned that Titan is a word associated with Greek Paganism, racists within Eastern Orthodox denominations,
Gnostic beliefs are corrupted by Greek Paganism(Greek pagan homosexuality).
Gnostic beliefs(gnostics teaching their disciples the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven by being naked together in caves , as described in the Gnostic "Secret Gospel of Mark"),
Templar crusader ideology(sodomite ideology=Templars kissing each other at the base of the spine). Gnostic Archons <---> Titans. Archons were the servants of the Satan-like Demiurge whom Gnostics consider the creator of the World fallen into sin.]

By turning certain races into Cyborgs,perverse racists within the eastern orthodox church denominations want to endlessly vilify people:
eastern orthodox racists want to consider victims of cybernetic slavery devices as Titans.
eastern orthodox racists want to consider victims of cybernetic slavery devices as people whose bodies have been possessed by the Archons of the Demiurge.

The concept of Archons possesing peoples bodies is similar to the biblical verse of the fallen angels: angels rebelling and falling from heaven. (Genesis 6:1–4,Revelation 12:7-8)

Some might consider the Orthodox Church denominations as counterfeit christianity (eastern orthodox=nationalistic countefeit of true christanity).
i.e. The orthodox church is about secretly promoting Gnostic paganism, because orthodox church nations were defeated by Turks and Mongols who over 300-400 years subjugation turned the orthodox church into groups of homosexuals.
i.e. Orthodox Church nations were the nations of the Eastern Roman Empire who were defeated by Turks and Mongols, and were ruled over by Turks and Mongols for 3 centuries, 4 centuries .

The desire of perverse eastern orthodox racists to use slave labour devices against some races, is possibly connected to concepts of capturing Archons,enslaving Archons to act as sources of information.
Capturing/Enslaving archons within the bodies of people that racist pagan nations consider alien residents (people of a different race,people who are not considered members of the nomadic pagan tribe).
Capturing Archons,enslaving Archons to act as sources of information has similarities to Baphomet Worship customs where primitive nomadic races would capture and enslave individuals from ancient civilisations and
then do things around those individuals, probably treating the captured/enslaved individuals as sources of information.

31_05_2020 added into 25_05_2020.jpg:end]



The Packer media family in Australia are probably significantly invested in the illegal research of Project Daedalus <--> "Starlight" music video.
i.e. Illegal experiments against humans(enslavement/depopulation experiments), portrayed as Space Research. <--> "Secret Space Program" Nazism(Covert Space program,Project Solar Warden),Majestic-12(MJ-12)
Starlight(music video) by The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman)

The music video might suggest that the Packer family make much of their money from mafia-style-crimes such as racial violence/racial murders , identity theft, ...

Identity theft is a way that anglo-celtics do racism against migrant families.
Migrant families are adversely affected so that their quality of life is reduced:
e.g. sitting at home watching television instead of being out and about doing interesting things.

If it became known that the Packer family are involved in such mafia activities/racism, maybe Kerry Packer and his family would be sitting at home in front of a television,
instead of being the owner(s) of a television network company Channel 9 Australia.
Kerry Packer died few years after the music video was made.




To do with the pretend angel sodomite cults promoted by Grenville Kent(SDA Pastor) and the Seventh Day Adventist Church pretend Christian denomination that allows him to be a Pastor :
[To do with news stories about the Waco massacre in the 1990s, and the formation of other son-of-god cults like the sweat lodge deaths years after Waco.]

The Seventh Day Adventist church is a counterfeit religion: it is in American religion that is about making groups of sodomites, not groups of christians.
The Seventh DAy Advetises advertises itself as a christian denomination, but when people are invited to Adventist Churches, it becomes visible that the SDA

[GOD IS DOOD <----- Dutch language expressing Zorastrian satanism ideology of God is dead. Probably connected with sodomites using the terminilogy "Dude" .
Dude terminology is probably connected to sodomites cults of Coolness.Satanists and segregationists like using Dude, because they arent using language like "Man".
To mention the word Dude to someone is a way to dehumanise a person in Dutch language , to consider a person as dead, to consider a person as a Baphomet-in-the-becoming.
Satanists want to make people into gods and then to kill their gods:To kill their secret gods is a way for Satanists want to become gods/god-like themselves.
Satanism and paganism are closely connected.]

When people mention the word Dude , often it might be a hint. People coming near in a social gathering and using the word Dude are hinting the existence of a sodomite herd around .
they are acting in a manner to signal that the sodomite herd can reach you. The Sodomite herd considers you as being in their territory .

Some people have never liked hearing the terminology Dude, because it is a word that is used but most people dont know what it means.
When people use the word dude,some people never liked hearing the word dude . Some people asked the question, what does dude mean? Is someone calling you their horse ?
This website has discovered recently the real meaning of the word dude, as described in the previous 2 paragraphs .

SODOM AND GOMORRAH WERE DESTROYED Genesis Chapters 18 and 19 .







Irish submarines: Some years ago, Australians(aussies) used to mention jokes about Irish Submarines.
Aussies portrayed talk about Irish Submarines as jokes. Years later, aussies probably no longer talk about Irish Submarines.
Irish submarines were probably something like underground bases on land.
People who started talking about Irish Submarines were probably hinting they were from perverse families.
Irish submarines did not seem to work properly underwater, and they were said to be modified in ways that were against their use underwater.
e.g. The talk about Irish submarines used to be like "How do you sink an Irish submarine? Knock on the door[hatch door?] and they will open the window[hatch window?] ".
such talk about Irish submarines used to occur in school students settings and also on television programs.
Some school students would often start talking about Irish Submarines.

Irish submarine talk occurred during an era where anglo-celtic families were mixing more socially with migrant families, there was less segregation than there is in the early 21st century.
Have anglo-celtic societies regressed (not progressed) in terms of racial segregation ?
i.e. Irish submarine talk occurred in an era when many migrant families did not know that Australia is a sodomite nation , an era when Australians didn't openly accept events such as the gay mardi gras.

An era when there wasn't mention of Gay Marriage in the media as something that Australians accept. Gay Marriage = Hieros Gamos marriage ? Something that homosexual societies(sodomite societies) consider sacred ?
Hieros Gamos marriage are probably some kind of union between 3 people: a male and female who show themselves as marriage partners and a secret male third person who sodomises them both.
Safe bases are venues where probably many Hieros Gamos unions occur, and the Beatles Sargent Pepper "Lonely Hearts Club" is probably about Hieros Gamos unions in safe bases(yellow submarines,Irish submarines).
Hieros Gamos marriage is probably closely connected to concepts like Gay-Straight alliances. [But nations/societies who encourage gay-straight alliances are not straight, because the homosexuals corrupt people.

i.e. An era when it was less known that Sydney Australia is the homosexual tourism capital of the Southern Hemisphere. Australians used to mention that San Francisco,California, USA was the homosexual tourism capital of
the Northern Hemishpere, but Australians did not want to mention Sydney Australia in that way.

Also terminology such as Hieros Gamos Marriage(homosexually sacred marriages) implies the existence of a sodomite religion(sodomite religion).Nations such as Australia probably secretly follow a sodomite religion describable as
"Aussie silly buggers". i.e. a religion of "aussie silly buggers" in connection with with aussie buggery(sodomy) behaviours. Such a religion of aussie silly buggers is about anglo-celtics being brainwashed into their sodomite religion .
See the mention above of Masonic organisations having the purpose of brainwashing people into ritualistic lifestyles.

Brianwashing by sodomy , brainwashing people in sodomite religion , is associated with the way that pretend angel cults easily infiltrate supposedly christian denominations in Australia,
and associated with the UFO Cults that accept people who anglo-celtic sodomite nations do not want to be considered christian.
[The American "Church of Scientology" religion is the world's largest UFO Cult: ...


The sons of Mrs Cousins have resemblance to Joe De Maggio(professional baseball player). De Maggio was a husband of Marilyn Monroe(actress). i.e. Steven Cousens has a resemblance to Joe De Maggio, and to Erwin Rommel's family. Rommel was a Nazi General in World War 2 . Rommel fought the British in North Africa during world war 2.

Marilyn Monroe(actress) was a girlfriend of John F. Kennedy 1960s USA president. Marilyn Monroe was shown on television singing a sexualized version of the happy birthday song to USA President John F. Kennedy:
lyrics "Happy Birthday Mr President".

Marilyn Monroe had a slight resemblance to actresses such as Liza Minnelli and her mother Judy Garland.
Marilyn Monroe had Italian mafia connections. [Frank Sinatra(actor) and his daughter Nancy Sinatra(singer)?]
1980s singer Madonna's career was probably based upon her similarities to photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe was a brunette who dyed her hair blonde.

Marilyn Monroe was a fan of Bella Bartok music(music composer). Bartok was a competitor against the music of Franz Liszt.
[Franz Liszt (music composer) <---> Guido Von List(Lizst?) H.A.O pagan Priest (Armanen Orden pagan priest)]
The information on the internet about the H.A.O. nazism organisation suggests that the behave in the manner of advertising 1 of their pagan priests, the other priests are deliberately hidden.
If you find one H.A.O., if you investigate 1 pagan priest(ein Priester), you will probably find many other priests(viele Priester).

The Rune writing of the H.A.O. probably comes from the island of Sardinia(considered part of Italy). Sardinia probably had Phoenician writing artefacts which included symbols such as the Cross inside the circle(Celtic Cross).
Racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan frequently use the Celtic Cross symbols in their gatherings.
There is some connection of the H.A.O. to the Pyrenees Mountains(Basques). The island of Sardinia is East/South East of the Pyrenees Mountains. Fascist leader Benito Mussolini was probably a Sardinian racial type(Basque-Italian?).

Jimmy Morrisey <--resembles-> Blajoe Stefanovic(Seventh Day Adventist,retired plumber ,David Stefanovic is his son).
& Heston the television chef.

Doc and Grace Goddard were the adopted parents(guardians) of Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker).
Goddard is a name associated with American Rocket Science.

John gilmore(hollywood author about Marilyn Monroe) <-resembles--> resembled Tony curtis when younger, John gilmore(hollywood author) <-resembles--> resembles Duncan Regehr(actor), Skorzeny ,Jack Parsons when older.
(Jack Parson(scientology,NASA JPL,satanist)<------>Curtis LeMay from Strategic Air Command.) <---> Majestic-12 Project


Milan Terzic (british-serbian male,Seventh Day Adventist,suffers from incurable blood disease Toxoplasmosis) <--some resemblances-> Lee Harvey Ozwald ?

[Polynesian woman named Toeta is the friend of Milan Terzic. Terzic and Toeta conducted Seventh Day Adventist bible studies together.
Terzic's wife Gwen claimed to be a prophetess , calling herself Hepsibah Beulah , and sent many letters to people in the 1990s about her visions (probably drug-induced-visions) .
But Gwen Terzic didnt tell people she was a drug user. She claimed to be a christian.]

Milan Terzic lives nearby Drago Pavlek.

See information above about Toni Collette's friend Louise Davis and her resemblance to New Zealand politican Helen Clarke.

Did Nancy Reagan(Nancy Davis) have some connection to death of Marilyn Monroe? Nancy Reagan <---> John Gotti ?

documentary: Reagan(2011) by Mailonline.
...Hollywood powerhouse Lew Wasserman was Ronald Reagan's mentor, once described as 'the Godfather of the film industry.'
A new documentary seen exclusively by MailOnline explores Wasserman's connections to the Mafia and how that influenced the man who would be president ...

Donald Trump ---probably related to actors Martin Sheen's wife Janet Estevez(Janet Sheen).

Trump's family probably started out in Wild West Saloons(beer pubs ,simple wooden hotels like in Hollywood sets in cowboy films).
Maybe Trumps family were involved in trading Moonshine alcohol during the 1920s prohibition era, and that could associate Trump with Bill Clinton's family(Clinton and Blythe, Barbara Pierce=Barbara Bush).
According to some news stories , during the 1970s and 1980s, Clinton and Bush were trading illict drugs through Mena Airport in Arkansas USA (Arkansas pronounced Ark-in-saw), and that was connected to the Iran-Contra scandal.
The USA news programs were frequently mentioning the Iran-Contra Scandal ,and Oliver Oliver North, but rarely mentioned Mena Airport and the Bush & Clinton connection to Mena.

William Jefferson Clinton (né Blythe III; born August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001.
Prior to his presidency, he served as governor of Arkansas (1979-1981 and 1983-1992) and as attorney general of Arkansas (1977-1979).
Also Clinton is the name of a town/city in Arkansas USA.,_Arkansas
City of Clinton, Arkansas – Where the Ozarks meet the South









Gnosticism is probably counterfeit Christianity corrupted by Greek paganism.
The Secret Gospel of Mark is a gnostic gospel.









Pertaining to the information above about Drago Pavlek and Milan Terzic:
There is a possibility that racists have been moving into such neighbourhoods in western Sydney the
racist families that started World War I (the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that began World War I).
They are probably servants of the Hanseatic League.

Racist families such as Pavlek, Terzic, Stefanovic possibly have some connection to the families involved in
the assassination of John F. Kennedy in the 1960s along with the italian mafia , and also the assassination of
Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

[The Hanseatic League has the perverse racist purpose of Germanizing Slavs. Hanseatic League <--similarities to--> H.A.O. Armanen Orden.
Racists such as Pavlek and Terzic are probably members of racist organisations that have the same/similar ideology to the Hanseatic League.

e.g. Drago Pavlek possibly considers himself a Folks-Deutscher . Drago Pavlek is probably a member of the Croatian Ustashi.
After the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe in the 1990s,
the Ustashi took over the politics of Croatia, which is something that Croatia should ashamed about.
The Ustashi were collaborators with Hitler during World War 2. The Ustashi are supporters of the German Nazis who were defeated in World War 2.

The Ustashi fought against the Croatian Partizans who were waging a World War 2 version of Guerilla War from the rural/forested areas.
The Partizans defeated the Ustashi with assistance of the Russian military ,
who stopped the advance of the German Army in battles such as Stalingrad and Kursk.

Stefanovic are probably Chetniks. They use expressions such as "Ma Yok". Yok is a Turkish word meaning No .

Milan Terzic is possibly an Anglo-Serbian Chetnik. The Chetniks fought sometimes on the same side as Hitler, sometimes against Hitler.
Such racists probably pretend to be servants of the Turkish Ottoman Empire when committing crimes,but secretly they
consider themselves servants of the Hanseatic League. And this information has something to do with eastern orthodox church
racists turning christian meeting places into Mosques.]

It could be summarised that John F. Kennedy thought he was winning politically by forcing the Russian nuclear missiles out of Cuba.

But Nikita Kruschev probably thought he restored some political balance in the Cold War , by assassinating John F. Kennedy,

in conjuction with his(Krushchev's) sometimes allies in the italian mafia and servants of the Hanseatic League.

[Various sources suggest the John F. Kennedy had alliances with the Italian Mafia, and the Italians Mafia probably turned against John F. Kennedy.
The death of Kennedy's girlfriend Marilyn Monroe probably had connections to Italian Mafia in the USA. Marilyn Monroe looked Italian.]



Australian Politicians and their connections to terrorism:

[Note that anglo-celtic, anglo-germanic terrorist organisation do exist.
-S.L.A. (symbionese liberation army) ,
-The Weather Underground(Probably associated with Operation Paperclip aka Operation Overcast).
- I.R.A. (Irish republican army).
- Orangemen (Anglo-Dutch-Northern Irish Opposition of the IRA): Founded by William of Orange from Holland(Dutch).
- Ku Klux Klan
- The Family Murders (homosexual terrorism some of which is fatal(murders): a homosexual crime organisation calling itself "The Family".
Similar to N.A.M.B.L.A.

[Once it is discovered that anglo-celtic societies are sodomite societies, then it is probable that other terrorist organisation mentioned are involved in homosexual-style terrorism.
i.e. organisations such as SLA,The Weather Underground , IRA, Orangemen, Ku Klux Klan are probably involved in terrorism which is often of a homosexual type.
The injustices are sometimes injuries,murders(unjust killings , ritual murders),not always homosexual crimes.]

BARRY UNSWORTH(NSW Premier=NSW state/Provice political leader) predicted several years before the event, that there would a massacre in Port Arthur Tasmania Australia.

"JOHN FAHEY was involved in both NSW State/Province politics and Federal politics .
John Fahey retired in year 2001 from JOHN HOWARD's federal government ministry due to a cancerous lung which was removed.
Has John Fahey's cancerous biology been Fahey's motivation for being involved in terrorist racism?

Is cancer risk something genetic in Fahey's genetic traits ? Is increase cancer risks from mutations associated with so called "sodomite breeding schemes" conducted in Safe Bases ?
i.e. Mutations from sodomites manufacturing disease organisms , inside their lower digestive system , through their unclean perverse sexual activities.

Leviticus 18:25 suggests the land which sodomites inhabit becomes polluted, probably polluted by disease organisms, plague organisms,
... and that sodomite nations should be vomited out of the land which they inhabit , so disgusting and abomnible are the customs of sodomite nations.]
[See also information above about Michelle Heidenreich(Australian singer) possibly being connected to Nazi SS Lebensborn racist breeding scheme. Was the SS Lebensborn breeding scheme
something connected to the perverse ritual prostitution of the H.A.O. Armanen Orden ?]

Actress Toni Collette -------- Robin Loau, Michelle Heidenriech (Girlfriend/GF4 music group)
[Toni Collette and Robin Loau were students at the same secondary school. ]

Also John Fahey, John Howard, GEORGE BUSH (former USA president) <--mutations?--> radioactive mutant Maria Sharapova[Tennis player from Chernobyl Ukraine,
and later migrated to Omsk Russia(near the radioactive Ob River system)located in a region historically termed as "The Siberian Khanate" which was ruled over by Mongol Genghis Khan and his relatives. ].

Also news stories about the many deaths of the Australian music group Rose Tatoo. Did they have some involvement with migrating radioactive illegal immigrants and submarines ,
or were they very much involved in polluting the land and polluting themselves through sodomy customs (aussie silly buggers activity)?

In 2001, John Howard(Australian prime minister was in New York City USA the day that the terrorist attack occurred in September 2001.

Francis Fahey is mentioned in news articles about homosexual crimes.

John Fahey claims to be a Catholic but he married a (former?) Anglican woman Colleen McGurran from New Zealand.
See the information above about Anglican priests involved in subversion and british imperialism via the Holyrood Agreement.

John Fahey was born in New Zealand and became naturalised in Australia in 1973. How did he become NSW Premier in Australia by being born in New Zealand ?

Evidence of Directional Long range magnetic coupling effects corresponding to Nikola Tesla's Patent 787412 of Year 1905

(ground-ionosphere antennas coupling with receiving circuits).
[ 1-Directional Long Range magnetic coupling effects )
& Probably the physical effect used by the Radome Antennas at Pine Gap Australia and Menwith Hill Britain
to observe around themselves (to tune into objects around themselves).

[Journal Summary]
Magnetic 'wormhole' connecting two regions of space created for the first time

Date:September 3, 2015

Source:Autonomous University of Barcelona

"Wormholes" are cosmic tunnels that can connect two distant regions of the universe, and have been popularized by
the dissemination of theoretical physics and by works of science fiction like Stargate, Star Trek or, more
recently, Interstellar. Using present-day technology it would be impossible to create a gravitational wormhole,
as the field would have to be manipulated with huge amounts of gravitational energy, which no one yet knows how
to generate. In electromagnetism, however, advances in metamaterials and invisibility have allowed researchers to
put forward several designs to achieve this.

...Scientists in the Department of Physics at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona have designed and created in
the laboratory the first experimental 'wormhole' that can connect two regions of space magnetically...
The wormhole developed now, though, is a completely three-dimensional device that is undetectable by any magnetic
<-------device that creates "zero magnetic field" yet transfers magnetic effects over a distance between 2 points
corresponds to the concept of "scalar waves"/Tesla's standing waves (NOT CONVENTIONAL Electromagnetic waves).

...unlike conventional electromagnetic waves that have detectable varying Magnetic field components between 2 points.

Journal Reference:
Jordi Prat-Camps, Carles Navau, Alvaro Sanchez. A Magnetic Wormhole.
Scientific Reports, 2015; 5: 12488 DOI: 10.1038/srep12488

This research possibly has something to do with the death of Julian Cadman in Spain.
Julian Cadman was from Lalor Park suburb of Sydney NSW Australia, and Julian Cadman's family were travelling
between Spain and Australian for some unknown reason.

Barcelona Spain is probably along an illegal immigration route, and terminology such as the "autonomous" in
connection with a University in Barcelona Spain sounds similar to regions in the former Soviet Union and North Western China(e.g. Sinkiang/Xinjiang Province)

[See information above Rachel Griffith's mother driving a car with number plate TWG-00D since at least the year 2004.
Rachel Griffiths and her mother attended that Church, along with Ralph Quitadamo, Tony Azzopardi and his older brother, Frank Pico, during the 1980s.
Rachel Griffiths is a friend of Toni Collette the actress.Rachel Griffiths lived across the road from Toni Collette's friend Maryann Camilleri, in the same neighbourhood where Toni Collette was raised.

Shane Pisani lived nearby the Church where Rachel Griffiths and her mother attended. Shane Pisani was a boyfriend of Rachel Griffith's.
Shane Pisani is probably a male prostitute: see information above that Shane Pisani would probably get girlfriends by bending over for their aussie male parents.

The rugby league oval that is near the church where Rachel Griffiths and her mother attended during the 1980s,was the training ground where Joe Vella coached rugby league teams
during the 1980s. Jason Vella the son of Joe Vella was a member of such a rugby league team.
Shane Pisani joined that rugby league team for a brief period of time.

Toni Collette, Maryann Camilleri are closely associated Neal Winter(secondary school music teacher. News stories about Winter in year 2005 say he has been convicted for homosexual crimes.)
Is Neal Winter a member of a homosexual crime organisation such as "The Family murders"?

See also information about Mrs Cousins, who lived a few houses away from Toni Collette during the 1980s. After the year 2012, Mrs Cousens has moved into the same street where Rachel Griffiths lived.
Steven Cousens(1 of the sons of Mrs Cousens) was friends with Joshua Cameron, Wayne Brodie, Brett Beehag, Clive Bunker.






Phi(scalar potential/scalar magnetic field intensity) is way of describing the way that conventional EM waves cancel out, but energy/signals/messages/non-conventional oscillations still flow between 2 points over a distance .





This information suggests that Australians Ally Moore, and Kerry Packer(deceased) and his son James Packer are perverse racists who use police to murder people(Star Chamber Cops activity).

Griselda Blanco (female Miami crime boss) <--?--> Holly Valance, Portia De Rossi , Demi Lovato .

The terrorist attack against New York City in September 2001 is said to have been predicted by Satanist Aleister Crowley who died in 1947.
1947 is considered to be the Dawn of the New Age for Satanists.
1947 is also the year corresponding to Majestic-12 and the Roswell incident. Note that Rosswell was the home of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) ,
and Majestic-12 is probably an American plan of depopulation/extermination against some race while anglo-germans would escape into outer space or Mars.
Does Majestic 12 overlap with a concept called "Agenda 21 " ?

Neal Winter and Mrs K Byrne were work colleagues of a female art teacher whose name was pronounced as Crowley, but maybe her name was spelled Crawley.
Was she involved with satanism ? Is she a relative of Veronica Abbot who lived across the road from Toni Collette ?

Peter Payne lived a few houses away from Veronica Abbot. Does Peter Payne(male) have a resemblance to Magda Goebels(female World War 2 German nazi) ?

Are Crowley and Crawley the same family ?

Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order

Agenda 21? The Plan To Depopulate 95% Of The World By 2030


Q.I.C (Queensland investment company) is considered the owner of shopping centre(s) in western Sydney.
Q.I.C (Queensland investment company) seems to have a sister company in Doha Qatar Arabia with the same initials Q.I.C. (Qatar Insurance Company)
Q.I.C. insurance has advertised itself on Australian television, in the Australian media at times.
<---- probably a connection to the anglo-celtic Beef Eater organisation whose unifirms have the same colour as the German Nazi flag.

The crime networks of Rupert Murdoch and the Packer family(Kerry Packer,James Packer) probably converge(meet) in Doha Qatar.
[i.e. Their underground economy networks which are involved in activities(dares against people's civil rights) such as irish-italian-jewish mafia activity,
identity theft,racial violence crimes,racial murders,star chamber cops injustice, jewish wives schemes, ... ]

John Bowles and Brodie Bass should be mentioned in the context of underground economy associated with Toni Collette and her friends from when she was a secondary school student.

John Bowles, when he was student in year 10, Bowles was a fan of a television program called Blah Blah Blah, hosted by Andrew Denton(Australian-jew).
Andrew Denton later married Jennifer Byrne from Sixty Minutes Australia, however Denton's television appearance as host of Blah Blah Blah suggested he is a sodomite.
One of the episodes of the program Blah Blah was about the question "When were you first propositioned to anal sex?" <---- meaning when were people first propositioned to enact sodomy ?
John Bowles saw that program on television in Sydney Australia, and then John Bowles was asking other the same question at the High School that he attended.
John Bowles tried to suggest that such perverse sexual activity was somehow connected with being intellectual. e.g. Questions of the form : "You seem intellectual ... when were you first propositioned to do ... "
Toni Collette's brother Ben Collette was speaking in the school library in a similar way to Bowles. Been Collette was mentioning the word "intellectual" .

Around the same time that Bowles was asking people questions about involvement with sodomy, John Bowles was speaking strangely about a science teacher called Mr Hannan.
In the year when John Bowles was in year 10, Mr Hannan was the teacher of science lab class that looked out onto the border between adjacent Girls Secondary School and Boys Secondary School.
So, it is probable that Mr Hannan was acting in a similar way to Neal Winter: Hannan was probably watching which students looked out the window the most.
[John Bowles briefly mentioning something about punching out Mr Hannan . Some students thought that John Bowles was probably joking. because school teacher Mr Hannan was much stockier, much heavier,
more strongley built than student John Bowles. John Bowles did not explain why he wanted to do violence to a teacher, it was mentioned once and not again , and it seemed like some kind of joke .
[As well as being a science teacher, Hannan was the teacher for a bicycle riding sports group that occurred once a week on sports days. The bicycle riding group would ride along the side of the road where there was busy traffic.]

1-2 years afterward, John Bowles was travelling from Australia to Arabia (Bahrain Arabia) as a representative of a Australian schoolboy soccer sports team.
However, the year afterward , his circumstances looked less successful. John Bowles was not intelligent enough to attend University, and when University students
would walk up the ramp to the catch the railway train to University in the mornings, John Bowles would walk past the University students greet them.
Brodie Bass would be walking a close distance behind John Bowles, but Brodie Bass would walk past students and not greet them.
[The old railway station and the railway ramp was demolished in year 1996, and then a new railway station built over the western side of the train platforms.
The old railway station was over the eastern side of the train platforms.]

This is mentioned because at Concord Hospital , a few years after John Bowles was walking past University students at the railway,
at Concord Hospital in another suburb of Sydney, there was a situation where instead of nurses medically attending to people whose Bones had been broken and were recovering in hospital after surgery,
there were physiotherapy professionals present , acting in the same manner as nurses.
One of the physiotherapy professionals was a body double of Mr Hannan.
Peter Haertsch(1990s plastic surgeon) was a connection between Concord Hospital and the suburb of Sydney where John Bowles was walking past University students.
[Peter Haertsch had an office(plastic surgery clinic) in the suburb where John Bowles was, and Haertsch would refer to people to become patients at Concord Hospital where surgery would occur.]
The office of Peter HAertsch would look out via a window toward a shopping centre owned by Q.I.C. The larger shopping centre was across the road from his office.
His office was part of a smaller shopping centre next to where the Robin Hood Hotel used to be before it was demolished sometime around year 1983.

During year border 1999/2000 Robert Saunders(anglo-celtic Australian) took a plane trip to Saudi Arabia.
Some years afterward, Richard Benkovic(serbian-Australian) has been working in Arabia, supposedly as a chemical engineer.

Q.I.C probably connected to car theft syndicates & illegal immigration via stolen cars,
and racism in shopping centres to turn multi-racial shopping centre situations into mono-racial shopping centre situations.
Alistair White and his sisters Monique and Genevieve a re probably associated with an American military person called Bo Gritz.
Bo Gritz is a body double of actor John Duff who played the role of a Sheriff in television series "flamingo road".Alistair White and his sisters were probably fans of Flamingo Road tv series.
Flamingo Road would probably be written about magazines such as TV Week in the 1980s.
other actors in Flamingo Road include John Beck and Mark Harmon.
John Beck looks like he is a Beef Eater organisation member. Beck looks similar to Duncan Regehr,Skorzeny(italian WW2 Nazi paratrooper), Jack Parsons , George Orwell(Blair).
Harmon was the name of USA base in Guam. Guam is an island in Pacific/Micronesia far north of Australia and on the way to Hawaii.
Guam has probably been involved in illegal immigration over decades. <---?----> QIC (Queensland, Northern Australia) : a company probably involved with car theft syndicates and illegal immigration.
Guam might be a venue where young Turkish/Armenian , arabic males were illegally immigrated over the years, Guam being on the other side of the NATO allied countries to turkey.

and the way that Bo Gritz's book was portrayed in a magazine, it sounded as though American Bo Gritz is involved in drug trafficking, similar to information about the Windsor family in England in the book "Dope Inc"
by the EIR Executive Intelligence Review.

A mexican actor called Jimmy Smits joine dFlamingo Road toward the end of the television series, and a few later, jimmy Smits was starring in the L.A. Law television series.
L.A. Law was a very popular television series in countries such as Australia.
Also Harry Hamlin was an actor in the L.A law tv series, and Hamlyn had some association with Mark Harmon. Hamlyn was an actor in a film about homosexuals during the era A.I.D.S. epidemic in the 1980s.
Mark Harmon is similar looking to scientologist actor Tom Cruise who married Austrlaian actress Nicole Kidman.

There is an area of England called "Blackfriars" which is like a Priory of Templar Knights. It is near Oxford/Oxford University.
A priory is like a tiny country or micro-state in England.
The Blackfriars Priory is associated with an organisation called Hussars, which is possibly about british jews intermarrying with races from Eastern Europe and Eurasia in a military context.
Hussars and the Beef Eater organisation are probably closely associated.

Blackfriars Priory is possibly where treasure fleets are received in England: treasure fleets from countries such as Australia, USA, Caribbean nations which were former British colonies.
i.e. treasure fleets from the underground economies in countries that were former British colonies.

The Blackfriars priory is connected to news stories about the killing of banker Roberto Calvi. Robert Calvi was found found hanged under Blackfrias Bridge.
Roberto Calvi was labelled by the media as "God's Banker". Calvi probably had a connection to religious organisations and money laundering for mafia organisation and freemasons and templar organisations.,
Bear Grylls(special forces soldier,adventurer) is probably a television representative of the Blackfriars Priory.
Bear Grylls looks very similar to the maltese Zammit family who lived in the same neighbourhood as Angela Morris in Sydney Australia.
Grylls are a Hussar family, so Bear Grylls is probably jewish.
Angela Morris is anglo-celtic-maltese.
Malta is a modern-day-colony of Britain. Maltese probably often say they are catholics, however many maltese are probably more like secret Anglicans because they have an allegiance to Britain.

At Sydney University, there was a student called Brian Ball. Brian Ball was a student in the same physics lectures as Bryan Gaensler.Brian Ball is possibly a relative of Angela Morris.
It is probable that Brian Ball was sent from Sydney University to Oxford University in England in association with the underground economy in Sydney Australia.
[This information is relevent to illegal betting activity in Australia: situations where perverse racists associated with safe bases(star chamber injustice,maritime admiralty activity) bet against people's lives.]

Brian Ball was seen with an evil grin in the same shopping area as Ivan Torkich, Andre Dada , Rene Berrier, 2 days before they enacted a racial violence crime.
[Both Ball and Angela Morris knew the local government politicians such as Leo Kelly. They were mentioned in a local newspaper as receiving scholarships from the Ku Klux Klan style local government(local govermnent) of Leo Kelly . ]
Donald Trump(USA President) had a brother called Fred Trump.
Fred Trump invested in Coney Island during the 1970s.
[Coney island is probably like a franchise, if someone invests in one Coney Island, maybe they have an interest in an another Coney Island.]
[Birmingham is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is a northern suburb of Detroit]

Documentary: Children of the Snow (published year 2019)
[Are Trump family involved in ritual murders ? ]
The Business careers of the Trump family started with Friedrich Trump(migrant from Germany to the USA) as Saloons/Hotels in Monte Cristo USA, and Yukon Alaska.
There are many Ukrainians in Alaska and Canada.
Do the killings in Birmingham USA have an American-Ukrainian connection?
Do they include secret tourism during the 1970s-1980s to the United States by political figures such as Mikhail Gorbachev ? Vladimir Putin ?
Is that the kind tourism that Trump family catered to via their hotel/saloon businesses?
Do the Trump family have association with the Bilderberg Society or similar organisations?

[08/07/2020] This information will be made into a diagram later: " black knight satellite program(tr3b floating platform?) nazi bases on orbiting asteroids earth and mars lar warden . mars 2 major moons deimos phobos are captured asteroids ,mars is orbitted by many smaller asteroids. earth has orbitting asteroid(s) " black knight satellite program nazi bases on orbiting asteroids earth and mars <- covert space program project e.g. solar warden . Kenneth Branaugh films possibly give hints that Britain is involved the Nazism of Operation Valkyrie. If the Germany had won its war in the east, Britain planned to assassinate Hitler and take over the concentration camps, to rule the world together with the Germans in the H.A.O. The same kind of racism is still existing decades after World War 2 in the form of Safe Bases(sodomite bases) in anglo-celtic countries. See the information above about hints of Nazism being considered the perfect system in Star Trek,Star Wars,... [Operation Valkyrie is probably H.A.O. Nazism.] Valkyries are the angelic creatures in pagan germanic religion(teutonic paganism). Germany has barred the makers of a movie about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler[Operation Valkyrie] from filming at German military sites because its star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist The LAPD has evidence a Scientology official it’s seeking has been sent to the Freewinds scientology sea orgs floating cities(floating cathedrals/floating town halls) nazi floating sky cities (Operation Valyrie) <-- The HAO planned to assassinate hitler and to take over the nazi concetration camps. The series "Flash Gordon(1936)" occurred in the same year that German Otto Han discovered how to split the Uranium atom. Germany was awaiting the discovery of a new energy source that could possibly be away to make things like man made UFOs(Die Glocke-THe Nazi Bell) and also floating cities. Conceration Camps are connected to concepts such as invading new lands through making prison colonies. Pretend angel cults/UFO cults are associated with prison colonies and perversion. The floating cathedral ships of the Scientology Sea Orgs are a type of "floating city" concept that floats on water, before anglo-germanic nazis are supposed to discover how to make cities float in the air. The German nazis thought that splitting the atom would provide a way to make floating cities. Anglo-american nazis in the H.A.O. have the idea of making floating cities inhabited by pretend angels(Valkyries) by colonizing orbiting asteroids. vultan flash gordon 1936 flash gordon 1936 cast: Buster Crabbe, Gene Rogers(related to Ginger Rogers?) <---------> Buck Rogers actors: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray | Mathew in documentary "The Invisible War" The documentary title and its use of the word "invisible" might be connected to the pretend angel activity of sodomites and the way that racists in perverse nations turn a blind toward sodomite injustice . i.e. racists in perverse nations pretend that they dont see sodomite injustice . Vultan flash gordon 1936 (Valkyrie leader in Flash Gordon) <------> Hawk character in Buck Rogers. Sky City depicted in Flash Gordon (1936) ,inhabited by Vultan's Hawkmen(Valkyries). flash gordon valkyries Charles Dance(British actor) ------ JamesCameron, Ridley Scott [Alien 3 movie was about a prison colony in outer space.] Charles Dance <--?--> Kenneth Branaugh. "Hitler is a dancing dervish..." - Quote by Operation Valkyrie conspirer Henning von Tresckow floating windmill islands gorillas feel good music video Operation Valkyrie Nazism <-------->anglo-celtic H.A.O. Armanen Orden "State of Emergency" conspiriacies, FEMA , FEMA death camps (concentration camps built by anglo-celtics to exterminate migrant racial groups, were being spoken about more openly during the 1990s.) The First concentration camps were built by Australians and british during the Boer War in South Africa. In the neighbouring country of Namibia, the Dutch and Germans were doing Genocide around the year 1908. ----------------------

Jim Wicks <--- name of George H W Bush's homosexual boyfriend, during the time that George Bush was a Naval Aviator.
[Documentary: Presidents at War: season1 episode2 - Their Finest Hours.]
Jim Wicks died during the Naval Aviation activities.

The information is difficult to find on the internet.
If you try to search for the information about George H W Bush on the internet, the search engine shows information
about Roy Cohn being Donald Trump's homosexual boyfriend and mentor.
09/07/2020:002 - Safe Bases are 'invitation-only venues' which suggests that safe bases are associated with Freemasonry corruption. Freeamsonic Halls are similarly invitation-only venues.
09/07/2020:002: - Anglo-celtic cultures are sodomite cultures. In Anglo-celtic cultures the men are expected to get into groups and bugger each other , and then such men consider that they can do what they like to the females in anglo-celtic culture: women in anglo-celtic cultures are sodomite women(perverse women) that want men to be buggered before such woman give themselves sexually to men.
This is probably the meaning of various news stories in the anglo-celtic media.

e.g. News stories about actor Craig Mclachlan from the tv series Neighbours. Craig McLachlan was dressing us in drag, playing the role of a transvestite in the Rocky Horror stage musical at the time that
he was said to bothering some woman that did not like him, and the woman made complaints afterward.

e.g. News stories about the tailhook scandal.
[What Really Happened at Tailhook Convention : Scandal: The Pentagon report graphically describes how fraternity-style hi-jinks turned into hall of horrors.]
[In anglo-celtic societies, heterosexual males are not told such information, and when heterosexual males try to make friendships with women, anglo-celtic societies conspire violence
and cybernetic slavery agendas if heterosexuals survive the violence:such conspiracies occur especially against heterosexual males who are considered racially different to anglo-celtics.
The more racially different to anglo-celtics that male heterosexuals are, the more hateful the conspiracies by sodomites. ]
Sodomite lifestyles encourage xenophobia and brainwashing uinto racism where other races are considered as alien species .

15/05/2020:001 Ghislaine Maxwell news stories are occuring in the media.
Ghislaine Maxwell (female) <-has a facial resemblance to -> Roman Polanski(male) .

Noni-B company and Pirate Harvest conspiracies by Toni Collette and her friends.
Around the year 1983 , Maryann Camilleri mentioned in the presence of school students that her family had a friend who could pirate cinema films.
Maryann Camilleri was a school student at the time. Camilleri said that her family friend would walk into a cinema,and sit down in middle of the seats where there would be steps leading down the centre of the cinema,
with a bag or a case, and inside his bag/case was some recording device. Maybe the recording device had some similarity to 1980s "video cams",cameras associated with VCRs(Video Cassette Recorders).

The Projectors in Cinemas and/or the film cutting instruments look similar to sewing machines.
Projectors are the technology that is located at the back of the cinema and projects the film onto the cinema screen at the front.
i.e. The

sewing machines in an industrial context might be associated with textile "sweat shops" and slave labour in developing world countries.

Toni Collette and her friends might be involved in importing or exporting products the look like sewing machines but are cinema projectors.
Toni Collette and her friends might be involved in importing or exporting products the look like cinema projectors but are sewing machines.
and such products possibly have something to do with slave labour situations and/or piracy of cinema films,perhaps underground economy industries involving illegal films and magazines.

Maryann Camilleri married Miguwl Grifa. Camilleri and Grifa are closely associated with Neal Winter. Winter was convicted for homosexual crimes in year 2005/2006.

Winter was a secondary school music teacher.

"Doja Cat - Say So" music video possibly has hints about such underground economy activity. The music video has subliminals about people selling their souls.
THe name of the music group could been understood as "Do ya cat(Do you cat)"
[Some connection between Puerto Rico Caribbean and the underground economy in Australia?]

The song lyrics "ya know me" sounds like a subliminal about Janome brand of sewing machines , and her colourful clothing might suggest she made a new fashion creation for herself with a sewing machine.

There was a Noni-B shop in Stanhope Gardens Village shopping centre, and on one occasion, before incident occurred at Aldi , a Policeman was seen going into the Noni-B shop.
[Are racist police protecting the illegal activities of perverse racist such as Toni Collette(actress) by enacting Ku Klux Klan racism in shopping areas ? Do groups of racist police "hit" shopping areas in a way to make citizens from migrant families scatter away from shopping centre areas ? Is such behaviour by NSW police according to the "Helter Skelter" terrorism of ideology serial killer Charles Manson?
i.e. Was the behaviour of the NSW police to deliberately terrorise away(scatter away, shew away) a citizens away from Stanhope Gardens Village shopping centre ?
Was such behaviour by the NSw Police to prevent the citizen from finding out information beneficial to the citizen's civil rights ?
Is Stanhope Garden Village Shopping Centre is associated with Q.I.C. Company?

Such questions could be asked of the NSW Police in a court context:an international court might be the correct place for the NSw police to answer such questions,
because it is perverse racism that can dragged on for months/years in perverse coubntries such as Australia.
Australia needs to be officially known as a country that deliberately drags on situations of injustice(Star Chamber injustice).
<--- Operation Vampire Killer: Most Cops in anglo-germanic countries get corrupted by the New World Order, rather than investigating the New World Order.
Operation Vampire killer is a way to corrupt police, to turn police into Star Chamber Cops, and is not a a method of investigating the New World Order plans of Roger Rogerson(Operation Hammer in Sydney Australia)
and George Bush (Project Hammer(underground economy),American CIA,Skull and Bones Society).







19/07/2020:001 Bill Cinton(former USA president,was adopted:biologically is a Blythe) <-----resembles----> Dick Van Dyke(actor), Phyllis Diller(actress,voice actor in Rankin Bass stop-mtion-puppet animated films).

19/07/2020:002 About a 1980s student who was in the same secondary school science lab classes as Wylie Pearson and Robert Saunders, and he is probably a member of the Brotherhood Gang(Solntsevskaya Bratva Banda) in Sydney Australia: David Shlat(changed his name to David Redding) <-----similar eyes and cheeks to------> Angelina De Jolie, John Voight .
Shlat is probably a Folks-Deutscher (german-slav).



(The PO Box 1142 interrogation program ) might have some thing to do with:
- Satellite interrogation and transponders.
- FEMA Death Camps and Black Helicopter.
[Illuminati Deaths camps and Black Helicopters.]
- Black Knight Satellite (possibly a meteorite orbiting the earth).
and Majestic 12 (MJ-12).
- The Mount Cheyenne Underground Military Base in Colorado Springs USA.
Information connected to the the identity theft and illegal immigration that QIC company is probably involved in:
Taylor Swift(singer/musician) might be a missing person called Becky(she is said to have become involved in drugs and dissappeared).

Taylor Swift's Tumblr Obsession & No Its Becky Shirt



Safe Bases(Sodomite Bases,modern day star chambers) are disguised as "Lonely Hearts Clubs".
First Base ... kissing,Is followed by feeling up second base, oral third base, and sex home run.
What are the 4 Bases of Love?
First Base - Kissing
Second Base - Heavy Petting/Manual Stimulation
Third Base - Oral Stimulation
Home Run - Penetrative Sex.
"Sgt Pepper's Lonely hearts club band associated with decriminalisation of homosexuality Why ?
Because Lonely Hearts clubs(aka yellow submarines) are involved in sodomy "
[John Lennon was fan of Oscar wilde(mentioned in Lennon's last interview in 1980)]
Oscar Wilde was nn Irish playwright noted for his witty epigrams.
He was involved in a major scandal due to his
homosexuality and served a jail sentence before dying in ignominy in Paris in 1900.

John Lennon: The Last Interview
Three days before he died on December 8th, John Lennon talked with ‘Rolling Stone’ for nine hours.
Here’s the extraordinary interview:

That’s what Yoko has taught me. I couldn’t have done it alone – it had to be a female to teach me. That’s it. Yoko has been
telling me all the time, “It’s all right, it’s all right.” I look at early pictures of me-self, and I was torn between being
Marlon Brando and being the sensitive poet – the Oscar Wilde part of me with the velvet, feminine side. I was always torn
between the two, mainly opting for the macho side, because if you showed the other side, you were dead
John Lennon Had a ‘Desire’ to Sleep With Men, Says Yoko Ono
Brian epstein discovered the beatles and was their manager.
[So is there some connection of the Beatles to the activity of Jeffrey Epstein?
queer eye for the straight guy(concept):
A concept invented by Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the early 1960s. A gay guy tells straight guys how to dress and cut
their hair, and somehow the straight guys end up knee deep in pussy.
queer eye for the straight guy(television show):
Karson Kressly is a modern day body double of Brian Epstein.

-Neal Winter has a resemblance to both Brian Epstein and Carson Kressly.
[Is Winter a relative of Jeffrey Epstein?]
Ringo Starr puppeteer(cybernetic slavery agenda against heterosexuals in the context of cultures(nations) involved in ritual sex(sodomy))
[e.g. Molech Worship and Sodomite cultures: Ancient Molech idols(statues)) were like a puppets whose arms could move.
Sodomite cultures are ritualistic behaviour societies that consider their society to function like clockwork, and such perverse societies want to forcibly
turn heterosexuals into clockwork slaves(cybernetic slaves)]

Ringo Starr - Narrator for the tv series "Thomas the Tank Engine". Thomas is an anthropomorphic railway train.
i.e. Like a human trapped in a train(human intelligence trapped in a train).

Summary: Australia is involved in the corruption of Safe Bases(sodomite bases, star chambers)
Australia is a sodomite nation.Australia is a nation like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Aussie refer to each other as "silly bugger(s)" .

Australian sex/dating customs are probably describable as:

1)Australians are brought up to believe that sexual perversion is a way for anglo-germanics to have families.
( Australians are brought up to believe that unnatural sex acts with people's behinds/buttocks are a way to get women pregnant by anglo-germanic men.)

2)Australians are brought up to believe that sexual perversion and its associated unjust behaviours is a way to prevent migrants races from having families.
( Australians are brought up to believe that unnatural sex acts with people's behinds/buttocks are a way to prevent women from getting pregnant by men who are not anglo-germanic.)

[And Safe Base(sodomite bases,star chambers,Lonely Hearts Clubs) in suburban areas, are way to generationally corrupt Australian citizens into enacting such customs on a nation-wide scale.]

Australia hypocritically says that it cares about civil rights and the geneva convention,
but behind people's backs Australia is doing racism based upon acceptance by groups of segregationists.
[So Australia is deliberately causing unnecessary suffering to citizens who dont fit in with groups of segregationists.
Australia has been immigrating racial groups to Australia, and then ignoring their civili rights,deliberately doing sadistic

nazism, deliberately causing unnecessary suffering to citizens who dont fit into groups of segregationists. ]

Australian solicitiors dont seem to care about representing citizens who are not accepted by groups of segregationists.

[This is the kind of question that the Australian nation needs to answer to international courts(s)]

Such racism is possibly based civil defense organisations building nuclear war shelters, and such racism involves hypocrisy

about Australia saying it cares about the civil rights of every citizen regardless of race, but behind people's backs the

anglo-celtic nation of Australia says that when your race can invent/build some invention then Australia will care about

your civil rights afterward.

It is the kind of racism where some households say that they don't racially accept other households they are related to.
Such situations are probably connected with Zodiac Killers[the genocidal racism of Majestic 12(M-J12)].
Perverse racists from Safe Bases corrupting members of families behind people's back by turning members of people's families

into sodomites. And then those sodomites conspire injustice/murder/slavery against households they are related to...

...and then Australian soclitors are not wanting to legally represent the legal cases of households that are not accepted by

groups of segregationists.

The groups of segregationists are like gangs, or mafia groups, probably groups of sodomites.
[Some people cant be accepted by groups of segregationists because some people resemble phenotypes that used to exist but no longer exist(ancient civilizations),
or to a phenotype that does not exist, and to some people the idea of joining groups of segregationists/mafia/gangs is not acceptable from a moral standpoint.
to some people the idea of joining groups of sodomites is not acceptable from a moral standpoint.]

It involves racism where astronauts such Neil Armstrong said he was walking on the moon for all mankind, but really he was

claiming the moon for anglo-celtic Americans.

[And such racism involves racism where groups of segregrationists dont care whether you have enough knowledge of history to counter their racist suggestions:
e.g. arguments against racism such as that anglo-celtics stole knowledge of races that were older and more technologically advanced earlier then anglo-celtics.
that anglo-celtics were not the first civilization and that anglo-celtics wont be the last civilization.
The groups of segregationists(sodomites) only care if you can find the protection of a group that cares about your humanity to care about your civil rights. ]

and it should be mentioned that such racism is the basis of underground economy , based upon dares against civil rights.

and it should be mentioned that such racism is the basis of underground economy, with activities such as western women advertising sex dressed in bikinis
but not wanting sexually satisfy some racial groups.Such advertising became widespread after the invention of nuclear weapons. "Operation Crossroads" (Bikini Atoll)
and Strauss the commander of the US Navy in 1946 are probably connected with large scale sexual advertising of women in bikins.The Navy is the part of the USA military
mst closely connected to Maritme Admiralty corruption(Star chamber injustice)
[This is relevent to state in the context of race hate violence, medical nazism,eugenics conspiracies, ostracism , marginalisation, social isolation activities
that Australia is doing against some racial groups.
Some people didnt ask to be born into the sodomite nation of Australia, and Australia should not have lured into Australia migrants from more more natural cultures than anglo-celtics with lies about about a better standard of living.]
Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia precludes the Commonwealth of Australia (i.e., the federal parliament) from making laws for establishing any religion,
imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.


Drug traffickers, retiremenet homes , Covid 19 news stories.
[Further information about the Black Knight Satellite program and the Majestic-12 plan of depoopulation(the anglo-celtic plan of genocide against some racial groups.]

Recent Infrastructure that has been built in Sydney such as the Driverless Metro Train System was possibly built with drug money.

The underground economy is like the USA invading Afghanistan militarily in a so-called-war-on-terror, then the CIA growing opium poppies in Afghanistan, while the USA pretend to fight a war on drugs.

Spy organisation such as the CIA and have a habit of laundering drug money by using the money to build infrastructure used by the public, such as metro train systems.

There Sydney Metro System seems to be built along a line of Anglican Retirement Homes. There are Anglican retirement homes near the Sydney Metro Train line
and the Anglican retirment homes were there long before the Metro train system was built.

Assuming that the Sydney Metro Train system is a laundering money scheme for drug money from organisations such as the CIA and ASIS .
Anglican retirement homes are probably places used by drug traffickers and illegal immigration perpetrators.

The conspiratorial behaviour by drug traffickers and illegal immigrators is possibly like: Rosemary Hunter inviting to her home the next door neighbour's boy who is from a migrant family, and then Rosemary Hunter and her husband takes along a boy with her to visit her racist parent in a nursing home.
Her racist parent doesnt racially approve of the boy that Rosemary Hunter brings along to the nursing home, so Rosemary Hunter's parent gets people to follow the boy around.
Is like the Seventh Day Adventist church advertising archaeology correspondence courses. Sometimes high school student(s) take the correspondence courses,and afterward racist pretend christians such as Seventh Day Adventists "Milan Terzic"
invite to High School(s) student to watch archaeology videos in the hall of a Seventh Day Adventist retirement home. The old racists at the Seventh Day Adventist Retirement home do not approve racially the school student(s)
who visit the hall in the retirement home, so the racists at the retirement home get people to follow around the student(s).

and conspiratorial behaviour probably involves old people in retirement age being invited into places where there are many young people.
e.g. Church halls in school being used on weekends as meeting places. Sometimes old people are invited along to the such church meeting in school halls.
See the information above about Milos Vujanic. Around the year 1993, Milos Vujanic was a member of the Christian City Church pentecostal denomination which
met at a hall inside an a public/elementary school.Milos Vujanic was friends with another church member called Zaheer.Milan Terzic is an anglo-serbian,Milos Vujanic is a serbian, Zaheer was south-asian-indian or pakistani.
Milos Vujanic had an anglo-celtic wife called Lois who was from New Zealand.

[*********See information above about Rachel Griffiths,Tony Azzopardi,Ralph Quitadamo. They attended church meetings which were held inside a school in a suburban area where Julian Cadman(deceased) was living.******* ]

Drug traffickers illegal immigrators are probably watching who visits such venue, and who racist families do not approve of.
and then drug traffickers are probably visiting such venues with illegal immigrants, and that probably has something to do with Covid 19(Corona Virus) problems in Retirement Homes.

When racists get people followed around, it it is probably encoded in language about Earth and Mars swapping rocks (swapping asteroids). Asteroids are orbiting Earth and Mars,
sometimes the asteroids croash into the surfaces of planets earths and mars.The impact of asteroids results in debris including rocks thrown upward from the surface into space and sometimes
some of the rocks end up on another planet.

[when racists see another race entering a venue that they consider racially their own,racists probably consider it as another race "gate-crashing" a venue, or like a meteorite(rock) hitting the surface and creating debris.
Anglo-celtic Australians possibly consider that the resulting debris is like an avalanche of more rocks. The racists who follow migrant families around possibly believe they are like the rock debris that begins hitting other areas.
Anglo-celtic Australians should not be following around migrant families. This is a description of the anglo-celtic racism that Australians have been doing behind people's backs. Anglo-celtic Australians should not be doing such racism.]

<------- Black Knight Satellite program(asteroids orbiting earth and mars),
and also news stories about life originating on mars and then Mars rocks travelling to earth via impacts of asteroids,


Did Mars and Earth swap microbes? - Cosmos Magazine

Seeding Life on the Moons of the Outer Planets via Lithopanspermia

Recent Information:
While working as a police officer in 1995, Adam Burne was a user of male prostitutes connected with safe bases(sodomite bases).
Katrina Nichols is a masculine (butch) lesbian who was the work partner of Adam Burne(sodomite). i.e. Lesbian(sodomite) Katrina Nichols worked as a police officer.
Together Burne and Nichols were part of the planning of a racial violence crime in June 1995.The racial violence occurred in broad daylight at the front of a shopping centre.
The crime was recorded by infrastructure camera systems and then Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols organised for the camera recording to given the male prostitutes connected with the safe base in the same suburb as the shopping centre.
<---- This is the kind of sodomite injustice that NSW Police and their star chamber cops are perpetrating against migrant families. The NSW Police should be officially asked questions about such injustice.
[The male prostitutes connected to the safe base consider recordings of racial violence crimes as some kind of racist entertainment that they have shown to people who they have corrupted through sodomy.]

In situations of star chamber injustice set up by the rperverse racists in the NSW Police, there occur situations where people's lives are continually bothered, people are not left in peace.
Racists are making threats that some perverse racist policeman doesnt like you , or some perverse racist doctor doesnt like you, or some perverse racist judge/magistrate does like you, doesn't like you behaving like yourself,
doesn't like you breathing the air from the atmosphere around you. <----- such communications are racial intolerence, intolerance against a citizens right to life, are activities by perverse racists against
a citizens right to persue ones own happiness and so connected to as slavery activity.

Such perverse racists have behaved in a manner where they don't seem to care about concepts such as the Australia claims to have protections to citizens civil rights in the form of anti-discrimination laws.
Such perverse racists have behaved in a manner where they are bothering citizens lives, and Australians never seem to ask questions such as where are the protection to the citizen's civil rights that Australia claims to have?
If some perverse racist policeman hates a person, it shouldnt matter because there are supposed to be anti-discrimination laws to protect a citizen's life against such hatred.
If some perverse racist doctor hates a person, it shouldnt matter because there are supposed to be anti-discrimination laws to protect a citizen's life against such hatred.
If some perverse racist judge/magistrate hates a person, it shouldnt matter because there are supposed to be anti-discrimination laws to protect a citizen's life against such hatred.
In sitatuons of star chamber injustice, situation where anglo-celtic perverse racists have sought to have their hatred adversely affect the lives of citizens,the perverse racists must be officially asked
about where have been the protections to the civil rights of citizens, where have been the anti-discrimination laws that Australia claims to have?
Such perverse racists must face justice. Such injustice in Australia must not be swept under the carpet.

such sotuations of injustice need to be handled by the international court system, where people from other races, other cultures would be involved in determining how to execute racists from anglo-celtic nations because of their perverse
nazism, so that racists from anglo-celtic nations dont think that they can escape the consequences of injustices such as nazi doctor crimes.
In situation where perverse racists from anglo-celtic nations, and whoever they are allied with, are entertaining themselves through injustices such as nazi doctor crimes,gentile nazi hunter's should have been sent to execute such perverse
racists , long ago nazi hunters should have been sent against such perverse racists.

Australia needs to be officially labelled as a country that is committing nazi doctor crimes.
To do with the H.A.O. Armanen Orden nazism and ritual prostitution corruption within the United Nations since Kurt Waldheim was United Nations Secretary General during the 1970s:
Peter Dalglish.
Dalglish is a Canadian, and despite being a Canadian he became the Afghanistan Country Representative for the "United Nations-Habitat" in Afghanistan.
Dalglish is currently in prison in Nepal for nine years because of his homosexual crimes.

Does Peter Dalglish have some connection to Steven Spielberg(maker of the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark") ?
[Peter Dalglish resemblance to cowboy film actor James Stewart. Is there a N.A.M.B.L.A./MAJESTIC-12/Strategic Air Command connection to Peter Dalglish?

Justin Trudeau(Canadian Prime Minister) and Peter Dalglish: N.A.M.B.L.A. and Ku Klux Klan racism
Peter Dalglish received an "Order of Canada" award, similar to a Knighthood from Elizabeth Windsor,
[maybe the kind of award that republicans prefer to receive instead of knighthoods].

Does the information about Peter Dalglish's award have similarities to the political policies of Bill Clinton's government during the 1990s
and homosexual criminals associated with the United Nations)? Peter Dalglish is one of the homosexual criminals associated with the United Nations.
[Hillary Clinton(leaked emails),the Podesta brothers, Pizzagate]

Juan Carlos of Spain has fled to the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic. Juan Carlos is associated with the United Nations organisation called UNESCO.
[Juan Carlos of Spain in recent days fled to Dominican Republic in the Caribbean on island of Hispaniola.Dominican Republic is next to Haiti. Haiti also on Hispaniola island.
News stories suggest Juan Carlos would be difficult to find on Hispaniola island in the Caribbean.]
See the diagram about money laundering "01_08_2020.jpg"


Lukashenko is a Ukrainain surname.
Hungary and the Ukraine are adjacent countries which share a border.



other namesprobably associated with 21_08_2020.jpg :
Kelly Johnson from Lockeed Martin aeroplane company,Lyndon B Johnson and his wife Ladybird Patillo, Jacqueline Kennedy the wife of John F Kennedy who was assassinated

Note that the Hydrogen Bomb made obsolete the "Duck and Cover" Civil Defense organisations of the late 1940s-early 1950s.
So if civil defense organisations are still recruiting people, perhaps such civil defense organisations are dishonest groups that lure citizens and convert them into sodomites.
if civil defense organisations are still recruiting people, perhaps such civil defense organisations are groups dishonest about the chances of surviving hydrogen bomb explosions through Duck and Cover behaviour.
Because civil defense organisations are without purpose in the context of Hydrogen Bomb explosions, perhaps civil defense are connected to expressions about "military intelligence"
being a contradiction in terms,



Jeffrey Epstein(deceased,Mossad Agent,1990a PROMIS Software scandal & illegal betting,convicted paedophile)--?--"SS NAZI Lebensborn" families--?-Michelle Heidenreich(australian GF4 music group,Heidenreich means pagan empire)
Safe Bases <---->continuation of Nazi Lebensborn program decades after World War 2?

Summary:Racist Jewish families bending over (forwards) as way to intermarry with WW2 German families.
Racism described as: racist jews and other racists are murdering people over blonde hair. Racists that worship blonde hair (some decades after World War 2) need to be asked if they are followers of Nazi ideology.
Such racism is occuring within the NSW Police in Australia.

[04/11/2006:Nazi "Lebensborn children" go public]

<------ Why are these lebensborn program persons still making news in the 21st century? Are nazi breeding programs still occuring decades after World War 2?

[06/04/2015:Dublin woman found she was bred by Nazis for master race]

[18/12/2017:The Nazi breeding and infanticide program you probably never knew about]
<--- Child murder and nazism.




Bill Gigov Nickname "Bill Gay-gov"
H.A.O. Armanen Orden nazism(Celtic Cross Nazism,Anglo-germanic nazism, The Celtic Cross is a type of swastika frequently displayed by racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan).
The nazism of Ernst Roehm and his brown-shirts & Rudolf Hess.



Q.I.C company probably has a history of being connected to homosexual crimes.
Some years before the news stories about Neal Winter, around year 1985, a homosexual crime possibly occurred in the large shopping centre: the large shopping centre where the violent attack occurred in 1995.
Joe Rolela was a year 7 student in 1985 in the boys secondary school that was next to the girls secondary school where Toni Collette was a student. Joe Rolela was the same age as Toni Collete.
When he was walking through the school between school classes, Joe Rolela mentioned "There's that kid ..." . He pointed to a germanic looking student with blonde hair and a round face, that was 1 or 2 years older than Joe Rolela.
Joe Rolela's comment suggested that the older blonde student was a victim of a homosexual crime.

Steven McPherson was a student in the same year as Joe Rolela in 1995, and Steven McPherson kept mentioning a nickname "Big W" at a student, but McPherson did not explain why.
A student that McPherson was bothering didn't now what the attempted nickname meant.
Steven McPherson was mentioning such a nickname.
McPherson was trying to falsely label a student with a nickname whose meaning was not known.
during science lab classes, and he said He's got mates(i.e. McPherson said that he has friends , using homosexualised australian slang. Australians males refer to their male friends as mates).

There was a Big W shop/store inside the large shopping centre.
The large shopping centre was close to where the Robin Hotel was before it was demolished around 1983.

meaning of Armanen and Ahnen
inheritance of the foreseers <---> ritual rostitute priest class(sodomites) who are considered prophets/seers and considered returned ancestors.

[often defined as: inheritence of the ancestors]

ancestor worship where german pagans get visitations by supposed ancestors(deified ancestors,considered gods).
[visitations by pretend angels <---> visitations by aliens(pretend aliens)]

Translations of
vermuten, verdächtigen, ahnen, argwöhnen,
<---> ahen : returned ancestors who commit crimes(homosexual crimes)? guess

erraten, raten, schätzen, vermuten, ahnen, glauben foresee
voraussehen, vorhersehen, absehen, ahnen, vorauswissen

ariosophy and armanism
[theosophy <----> ariosophy]

ariosophy: religious ideology centred around the supposed superiority(false superiority) of the Aryan race(indo-europeans).

armanism: germanic ancestor worship & by sodomy customs involving visitations by perverse people considered to be returned

ancestors, considered to be angels, considered to be gods, considered to be aliens.
a mysterious sect of pagan priests that supposedly ran everything in the "barbarian" warrior tribes of ancient pre-Roman Germany...


Brett Middelbrook and his freidns are associated with an R.S.L Club . On the same road as the R.S.L used to be a secondary school called Grantham in there wre mostly anglo-celtic families.
Grantham changed its name, and is now a "Sports" secondary school with many polynesian students.
What was happenning to make Grantham Secondary school change its name?
Such changes over the years to a secondary school might suggest that Brett Middlebrook and his friends are involved in illegal immigration between Australia and New Zealand.
Lord Howe Island is between Australia and New Zealand.

Greg Meller said that his mother was a former student at Grantham Secondary school, some decades ago. Greg Meller is a friend of Toni Collette(actress)


Kerry Packer--probably related to the family of--- Sofie Tucker(1920s American Singer, Comedian, Actress, Radio)

[Sofie Tucker mixed with criminal mafia such as Al Capone and also american police(FBI) Edgar J Hoover.
Edgar J. Hoover was corrupted by Illuminati/Freemason customs of cross-dressing, similar to the later 1990s racist New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Sofie Tucker was a contemporary and possibly friends with early 20th century actresses Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland.]

Peter Rogers Dance School(Peter Rogers homosexual dance instructor)<--->
Pye,Rogers & Fairfax(corrupt solicitors: a company that used to exist in the 1990s and afterward)<-----> Fairfax is a media name(Newspapers), similar profession/business to Murdoch and Packer.
Ginger Rogers was a media star(actress). Grech Partners Solicitor(corrupt Solicitors that existed nearby Pye Rogers & Fairfax Solicitors),<------> Grech Partners Solicitor office door entrance was in a gloomy and drab laneway.)<--->Camilleri (Maltese Mafia families(maltese jews):Michael Grech,Zammit,Seguna,Bonello,Morris,Maryann Camilleri,Daniel Mamo)

Kerry Packer was the owner of channel 9 television channel Austrelia(see information above about the music video "Starlight":the Packer family are probably invested in the genocidal racism of Majestic-12
and the associated nuclear spacecraft research such as Project Daedalus or similar). Majestic-12 is associated with nuclear propulsion space craft research, and UFO Cults.
[The Church of Scientology is the World's largest UFO Cult, and there have been smaller UFO Cults such as Heaven's Gate who made news in the 1ate 1990s through mass suicide.]
Research such as PRoject Daedalus is a breach of The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 banned the stationing and use of nuclear weapons in space.

James Packer is the son of Kerry Packer.

See also the information about the red-haired woman with a parrot-like face 06_02_2020.jpg
(possibly a relative of Vanessa Speight living in the same neighbourhood as Speight, the same neighbourhood where Toni Collette(actress) grew up).
The red-haired woman with a parrot-like face(1 0f 2 twins) grew up in a home across the road from where Maryann Camilleri lived.Camilleri and Collette are closely connected to news stories about Neal Winter.
The red-haired woman with a parrot-like lived next door to Rachel Griffths. Rachel Griffth's mother is still living there in year 2020.
Maryanne Camilleri---Toni Collette---Steven Cousens----Joshua Cameron,Vanessa Speight,Brett Beehag,Wayne Brodie,----Brett Middlebrook

She has a slight resemblance to a modern day American singer calling herself Sofi Tukker.
In Sofi Tukker's music videos appears a man singing in a low voice resembling another singer called Ricky Martin.

In years 1997-1998 there was a student in Electrical Engineering cal;ed Joel Gennari.Joel Gennari was similar looking to Ricky Martin.
Joel Gennari was present at Sydney University and witnessed the Ku Klux Klan type of behaviour by students at Sydney University in 1998 when
There was something like Ku Klux Klan mob riot behaviour by students in Engineering Lab and the eating area on the ground floor of The Wentworth building.
The racist mob racist behaviour by students occurs slightly before the middle of the year exams.
[Ku Klux Klan <----> N.A.M.B.L.A. and "The family Murders".
Sydney University was trying to cover up illegal research against human beings.

Joel Gennari was a so-called "lab partner" of the student that Sydney University was trying to murder in 1998. i.e. Electrical Engineering labs.
[Does Joel Gennari have a connection to the red-hair women with the parrot-like face? Is she a Hun-descendnat-type? A "bird-dog" racial type?]

during an engineering course, students are also travelling to physics lectures held in the Physics Building(School of Physics at Sydney University).
In 1998, there was student in physics lectures resembling Brett Middlebrook and Brett Beehag.
[In walkway on the ground floor of the Physics building was a noticeboard with information posted behind glass window-panes, somewhere near the reception office where worked Rosemary Millsr.]
On the noticeboard was posted a news paper article(newspaper clipping) about the physics student that resembled Brett Middiebrook.The name of physics student is not known, but on the newspaper article
appeared the name "Brett Climo", so that could be the nsme of the physics student resembling Middlebrook and Beehag.

In the physics building, in the computational physics lab , was occuring the same Ku Klux Klan style mob behaviour as described above, in year 1998.
One of the physics students was the physic student that resembled Middlebrook and Brett Beehag.
[There was NAMBLA-style provocation on numerous occasions, followed by Ku Klux Klan riot behaviour by the students.
The students were making animal sounds behind the back of the student that Sydney University was trying to murder.
Also the students were making sounds "Woo" and "Woo-hoo".
i.e. Inhuman behaviour was occurring from the students. When the student turned around, the animal sounds would stop, and the students acted as a group that didnt want to say who was making the animal sounds.
This needs to be described in the context of Sydney University being a racist University that is influenced by a homosexual crime organisations called N.A.M.B.L.A. and "The Family Murders".
There seems to be a connection between the Ku Klux Klan and homosexual crime organisations such as N.A.M.B.L.A. and "The Family murders". This kind of racism needs to be known to the international law system/international courts , in connection with the murder conspiracies of homosexual crime organisations(ritual sadists) that exist in countries such as Australia,Britain,USA,Canada, New Zealand.
Solicitors in Australia have not wanted to provide representation over years, this kind of information needs to be described to an international court.
Because Australia has been acting against justice over years,Australia has not wanted to provide legal represenation,the racism that Australia is perpetrating is much worse than Australians would like to suggest, this information is posted on this website.]

Tony Turtle was the member of physics staff in charge of the computational physics labs.Tony Turtle did nothing to stop the racist behaviour of the students.
As has been mentioned, Sydney University was trying to cover up illegal experiments against humans.



People who are deliberately silent about slave labour devices could be treated in the following way: tracking devices could be attached to them, they could be thrown into the middle of the ocean ,
to see if they could swim (like deeply submerged submarines) back to land. The technology is used to track around deeply submerged submarines and the technology is being misused to do slavery experiments against humans.

Perverse nations such as Australia want such submarine tracking technology to be a mystery, and to be misused as slavery devices.
[would attaching tracking devices to Australian solicitors, and throwing Australian Solicitors into the middle of the Ocean be a way to convince Australian solicitors to do or say something to prosecute slavery devices?]

[31_08_2020:001] 31_08_2020.jpg

[31_08_2020:001] 31_08_2020.jpg
From 1970-1973, Jones was a teacher at The King's School in Parramatta. According to journalist Chris Masters award-winning 2006 biography, Jonestown: The Power and The Myth of Alan Jones, he was forced to resign
over growing concerns of inappropriate conduct with some of his students. One student, Scott Walker, alleged Jones watched him shower naked after playing sports. In his biography, Masters also recounts
the instance of a schoolmaster discovering a love letter Jones had written to a boy that had been left behind in a classroom desk. According to Masters, In it, Alan spoke of thinking about the boy late at night,
expressing his love.



Is John Fahey a relative of Christopher Skase?
Maryann Camilleri --?--Paul Galea(county Council, Local Government politician 1990s)
Frank Pico ---- Con Constantine(county Council, Local Government politician 1990s).

Con Constantine ----- Emilios Patsilides aka 'Mr Emilio'(1990s Chemistry staff at Sydney University)

Church of Scientology Centre at Greek Street Glebe, near Sydney University <------?--------> Greek Street, Soho London, Britain (Soho homosexual district in London, similarities to Oxford Street Sydney Australia.)
[The Gay Hussar pub in Soho London Britain is probably a hangout for Beefeater organisation members , and a hangout for British politicians.
The Gay Hussar Pub in Soho London <----> Hussars & Beefeaters <---> The Blackfriars microstate Oxford London Britain (probable money laundering, Treasure fleet reception area, Underground Economy treasure fleet,Military shipping,submarines?]Possibly transported under the guise of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Section 81 of the Australian constitution says that "All revenues or moneys raised or received by the Executive Government of the Commonwealth shall form one Consolidated Revenue Fund, to be appropriated for the purposes of the Commonwealth..."
What is the Executive Government, what are Executive Orders?
Is the Executive Government the system of Grand Admirals(Maritime Admiralty, Star Chambers, sodomite bases), including Safe Bases in civilian areas?
Executive Orders have been described as government activity that doesn't need the approval of the elected government officials.

Alan Jones and "The Wall" homosexual prostitution area(homosexual pick up area) that was being mentioned in 1980s news programs. e.g. T.W.T.(Terry Willesee Tonight) so called current-affairs news program.
Internet information suggests "The Wall" is where Darlinghurst Jail used to be close to be Sydney CBD, within walking distance of the Skyscrapers in the Sydney CBD.

Glebe is possibly an area that has motocyclists(bikers) stopping at pubs. Glebe suburb of Sydney might be on an illegal immigration route. It is close to the Parramatta River(mouth or river delta)/Sydney Harbour
Sydney University is in Camperdown suburb of Sydney adjacent to Glebe suburb of Sydney.

One of the crime families that were active in Glebe during the 1990s are possibly the Michenton family.Lisa Michenton(anglo-celtic) is probably a friend of Teresa Emilogu,Samy Graziano, Michelle Gibson, Joel Gardiner, Deborah Mclachlan.
Lisa Michenton's family probably has a connection to the killing of school student Nathan Prichard in 1983: Prichard was killed by a car crashing into jogger(s) at a charity marathon(a so called "fun run").
Michenton possibly has some family or in-law connection to people in Sydney and Queensland. Her birth certificate name is Lisa Michenton.

[If an illegal immigration network passes through Glebe, maybe it the same illegal immigration network that stopped at the Robin Hotel that used to exist at the eastern end of Richmond Road in Sydney NSW Australia.
The Robin Hood hotel was demolished in year 1983. A large shopping centre was built nearby the Robin Hood Hotel by Q.I.C. company and maybe Frank Lowy has some connection to the building of the large shopping centre.
See information about Joe Rolela and his blonde Germanic friend with the round face.

Does Lisa Michenton's family have some long-distance connection the Robin Hood Hotel?
Lisa Michenton's are friends with Gregory James. Gregory James is probably a friend of David Evans, the son of Margo Evans. David Evans has a sister called Elisabeth.
Gregory James was probably the son of an anglo-eltic drunkard who would be seen sleeping around the footpath near to home of Clayton. sometimes the anglo-celtic drunkard would urinate in his trousers while sleeping around the footpath, his back resting on the wall of a building while he slept.
The mother of Clayton had a horribly large birth mark on one side of her face that looked like a side of of her face was burned.

Also, also connected to these names there was a "Jason Kerr" who friend with Russell. Jason Kerr was part of a Star Wars Fan Club
(star Wars Fan clubs <---> Star Wars film maker=George Lucas who is closely connected to Steven Spielberg--Jeffrey Epstein).
These names lived near Anthony Mundine the australoid professional boxer. Tony Mundine's son Anthony Mundine became a boxer and played rugby league for the St George Dragons.

A blonde Australoid called David Christian has probably become friends with the Mundine family, or maybe they were friends with each other decades ago. David Christian is a friend of Toni Collette(actress).
Blonde australoid David Christian(intermixed with Dutch?) is the son of Trevor Christian(Australoid boxer). Maybe Tony Mundine and Trevor Christian have been friends of each other over decades.

[Districts where anglo-celtic societies openly display their homosexuality.Anglo-celtic nations are sodomite cultures that pretend to be heterosexual. They have homosexual districts which hint about the society on a large scale.]
[Camilleri and Pico are friends of Toni Collette(actress). Peter Payne lived across the road from Toni Collette.]


Observation: human sodomites accumulate around sources of ground waves like hive insects . human sodomites group behaviour is based upon a satanic hive intelligence. Does the church of scientology study such behaviour ? Or do other
organisations study such behaviour among the scientology members ? Is cellular automata(Conway's game of life simulation) relevant to such research ? If so, the use of word life is probably misleading because sodomy is the way of
death/destruction according to biblical wisdom(the wisdom of thousands of years in the context of human behaviour).
a 1980s education program on ABC(television channel 2) that
possibly had a double of scientologist Kate Ceberano.
Was Australian Government owned television channel 2 involved in the sodomite corruption of the Church of Scientology ?

Would such television programming suggest that the australian workforce is intolerant of heterosexuals? intolerant especially in jobs involving managing groups of people, and jobs that require specialist knowledge or large amounts of knowledge ?
. Also to mention terminology "Modular organisms" research <-----> cellular automata .

Church of Scientology(World's largest UFO Cult/pretend angel cult.'Thetans' are their angels.) <-----> Thule Society and H.A.O.(racists who observe the activity of the Church of Scientology?)

The American Kennedy family have some kind of ancestral connection to Bath Somerset England, Gloucester Cathedral
Bath is a town between Wales and Cornwall, near the eastern shoreline of the Bristol Channel sea region.
Bath is possibly a port pathway between England and Eastern Ireland.

The Kennedy family possibly consider themselves Somerset English(anglo-celtic) or Welsh instead of Irish.
Somerset was once part of Wales. Somerset was a war zone between the Anglo-Saxons and Welsh.
In 825 a battle was fought between the "Welsh", presumably those of Dumnonia, and the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states:
... fought the Wealas (Cornish) and the Defnas (Devonians) at Gafulforda" (perhaps Galford in west Devon).
However, there is no mention of who won or who lost. A further rebellion in 838, when the "West Welsh"
were supported by Danish forces, was crushed by Egbert at Hingston Down.

John F Kennedy called his 1960s political administration by the name Camelot. The American White House was his Camelot.

In an Australian context, names such as news presenter Chris Bath is possibly a hint that the American Kennedy family have been invested in Channel 7 television company.
Chris Bath is the daughter Harry Bath who coached the St George Dragons rugby league team around the year 1980. St George is like a hidden region in Sydney that has been renamed Kogarah(& Hurstville?).
paintings and information posted on their website:
23. Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, Sir John Kennedy, oil on canvas, 1614, The Duke of Bedford. Immediately after James I’s accession Elizabeth Brydges –
Maid of Honour of Queen Elizabeth I – married Sir John Kennedy, one of the king’s Scotch attendants, at Sudeley Manor, Gloucestershire, England. Chandos
appears to have opposed the match, and it was rumored early in 1604 that Kennedy had a wife living in Scotland. But James I wrote to Chandos (19 Feb 1603/4)
entreating him to overlook Sir John’s errors because of his own love for his attendant. Elizabeth apparently left her husband and desired to have the matter
legally examined, but as late as 1609 the lawfulness of the marriage had not been decided upon. Lord Chandos declined to aid his cousin, and Sir John
Kennedy’s wife died deserted and in poverty in 1617. (Strong 277).

The Name Walsh probably means Welsh or of Wales.

See also information about "Berthe Morisot Kennedy" from the 1930s era.

[Centuries ago, perhaps the people of Somerset formed an alliance with Dalradia... maybe Jackie Kennedy is a racial type(phenotype) from Dalradia. anglo-saxon Jute tribe<--?-->Huns.
i.e. Jackie Kennedy(the wife of John F. Kennedy) is probably a 'bird-dog' type, as was singer Roy Orbison.
The Everly Brothers-Bird Dog/Lyrics

Veronica Abott was probably a ethnic type from Somerset England.Veronica Abbot lived close to Peter Payne, and across the road from Toni Colllette(actress).Veronica Aboot was Jute anglo-saxon tribal phenotype ?


DLASTHR & Brothers for Life middle eastern gangs<---possibly connected to->grey wolves(bozkurtlar) and jewish red kippah gang.
Conspiracies of masons and prostitutes/satanists to turn [christian] meeting places into mosques.

Christianity is a religion that promotes freedom concepts (Galatian 3:28). Christianity is a religious revolution over Judaism.
Judaism is a primitive tribally based(nationalistically based) inward looking religion.
Judaism is from a time where each nation had their own distinct God, or had their own distinct gods.

Racists dont like the freedom concepts within Christianity, and racists dont like the way that the bible accurately describes human nature, racists don't like the internationalism of christianity(Galatians 28:19)
Chistianity is against Australia trying to impose its anglo-celtic caste system upon people. Christianity is against so-called "systematic racism, institutional racism", so the racists dont like Christianity.

Religions such as Judaism and Islam are more nationalistically based,are religions with tendancies toward racial segregation, and are religions that promote submission rather than freedom.

Australia is NOT a chistian nation. Australia is some kind of atheistic/satanist counterfeit of christianity(pretend friendliness and racism/celtic-germanic nazism behind people's backs).

During the mid 19th century,Dutch satanism developed in countries such as Holland and Germany(thus spake Zarathustra(Zoroaster), god is dead...burn down the churches).<---> god is dood(dude) in Dutch language
Togarmah Pagan Worship system(Iran,Armenia,Turkey=Bianilli Federation)includes Zoroastrianism, Armenian Native Faith <----> similarities to HAO Armanen Orden religion and Germanen Orden religion(teutonic paganism?)
Perhaps Dutch satanism is the religion of the HAO Armanen Orden.
Dutch satanism includes the Hippies(Hippiedom), and Charles Manson's murders. <----> Zodiac Killers (pretend angel cults,UFO cults).
Australia become a Federation in the year 1900(20th Century), and has probably adopted Dutch satanism into it's culture over decades.

[Grey Wolves terrorist organisation were involved the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II around year 1980.]

Jimmy Saville was probably a Beef-Eater organisation member(Yeoman).


08/09/2020: Is cricketer Ricky Ponting an Asis Agent(Spy) ? Does Ricky Pointing have conenction to Westmead Hospital via a charity organisation/foundation?
Was steve Smith an ASIS agent. The Steve smith from the 1980s rebel cricket tour to Apartheid Regime South Africa ?
Peter Dunn -- Robert Dolly Dunn(the wall in Sydney, homsexual pickup area)----Alan Jones.
-- Julie Michelle Dunn (the family murders, mentioned in city of Evil.)

Michael walker---?---Aaron Light

[in hindsight,Michael Walker was possibly a male prostitute.
Michael Walker looked Greek-Jewish, and he had an adopted brother that looked Greek.
The adopted parents of Michael Walker were 2 anglo-celtic australians. They lived on a busy road during the 1980s.(Their house has been demolished to make way for a bus T-WAY)
Michael Walker was inviting secondary school students to his home to look at his Amstrad computer on which was the game Ghosts and Goblins.
Michael Walker invited Robert saunders to his home on. Robert Saunders said that the music sounds tinny compared to
Commodore 64 version of Ghosts and Goblins.
Michael Walker was friends with an older student called Mathew Dicks. Mathew Dicks sometimes spoke with Robert Saunders because they were the same race with blonde hair.]
There is a checkout worker in Coles called Olivia working year 2020. The same Coles that Paul works in. Olivia looks like a relative of Michael Walker.

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There is a checkout worker in Coles called Olivia working year 2020. The same Coles that Paul works in. Olivia looks like a relative of Michael Walker...
and working in the same Coles supermarket as Olivia & Paul is Bianca who looks like a female relative of male .Shane Knight(1) who is connected to Greg Cook, Nathan Pritchard's family,Samy Graziano.
Both Olivia and Bianca look jewish.
Is Bianca somehow associated with Stanhope Gardens Village Shopping Centre? Does she conspire or enact Ku Klux Klan style racism incidents at shopping centres?

[namesake Shane Knight(2) is a friend of f Steven McPherson,Robert Sigsworth and Troy Woods and Zachary Etcell ]
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60 minutes news stories about circus and cults(05/09/2020)

This group of perverse aussies have probably corrupted members of the NSW Police.

And the media people they are probably associated with.
- simon townsend(tv personality) possibly involved with jewish wives schemes & the "flying fruit fly circus".
- Rupert Murdoch and the Packer family (Channel 9 television owners) whose illegal immigration/trading networks converge around Doha arabia (Q.I.C Insurance Company that Advertises in Arabia )
- GREG COOK(1980s professional Rugby League player) Shane Knight(1)<---?----> Shane Knight(2),NATHAN COOK a friend of Steven McPherson,Robert Sigsworth and Troy Woods and Zachary Etcell ?

[Zachary Etcell would use a strange expression "Smell my finger , Mal Meninga" when he was an elementary school student, but he did not explain what it meant.
After watching the 60 minutes news story about the Circus Group, something similar was described to Zachary Etcell's expression.
Families who are brought up to be sodomites possibly have a custom of sticking a finger up their behinds, and they believe it way to test their health to smell their finger afterwards.
When Zachary Etcell used the expression, it would sounds like "Smell mi(mee) finger ...". Mi is a colloquial way of saying the word "my" .
Zachary Etcell's mother was friends with Peter Payne's mother. Peter Payne lived across the road from Toni Collette(actress).



Vince's Super Gym was usually referred to as simply "Vince's Gym".

Groups of secondary school students would visit Vince's gyms on sports days(once a week).
some of Toni Collette's friends such as Daniel Mamo would visit Vince's gym when they were secondary school students.







Information probably relevent to describing Simon Townsend: his associations.
Simon Townsend<----------->David Yeldham(homosexual judge that killed himself).

Mala Del Brenta(Venetian Mafia,Venice Italy.) -----David Jason,Dalring Buds of May.Roger Rabbit,Antoniette Gardiner,Bob Hoskins,Phil Collins,Dennis Waterman.
-=--- Anthony Hopkins,Keir Dullea ,Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelps,Stanley Kubrick(film maker)
Nadia Towsend(his daughter) --resembles---Katy Perry(American Jewish singer,Mossad and Iranian connections?) <---> Kornikova (Tennis player)
Rosanna(Townsend's deceased wife) resembles Jo Bailey hostess of Sale of the Century.
Mossad----Fleur Cates(Benjamin Netanyahu's wife)<--?- possibly Simon Townsend's relative---?-> Deborah Mclachlan.
Simon towsnd probably related to the Graziano family(real estate conspiracies).
Edith Bliss one of his reporters from WonderWorld tv program died of lung cancer (similar to John Fahey).

Johhny Young(Host of "Young Talent Time" on Channel 10 television Australia)--- Fifa Riccobono---Ally Moore.
Fifa Riccobono---Angry Anderson(singer from Rose Tatoo).Several Rose Tatoo Band members have mysteriously died over the years.

Townsend's jewish connection are probably a hint that he is connected to Jeffrey Epstein's prostitution network network (Beatles music prostitution/slavery network<--Penny Lane Liverpool themes).
Simon Townsends familial connection to a bakery in the western suburbs of Sydney<------>Neal Winter(Winter is an Epstein family member in Australia).

Fidenza Glass Brick company(Parmalat & The Rand Corporation) <---> glass bricks hollow interiors are possibly a way to transport drugs between Australia and Venice Italy? <---> The Murano glass-making-guild(s) in the islands of(off?) Venice Italy(similar to Mafia,Masons,Templars) <----> theories about the Voynich Manuscript(code&pictures) being connected to the Filarete Tower castle.

Simon Townsend is probably connected with The Family Murders. Simon Townsend is possibly a secret member of the The Family murders.

question; Who was Simon Townsend's mother? What was her birth certificate surname ?



[20/09/2020] There was a 2018 car crash into a telegraph pole, a group of 3 in the car, one death among the 3 in the car : name: Kasey Xuereb.
There is a probability that the 3 in the car were practicing to kill person(s) who walk past telegraph poles on a median strip.
[The driver of the 2018 car is named Cameron Cook, and this website thinks he has some connection to the Blue Mountains Circus Paedophiles
recently shown 60 Minutes Australia.]

["Dare devil" car group in 2018 crashed into telegraph pole<------->Blue Mountains Circus Group paedophiles:circus performers are involved in dare devil circus acts(similar to Stunt Men)]

On Friday 18th September around 5:10pm perverse racists probably tried to complete the murder.

Roger Rogerson style police corruption. Deborah Wallace is probably involved (Wallace is Ukrainian and 2018 car crash 3 probably Ukrainian connections<-?-> Michelle Coppak's Ukrainian Church)
Corrupt racist NSW Police officers(Star Chamber cops) have moved their paedophile relatives into a home on a busy road.
The property that they are living in looks out onto a median strip with a telegraph pole(1). The household of aussie paedophiles have made some kind of pretend christian(satanic) display by nailing a cross on the telegraph pole(1).
The household of paedophiles intend to murder someone, probably as some kind of aussie satanic ritual.

The cross has the name "Diva Marie" printed on it, and some flowers a placed on the cross(the cross nailed onto telegraph pole(1))
There are similarities to the telegraph pole(2) that Kasey Xuereb and her friends were stupid enough to crash into.
<--- Is that news story an indication of the stupidity of aussie silly bugger drivers?

The aussie silly buggers that live around the telegraph pole(2) have made some kind of pagan shrine out of the telegraph pole with flowers placed around the telegraph pole(2).
[some people think instead of flowers, people should post medals on the telegraph pole for ridding the world of some worthless aussie called Kasey Xuereb.]
It is as though the aussie silly buggers that live near telegraph pole(2) got angry that some person(s) never visited telegraph pole(2) where Kasey Xuereb lost her worthless life,
so they have chosen another telegraph pole to make some kind pretend christian(pagan/satanic) display.

Some person(s) couldnt be bothered to send the television Tuckerbox dog to urinate on the pole where some worthless aussie lost her life, and would never place flowers there.
[aussies arent women, aussies arent men. aussies are sodomites(aussie silly buggers.) Aussies call each other silly buggers.]
The NSW Police believe they can cover up years of racism by getting the household of paedophiles to violently attack person(s) who walk past the area on the way to a shopping centre.

On Friday 18th September 2020 around 5:10pm the household of paedophiles tried to violently attack a person, and to steal things that the person was carrying.
A person managed to scare them off. They followed the person for about 50m , running toward a person, but then became afraid. There were 2 aussies males and 2 ugly fat italian-looking females.
one of the males had red hair, the other male had dark hair maybe some resemblance to Brad Morgan.
There is a woman living in the property behind them, she has been walking her dog, and has a green coloured car. She has a facial resemblance to the Lenton family (and maybe Evans family)
She(as a female) probably has facial resemblance to (male )R. Lenton.

The household of paedophiles possibly are connected to some group of racists who patrol up and down the busy road, trying to run person(s) over by using cars.
Some group of racists who teach each other to drive quickly toward pedestrians crossing the road.
One their group nearly missed hitting someone and yelled out the word "goose".

number plate(white coloured car parked in front of home of paedophile household near the DIVA MARIE cross pretend christian satanic display.
************HOUSE NUMBER 291**********

************HOUSE NUMBER 291**********
number plate(white coloured car parked in front of home of paedophile household : perpetrators
of racial violence attack attempt 18/09/2020 incident):
number plate possibly JQS-360 or JQY-360
[They are probably renters not owners.]

[Roger Rogerson style corruption. Possibly has a connection to Deborah Wallace and her fellow star chamber cops.
Corrupt racist NSW Police officers(Star Chamber cops) have moved their paedophile relatives into a home on a busy road.
The NSW Police believe they can cover up years of racism by getting such a household of paedophiles to violently attack person(s)
who walk past the area on the way to a shopping centre.

It is not an investigation,it is underground economy: star chamber cops in the NSW Police
conspiring to make money through drugs, prostitution, murders of migrant households.


Jeffrey Dahmer was possibly connected with some kind of illegal immigration scheme in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, possibly of immigrating the surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler and Nazi generals,
and that sounds similar to Operation Paperclip(Project Overcast) <--?--> Weather Underground American terrorist organisation & S.L.A.(Patty Hearst's Symbionese Liberation Army).
There is some connection of Jeffrey Dahmer's serial killler activity to the perverse racist ideology of Phillip O'Greece the husband of Elizabeth windsor.
Phillip O'Greece had some association with Rudolf Hess, Operation Valkyrie and the HAO Armanen Orden in Nazi Germany. Phillip O'Greece's sisters were married to German Nazis.
Operation Valkyrie has continued after World War 2, in the form of Majestic-12 in USA and Anglo-Celtic nations. Majestic-12 is a plan of depopulation(genocide) against the races in developing
world nations. The serial killer activities of Jeffrey Dahmer are part of plan of depopulation associated with Majestic-12/Operation Valkyrie.Jeffrey Dahmer was befriending afro-americans and murdering
them.He considered Afro-Americans as citizens of the developing world rather than Americans.
Milwaukee USA is portrayed in the 1970s tv series Happy Days. Happy days portrays racists as likeable and respectable. It isnt known who the racists are until Afro-americans get invited to a psrty,
then some of the characters in Happy Days refuse to stay at the party. The distinctive school sweaters displayed in Happy Days, have probably become a theme in later movies and tv series made by racist film makers, such as Nighmare on Elm Street(1985), 21 Jump Street , Charmed , Buffy the Vampire Slayer , etc .
Jeffrey Dahmer's activities included trying to make "kept people" by putting drugs in their drinks, and he wanted to turn Afro-Americans into his personal zombie slaves.
The racist immigration schemes that have been occuring Milwaukee Winsconsin USA are probably connected to the type of UFO Cult portrayed in the John Carpenter film They Live(1988)
which features Roddy McDowall (member of the WWF, World Wrestiling Federation) which was said to be owned by Vince Kennedy McMahom. The World Wrestling federation(WWF) had the same initials as
Phillip O'Greece's racist deep ecology organisation the World Wildlife Fund(WWF).
There is possibly some connection of Jefrrey Dahmer to Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg has made UFO Cult movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and E.T. The Extraterrestrial.
Jeffrey Dahmer is possibly a relative of the Ronald Lacey the actor who plays Major Arnold Toht in the Spielberg film Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the film, Toht is a member of the Ahnen-erbe
was an organisation probably closely connected with the HAO Armanen Orden in Nazi Germany. The killings in Milwaukee could be described as race wars of Jewish racists against Germanic racists,
and such race wars are schemes to kill as many Afro-Americans as possible.
Project Sanguine is similar to Project Omega. Project Sanguine has more powerful antennas than Project Omega.
Jeffrey Dahmer was an ancestor worshipper. Jeffrey Dahmer worshipped his Germanic ancestors, inclidng the caucasian cannibals that were at Herxheim Germany.
Phillip O'Greece and his association with Varna "Big Ears" cult(German ancestor worship). Charles Windsor portrayed with big ears in 1970s-1980s media.
Varna "Big Ears" cult(German ancestor worship) is associated with the history of caucasian cannibalism that occurred at Herxheim Germany.The Varna culture is promoted by racists as a
centre of caucasian civilization, however research indicates that Varna Culture were caucasian cannibals that were involved in sex worship. If Varna had a knowledge of metal working,
their metal artwork skills(gold metalwork) was used to adorn their sex organs. Varna probably had a stone age religion of breeding out the Neanderthals. When Neanderthal groups were bred out
the Varna Culture would worship the Neanderthals as ancestor by copying the behaviour of Neanderthals in a ritualist way. Neanderthal behaviour included cannibalism, so the people of the Varna
Culture had customs including ritual cannibalism.
Lindy Chamberlain<---facial similarities to----> Elton John(singer)
[Would such a connection suggest kind of human sacrifice(child murder) connection between the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the perverse satanic Glam Rock music industry?]
(lindy Chamberlain is the woman who became famous for saying that a Dingo has got her baby
Does her husband Michael Chamberlain have a connection to the Blue Mountains suburb of Hazelbrook?

Note that Lindy was the nickname that 1930s media gave to Charles Lindbergh(male multi-millionaire).

Names and faces associated with the Blue Mountains paedophile ring.

[Why does Liberal conservative politician Peter Dutton look so similar to former Labour politician Paul Keating(1980s-1990s member for Blaxland)?
Blaxland is a suburb of the Blue Mountains.]


[On the map:Up is east. North is left]
About a tall blonde female that lived on the the SE corner.:She was friends with Richard Bazlidenski's sister (Bazlidenski is Polish surname)]
Richard Bazlidenski was friends with Adrian Buggs(aka Bugsy),Gary McGee, David Clements,Craig Lamb. And they were friends with Joshia Cameron,Wylie Pearson,John Bowles, John Towers.
They would refer to Bazlidenski with the nickname "Baz".

The tall blonde female that lived on the the SE corner.[She was friends with Richard Bazlidenski (Polish surname)]

Christian Identity Cults(Ku Klux Klan religion:false christianty groups=counterfeit christianity groups)<---> UFO Cults/Pretend Angel Cults





"Harry the Bok" is possibly an expression used about Harry Windsor the son of Diana Spencer,and it is an expression used by people who have influence over Harry Windsor.
It is possibly an expression which causes shame to Harry Windsor.Bok might be a South-African Boer(Dutch) surname, the surname of Harry Windsor's relatives/ancestors.
And it might have something to do with photos of anglo-celtic men during World War 2, who were supposed to be fighting against Rommel in North Africa ,
but instead they were nazi sympathizers who supported Rommel's nazi activity.
harry_the_bok_and_a_ww2_photo.jpg(or ww2 film)

harry_the_bok_and_a_ww2_photo.jpg (or ww2 film)

Are the men in the ww2 photo british jews who were nazi sympathizers(Rommel sympathizers)?
Is Harry Windsor descended from racist jews ?


---------------------- [03/10/2020]

Note: Mr Cousens should be Mrs Cousens <--- the diagram will be corrected later from Mr to Mrs Cousens.

Note 2: Compare Ernst Roehm in the HAO sub-organisation 'Brown Shirts'. Ernst Roehm was executed by the German Nazi Party.
The Brown Shirts were competing with Hitler's Black Shirt Nazi organisation.
politician Bill Clinton(born William Jefferson Blythe) is an Ayers.
[see the name Birchie Ayers]



[08/10/2020:001] number plate(white coloured car parked in front of home of paedophile household near the DIVA MARIE cross pretend christian satanic display.
[Are these perverse racists(aussie silly buggers) trying to make graves in residential areas ?]

************HOUSE NUMBER 291************

See the information above 21_09_2020.jpg
"HIS COVER WAS BLOWN" in the incident that occurred on 18/09/2020. <--- Does this expression mean something to someone or some organisation unknown ?

Steven Essam's family are connected with conspiracies to do with an organisation called "Little Athletics" in Australia.
During the 1980s, Ralph Quitadamo befriended an elementary school student that walked home past the home of Quitadamo.
Steven Essam was sometimes talking to the elementary school student.
Steven Essam suggested that Mr Essam his father could drive the elementary school student to Little Athletics meetings.
However, little athletics meetings were considered meeting places for racist anglo-celtic families. Little athletics was considered a meeting place where the anglo-celtic race could physically develop their families.
and Essam's family made some kind racism conspiracy out of Mr Essam's unwillingness to drive the elementary school student to little athletics meetings,
while his son Steven Essam suggested the opposite. Steven Essam several occasion mentioned "long jump pits" at little athletics meetings.

So Mr Essam did not drive the elementary school student to the Little Athletics, and the Essam family made a conspiracy.

Th elementary school student did manage to attend one little athletics meeting that year, the final little athletics meeting of the year.
The manager of Jim Cameron's cricket team was called Mr McGeechie. His son was Michael McGeechie and was a member of Jim Cameron's junior cricket team.
The McGeechie family drove the the elementary school student to one Little Athletic meeting, but not to any further Little Athletics meetings.

The McGeechie family were probably influenced by other anglo-celtic familiesY(racists) not to invite the elementary school student to any further meetings.

[08/10/2020:003]Recent discovery:

The was news story about William Windsor comtemplating how circumstances would be if his son(s) was gay(homosexual).
[The Duke of Cambridge says he'll be fully supportive of his children if they are gay]

That news story was connected to the London Bridge Terrorism incident in which 2 Australians were killed(3 June 2017)
Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Bowden.

William Windsor ordered the terrorist attack, to take the lives of the 2 Australian women, because they were Australian baby-sitters
who thought it was normal British customs to enact sodomy against his sons Louis and George.

The 2 Australians probably had male perverse boyfriends that they would let inside the buildings where they were working.

This is the kind of information that the Windsor family in Britain possibly want to murder people about, so it is something that probably needs to be mentioned
in the context of anglo-celtics being a perverse culture. Anglo-celtics are a culture like Sodom and Gomorrah.

There are situations were racists deliberately feed information to people, as a way to try to murder them, so it is probably the best course of action to
mention information, whether or not people are afraid of the Windsor family.

Some people consider the Windsor family with utter contempt, as a morally worthless family of sodomites.



When article 147 of the Geneva Convention is spoken about in English language, the term "Biological Experiments" is used to describe Nazi Doctor crimes.
The English language description of Nazi Doctor crimes is like a euphemism, the English language terminology is not strong enough, not descriptive enough.

In Croatian language , biological experiments are termed "bioloske pokuse" (bioloshke pokushe), which means something like Biological wrongdoings/attrocities.

Australia should be labelled as a nation whose doctors have been/are committing BIOLOGICAL ATTROCITIES.


In connection with 14_10_2020.jpg: the turkish man probably knows a brunette woman in Sydney Australia facially resembling blonde woman Anna Politkovskaya(said to be a Russian Journalist, died 2006. Politkovskaya looked Turkish.)
The turkish man and the brunette woman have appeared in locations nearby each other, in the suburban area where Toni Collette(actress) was raised.

Rupert Murdoch(newspaper/television/media,expatriate australian)--- Sidney Riley(early 20th century British spy,said be an ace of spies,was born in Russia.)

Rupert Murdoch ---- 1990s advertisements about the "Australian College of Journalism".
[The Australian College of Journalism(correspondence course) is/was probably a front organisation that recruits spies and informers.
Martin Okroglic mentioned that he wanted to become a Journalist.Okroglic probably took and interest in the Australian College of Journalism.
Martin Okroglic is friends with members of The Brotherhood Gang: Bill Gigov,Boris Dovecer,Richard Benkovic.]
Martin Okroglic is friends with Bruce O'Brien and probably John Tassel <----> Rudy Pins and P.O Box 1142 (similarities to FEMA Death Camps, CIA Prisons,Abu Ghraib torture program in 2003 Iraq War)]<--->Frank Olsen(Project Artichoke)

There is possibly some kind of illegal immigration connection/safe base/terrorism connection between advertisements of the Australian College of Journalism
and news stories about Russian Journalists being killed.

Politkovskaya was said to be a negotiator in the 2002 'Moscow theater hostage crisis(Dubrovka Theatre)', but secretly she was possibly a corrupt person that appeared near terrorism incidents,
because she was part of a terrorism network with connections to Australian terrorists.

Movsar Barayev., the terrorist leader in the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis has a strange resemblance to actor Keanu Reeves.
[Diagram 27_09_2020_further_information.jpg suggests that Keanu Reeves has a connection to the HAO Armanen Orden Nazi organisation,
that the Camilleri family have a connection to Reeves via the acting profession(Terry Camilleri) and the Australian Broadcasting Network(ABC,Channel 2,Australian Government television channel),
and Martin Okroglic formed a corrupt association with the Camilleri family as a result of his visits to 2 Turkish brothers that lived on a busy road.]

About:The turkish man and the brunette woman have appeared in locations nearby each other...
The brunette woman is probably associated with 3 males adopted by a household that was approximately across the road from the home of David Christian during the 1980s.
i.e. Across the road and then eastward up the street.
The males had names Richard(blonde slav),Manuel(pronounced Man-well,slav-spanish?)... the third male's name was unknown and he looked like an eastern-european-jew,dark hair, jewish nose, with count dracula looks.









Paul Simon(singer) probably has connections to apartheid regime that existed in South Africa for some decades.
Paul Simon looks slightly Sicilian Italian.<--?--> Orobello family from Sicily.

Toni Collette(actress)---Peter Payne---Robert Saunders
Robert Saunders is a Paul Simon fan.


The Beef eaters have uniforms that suggest they are anglo-celtic 'medicine men'(pagan priests).
The Beef eaters have hats that suggest they are anglo-celtic 'medicine men'(pagan priests).

Bottle Cap musical instrument
(Anglo-celtic pagan wizard's staff to scare away hostile spirits.
Used as a musical instrument in country music,
and traditional anglo-irish music groups
such as The BushWhackers,Bullamakanka)

Beefeaters (anglo-germanic-semitic descendants pagan priests) <--------> H.A.O. Armanen Orden (Anglo-Germanic/Celto-Germanic Pagan priests)
[i.e.Medicine Men/Pagan priests in the manner of American Anglo-Celtic 'Snake oil Salesman'].


From a documentary:
Dead Men's Secrets-
Revenge!Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich:...

The Documetary is about German Nazi commander Reinhard Heydrich.

" Heydrich is ready to carry out atrocious acts of cruelty on behalf the regime that he serves.
But this Nazi superman has a dark secret: one which makes him even more brutal and ruthless.
It is a secret that casts doubts on his very identity.
There is a suspicion that this perfect Nazi has Jewish blood in his veins.
Heydrich's grandmother was maried a second time to a man name Seuss,a Jewish name.
Heydrich is haunted by this possibilty.He may not be racially pure.
Hitler is aware of Heydrich's secret, but considers it a way to ensure Heydrich's loyalty.

This secret will ensure that he(Heidrich) is the perfect exterminator of the Jews."




Recent information: The events of Friday 18th September 2020 probably had something to do with Mrs Griffiths and Redhaired Twins neighbours wanting to cover up
their family's perverse activities with male prostitute Shane Pisani, and to cover up an illegal immigration scheme. Also Charlie Camilleri was involved the perverse activities.

Rachel Griffiths has some connection to illegal immigration between the western Sydney neighbourhood described (wherer Toni Collette was raised), and Toowoomba Queensland Australia

The illegal immigration between Sydney NSW Australia and Toowoomba Queensland Australia possibly associated with Netball themes.During the 1980s Rachel Griffiths was an elementary school student that played netball.

Around the time Rachel Griffiths was ending her secondary school education , Shane Pisani became her homosexual/bisexual boyfriend.
Shane Pisani enacted italian customs of bending over in a homosexual way for aussie male parents as way of getting their daughters to be his girlfriends.

Near the home of Greg Anderson was a BBC Harware store. Relatives of Ralph Quitadamo and Scott Herman were working in the Hardware store.
Scott Herman's mother was friends with Rosemary Hunter.During the 1980s, Scott Herman's mother and Rosemary Hunter were involved in giving car lifts to children of migrants,
and taking them for trips to shopping areas.

Around the year 2004 the BBC hardware store was closed down.BBC Hardware later became Bunnings Hardware company. Was BBC Hardware a British Company in Australia?
[Around the same time as Parmalat Company in Italy went bankrupt. Parmalat is possibly a division of the The Rand Corporation in the USA. Also around the same time Fidenza Glass Brick Company moved out of industrial area adjacient to the neighbourhood where Toni Collette was raised.]

There are faces in a documentary called "Only in Oz". In the Toowoomba Queensland episode of Only in Oz are faces similar to Ralph Quitadamo's relative that worked in BBC Hardware,
ans maybe Tery Feeeny. R Lenton lived near Terry Feeny and was friends with him.

At some time , maybe during the 1980s, Shane Pisani was befriended by a woman that lives at house number 33 on a street that leads out to the busy road(Drive) where the Seventh Day Adventist retirement village is located.
She might be a South African Boer racist, and she has a resemblance to the grand-mother of R. Lenton. The local people patrolling around near her home behave/conspire in the manner of 'get off the footpath' racism.
Get off the footpath racism was depicted in a film/telemovie Gandhi(1982) as occuring in an apartheid south African setting.
The woman living at number 33 is probably a madame(female pimp) for male prostitutes such as Shane Pisani.

A few house away from the woman at number 33,on the other side of the street, lived relatives of Greg Anderson. The relatives of Greg Anderson were 2 females who had a habit of hanging from the low trees,
playing in the low trees located along the street, around the years 2010-2015. They would be seen by people walking to the shops, and by people driving along the street.

Their home was somewhere near where the footpath branches into two paths. One footpath leads north up the same street, the other footpath goes east next the creek toward the shopping area. The street where the woman at number 33 lives initially goes east, then it turns 90 degrees to go north. Where the street turns 90 degrees is where the footpath branches into 2, on the other side of the street to number 33. Greg Anderson's realtives lived somewhere near the branching footpath.

Those relatives of Greg Anderson have some connection to the driver described above that tried to run people over with his car and then yells out "Goose", on the busy road that runs past the home of paedophiles at number 291.







The Underground Economy and 'Bonds' underwear company .Bonds is a word associated with slavery.

Bonds underwear company(Australia) has diversified into Bonds Transport vans.
Bonds was possibly a company involved in illegal immigration, and so Bonds company
have tried to launder their illegal immigration activity by diversification into transport vans.

Bonds have a factory a few minutes walk away from Sydenham railway station(Sydenham suburb of Sydney NSW Australia.
The Bonds company factory is within walking distance of where Harry Triguboff was developing property in Tempe suburb of Sydney NSW Australia.
Triguboff was a contemporary/competitor of Frank Lowy from Westfield Holdings(Shopping Centre building company).



One of the students who Royce Simmons shook hands with during "Speech day" , has become a victim of cybernetic experiments.
One of the students who won academic awards at the secondary school that Royce Simmons visited , has become a victim of cybernetic experiments.
[It is the worst case of racism by the NSW Education Department and Sydney University ever. The situation should go to international court.]

12_11_2020_002.jpg -----------------------------------------------






1) The film Breaker Morant(1980) was closely connected with Australians building the first Concentration Camps during the Boer War in South Africa.
[Concentration camps,mass killings/killing sprees <----> depopulation agenda]
Concentration Camps <---> Star Chambers.

In more recent years has appeared a documentary/tv serties called "Breaker Morant: the retrial(" which features
In the documentary,is mentioned military lawyers including James Unkles.
[Omega navigational installation : report from the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and DefenceOmega navigational installation : report from the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence(1975)]

So there is a possibility that documentaries about Breaker Morant have a connected to misuse of Omega Antennas to do slavery experiments/concentation camp experiments.
i.e. A misuse of Nikola Tesla's ground-ionosphere antennas to do slavery experiments/concentation camp experiments.

James Unkles<--facial resemblance to--> Peter Haertsch(plastic surgeon),Phillip Kennedy(Neuroscientist/Neurologist)
Further Questions:
[About Maria Sharapova's connection to John Fahey's identity theft/illicit drugs network, and connection to the Australian Open tennis competition in years 2008-2009,
Maria Sharapova has a similarity to actress Joanne Woodward. Is Maria Sharapova a relative of Edward Woodward who played the role of Breaker Morant in the 1980 film?
Is Maria Sharapova associated with/invested in schemes to build modern day concentration camps(aka Illuminati death camps ... detention centres,CIA Prisons,...euphemistically referred to as anti-immigration)<--->Slave Labour devices]

2) There is a news story about a Kylie_Moore-Gilbert that has become a hostage in Iran.
That news story has an Australian advertised in the media as a hostage/prisoner/slave in a similar way to how Australian women Chappelle Corby, and Cassie Sainsbury were being advertised in the media.
Such news stories are possibly some kind of "Slavery Triangle" which are hints about Australia doing modern slavery against people that anglo-celtic Australians racially hate.
i.e. 2 sides of a triangle doing slavery, and conspiring against the existence of the third side of a triangle.Iran has slave traders, Australia has slave traders(modern slavery).
And such news stories are probably about slave traders in Iran and Australia wanting to swap hostages/prisoners/slaves.
The news story about Kylie_Moore-Gilbert could be connected to the Hospital in Sydney Australia mentioned by anglo-celtic experiments victim Ian Clarke.
Some time after the year 2000, there were 2 female medical doctors Moore and Gilbert working at that hospital in the same kind of medical work(medical experiments).,of%20Melbourne's%20Asia%20Institute

3)Pine Gap military base in Australia is a DARPA project in Australia.<-->Radome antennas that observe objects around themselves.<-->Nikola Tesla's ground-ionosphere antennas which couple to receiving circuits around them.(Omega antennas).
The internet is another DARPA project on an international scale.
[DARPA=Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency],of%20Melbourne's%20Asia%20Institute.



Michael O'Neil from G.P.(1989) Australian television series.



Note:Latins(Romans) began as uncivilized primitives, and stole civilization from Etruscans and Phoenicians.
So the foundation of Rome was the primitive dog-man religion of Aryan colonists, sometimes portrayed as wolf religion.

Possible connections between Anglo-American denominations, the HOGPI violent religious sect , and Jim Jones mass murder cult.

1) Anglo-American religions:Anglicans,Salvation Army,Seventh Day Adventists,Mormons,Jehovahs Witnesses,Pentecostals:<---religious denominations that lure people to their churches and then conspire violent murders via 3rd parties(ritual murders,pretend angel cult activity).

2) H.O.G.P.I.: a strange religious sect that has violent males who say they are christians,they are against abortion,
they are possibly violent homosexuals/bisexuals that want access to women to breed families, they care nothing about the civil rights of husbands.
Maybe associated with violent freemasons and modern day Templars.

3) James Warren Jones():American cult leader,faith healer,founded Peoples Temple Indiana USA 1950s.Mass murder-suicide of himself and his followers at Jonestown,Guyana on November 18,1978.909 people died.

Jim Jones preached a sermon and then he was violently hitting someone in his congregation. Something like 'fight clubs' occurred during or after his sermons.

Jim Jones claimed to be christian, but he was having sex with females and males in his congregation.He encouraged members of his congregation to give themselves in a homosexual manner to others(possibly hippie-style custom of making peace).

He described such perverse acts in terminology that he could be the woman toward some male, and some male could be the man toward him.

Jim Jones had a facial similarity to Cowboy western movies actors Dale Robertson and Clint Walker.<------> Majestic-12 (MJ-12), Jimmy Stewart(actor) similarities to Curtis Lemay
[Majestic 12 is the American plan of genocide/depopulation that tries to portray itself as UFO research/UFO Cult]

[Dale Robertson wss portrayed in a 1965 cartoon movie as 'The Man from Button-Willow'.

[Jim Jones was probably a CIA spy during the 1960s 'Bay of Pigs invasion'against CUBA, and his involvement probably had something with him later establishing Jonestown in Guyana South America at which the mass murder/suicide occurred.]
Jim Jones <---> Kennedy

The Jim Jones cult has a similarity to later news stories about the "Children of God" cult(aka 'The Family' Cult) in North America.<---> H.A.O. Armanen Orden sub-organisations.
and probably "The Family murders" in Australia


[The images on this website do not have any arcane meaning.
This website is created by a person who is not a member of any secret organisation.
When this website displays a symbol,this website might be trying to decipher the meaning
of such a symbol, or it is not trying to decipher anything at all.The image might have no
symbolic meaning at all.Perhaps an image just looks interesting like a rainbow that people
might chase, but never find. Perhaps where a rainbow is can be reached but a person will never
reach a rainbow if he remains on the surface of the earth. Maybe there is another way to reach
where the rainbow is. When this website discusses symbolism, the website is possibly trying
to decipher that symbolism for some beneficial purpose.]

(In the context of the ideas discussed by this website,) the rainbow has nothing to do with
modern questionable notions about sexuality. There is a more ancient meaning to the rainbow:
perhaps to do with rain when it is needed,plentiful crops,prosperity,prosperous societies,
survival through flood(s),survival of genetic diversity,different nations interacting with
each other in harmonious ways,warriors of righteousness in various colours of the spectrum,etc.
Sadly corrupt societies try to hijack the true meaning of the rainbow, and so corrupt societies
try to make the rainbow mean something else. Perhaps this website exists in the hope that that
some might remember the true meaning of the rainbow.


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